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Sesshomaru had arrived back at the castle and had expected to be greeted by the children and his mate. However, when he arrived they were nowhere to be seen. He could detect the scent of his mate's female companion. He growled low in his throat. It wasn't that he disapproved of the demon slayer but he wasn't overly fond of her. The scent of her blood irritated him. It was no fault of her own. Rather, he blamed her ancestors. She carried the same hateful scent. He found them sitting in the garden. He listened to the end of their conversation momentarily. He would have to put her worries to rest. A termination of employment was necessary.

He watched her flush as she looked back at him. His disdain for the demon slayers presence was increasing. Had the woman not been there he would have taken his Miko back to his room and given her a reason to blush. Unfortunately, that would have to wait until her companion was no longer in his home. He had every intention of making her scream. He approached them slowly. He gave the demon slayer a cool stare that was meant to be a greeting. The woman gave him a forced smile and a small nod. Apparently they were going to have to be civil. Lovely.

"Welcome back." Kagome said tucking a stray hair behind her ear. The movement caught his eye. He suddenly had an unnerving urge to nibble her ears and fingers. He felt a hungry growl rise in his throat but suppressed it due to their having company.

"You have a guest." His voice was not malicious nor happy. Kagome could tell from the look in his eyes what he wanted and she knew he would never act on it with Sango there. She had missed her friend dearly but the idea of Sesshomaru coming home and taking him into her arms had her wishing she would cut her visit short.

"You remember Sango." She said sweetly, hoping he would take the hint and act at least half way pleasantly.

He looked at her. How could her forget the woman who traveled with his delicious miko for years or the woman who she had run off too. No, he had not forgotten her. Although, her name had slipped his mind. He gave a small nod at the slayer and his mate beamed at him. He would have given the damn woman a proper bow if it meant she would smile like that. Kagome was prone to smiling but rarely was it so obvious in her pleasure.

"Lord Sesshomaru," Sango said cautiously, "You have beautiful home." Kagome looked at her in shock and then her eyes softened. Sango was trying to get along with him for her. She was a true friend.

"Thank you."

"It's a shame he isn't here to enjoy it more." Kagome said without thinking. She looked away towards the children to avoid his gaze.

So, she wanted him to be around more. That was an excellent sign. He could smell the embarrassment rolling off of her. It was almost enough to cover the scent of her longing and he truth of her words. Almost. He relished her desire for his presence. She had all the makings of an Inu mate. It was not uncommon for Inu women to be incredibly possessive of their partners or to be solemn when they were gone. He had known a few to go as far as picking fights over prolonged absence. His mother had been one. His father told him it had increased 10 fold when she was with pup. He did not enjoy the image. His mother was overbearing on any given day. The idea of her demeanor while with pup was unbearable.

Speaking of pups, he looked over at the children playing. Rin truly was the likeness to Kagome. She would grow to be a fine woman. Finding her a suitable mate would be no hardship. Shippo was growing rapidly as well. It was common for demon children to grow faster while in the company of other demons. His slowed growth could easily be accounted for by his constant companionship to humans. His hair was longer and his paws were elongating and looked more human-esque. His eyes were becoming sharper and he was noticeably taller. He would be a fine fox demon. His training would start within the week. Sesshomaru took pride in his growth already. The kit was full of energy but he had been a good friend to Rin and respectful of his new Lord.

Sesshomaru imagined his own pups would be rather similar. They too, after all, would be raised by his Miko mate. He could smell his seed in her stomach already. He would need to tell her soon. After the demon slayer left. His beast thrilled at the image of her swelling with his offspring. She had proved herself to be everything he could ever want. If he were the sentimental type he would say his feelings were akin to love. She had managed to possess him completely. His desire to stay with her, to simply be around her was ever growing. It was almost suffocating. And yet, he had never been more at peace.

Kagome was staring at him now. He looked down at her in earnest before offering her a hand. Her delicate fingers grabbed onto his and she raised off the ground. Sango followed soon after. It was clear to her that they were in their own little world. She looked away. She never thought she would see the ice king look so tender. The way the two looked at each other was near sickening. She cleared her throat awkwardly.

"I should be going..." She trailed off.

"But you just got here!" Kagome protested from Sesshomaru's side. She had no idea the picture she painted. A fine lady lovingly pressed into the side of her lord, hand still in his.

"As mush as I trust Miroku with the kids, he'll need a break at some point." She offered.

"He'll be okay for a night, won't he? You have to stay for dinner. The night even! We never see each other." Kagome whined. As much as she longed to be with Sesshomaru, the idea of sending Sango off so quickly was disheartening. The slayer hesitated.


Sango looked at the Lord. He hadn't just said that? She was baffled. He had just openly invited her to stay not only for dinner but for the night as well. Kagome had really done. She had tamed the beast! He had to be positively smitten to go so far. Demon upon demon had remarked on the scent she gave off. It was offending. Slayer blood was hard to bear. It was entirely off putting. And yet, he was inviting her to stink up his house. She couldn't pass up this opportunity.

"I suppose..."She said playfully while looking at Kagome, "Thanks. I will."

Kagome smiled first at her friend and then at Sesshomaru. She gave his hand a soft squeeze in thanks and then called the children inside. They were to go to lessons. Sesshomaru observed their obedience and approved. They were ready to learn and more than excited to be with their mother. He imagined their reaction to having another pup to interact with and nearly smiled. Kagome welcomed the children into her arms happily. Everything she did reaffirmed his choice.

Unfortunately, this only made him want for her more. He looked at the slayer who was laughing with his mate about something he had missed. He couldn't wait for her to leave. He had a woman to dismiss from employment and mate properly.

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