by Cahira of the Dawn

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Chapter Three:

Hotaru woke up in the morning with a feeling of apprehension. She felt so worried about the sorting. It would probably seem strange for a fifteen year old girl to be sorted with the eleven year olds and she was sure that people would stare. Hotaru hated being put in the limelight.

The robes didn't make her feel anymore confident. Hotaru had never felt self conscious in her itsy bitsy Sailor Senshi uniform, but for some reason the robes made her uneasy. The long flowing garments made her look even thinner and more fragile than before and she didn't really want attention drawn to the fact that she weak. The only thing that she liked about them was their dark color, black. It was her favorite color (second to purple that is).

Hotaru's room was separate from the others. She figured that it was Professor Dumbledore who had arranged it, so she could have some privacy. And anyway, she would find it a lot easier to train her senshi abilities away from other children. Hotaru also thought it was because she wasn't really a student. She was more of a... refugee of sorts.

I don't want other people to guard me. I want to take care of myself.

Professor McGonagall had told her that she needed to be sorted because she would share lessons with the other pupils. But as she was a senshi and not a witch she would not be asked to do anything that involved magic. "You need something to do during the day," said McGonagall, "I won't have you getting bored, and the lessons may even help your abilities as a Sailor Senshi."

Hotaru was getting impatient. It wasn't even breakfast yet and the sorting wouldn't take place until the evening. She just wanted it to be over!

Still ages to go. She sat down on her bed. And I'm sooo bored.


Hotaru took in a deep breath and entered the Great Hall. She walked across the hall, away from the house tables, and sat down on a chair next to the teachers' table. She had hoped no one would notice her, but a few of the students gave her curious looks and whispered to each other. Even though she'd been bored in her room, Hotaru now wished she was still in there. Waiting.

Just ignore them, she told herself, this will all be over soon.

Professor McGonagall had already begun calling out the names. The new students all sat down, one by one, on a stool and put the large old Sorting Hat on their heads. Some went into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, others into Slytherin or Ravenclaw. She wasn't sure which one she would end up in.

I hope its not Slytherin. That would only prove how much like her father she really was.

Hotaru was the last to be called up. She was sure she could have been called up earlier and felt a little annoyed at being dumped at the end of list.

"Hotaru Tomoe!"

Hotaru stood up and walked up to the stool. Trying to ignore the hundreds of students, she sat down and put the Sorting Hat on her head.

"Ah, Hotaru Tomoe. Or should I say Dione Riddle?"

"How did you know?!"

"I can read your mind child... And what an odd mind it is."

"Thanks, I think..."

"Hm... You have a dark power, child. A power suited for Slytherin, but you have the honor of a Gryffindor? How interesting... And this, the loyalty of a Hufflepuff. Let me see... you are older than you look. Your wisdom is deep like that of a Ravenclaw... Now, where to put you?"

"I'm not really that complicated am I?"

"Everyone is complicated. You just more so than others."


"Let me look a little deeper... You want no power do you child? Slytherin is out then. You would rather live a peaceful life and not fight... That puts Gryffindor out of the running... you are independent and you have a great burden. A duty that you must follow no matter what others say... I see we have only one choice here..."


"You will see child..."


There was an unsure bout clapping as Hotaru took of the hat and made her way to the Ravenclaw table. She sat down next to a pretty Chinese girl who gave her a half curious, half friendly look.

"Hi," said the girl, "I'm Cho Chang."

"Hotaru Tomoe, but I guess you just heard my name..."

Cho nodded. "You did join a little late didn't you?"

Hotaru smiled in an embarrassed sort of way. "I, um, moved to England only a little while ago and well I..." She trailed off. "I guess I just needed to go to school somewhere."

"Don't worry Hotaru," said Cho, "I'll show you around Hogwarts."

As they ate their meal (which Dumbledore made appear out of nowhere. Hotaru didn't ask how, she'd had enough of headaches) Hotaru couldn't help, but notice that though many people were talking, none were talking to Cho. She thought it was a little strange, but said nothing about it. Maybe she would understand later on.

That was when she began to get a strange feeling; the sensation you get when someone is watching you. Hotaru tried to ignore it at first, hoping it was one of the gossips who had watched her when she first came in, but she couldn't shake it off. Turning to the Slytherin table she made contact with a pair of blue eyes.

The boy smirked at her and held her gaze. She made her face calm and empty of emotion, hoping he would just turn away, but he did not. That is, not until she backed down. After that Hotaru turned back to Cho and tried to forget the strange message she'd sensed in his eyes. The expression which told her that he knew something she did not. Something important and vital to her.

I'll find him later and then he'll tell me what he knows. She gave him one last glance. She could sense it... he had a dark power in his blood. A power she felt in her own soul, but his was weaker.

I wonder who he is...

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