"It was a cool morning at the Gold Coast, Rikki Chadwick along with her friends Cleo Sertori strong(A/N don't know if I spelled her last name right) and Bella Hartley had just finished their last year of high school. Cleo is still currently dating Lewis while Bella is in a relationship with Will, but Rikki has still not forgiven Zane for what he had done to her and her friends. She liked being alone it gave her the space she needed.
Rikki's POV
My alarm goes off as it becomes 8 a.m. that is way to early to wake up, has anyone hear of beauty sleep. Since it has woken me up I mine as well call the girls and see if they want to meet at the moonpool. I dial Cleo's number hoping she will answer,
"Hey Cleo"
"Oh, Hi Rikki is something wrong you are never up this early."
"Yes I am fine, I was just wondering if you and Bella wanted to meet me at the moonpool?"
"Sure Bella is with me so I will pass it on to her."
"Great, thanks Cleo see you there."


I was waiting for the girl to arrive when suddenly two heads popped out from under the water.
"Hey you," says an always cheerful Cleo.
"Where have you two been I have been waiting here for 20 minutes," it sounded more rude then when I said it in my head.
"Sorry we met the boys before we came here and also why are you up so early, there must be something wrong?"
"Well...," I start to say why I think of an excuse in my head so I don't have to tell them what is really bothering me.
"Don't make an excuse, tell us the truth," you could here and see the seriousness in Cleo's voice.
I then without thinking I start to poor out all of my feeling out and onto their shoulders. I keep on blabbing about how my dad can't keep paying for the bills and how I think it is all my fault. They try to comfort me but it doesn't work till I hear Cleo say something amazing, "Just get a job to help him out with all of the bills." I think about it for awhile and know that that is a really good idea.
"I think you are right Cleo, I am 18 and can take care of myself. I will get a job and move out to get an apartment."
"No, I did not mean that don't go live on your own just yet Rikki we just got out of high school."
"I know Cleo but it is what I want to do so I am going to do it."
"Fine I can't stop you so I will just have to wish you good luck," Cleo gives me a big hug which is soon followed by Bella.
"Well I got to go tell my dad the news," and with that I duck under the water and start to swim to the mainland not waiting for the girls.

I arrive at my trailer well it won't be my trailer anymore it will only be my dad's trailer. I open the door thinking about how I am going to say the news. I cautiously walk up to the old beat up couch that my dad is sitting on. "Dad I need to tell you something and it is important."
"Okay sweetheart I am here for you so go ahead and tell me," my dad then put all of his attention onto me as I get more nervous.
"Dad I..I am moving out," after I say it I feel the weight getting lifted off of my shoulders.
"What you are not moving out with that idiot ex-boyfriend Zane," my dad says that I can't believe he would think I would do that.
"Dad of course not I would never do that. I'm going to get a job and get an apartment to live in so that way you can save a little more money," I finish as he has a look of relief on his face.
"Okay you can move out as long as you promise to stay safe."
"Of course."
"Okay then you can move out."