Percy twirled out of the way as he narrowly avoided the dracanae's spear. He gripped Riptide harder, turning his knuckles white, and thrust it not the dracana heart. It exploded into gold dust and Percy ran forward hacking and swinging Riptide at the oncoming surge of monsters. He practically forced himself to kill a hellhound think guilty of Mrs O'Leary. And then Percy saw her. Mother Nature, Herself, standing on a hill of dirt. Percy frantically looked around searching for anyone to help him. He spotted Jason and looked over at him. Jason had spotted Gaea as well.

The two boys charged at Gaea meeting up halfway. They slashed through the monsters fighting until at last they reached the top of. The hill where Gaea stood waiting. A smile lit up her face as she glanced at the two boys.

"Well if it isn't the Perseus Jackson, Son of Poseidon, Bane of Kronos and countless others. And who could forget Jason Grace, Son of Ze- Jupiter, Former Praetor of the 12th Legion and the Bane of Krios." She snarled as she said the boys names. She reached down to her hip where two swords lay waiting for her.

Gaea grabbed the swords and swung them in a deadly arc. The boys jumped out of the way and started to strike against Gaea. Blow after blow they would swing their swords but each time she parried or blocked the hit.

"Who do you think you are challenging a primordial" She screeched as she lunged towards Jason. Jason narrowly avoided the attack and quickly spun around in an attempt to get Gaea's back. Gaea slashed at Percy and he went flying as across the battlefield. Percy looked around just in time to see Zeus and Thalia take down Porphyrion. He turned his head back to the fight with Gaea and saw Jason raise his eyes towards the heavens and summon down a lighting bolt onto the Primordial.

The Primordial screeched in rage an quickly disarming him. She landed a kick on Jason and he sprawled out onto the ground. Gaea walked over to Jason as the winds whipped at her cape. She held her blade with both hands and prepared to end Jason's life. Percy ran to her in anger and sent a wave of water at her from nowhere. She spun around and ran toward Percy. The two clashed swords and fought gallantly. W Gaea threw Percy back with her powers of the earth. Percy, however, threw her back with his own waves.

'I'll never land a hit on her if she on the land' Percy thought. He ran at her slashing her arm and ran toward the sea. If only he could get here in time. Spikes of jagged rock and dirt emerged all around him as the Goddess of the Earth charged after Percy. Percy ran into the water with Gaea following. He whipped around and slashed at her leaving a cut on her face. He reacted the attack in different areas. He looked at Gaea and disarmed her with the same trick Luke had taught him so many years ago.

He looked at Gaea and snarled "You will never hurt my family again" with that he thrust Riptide into the Primordials heart and she collapsed in a series of howling screams and gold dust. The rest of the evening was a blur. He vaguely remembered Jason thanking him and Annabeth kissing him but his mind was preoccupied with a single thought. He had killed Gaea. The war was over. and know was a time for rest...


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