Loki hated parties.

All the noise, the drama. Ugh. It was the last thing on his mind that afternoon, before Anthony decided that it'd just be such a SWELL idea to invite their entire clanad of former classmates to their home for a shabang.

And came, they certainly did. Flocking almost every corner of the home. Up against the walls, the floors, the ceilings. Couples smooching it out and probably more. That's why Loki had taken to sitting on the roof until it was over, endulging as much as he could into the intriguing novel.

He waited, like a sly black cat, slinking through the window back into his bedroom (well, not really his, most nights he was curled against Anthony's chest-again, very catlike), down the halls and the long, winding staircase to find most of the company gone already. All that remained was the usual crowd of night owls: Tom, Thor, and Anthony. Three T's. Plain White T's, or whatever that useless Muggle band was called. Loki didn't really care.

"BROTHER!" came the annoying screech that -unfortunately- belonged to Thor. As much as Loki -occaisionally- appreciated his older, blonde, oafish brother, there was a great amount of loathing that came with. Especially for that obnoxiously loud voice.

"Good evening, Thor," Loki said casually with his good level of snark, "Go home. I don't wish to be infected with your drunken stupor."

"Aww brother, I had but a shot of liquor! Come join us, we were just about to discuss the next party!" Thor bumbled out. Loki rolled his eyes.

When did Thor ever only have one shot? He wouldn't believe it for a second. That never happened in his life...so many times had Dumbledore caught him on campus getting frisky with the witches and guzzling down beer, it was a wonder had not yet been expelled.

Loki allowed Anthony to lean against him, smiling cheekily with that adoring puppy-eyed gaze he always gave him. 'The lovable shorty,' Loki thought, leaning down to peck a kiss on his lips and ask how the party went (not that he truly cared), before Tom interjected. Again, as usual.

Tom pushed an arm absentmindedly between their faces, completely blocking Loki from Anthony in any way, shape, or form. Quite happily as he did so, Anthony was not happy at this regard, crossing his arms with a huff and taking a step back.

"Seriously? C'mon. Lokes n' I have been dating for three years. THREE. Give it a rest, old man." Anthony whined.

Tom cocked a curious eyebrow, a slight smirk doting his face.

"Why would I give it a rest? I have told you multiple times Anthony that you can not date until you finish Wizarding College."

Tony licked his lips, waggling his eyebrows.

"You're jealous 'coz you're a viiiiiiirgin, Tommy." He protested teasingly, slapping his brother's shoulders and moving to go pour himself another drink. In a sweep of magic, Loki snatched the drink telepathically from Tony's hands, the glass placidly being wrapped around in his fingers as he swallowed it down, his green eyes glinting with mirth.

"Don't tease your brother, it's unkind, Anthony." Loki retorted, "Besides, he did get us this house."

"What makes you think I'm a virgin Anthony? I do know how to get what I want, you know." Tom said suggestively.

"Now you sound like Lokes, Tom." Anthony grumbled.

Anthony bowed his head in defeat, having once again lost a battle to his brother, and a drink to his boyfriend, taking a seat on the barstool.

He twisted his gaze to land on Loki, a smile quirking onto his lips, before he mouthed the words, "We are so gonna make out tonight when they're gone."

Loki nodded, his own perverted mind being influenced vividly by the beverage he consumed, turning his gaze to Thor, who was still planted in front of the sports television. He glanced Tom's way, a bit of worry in his look.

"Tom, I hate to ask you a favor but would you make sure he gets home tonight? He's probably drunken himself a keg by now." he groaned, nudging his brother who was groggy and half-asleep.

"I suppose I could take him home for you, but you two remember safe sex." Tom said, tossing a sex ed book at them, while smirking.

Anthony threw up his hands in protest.

"JESUS, Tom! We get it, get out of here!" Anthony objected in utter frustration. Loki shrugged, picking up the book carefully and placing it in the recycle bin (even if they were not muggles, Loki's mother would be scolding him for wasting such a gracious amount of paper).

"I have more, so recycling it does no good. On the other hand it gives me more chances to throw them at you." Tom threw yet another over his shoulder while walking towards Thor.

Loki scowled, though he was glimmering with mischief, cocking his chin up to meet Tom's gaze.

"Do you really distrust me, Tom, after all the Dark Magic we've been learning together?" he asked, green eyes challenging and calculating.

"Distrust you? Yes this is my Brother I don't trust anyone with him." Tom said glaring at Loki, whilst getting ready to disapparate with Thor.

"Aww. I love you too," Anthony concored sarcasically, tossing his last bottle of empty wine into the waste bin. Thor tiredly got to his feet, slumping after Tom with a zombie-like expression. Only, Loki stopped him, patting Thor gently on the back.

"Sleep in late, I'll come see you in the morning. Don't do anything stupid, brother."

Thor nodded, though Loki was certain he'd forget the next day. He rolled his eyes, glancing over Tom's way.

"Please make sure he doesn't detour. Last time he was drunk, he ended up having a pregnancy scare with that Hufflepuff Jarnaxa." Loki said, a bit of pleading in his tone.

"Of course he will not detour, as soon as I get him home he is having a dreamless sleep. I dont wish to bother going after him as the only sober one here." Tom sneered.

Loki and Anthony saw them out, Anthony wiping the sweat off his brow, Loki tiredly reaching for his coat.

"Woah woah woah-" Anthony objected, raising his eyebrows in concern, "Where are you going?"

"Out. I feel claustrophobic after your entourage of...pleasant guests." Loki muttered, pushing the door open and beginning to walk on out.

"C'mon, I thought we were gonna have fun!" Anthony objected, but in a cloak of dark magic, Loki had already gone.

It was the usual sort of thing for Anthony. Loki came and went like a raven, fluttering in and out of his life. One time he was gone for a whole year- "sightseeing" as Loki claimed. He brought back some exotic beer from some place called "Guatamala" for him. Not that Anthony truly cared for the prizes. He just wanted his Loki, and the way things were before.

Of course, things had changed since that one incident...no, he wouldn't think about it. Loki had ran away and out of his life the last time, taken months to coax him to come back. Tony had gotten too close to the Tesseract. For a moment, Tony nearly died. Dumbledore had the artifact sent away, to God knows where. Loki couldn't handle the stress, so he found the best solution was to flee and spare heartbreak if Tony died. Tom and Thor were constants through the whole recovery time, thank the gods above for their support.

Anthony lingered only a moment longer in the doorway, hesitating as if Loki were about to spring back into life and reappear, hugging him and holding him like he always did, but he was met with silence.

So once again, he shut the door, and went to bed alone.