Irresistible Sin

Author: Writie

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Sara was pregnant and the Undertaker would be a Daddy. He loved Sara, and he would never do anything to hurt her. Which was why no one was surprised when that women, Tracy, who claimed they had, had and affair admitted she was lying for Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. He looked down at his broken wrist. He was the Penom, the legend, and accused of being a has been. The fans knew Taker wasn't a has been. He was the American Bad Ass. He deserved the credit he got. That night he wanted revenge. He was sick of the Big Show running his mouth.

"Taker, I know your not a has been! The fans know your not a has been. You have nothing to prove!" Stephanie McMahon pleaded.

"I wanna teach him a lesson. Did you see what he did to me? He's not gonna get away with that!" Taker demanded.

"I'm sorry, but it's in your best interest that I do not allow you to compete tonight." Stephanie decided. Taker swung his arm sending things flying off of her desk.

The Big Show was put in an inter-gender match with Dawn Marie against Torrie Wilson and the WWE champion Brock Lesnar. This would give the fans a small taste of what Brock was in for. The match started off with the ladies. Torrie had the upper hand until Dawn Marie tagged in Big Show, who immediately went after Torrie but she made it to her corner and tagged in Brock. The Big Show dominated the champion until Brock managed to get the upper hand, but the advantage soon shifted back to the Big Show. After Big Show was done dominating Brock he grabbed Torrie by the hair and threw her hard over the ring post as Brock laid limp in the middle of the ring. He gave Torrie the chokeslam and just as he was about to deliver another one to the helpless Diva, Taker ran out to the ring and delivered the low blow with his cast. Big Show fell to his knees. Taker hit him a few times and then walked back up the ramp. Dawn Marie covered Torrie but Brock broke up the 3-count. He gave Dawn Marie the F-5 and covered her for the win.

"Mark I can't take this anymore!" Sara yelled backstage. "I'm pregnant with your child! I'm your wife! I'm tired of being 2nd place to the ring! How long do you expect me to take this!?" Sara asked

"What do you want me to do? Give up my passion? My dream?? Give up everything I've ever looked for? Give up what I love to do? What makes me the man I am? When we first met you knew I was a wrestler and you accepted it, what's so different now?" Taker asked.

"I want a family! I want you to be the best father you can be! I don't want to have to explain why we never see daddy! Don't you love your family?" Sara cried.

"You know I love you! You know I love my unborn child, and you know I love my family! Don't ever ask me that again! You want me to choose?" Taker asked.

"Guess the real question is what do you love more? Your family or your job?" Sara replied.

"It's not my job it's my life." Taker sighed.

"No. It's our life! The day we got married it your life became our life, and your ruining it!" Sara cried as she stormed off.

Taker hung his head down and cupped it with his hands. What was he gonna do? She use to be so supportive. He felt like his walls were caving in. Torrie walked down the hall holding her neck. She winced in pain. Big Show was such an asshole. She spotted Taker. He was looking down.

"Hey Taker, are you ok?" Torrie asked in pain.

"I guess I should ask you the same thing." Taker replied.

"I've been better" Torrie winced.

"I know what you mean." Taker sighed.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing, I'm ok." Taker replied.

"Usually when people say that they're really not." Torrie added

"I'm ok." He repeated.

"Thanks for saving me from the Big Show. Even if you didn't do it to save me, thanks. I probably would have been out of action for weeks if you hadn't." Torrie replied.

"He deserved it." Taker replied.

"Well, I'll see you later." Torrie replied as she walked away leaving Taker with his thoughts.

How could he give up his life? Himself? What he worked for so hard for so long? He loved Sara, he loved his family, and he loved wrestling. What was he gonna do?

Taker sat in his personal locker room. Sara sat across from him but they hadn't talked. There was still a silent tension between them. She got up and sat on his lap.

"You know I love you.." Taker began.

"I've been on an emotional roller coaster lately. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant. But Mark it doesn't change the truth behind what I said." Sara sighed.

"Sara, you can't make me choose!" Taker pleaded. Sara jumped out of his lap outraged.

"Don't you dare try to blame this on me! You asked me to marry you! You got me pregnant! Now you expect me to sit at home and play mommy while you're on the road for moths at a time? It's not fair Mark! What about my hopes and dreams?" Sara snapped.

"I know, and I'm sorry. But you knew what you were getting into when we first met. How is it different now?" Taker asked.

"Because I'm pregnant! I wanna have a normal family! A normal life!" Sara argued.

"Why can't you understand..." Taker began.

"Oh, I understand alright, you're a selfish bastard!" Sara yelled as she stormed out of the room.

Torrie argued with her father Al in the hallway.

"Dad, I don't want you to see her anymore!" Torrie demanded.

"Torrie, Dawn Marie and I care about each other very much. Now I can understand why you would be jealous of her but my relationship with Dawn Marie doesn't make me love you any less." Al reassured his daughter.

"Jealous? I'm not jealous of her! Dad I don't like her and it makes me uncomfortable! Why her of all people? Can't you find someone your own age?" Torrie argued.

It's the age difference isn't it? Age is just a number. We love each other and were going to be together for a very long time." Al replied.

"Love? Dad you don't even know her!" Torrie exclaimed as Dawn Marie approached.

"Torrie, you should be happy for us. I love your father very much." Dawn Marie smiled.

"Get away from me! Both of you just get away from me! You make me sick!" Torrie cried.

"Torrie your gonna have to accept it, because were gonna be one big happy family!" Al replied as he and Dawn Marie walked away hand in hand.

Her father chose that filthy whore over his own daughter! Taker came out of his locker room and spotted Torrie sitting on the bench. She looked about as upset as he felt. As he walked down the hall she looked up at him with her tear stained face.

"What's wrong?" Taker asked.

"Nothing I'm ok." Torrie replied shaking her head.

"Someone once told me that usually when people say that their really not." Taker replied.

"My dad says he's in love with Dawn Marie. He doesn't even know her. She's my age. He's old enough to be her father! But I'm just suppose to accept it!" Torrie frowned.

"I'm sorry." Taker apologized.

"So what's wrong with you?" Torrie sniffled.

"Just family problems. Sara wants me to leave the ring." Taker sighed.

"But the WWE is practically your life!" Torrie exclaimed astounded.

"I know which is why it's so hard. I love my family more than life itself. But I can't chose, I can't." Taker replied.

"I'd think that Sara would be more supportive." Torrie added.

"I can't really blame her. Who would want to put up with it?" Taker asked.

"When you love someone, you do what you have to do to make that person happy." Torrie answered.

"Does that mean your gonna accept the fact that your father is dating the girl you hate?" Taker asked.

"I don't think I have much choose. I can't stop it. I'm sorry about Sara. I really hope you don't leave the WWE." Torrie replied as she stood up.

"And I'm sorry about your dad." Taker sighed as she gave him a hug. It felt good to have someone who understood. Torrie felt it too, Taker wasn't the way she always pictured him. He was more than just the American Bad Ass.

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