by Cahira of the Dawn

AN: This is a really weird idea and I'm writing it on the spur moment. This is Hotaru centered and takes place after the Goblet of Fire. Hope you like it! Oh, and please review!

P.S: Hotaru's past sorta follows the manga storyline.

Chapter One:

"We've found her Dumbledore." said Professor McGonagall, "She's living in Japan with a new family."

Dumbledore nodded, his face thoughtful. "Is she safe? Has Voldemort found out her whereabouts?"

"Not yet. But she won't be safe for long. The Death Eaters are very persistent."

Dumbledore was silent for a moment before he spoke, "Then we must bring her to Hogwarts."

McGonagall looked horrified, "Bring her to Hogwarts! You know what will happen if anyone discovers who she is! The child won't survive!"

"Then no one will be told, only those who can be trusted." He sighed, "Hogwarts is the safest place for her now."

As Professor McGonagall left the room Dumbledore looked at the folder of parchment. It showed all the details of the girls known life, and other unknown facts. Her name was carefully written within: Hotaru Tomoe.

It was a very different name from the one her father had given her. Her new name was Japanese. Her first had not been.

"Dione Riddle." He whispered. "Hotaru Tomoe..."

Yes, the were different, but the girl was the same. No matter what name she was called by she would always bare the burden of having a demon for a father. A wizard who cared only for death.

"Voldemort. Why do you search for her now?"


"Michiru Mama! Haruka Papa! I'm home!" Hotaru rushed into the house, kicking off her shoes in the hall. "I don't have long! Me and ChibiUsa are going out to get ice cream!"


She stopped when she saw her surrogate parents standing in front of her, their faces pale.

"What's wrong?"

"We think its time too talk. We have a... guest who needs to talk with you."

A tall woman with flowing emerald robes came into the hallway. She had an aura of age and experience which reminded Hotaru of Setsuna, only this woman showed her age. The woman gave Hotaru a gentle smile. She began to speak in only slightly accented Japanese.

"I am Minerva McGonagall, otherwise known as Professor McGonagall. I came here to talk about your father."

A lump formed in Hotaru's throat as she remembered the battle with Mistress Nine and the near death of her best friend. She didn't have many good memories of her father.

"He's dead. I-I don't think we need to talk abou-"

"I mean your real father Hotaru."

There was a stunned silence. Hotaru's eyes darted towards her parents. She could tell from their resigned yet half stunned expressions that they had found out only a little before her.

"I think," said Professor McGonagall, "That I need to explain it from the beginning..."



Takara had been married to Voldemort for many years, but he had never loved her. She had loved him once. When he was still the boy known as Tom Riddle...

But that time was long past and now she had a child. A little girl who she hadn't even been allowed to name. She had wanted her child to have a Japanese name like her own, but he had not. Voldemort named her Dione. Takara hated the name, but she could do nothing. Not if she wanted to live.

Her child was powerful, she knew that. She was not a witch exactly, but her violet eyes revealed a wisdom that should not be present in a child. There was a dark power in her. The power to create and destroy. Voldemort wished to use her daughter to control the world, Takara only wanted Dione to be safe.

"We'll escape someday," she whispered to the sleeping infant, "I'll take you back to my home country, back to Japan. We will be so happy there..."



"So my father was a wizard?" asked Hotaru, "An evil wizard who killed many people?"

"I know it is hard to believe but-"

"I believe you." said Hotaru. "I shouldn't, but for some reason I do."

"Well," said the Professor, "He vanished when you were a year old. He attempted to kill a family called the Potters, but he could not hurt their son. For some reason he himself was the one weakened. When your mother realized her husband was dead she attempted to escape to her family in Japan."

"Then why is she gone? Why was I brought up by someone else?"

"The man who adopted you was a Death Eater, a servant of your father. He killed your mother because he believed she had somehow caused his master's death. He was a madman."

Hotaru stared down at the floor. Her father, an evil lunatic. She smiled bitterly, some things never changed. Both her fathers had been like that.

The senshi of death, daughter of the most feared thing on earth. What could be more appropriate?

"Why did you have to tell me all this?" she whispered, trying to hold back tears, "Why did you have to tell me now that my life is perfect?!"

Professor McGonagall gave her a serious look, "Because you father has returned with even more power than before. And he has sent his Death Eaters to find you."

Hotaru felt something akin to terror grip her heart. The princess... all her friends... if their was a new evil then they would have another battle ahead of them.

"But why does he want me? From what I've heard he wouldn't care a damn about my life. I'm not a witch or anything!"

"True, you are not a witch. You are something greater than that. You are a senshi. Sailor Saturn to be exact. And he wants your power on his side"

Even Michiru and Haruka looked shocked this time. She evidently hadn't told them that she knew about Hotaru's secret identity.

"How did you know?" asked Hotaru. How could anyone know that she was the soldier of death?

"The wizarding world has its... sources. Sailor Pluto was very helpful." Professor McGonagall smiled. "She wanted to keep you safe."

Hotaru decided that she and Setsuna Mama really needed to have a little chat.

"So what happens now?" Michiru asked softly. "Are you taking our little girl away from us?"

Professor McGonagall nodded regretfully. "She will be safer with strong wizards and witches to protect her. I am ready to to take her to a place named Hogwarts. If Hotaru had been a witch and not a Sailor Senshi then she would have gone there to study witchcraft. It is a very famous school run by a very wise wizard. No harm will come to her."

And then it hit the young senshi. She was leaving her friends, her family so she could go to a place that she knew nothing about. The ache in her heart became a little stronger. Why did she have to suffer?!

"Are you sure you can keep her safe?" demanded Haruka.

The witch nodded, "I'm sure." She turned to Hotaru, "Get anything that you want to take with you, try to be quick. We have a long journey ahead of us."

Hotaru walked slowly up the stairs to her room. She was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to take her lamps with her to Hogwarts. And she couldn't really take her family away when they would need to stay and protect Japan from attack...

It was only when she had reached her room that Hotaru began to cry.