Famliy Reunions

By Siren

Hey minna-san! This is my first Inu Yasha fanfic. Anyway, it's about Kagome's past, as well as everyone else's. This first chapter has to do with Kagome dealing with some tragic news. Her brother died, and she harbors guilt for not being able to protect him. Assaulted by these dark thoughts, she's drawn to Kikyo. The dead miko promises that if Kagome were to die, the pain would stop, and she'd be with her brother. Torn between life and death, Kagome distances herself from her friends and the ones she loves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kagome sat in the hospital, numb. She'd come home for a test, only to see an ambulance leave her house. Her mother was in tears, clutching her grandfather desperatly. Sota had been hurt badly while trying to get to Kagome. He'd fallen down the well only to hit the hard ground below. They found him unconcious, blood seeping from a wound on the base of his skull.

Now she was in the waiting room, anxious to hear the fate of her brother. Her mother refused to meet her gaze, silently blaming Kagome for the accident. The young girl understood, she blamed herself too. She was his big sister, she was supposed to protect him. "Mrs. Higurashi?" Her mother's head snapped up and she looked at the doctor pleadingly. "How's my baby? Is he okay?" The doctor frowned deeply.

"Your son suffered sever brain damage from the fall. But from what I've seen, it wasn't the fall that did this much damage to him. He was hurt before the fall. You son is showing no brain activity, and is being kept alive because of a machine. There is very little chance that he'll ever wake up. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to think about a 'do not resusitate' order."

Kagome stared at him with wide eyes, tears ready to fall. "Are you saying that Sota's brain dead?" The doctor looked uncomfortable, but nodded. "Yes, I'm very sorry." Unable to bear it anymore, Kagome's mother turned to her. "This is all your fault! If you hadn't run off to that stupid time, Sota wouldn't have fallen down that well! You killed my baby! You killed him!" Kagome cringed at her mother's cruel words, but didn't argue with her. "Mrs. Higurashi, please calm down. It's not the girl's fault," the doctor soothed.

Kagome shook her head and stood up. "It is my fault. I'm his sister, I should've protected him." With that, she turned and left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Inu Yasha was getting angry. Kagome said she'd be back by sun-down, but now it was well into the night. 'Where is that stupid wench? She better not have run off with that Hobo guy.' Just as he was about to storm into her room, he saw her walked towards the shrine. Her head was bowed, her bangs covering her eyes. Leaning against the wall, her shoulders shook and she slid to the ground.

He leapt off of his favorite branch, and knelt infront of her. "Kagome?" She only wrapped her arms around her knees, and continued to cry, causing his worry to grow. "Kagome, what happened?" He reached out a hand and touched her shoulder briefly. Letting out a sob, she latched onto him, and buried her face in his shoulder. Eyes wide, he slowly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"S-Sota's hurt. He's never gonna wake up. He, he got hurt trying to find me. He's hurt 'cause I wasn't there for him!" she sobbed. Inu Yasha frowned. "It's not your fault. You couldn't have known." She pulled back and shook her head. "I'm his sister, I'm supposed to protect him. I let him down, and now he's never gonna wake up. He's gonna die and leave me all alone. I don't want to be alone," she babbled.

"You're not alone. Not ever. You have Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Kaede, your family, and me. You're never alone." Kagome looked away. "I don't have my family anymore. My mom...she blames me. She knows that if I were here, I could've helped him," she muttered. Inu Yasha's eyes flashed and he grabbed her shoulders roughly. "It's not your fault! Your mother's a fool for thinking it!" Kagome grew quiet. "But she's right. If I had been there, Sota wouldn't be dying. He'd be here right now, teasing me and annoying me. He, he fell down the well trying to find me. My mom was right. I killed him. I killed Sota."

Inu Yasha growled. "Kagome, your mother's wrong. None of this is your fault. You couldn't have known that this would happen. Nobody could." Kagome stood up shakily at the sound of a car pulling into her driveway. "They're home. I can't stay here. Not now. But, but I have to see Sota." Inu Yasha nodded. "Alright." As he turned to leave, Kagome grabbed his wrist. "Can you come with me? I don't wanna be alone." He nodded. "Where's the hospital?" Kagome wiped her eyes. "Um, about a mile down the road."

He knelt down, and Kagome smiled slightly. "Get on." She climbed onto his back, and rested her head between his shoulder blades. "Thank you. You can be really nice when you want to be," she murmered. "Feh," he replied, blushing slightly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After arriving at the hospital, Kagome and Inu Yasha walked inside. "May I help you?" the nurse asked. Kagome nodded. "I'm here to see Sota. I'm his sister, Kagome. I know it's past visiting hours, but please let me see him." The nurse nodded. "Alright. He's in room 301." Nodding, Kagome pulled Inu Yasha down the hall and into Sota's room.

She stifled a sob as she stared at her brother. He looked so small in the hospital bed. His face was peaceful, but his skin was shockingly white. Walking away from her hanyou companion, she sat next to him on the bed. She brushed the hair away from his eyes, biting her lip to keep from crying. "Hey Sota," she greeted in a whisper. "Mom said you tried to find me today. She said that you fell down the well and got hurt."

Her eyes welled with tears as she talked to him. "The doctor says that someone hurt you before that, and that's why you tried to find me. The doctor says you're not gonna wake up. You know, when grown-ups say stuff about you, you do the compete opposite. Like when mom says to stop teasing me, you only tease me more," she said with a slight smile. "Well, now you have to wake up to prove them wrong. You have to open your eyes and yell at me for not being there for you. You have to get better and go home so that I can catch you reading my diary, and looking through my stuff."

Kagome began to cry now. "You have to wake up because you can't leave me alone. I don't want you to just leave me here, Sota. As your big sister, I'm telling you to wake up and prove everyone wrong. I want you to get me into trouble, and tease me, and go through my things. And I want you to make fun of me when I go to the prom, and hear you call me a dumb girlie- girl. I want you to wake up and glomp Inu Yasha, 'cause when you do, he gets the cutest expression of pure confusion. And I need you to wake up because I love you, and I need you."

Inu Yasha watched from the door. Kagome was crying again, talking to her brother's still form. It broke his heart to see her like this. He watched as she lied down, and held her brother gently. "I'm here now, you know. I'm right here," he heard her whisper. "Inu Yasha?" His ears perked at his name. "Can you come over here? Sota thought of you as a big brother, and maybe you can wake him up." He walked to the opposite side of the bed, and sat down in one of the chairs.

Kagome peered at him from under her bangs, and smiled softly. "You were Sota's hero, you know. You're all her ever talked about when I came home. 'Where's Inu Yasha', and 'how come he isn't here?' He always loved it when he got a chance to see you," she said with a hint of tiredness in her voice. Inu Yasha's eyes softened, and he smoothed Sota's hair, then Kagome's. "Sleep. I'll let you know if, he wakes up." Kagome smiled, and took one of Inu Yasha's hands. "Promise?" The hanyou smiled slightly. "Promise."

Feeling slightly better, Kagome closed her eyes and allowed herself to sleep. Inu Yasha leaned back, but kept his hand in her's. He used his free hand to brush Kagome's tears away, marveling at how soft she felt. She looked so broken a few moments ago. Now her expression was as peaceful as her brother's. They were close, he could tell. He kept an eye on them, and watched over the siblings that night.

2 Be Continued...