The night at the White House went very well overall with the president agreeing to fund and promote Clovis' new aircraft to sale. Afterward, they were transported back to Hill Valley where Marty and Doc returned to their hotel and turned in for the night.

In the morning, they awoke, and Doc suggested, "Why don't we see what is on news in this age? I'd like to see what is on International News and see how other countries have made progress after so much time."

"I bet today there is actually a station dedicated to Interplanetary News only!" Marty exclaimed as he got up to turn on the TV set in their room.

"Well, that should be interesting!" said Doc eagerly.

So then Marty turned on the TV and it was instantly tuned into the station where the logo Interplanetary News was flashed on top of the screen. They watched in awe as three figures, one who looked like a regular human man, and one that looked like an alien with six eyes, a large green head, and a long snorkel, and one who looked like an alien with spiky tentacles all over its red head and three bulging round eyes and four arms.

The human man spoke first and underneath him subtitles appeared in a strange language. "You may remember the burning hot story we've been having over this past week about the two young people, the man, Artie Thompson, from Earth, and the woman, Nighy Rill from Gaat, who have been in love secretly for a long time in spite of the war going on between the galaxies of these two planets for so long, and the protests of each of their families also. Now finally, it seems after both families of them had threatened disinheritance, these two young lovers have eloped to another planet in a whole other galaxy which is none other than the planet Tujui, which has always been a peaceful planet since its very beginning. The families of the two people in question are very upset but have also made no vocal intentions to intervene anymore. Now on to the next story of the planet Mars..."

Marty suddenly jumped up and turning around from facing the TV he exclaimed, "Doc, that's it! That's just it!"

"What is?" asked Doc in confusion.

"Don't you get it?" said Marty excitedly. "Remember last night when the president said the only in which this war going on might be able to end would be if this planet Earth and the planet Gaat could come to some kind of truce? Well, here it is! With these two young people from both worlds who are in love with each other and have eloped. If they were to get married where they are now and the rest of the Universe was to know about, then everyone could maybe at least start to rethink about this war being a good thing!"

Doc's eyes became very wide with realization as Marty spoke. Now he jumped up himself also as he exclaimed, "Great Scott! I should have thought of that myself! Marty, you are a young genius in your way yourself! Now what we've got to do is to get to the planet that their on now and convince them to get married and to broadcast it universally."

"Well, yeah, but how are we going to get on that planet that their on now?" asked Marty.

"Why, have you now been reading very many science fiction novels?" asked Doc in surprise. "Interplanetary travel was always possible in them, and now with so much of science fiction now being science fact, I'm certain that now we ourselves of Earth have achieved the invention of such a thing!"

"Oh! That's right!" exclaimed Marty. "So all we have to do is find out where to get on a spaceship around here."

"Exactly," said Doc. "And I wouldn't be surprised if now spaceships here are actually called interplanetary transport buses or something like that."

"Well, let's go ask Clovis," said Marty. "I'm sure he should know about how to get on one."

And so they went to Clovis and Doc said to him, "We have some very important matters to attend to on the planet Tujui, and we would like to know where we can interplanetary transportation around here."

"The interplanetary airport is located down town on the East side," replied Clovis, "You just walk in and type in your destination and then pick which shuttle you want to go on and then you're all set to go."

"Thanks a lot, Clovis," replied Marty.

So then Doc and Marty went down town to the interplanetary airport and did just as Clovis had instructed them to do, typing in their desired destination in a monitor that appeared in front of them at the entrance, and then when they were directed to go to the West side and a what looked like a very advanced and high-tech new kind of garage opened up, they stepped into a space shuttle, which was as big and long as a bus.

Once they were in the shuttle and had taken their seats a robotic voice inside it said, "All set for flight to planet Tujui, please fasten you seat belts."

And so Doc and Marty did so, and then the shuttle took off, although they could barely feel it moving but they knew it was speeding at millions of miles an hour as within seconds they could see only blackness dotted everywhere with stars in their view screen. Then after several hours they say a large yellowish planet appear in front of them on the screen and then the same computer voice said, "Planet Tujui, now coming in for landing, please hold tight."

Then they landed on the planet's surface and the door of the shuttle automatically opened for them. They stepped outside, and found the landscape here was very similar to that on Earth, only much more yellowish. They also found they could breath quite well in this atmosphere except the air had a very slightly tangy taste to it.

"Well," said Doc, "now all we have to do is find out where the two young lovebirds are at around here."

"Well, we should be able to find a transportation unit around here somewhere that could take us to them," said Marty.

"Sounds logical," said Doc.

So then they took a walk into the town area of the planet and soon they got to section with a sign above them that said, "Transportation starts here," and they both said in unison, "To where Nighy Rill and Artie Thompson are located."

So then they were instantly transported to the entrance of a hotel called the Interplanetary Plazola. They entered and found a different kind of robot than the ones at the hotel on Earth made of silvery metal and a rectangular shaped head at a front desk. They approached and inquired about what room Nighy Rinn and Artie Thompson were in and the robot gave them the information right away.

"Suite 7," it said.

They thanked the robot and then took the tele-vator to Suite 7. There they knocked on the door of the room, and moments later the two young lovers they had come to see appeared in front of them. Artie looked like a very handsome young man a few years older than Marty, and Nighy looked a little like a sowline except her ears were much smaller and more pointed and her nose was much smaller and didn't turn up.

"Hello," said Artie a little uneasily. "What brings you two men from Earth here to us. You weren't sent to us by my family, were you?"

"Oh no, not at all," replied Doc at once. "We're here because we want to encourage you to stay together."

"Really?" asked Nighy.

"Yes," said Marty. "If you will let us come in we'll explain to you why we think you are both in the right while most of the Universe is in the wrong right now."

So then they were let into the room and they all sat down and began their discussion.

"We just heard all about you two on the Interplanetary News this morning," Doc began. "And we think you are both very strong and brave young individuals to turn against your families and then go here to another planet in a whole other galaxy. We want to encourage you to stay together, in fact we think it would be in the best interests of yourselves and also the rest of the Universe if you were to get married and have it broadcast throughout the Universe."

They looked quite shocked at this idea. "Well," said Artie, "we are planning to get married soon, but no one else was supposed to know about except us."

"But don't you see?" said Marty. "If the rest of the Universe knew about your love for each other and your courage to be together in spite of everything, the war going on between your two planets and galaxies could come to an end for good. And you would be forever known as universal heroes."

"We could, couldn't we," said Artie thoughtfully. "Why are you sure of this, though?"

"Because we met with our president last night and he said that your two planets coming together to form some kind of truce could be the only to end the war," said Marty.

"But what if instead our marriage ends in a tragedy because of it?" asked Nighy. "I mean we still have the president of my own planet to worry about."

"Well," said Doc solemnly, "If you do not at least give something a try you will never know if it will succeed or not, and believe me I should know this better than most anyone. And while heroes may die, cowards never live at all, as an old saying goes."

"Yeah," said Marty. "And you've come so far in your journey of true love already, so what is to hold you back now anyway?"

Then they talked a little more amongst each other, and then finally Artie said, "You two guys are absolutely right. We should do just that and hopefully end all this violence and tension between our two galaxies for good."

"And so what if Shri Trinnin finds out about it," Nighy added, "After all, she can't be president forever, or even much longer anyway."

"That's right," said Doc. "So how soon can you get married?"

"We can try for tonight, if you can be there?" replied Artie hopefully.

"We'd love to," said Marty happily.

And so that very night Artie and Nighy got married with Doc and Marty being their only present witnesses, and had their wedding broadcast live to the rest of the Universe.

Afterward, Marty and Doc got back into their shuttle and returned to Earth. Along the way Marty said, "Doc, why don't we get back in the DeLorean and go a few years into the future and see if this has worked the way we hoped it would."

Doc agreed to this readily. So when they got back to Earth they found the DeLorean and went four years into the future.

"Well," said Marty as they hovered in the air high above the city, "I don't see any firing jets around anywhere like before, so that's a good sign so far."

Then they landed the DeLorean and went to where they found a large TV screen on the town street that was broadcasting Interplanetary News.

"This news just came in now," said the human man who was the same one as before with a big smile, "now that the war between the galaxies has officially ended Nighy and Artie Thompson are to return to Earth to live with their first born child. In further news, Shri Trinnian has also lost reelection for office of President of Gaat and now..."

"We did it! W e really did it!" exclaimed Marty delightedly as he jumped up and down.

"I guess some thing will never change, like true love will always conquer all," Doc added smiling.

"So now why don't we get back to our own time," said Marty brightly. "I've got to get strated on my homework because now I know what kind of story I'm going to write."