Chapter 36

John Cena easily heard the torturous screams of a helpless woman filtering the Smackdown halls. He rushed down the hall in search of where the muffled cries were coming from.


Big Show forcefully slammed his way inside of Trish's tiny womb. Trish let out a murderous shreik as he began to rape her. Tears of agony ran down her cheeks. She trembled underneath Big Show's heavy body and began choking on her own tears. She felt like he was ripping her a part. Big Show continued to make her pay, when suddenly the locker room door flew open. John Cena stood in the door way shocked to see what was causing such anguished cries.

John quickly regained his senses in a matter of seconds instinctively ripping Big Show off of Trish and slamming him into the lockers, before the giant could even react. Trish cried convulsively as she reached between her legs where she felt a piercing, throbbing pain at her core. She raised her hand to her face and it was covered in blood. She began to sob and shake uncontrollably. John, who had been beating on Big Show, turned his attention to the beautiful blonde victim.

"Trish" John Said out loud in confusion and shock. Big Show had been raping Trish? Raping anyone woman is inexcusable, but he was really surprised it was Trish. Big Show gave John a right hook nearly sending the Doctor Of Thuganomics right off his feet. John groaned and Big Show angrily began pounding him. Trish tried to pull herself to her feet weakly, wincing in pain. John needed to regain the upper hand, if Big Show took him out Trish would have no one to help her, as a man and as a human being he couldn't let that happen. John some how managed to give Big Show the low blow. When Big Show hunched over, John slammed his head into the wooden bench cracking Big Show's skull sending blood pouring down his forehead. Big Show collapsed to the floor with a thud. The giant was out cold.

Trish stumbled back to the ground after attempting to use her quivering limbs yet again. John's eyes averted to her, and she sat weeping helplessly at his feet. He had never seen her life this. He didn't know what to say. Concern consumed his features and he wanted nothing more than to just help her. He had seen a lot of things go down in the WWE but this had to be the absolute worse.

"Are you ok" John asked softly. He knew it was a dumb question, but he needed to say something. Trish began crying even harder into her knees. John knelt down sympathetically. "'s ok. It's ok." He tried to comfort her by rubbing her shoulder.

He scooped her into his strong arms and she clung to him tightly. One of his hands supported her back while the other went underneath her thighs. He immediately felt a wet substance and noticed the blood on his hand. He had to get her out of there and as far away from the Big Show as possible. She needed to go to the hospital. He hastily exited the locker room carrying Trish in his arms.


Torrie's eyes fluttered open and a small smile lightly played across her lips when she seen the Undertaker pacing back and forth with a worried expression darkening his features. He looked ready for a fight. The smile on Torrie's face soon turned into a grimace as the pain from the earlier attack came over her. Taker's attention was immediately directed to her once he realized she was awake. He sat on the bed next to her and caressed her arm.

"What the hell happened to you? Who did this" Taker demanded. "I walk in to find you unconscience on the floor. God, I was so scared. Who did this? Was it that bastard Big Show" He questioned angrily. Torrie sat up slowly and took his hand.

"I came back to our hotel room tonight and I was attacked. It wasn't the Big Show. You probably won't believe who it was." Torrie admitted.

"It was that little runt Billy Kidman wasn't it" Taker spat.

"When I came in Sara was sitting in the corner of the room. She started talking trash and then attacked me. I fought back and then Billy came out of no where. After that it's all a blur...It was Sara and Billy." Torrie explained.

"Sara..." Taker repeated in surprise looking confused.

"Yes, Sara your ex." Torrie confirmed.

"But why would she...I just don't understand. It doesn't make any sense, we've both moved on." Taker replied his eyes moving wildly. He was trying to make sense of it all. He tried to sort the thoughts in his head. Why would she do such a thing?

"Mark, you know I wouldn't lie to you." Torrie answered softly. "She's bitter about the way things ended between the two of you, not to mention she hates me. She wants revenge. She's been acting like she was ok with this the whole time." She continued.

"Are you sure it was Sara" Taker questioned in disbelief.

"Positive...I think she and Billy are together now, or at least they must have some sort of alliance." Torrie added.

"No way..." Taker shook his head. There's was no way Sara would stoop that low even if she was bitter, but then again she had slept with Maven.

"So, what are we gonna do" Torrie asked holding the back of her throbbing head.

"We're going to teach them a lesson." Taker declared furiously.

"Mark, as much as I would love to get some form of revenge that might not be the best way to go about it. I mean, you and Sara have children together." Torrie reminded. Taker was so mad he hadn't even thought about that. How would his children feel if they knew Mommy and Daddy are at each other's throats?

"Your right, but Sara and Billy started this. What makes you think they'll stop" Taker questioned.

"If they don't, that's when we'll teach them a lesson." Torrie smiled. Taker smirked placing a lingering kiss on her lips. He placed his hand on the back of her head gently.

"Are you feeling any better" Taker inquired with concern.

"I'll live." Torrie smirked giving the same type of response he would have had the situation been reversed. He tangled his fingers into her soft blonde locks.He placed a few feather like kisses on her neck causing her to tilt her head back with a sigh.

Taker captured Torrie's lips with his, softly kissing her. Her hand went to the back of his neck while her other arm rested on his shoulder. She massaged her tongue with his kissing him more aggressively. Taker laid Torrie back on the bed hovering over her. Torrie pulled his shirt over his head and Taker soon began working on hers.


John Cena paced back and forth through the Emergency Room. John had arrived there with Trish an hour ago and they had taken her right away. His nerves were shot and he was overwhelmed with worry. John had never really known Trish that well. They had only spoken a few times because they weren't on the same brand. Yet he was still concerned, and he would have been even if she was a complete stranger. Rape was just something no man or woman should ever do. It's like taking something that is supposed to be beautiful and sacred and making it cruel, violent, and filthy. Big Show was going to pay for ever doing this. It was a good thing he had gotten Trish to the hospital quickly. The longer it takes to report a rape, the less evidence there is.

He sat down drinking his coffee and then quickly stood up again pacing once more. One question had continued to run through his mind the entire time. What the hell was Trish doing at Smackdown anyway? She's a Raw superstar. He was going to call Trish's family bit she insisted that he didn't tell them. She didn't want them to know. She was still really shaken up when the doctors had taken her in. John sat back down and tried to force himself to focus on the TV. It was on a News channel and ironically the top story was about rape.

He stood up again and began pacing, he couldn't watch that. He looked at his watch and it had been over an hour, maybe even 90 minutes or so. It was driving him crazy not knowing what was going on. He approached a pretty young nurse who had been trying to flirt with him earlier.

"Honey, could you please tell me how that girl I brought in here is doing" John asked in a suave tone trying to be smooth with a pleading look. The young nurse smiled flirtatiously.

"She's doing just fine. She's still a bit shaken up and emotional, there are also some injuries. I don't know the full extent but she should be just fine." The nurse answered eyeing him up and down from his baggy jeans to his jersey.

"Well...Karen..." John began reading her name off of her name tag. She began to blush a light shade of pink. " there any chance I can see her? Do you know when she can leave" He asked.

"I'm not sure they might decide to keep her overnight. The only way you can see her is if your immediate family. Are you immediate family" Karen questioned with a hopeful look.

"Uh...Yes. I'm her brother." John blurted out. Her brother? At least he hadn't said something even more stupid. He could have said he was her father.

"Ok, come right this way." Karen smiled happy to find out he was Trish's "brother." He followed her down the hall turning the corner when she turned following closely behind. She led him into a small room.

"Here we are." Karen announced. She pulled open the curtain that was around the bed to reveal Trish. Trish laid in the hospital bed wearing one of those stupid gowns they force patients to wear. Karen exited, leaving them alone.

"They left me sitting in here. I guess they are done with all their examines..." Trish mumbled. She looked exhausted.

"You need medical attention, they shouldn't leave you in here." John offered softly.

"They've done all they can, there's nothing else they can do." Trish replied quietly. "I want to go home." She added weakly looking up at him. She looked so innocent and childlike, so fragile. She was still slightly trembling.

"You can't go home yet." John replied softly.

"How did you get them to let you come back here" Trish asked suddenly out of curiosity.

"I told them I was your brother." John answered. Trish slightly smiled, causing John to smile. He hadn't seen her smile this entire time, which was understandable, so he took this as a good sign. "Are you ok" he asked softly sitting on the hospital bed next to her.

" still hurts...but I will be." Trish answered as tears filled hers eyes.

"Are you sure there's not anyone you want me to call? Is there anything you need" John asked.

"Torrie." Trish replied wiping away the tears.

"You want me to call Torrie" John questioned. Trish nodded in response. "Alright. I'll be right back." he added.

"I need to see her." Trish sniffled. John nodded sympathetically.

"Ok, just give me her number." John added. Trish wrote down the number to the hotel that Torrie and Taker were staying at on a piece of napkin and handed it to him. John gave her one last glance before exiting the room. He located the nearest pay phone and began to dial.


"Hello" Taker's husky voice asked over the phone. John must have woken him.

"Hey, is Torrie there" John questioned. Taker wore a confused look at the sound of a man's voice asking for Torrie. Torrie who was nestled comfortably in his chest slowly began to stir.

"Who is it" Torrie whispered sleepily.

"Who is this" Taker demanded into the phone.

"John Cena, I'm calling to speak to Torrie. It's about Trish." John explained. Taker reluctantly handed Torrie the phone still a bit confused.

"Hello" Torrie answered.

"Hi, it's John. Trish asked me to call you." John explained.

"Oh" Torrie uttered in surprise. Why would Trish ask John to call her? Why didn't she just call herself?

"Look, something awful went down tonight. We're at the hospital and Trish would really like to see you." John continued.

"Oh my god what happened? I mean is she ok" Torrie asked in concern.

"What happened" Taker questioned immediately. Torrie clung to the phone waiting for an answer as well.

"This really isn't something you should be told over the phone." John answered in a pleading tone.

"John, please just tell me." Torrie begged.

"Trish..." John began. He sighed, there was no easy way of putting this. "Trish was raped tonight. She's pretty banged up. She needs to see you, can you please get down here" he asked.

"What? Oh my god! Who did it" Torrie cried in shock and horror. Her heart immediately sunk, she felt like shit. Trish was one of her best friends and had done so much to help her after she had been raped herself. She knew exactly how Trish must have been feeling.

"The Big Show." John sighed. The answer hit Torrie like a sharp blade. Torrie had completely cut off her friendship with Trish over a stupid misunderstanding. Trish had helped Taker get revenge on Big Show all for Torrie, and now look what had happened to her.

"Oh my god." Torrie murmured while tears filled her eyes.

"What" Taker as sitting up next to Torrie growing even more concerned.

"I found them in a Smackdown locker room. I peeled Big Show off of her and beat the hell out of him but the damage had already been done." John recalled his voice filled with concern. He shuddered in disgust at the recollection.

"Oh my god." Torrie choked again. What on earth was Trish doing at Smackdown anyhow"Why was she at Smackdown" She asked after a beat.

"Torrie, what's going on" Taker demanded growing impatient.

"I don't know, listen..." John said into the phone. "I know it's late but she could really use some support. She won't let me call her family. Can you get down here" He asked.

"Absolutely." Torrie responded immediately while wiping the tears away. "We'll be there as quickly as possible." She promised.

"Cool, I'll see you then." John answered ready to hang up.

"John" Torrie added suddenly.

"Yeah" John questioned.

"Thank you for taking care of her." Torrie replied sincerely.

"There's no need to thank me Torrie." John smiled. "...oh, I almost forgot to give you the address." he added.


John re-entered Trish's room quietly but soon realized she wasn't awake. He sat at the seat beside her bed.

"You should get some rest." John offered softly.

"I can't sleep...I just keep thinking about it...even when I try not's just...there...I can't make it go away." Trish admitted emotionally. "I just keep thinking if I had just minded my own business he would have never..." She began to choke her voice trembling. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She in no way regretted helping the Undertaker that night, she just couldn't handle this and she couldn't help thinking those kinds of thoughts. She knew there would be consequences but she never knew she would pay this kind of price. John shook his head sympathetically. He didn't know the whole story, all he knew was that she shouldn't be blaming herself.

"Trish, you can't blame yourself. No man, under any circumstances, should ever rape a woman period. There is no excuse, the only person at fault here is that asshole." John insisted. "Look at me." He demanded touching her hand. Trish locked eyes with him. Her eyes glistened with new tears just waiting to fall. "I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make him pay for what he did to you." He promised with determination and fire in his eyes.

"Thanks John, but I don't want you to get involved in this. It's bad enough your already this involved. Big Show is probably gonna kill you for helping me." Trish warned with concern. It seemed like whenever someone said they were going to get revenge on Big Show it just made things worse. Trish laying in this hospital bed after being raped was just another example.

"I hope he does come after me, I want him to and I'll be ready for him. I refuse to let him think he can do this to you, or any woman and get away with it." John vowed. He sounded so much like the Undertaker when Torrie had been raped.

"Just be careful. He doesn't care how far he has to go, what he has to do, or who he hurts." Trish explained.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be just fine." John promised. "So, are you feeling any better" He asked.

"Not much." Trish frowned honestly.

"If there's anything I can do don't hesitate to ask..." John added.

"Thank you." Trish sniffled.

"For what" John questioned raising an eyebrow looking puzzled.

"For everything you did. If it weren't for you...he would have finished the job. I don't know where I'd be. You truly saved me and I can't thank you enough for that." Trish admitted appreciatively with a sincere, yet emotional smile. More tears ran down her already damp cheeks. John sat on the bed next to her.

"Trish, you don't have to thank me. Anyone with half a heart would have done the same thing. What he did was wrong and he's gonna regret it one way or another." John answered. Trish leaned forward and hugged him tightly. John slowly wrapped his arms around her slender body returning the hug. He nuzzled his face in her hair inhaling the sweet scent. She let herself cry into his shoulder. She usually tried not to cry in front of anyone unless she was really close to them and couldn't hold back the tears. She never wanted to let herself be seen that vulnerable. Trish squeezed even tighter pulling herself closer to him. She needed to hug him. His strong arms felt secure and protective and he was giving her just the feeling she needed. The tears continued to flow, she needed to let it out because she couldn't hold it in anymore. She could feel her heart pounding against his and the rhythm was strangely soothing. John hugged her firmly as if to never let go. She trembled in her arms and he wanted her to know he was there for her. He crying had began to calm but she still hadn't let him go and he wasn't pulling away either. They broke apart at the sound of a knock on the door.

John turned his head to see Torrie standing in the doorway. Emotion overcame Torrie as soon as she laid eyes on the battered Trish, tears gushed down her face. Trish had been in many brutal matches and had never looked this beaten up and worn out. John stood up from the bed while Torrie raced to Trish's side. She threw her arms around Trish tightly continuing to sob.

"God Trish, I'm so sorry." Torrie cried.

"Torrie, I'm sorry about the whole misunderstanding with Taker..." Trish apologized hugging her back.

"Don't apologize. I'm the one who should be sorry." Torrie insisted choking on her tears. She couldn't believe that Trish was actually apologizing to her when she had just been raped her. This was all Torrie's fault. "I completely over-reacted...this is all my fault." She blamed herself.

"What happened with the Big Show wasn't your fault." Trish assured her pulling away from the hug.

"If it were for me you would have never put yourself on the line and done what you did." Torrie insisted emotionally.

"Yeah, but it was my choice. I knew what I was doing and the risk that I was taking. I knew there would be consequences and I still did it." Trish admitted.

"The two of you shouldn't blame yourselves. Big Show is a cruel, heartless monster. He's a rapist, and he's not gonna get away with it." John interrupted.

"Are you ok" Taker asked from the doorway regarding Trish. He also couldn't help blaming himself. He asked Trish to help him set up the Big Show after all.

"I will be." Trish nodded trying to smile.

"I'm sorry I ever put you in this situation. He's not gonna get away with this Trish, I can promise you that." Taker declared.

"You sound like John." Trish grinned. John smiled at her sweetly when her eye turned to him. "What happened to you" She questioned Torrie noticing the bruises.

"It's a long story. I'll tell you about it later." Torrie sighed.

"They said we can bring you home tomorrow morning around 10 am." John informed. "I'll sleep here and then bring you home in the morning." John offered.

"It's ok. I'll bring her home." Torrie interjected.

"Are you sure? It's no trouble." John replied.

"Yeah, it's ok." Torrie nodded.

"I just really don't want to leave her alone here tonight. If Big Show somehow found her and there was no one here to protect her I would never be able to forgive myself." John admitted.

"That's really sweet but I wouldn't want you to sleep in an uncomfortable chair." Trish admitted.

"He actually has a point." Taker interrupted.

"I wanted to stay the night here with her." Torrie chimed in.

"Well, the two of you alone here definitely isn't any safer." John warned.

"The boy is right." Taker agreed again. "But there's no way the hospital is gonna allow us all to stay here." He added.

"I can stay here with the girls and then bring them both home in the morning." John offered. Taker sighed running a hand through his hair. He didn't want to leave just in case something happened. He wanted to be there to protect them, not that he didn't think John couldn't handle it himself. It was just a man thing, and Taker was very protective of the ones he loved. "The two of you can sleep in here with Trish and I'll go wait in the waiting room. In the morning we'll all head out." He decided firmly.

"Sweetie, are you sure" Torrie asked walking over to him.

"Yeah, I'm positive. I'm sure as hell not leaving." Taker declared. Torrie gazed up at him affectionately, he was such a good man.

"Thank you." Torrie whispered pressing her lips against his.

"I'll see you guys in the morning." Taker nodded. "...and John, thanks for everything you did for Trish. Your alright." He added respectfully. John nodded responding with the same amount of respect. Taker hugged Trish, and shook John's hand before exiting the room, leaving the three of them alone. Torrie laid in the hospital bed with Trish, and John sat back down in the chair. He tentatively watched the two Divas as they drifted to sleep. Trish didn't think she would be able to sleep but she really was overly exhausted. When he was sure they were both rest peacefully, John finally closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep in the uncomfortable chair.


John rubbed his eyes sleepily and stood up stretching his stiff back. He soon spotted Taker in the doorway. John had gotten little sleep that night, that chair really was uncomfortable.

"Hey man, what's up" John greeted.

"Hey." Taker repeated looking thoughtful. "I've been thinking...Torrie is fine because she's got me. If anyone ever tries to mess with her I'll always be there to protect her. But Trish...she doesn't really have anyone like that. Don't get me wrong, she's beautiful and a lot of people like her but she doesn't really have anyone who cares, who will be there all the time at any cost. She doesn't have someone who will protect her the way Torrie does." He tried to explain. "I would protect her but I also have Torrie to look out for, not to mention my own back. Plus the fact that were on two different makes in harder. I wouldn't be able to be there all the time." He continued.

"So, what do you suggest" John asked raising a curious eyebrow. Taker was right, if Big Show was still out for revenge, Trish was an easier target for the giant then Torrie would be. On the other hand, Big Show was on Smackdown, although in the end that really didn't matter. If he wanted revenge he would find a way.

"I honestly don't know." Taker shook his head a bit frustrated.

"I can look after her until everything blows over." John offered.

"Are you sure you'd want to take on that kind of responsibility? You'd be putting your own neck on the line." Taker reminded. If John was gonna do this Taker wanted to make sure he could handle it.

"Yeah, I can be with her at Raw before and after her matches, and maybe watch her over at Smackdown if it necessary. Although we should probably keep her away from Smackdown. Then, you can watch her when I'm not able to." John replied.

"John, I don't want you going through all that trouble." Trish interrupted. The two men turned around. They hadn't even realized she was awake.

"Trish, it's no trouble." John reassured.

"I can take care of myself." Trish insisted.

"Against a 7 foot tall, 500 pound monster" Taker exclaimed knowing Trish was being stubborn. Trish was strong and independent but surely she didn't think she could take on the Big Show.

"Trish, I want to do it." John answered sincerely. "After a while, once we're sure Big Show is gonna stay away from you, things can go back to normal." he added.

"Alright, fine." Trish caved, giving in.


Taker, Torrie, John, and Trish made their way to the rental car. Taker started up the engine and they drove off. Trish didn't know if things would ever be the same, but she was so grateful that John had saved her. She knew things would have turned out much worse if it hadn't been for him. Trish gazed over at John who was seated next to her in the back seat of the car. He gave her a friendly smile when he realized she was looking at him.

Trish placed her hand on his and held it gently. John held her tiny delicate hand with a smile. The physical, mental, and emotional wounds of Big Show's attack were still fresh, but maybe she could began to heal somehow.


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