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Bella felt more free than she had ever felt in her life. Not when she lived with Rene, growing up or when she moved in with Charlie. Even though all the lives she experienced over the centuries, there was always a sense of something trying to keep her down that until she made her way to Virginia and back to Damon and her family, who all helped free her from their aunt, she never felt this lightness that had her excited about life.

She had been nervous about Charlie's reaction to the move, as the initial one to Virginia had been difficult enough for them. However, he was more open to it than she thought as it had seemed that while he got along with Sheriff Forbes and the council members, they all didn't quite share his belief that there were good vampires and supernatural that existed. While Forbes agreed with him, they were in the vastly small minority. So when the Mikaelson brothers came to him and explained what had been going on with his daughter, he knew then that if she wanted to leave, he would would follow in a heartbeat.

The drive to New Orleans was an adventure in itself. There were times that Damon was tempted to throw Kol out of his car that they were driving down in. Stefan and Charlie traded off between both vehicles at different stops, however Kol had attached himself to Bella since he met her and didn't want to let go.

Klaus and Elijah led the group into the mansion that they were occupying until they were able to reclaim the compound that one of his protégé's has since taken control of since the family's last stay in the city. "Rebekah! Hayley! We're back!" Klaus shouted.

Bella was nervous to meet her sister and the other woman who would become extended family though her brother repeated he wasn't interested in the werewolf beyond the one night he had already been with her, as they both had been quite intoxicated and emotional.

It wasn't long before a pretty blond girl that she could tell was clearly Klaus' sister, even if she was a full blooded sibling to Elijah and Kol, came running into the connecting hallway. "It's about time!" she excitedly called, stopping short at seeing Bella.

"Um, hi?" Bella waved from behind Damon, who unceremoniously dropped their bags on the floor and the werewolf started down the stairs.

Rebekah was quick to pull Bella into a hug, happy to no longer be the only girl and held her tightly. Pulling her to the side, she immediately started an interrogation of the boys' treatment of her during the trip that had the witch smiling at her concern.

"Well, this will be one interesting blending of families, I think," Charlie muttered to himself, before looking around and finding himself shifting uncomfortably at realizing he was surrounded by strong supernatural creatures. "You know - if I'm going to be living with you all, I think we should continue planning on when I go through my transition. With the number of enemies you have in town, I would like to be able to help protect our family."

Hayley was never more confused as she looked to Elijah and Klaus, demanding an answering for what was going on. "Who are these people? What is going on? Why are the Salvatores here?"

"Little Wolf," Klaus smirked as he moved over to wrap an arm around Bella. "This is our sister we long believed dead. We went to help her out of a problem with our aunt, which also in turn helped to protect our child to come. Don't worry about everything. The brothers are considered family and no harm will come to them," he added at the end, his eyes narrowing in warning.

Elijah nodded in agreement and turned to Charlie. "We can perform your transition as soon as we get you all settled in."

"Great. Just point us to our rooms," Damon smirked. "Bella and I can share if there aren't enough!" He grinned until Charlie growled at him and it fell. "You sure you aren't a vampire or a werewolf already? Party pooper. You do know that technically, she and I are already engaged and were only days from our wedding…"

There was a knock on the door just as Charlie was about to start to argue with him and Kol, who was closest moved closer to open it. He blinked at the pretty woman leaning against the door jam who was chewing on a Slim Jim, looking bored. "Hello, Darling. How can I help you?"

"You know," the girl started before taking another bite. "I really hate know it alls. I get this random call while I'm at my club, telling me that there is a guest that I needed to take out."

Everyone grew suspicious and protective of the women and human in the house, Klaus rushing to the door. "Tell us what you are speaking of, and do not talk in riddles!" he angrily demanded.

Her brown eyes turned to him and looked him up from his booted feet all the way up to his face, lingering on his groin along the way with an appraising smile. "Cold Ones are assholes, Sexy. Anyway, he told me this fucker had to be taken out, gave me his description and well, I took his head."

She tossed the head into the house, earning a disgusted grimace from Charlie, while the others were crossed between anger, confusion at this woman's brazen approach to their brother. Klaus turned back to her after he took notice of the identity of the head, his anger quickly rising as he sped outside and gripping her by the throat and shoved her against the house.

"Why did you kill Marcel Gerard?!" he shouted her face.

"Ooh, feisty! Momma likes," she smirked and reached down and grabbed his groin, twisted, and shoved her knee up into his ribs. "Back. Off. As I said, the Cold One said it was necessary and when he provided a name of the only one of his kind I trust, I knew he was telling me the trust. He assured that this vampire would eventually have a leading hand in your family's downfall in years to come. This saves your family tons of headaches and backstabbing by a two-faced creation. If Jasper hadn't confirmed this asshole's ability wasn't accurate, I would have just ignored the shit. But when he said that during your little tiff between each other, my club would get caught in the battle and burn - you best believe someone would lose their head and last I heard you weren't as easy to kill and quite frankly, despite your reputation, I'd rather keep you around if just being eye candy."

"Who the hell are you?" Damon questioned, his presence blocking the door as he held a stake in his hand. His lip curled back, a little unnerved as the way she looked over her shoulder at him with a smile reminded him so much of his creator.

"My name is Myriam Jenkins," she winked, her hand coming up to seductively wrap around Klaus' wrist as he too was disturbed by her behavior. She was able to pull him off her, but wrapped herself around his arm, giving him teasing touches. "As I was saying, this other vampire named an old friend, Jasper, who said he was recently working with you and asked me to do whatever I can to help you guys out. Now personally I try to keep my business and pleasures separate, but in this case, I didn't mind. Especially if it brought me to find such a hottie."

Bella couldn't help but start to laugh at everyone's shock at the crazy vampire. Taking her bag and headed up to find a room, she shook her head. "Klaus is single, just so you know," she said as she waved at the girl, who victoriously grinned. Her brother stared back at her like a deer caught in headlights before he glared daggers at his siblings who all started laughing at his expense.

Life in New Orleans was going to be interesting and never boring. She already loved it.