A mystical Psychoanalysis

Twilight/ TVD

During Season 2. After New Moon.

NO Cullen for now.

Pairing: to be decided later. Open to suggestions.

Charlie had been proud of Bella when she got her College degrees with all the honors. How could he not?

He had been worried for a while. During her senior year of high school, after her first (and only to his knowledge) boyfriend Edward left her, she had been in some sort of zombie state of mind for a few months and then, out of the blue, it was like she woke up. She caught up on her school work in an incredible speed and graduated as top of her class, got accepted in several Ivy League colleges with scholarships and once there, studied just as hard and became one of the best.

She didn't waste her time by rushing a sorority, this kind of things just wasn't for her, no matter how much her mother had insisted. She simply studied hard and only made friends with people who shared classes with her and who shared her interests.

Charlie had no idea why his daughter chose to study Parapsychology and Folklore along with Psychology but at least she was living and seemed relatively happy, it was all he asked, to see her happy. He didn't know if she had had any other boyfriend along the way, but if she did, none of them had been very serious because he hadn't met anyone and neither did her mother. He had checked with her and they called each other regularly to check if Bella had introduced anyone to the other parental unit but so far, there wasn't anyone.

Jacob Black, his best friend's son, did try his luck but Bella had remained strong, assuring that they were only friends, that there could never be anything else between them. He believed her and now they barely ever saw each other, mostly because Jake was a bit immature and refused to see her if he couldn't kiss her.

Charlie hadn't met many of his daughter's new college friends, but she did bring a young woman named Isobel home for the holidays once. Her parents were supposed to go visit a part of the family that Isobel didn't like and Bella had offered to have her over. Charlie didn't like the girl much, mainly because she seemed to hide something but Bella liked her and they had spent the entire holiday period studying and hiking through the woods.

Right now, Charlie was looking at Bella's last letter. She was moving to a town in Virginia named Mystic Fall's. Her friend Isobel had helped Bella get in contact with someone who had agreed to sell her his dead brother's old doctor's office so she could start her own practice there. She sounded very happy and enthusiastic about it and he couldn't help but be happy for her. Maybe this would be the place she'd find love and be completely happy, something he knew she hadn't been since Edward.

She was happy, but not completely, as her father, he knew it.

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