Hello everyone who is reading this. Before I begin the story, I would like to tell you that this is my first time writing a Phoenix Wright story so please go easy on me. Also, since I love how the player gets to know Phoenix and Maya as you play the game and aren't just given a backstory right away, I decided to do the same thing for my OC, Jasmine. This story will go through all of the games, including the crossover with Professor Layton, and as it does, you will learn of who Jasmine is. Any objections?

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Me: Okay, then. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the story!

August 3rd, 9:47 AM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2

I can't believe we're here and with a murder trial nonetheless! A woman thought as she stood in the lobby. She had long black hair that hung halfway down her back and dark blue eyes. She wore a white shirt, a dark purple leather jacket, black dress pants, black leather boots, a silver bracelet with a single jasmine flower charm and a silver pendant with a heart engraved on it around her neck. She looked over at the man beside her. He too had black hair and dark blue eyes. However, he wore a blue suit and a red tie. He's really nervous. She thought with a shake of her head.

"Wright!" A voice cried. The two turned to see a woman older than them. She had waist length light brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a black suit jacket with a matching skirt, white heels, a tan scarf and a strange jewel around her neck.

"Mia!" The black haired woman grinned. The man, however, was a bit more nervous, stuttering,

"Oh, h-hiya Chief."

"Whew, I'm glad I made it on time." Mia smiled, "Well, I have to say Phoenix, Jazz, I'm impressed! Not everyone takes on a murder trial right off the bat like this. It says a lot about you guys...and your client as well."

"Um...thanks." The man, Phoenix, said, "Actually, it's because I owe him a favor."

"A favor?" Mia asked.

"Yep!" The woman, Jazz, nodded with a smile.

"You mean, you knew the defendant before this case?" Mia clarified.

"Yes." Phoenix said, "Actually, I kind of owe my current job to him. He's one of the reasons I became an attorney." Jazz crossed her arms, stuck out her lips childishly and demanded,

"What about me?!"

"Yes, you had a hand as well, Jazz." Phoenix relented, causing the black haired woman to smile.

"Well, that's news to me!" Mia interjected, cutting off Jazz's snarky comment.

"I want to help him out any way I can!" Phoenix declared, "I just...really want to help him. I owe him that much."

"Me too." Jazz agreed with a smile when suddenly.

"It's over!" A voice screamed, "My life, everything, it's all over!" Jazz hung her head.

"Oh boy..." She muttered.

"..." Mia was stunned for a second before she asked, "Isn't that your client screaming over there?"

"Yeah...that's him." Phoenix confirmed.

"Death! Despair! Ohhh!" The voice screamed again, "I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna die!"

"It sounds like he wants to die..." Mia stated.

"Thanks, Captain Obvious." Jazz smirked.

"Um, yeah." Phoenix sighed. Just then, their client came over.

"Nick!" He cried.

"Hey. Hey there, Larry." Phoenix greeted.

"What am I, chopped liver?!" Jazz cried but was soundly ignored by the overly dramatic Larry Butz. His brown hair and brown eyes seemed normal but he was far, far, FAR from normal. He wore a graphic shirt, a bright orange jacket, jeans and sneakers. At the moment, he was crying.

"Dude, I'm so guilty!" Larry cried, "Tell them I'm guilty! Gimme the death sentence! I ain't afraid to die!"

"Are you INSANE?!" Jazz cried.

"What!?" Phoenix cried, "What's wrong, Larry?"

"Oh, it's all over..." Larry droned dramatically, "I...I'm finished. Finished! I can't live in a world without her! I can't! Who...who took her away from me, Nick? Who did this, Jazz!? Aw, Nick, Jazz, ya gotta tell me! Who took my baby away!?"

According to, well, just about everyone, it was you. Jazz thought, raising an eyebrow at the man.

My name is Jasmine Wright, but most people call me Jazz. I'm an artist but I spend most of my time as a legal assistant, you could say. Here's the deal: My twin brother, Phoenix's, first trial is a fairly simple one. A young woman was killed in her apartment. The guy they arrested was the unlucky sap dating her: Larry Butz...Nick's best friend since grade school and a fairly good friend of mine. Our school had a saying: "When something smells, it's usually the Butz." In the 23 years I've known Larry, it's usually been true, emphasis on 'usually'. He has a knack for getting himself into all kinds of trouble. One thing I can say though: it's usually not his fault, again emphasis on 'usually'. He just has really, really bad luck. But Nick and I know better than anyone, that he's a good guy at heart. That and Nick owes him one. Which is why we took the case...to clear his name. And that's exactly what we're going to do!

August 3rd, 10:00 AM

District Court

Courtroom No. 2

The judge slammed his gavel down and said,

"The court is now in session for the trial of Mr. Larry Butz." Jasmine took a deep breath as nerves finally overtook her.

This is it. She thought.

"The prosecution is ready, Your Honor." The prosecutor, Winston Payne, stated. He was an older man with grey hair, glasses and wearing a black suit.

"The, um, defense is ready, Your Honor." Phoenix stuttered. Jasmine sighed.

Could he sound any LESS confident in himself?! She thought, For Pete's sake, Larry's life is on the line here!

"Ahem." The judge said, "Mr. Wright? This is your first trial, is it not?"

"Y-Yes, Your Honor." Phoenix stuttered again, "I'm, um, a little nervous."

No dip, Sherlock! Jasmine thought, glaring at her twin.

"Your conduct during this trial will decide the fate of your client." The judge informed, "Murder is a serious charge. For your client's sake, I hope you can control your nerves."

"Thank...thank you, Your Honor." Phoenix said.

"Nick, you hear 'im, shape up!" Jasmine whispered to the nervous attorney.

"And who might you be?" The judge suddenly asked. Jasmine turned.

"Me, Your Honor?" She asked, clarifying he was talking about her. At his nod, she answered, "Well, I'm Mr. Wright's twin sister and legal assistant. My name is Jasmine Wright, sir."

"Ah, yes, I remember you now." The judge said, "Your drawings are on the walls at the museum."

"Yes, I suppose they are." Jasmine nodded, "But right now, I am not an artist, Your Honor." The judge nodded.

"..." He was silent for a second before he spoke, "Mr. Wright, given the circumstances...I think we should have a test to ascertain your readiness."

"Yes, Your Honor." Phoenix agreed but Jasmine knew he was freaking out inside. She placed a hand on his arm and smile encouragingly.

"The test will consist of a few simple questions." The judge explained, "Answer them clearly and concisely. Please state the name of the defendant in this case."

"The defendant? Well, that's Larry Butz, Your Honor." Phoenix answered. The judge nodded,

"Correct. Just keep your wits about you and you'll do fine. Next question: This is a murder trial. Tell me, what's the victim's name?" Jasmine looked over at Phoenix.

This is an easy question! She thought, He should know it just like he knew the last one. But upon seeing her brother's face, the woman face palmed her forehead. He forgot.

"Phoenix! Are you absolutely SURE you're up to this?" Mia said, "You don't even know the victim's name!?"

"Oh, the victim!" Phoenix said, "O-Of course I know the victim's name. I, um, just forgot. ...Temporarily."

"I think I feel a migrane coming on." Mia stated.

"Me too, Mia, me too." Jasmine muttered as she removed her hand from her face. Even she, the assistant, knew the victim's name!

"Look, the victim's name is listed in the Court Record." Mia explained, "Just touch the Court Record button to check it at anytime, okay? Remember to check it often. Do it for me, please. I'm begging you."

"Same here." Jasmine added.

"Let's hear your answer." The judge interuppted, "Who is the victim in this case?"

"Um...the victim's name is Cindy Stone." Phoenix answered eventually. Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief.

Thank GOD!

"Correct." The judge nodded, "Now, tell me, what was the cause of death? She died because she was...?"

"She was struck once, by a blunt object." Phoenix answered.

"Correct." The judge said, "You've answered all my questions. I see no reason why we shouldn't proceed. You seem much more relaxed, Mr. Wright. Good for you."

"Thank you, Your Honor." Phoenix stated but Jasmine could tell he was lying. Phoenix Wright was EXTREMELY far from relaxed.

"Well, then..." The judge said, "First, a question for the prosecution. Mr. Payne?"

"Yes, Your Honor?" Payne spoke.

"As Mr. Wright just told us, the victim was struck with a blunt object. Would you explain just what that "object" was?" The judge asked.

"The murder weapon was this statue of "The Thinker"." Payne answered, "It was found lying on the floor, next to the victim."

"I remember that statue!" Jasmine said, "It's really famous!"

"I see...the court accepts it into evidence." The judge stated.

"Wright..." Mia said, "Be sure to pay attention to any evidence added during the trial. That evidence is the only ammunition you have in court. Touch the Court Record button to check the Court Record frequently."

"Mr. Payne, the prosecution may call its first witness." The judge said.

"The prosecution calls the defendant, Mr. Butz, to the stand." Payne said.

"Um, Chief, what do I do now?" Phoenix asked.

"Pay attention." Mia instructed, "You don't want to miss any information that might help your client's case. You'll get your chance to respond to the prosecution later, so be ready! Let's just hope he doesn't say anything...unfortunate."

Oh no. Jasmine mentally groaned.

Once Larry took the stand, Payne said,

"Ahem. Mr. Butz. Is it not true that the victim had recently dumped you?"

"Hey, watch it buddy!" Larry cried, "We were great together! We were Romeo and Juliet! Cleopatra and Mark Anthony!"

They all died, idiot! Jasmine thought, smacking her forehead again.

"I wasn't dumped!" Larry continued, "She just wasn't taking my phone calls. Or seeing me...Ever. WHAT'S IT TO YOU, ANYWAY!?"

Larry...shut up! Jasmine growled mentally. Larry really annoyed her when he got like that.

"Mr. Butz, what you described is generally what we mean by "dumped"." Payne said, "In fact, she had completely abandoned you...and was seeing other men! She had just returned from overseas with one of them the day before the murder!"

"Whaddya mean "one of them"!?" Larry cried, "Lies! All of it, lies! I don't believe a word of it!" Jasmine groaned as she covered her face with both hands.

"Larry..." She mumbled against her palms.

"Your Honor, the victim's passport." Payne said, "According to this, she was in Paris until the day before she died." The passport was added to the Court Record. Jasmine looked it over and nodded once at Phoenix and Mia. Payne was correct.

"Hmm...Indeed, she appears to have returned the day before the murder." The judge agreed.

"Dude...no way..." Larry said.

"The victim was a model, but did not have a large income." Payne explained, "It appears she had several "Sugar Daddies"."

"Daddies? Sugar?" Larry asked, completely lost.

"Yes." Payne said, "Older men, who gave her money and gifts. She took their money and used it to support her lifestyle."

"Duuude!" Larry cried.

"We can clearly see what kind of woman this Ms. Stone was." Payne said, "Tell me, Mr. Butz, what do you think of her now?"

"Wright...I don't think you want him to answer that question." Mia advised.

"I'm with Mia on this." Jasmine agreed, "It is Larry, after all." Phoenix nodded and after a minute slammed his hands on the desk.

"My client had no idea the victim was seeing other men!" Phoenix cried, "That question is irrelevant to this case!"

"Oof!" Payne said, wincing.

"Yeah, Nick." Jasmine whispered, smiling at her brother when...

"Dude! Nick!" Larry cried, "Whaddya mean "irrelevant"!?"

"Oh no." Jasmine whispered, raising her hand yet again to her forehead.

"That cheatin' she-dog!" Larry cried, "I'm gonna die. I'm just gonna drop dead! Yeah, and when I meet her in the afterlife...I'm going to get to the bottom of this!"

"Larry." Jasmine muttered against her hand.

"Let's continue with the trial, shall we?" The judge said after he slammed his gavel down once.

"I believe the accused's motive is clear to everyone." Payne stated.

"Yes, quite." The judge agreed.

...I hate you, Payne. Jasmine mentally growled.

"Next question!" Payne continued, "You went to the victim's apartment the day of the murder, did you not?" Larry gulped. "Well, did you or did you not?" Payne pressed at Larry's silence.

"Heh? Maybe I did, and maybe I didn't!" Larry smirked cockily.

Oh boy. Jasmine thought, watching her brother closely to see what he was going to do. He sent a signal Jasmine clearly read as "Tell the truth".

"Er...Yeah! Yeah!" Larry said, "I was there! I went!" The courtroom began to fill with mumbles. The judge banged his gavel and cried,

"Order! Well, Mr. Butz?"

"Dude, chill!" Larry said, "She wasn't home, man...So, like, I didn't see her."

"OBJECTION!" Payne cried in his high pitch voice. "Your Honor, the defendant is lying." He stated.

"Lying?" The judge blinked, confused.

"The prosecution would like to call a witness who can prove Mr. Butz is lying." Payne requested.

"Well, that simplifies matters." The judge agreed, "Who is your witness?"

"The man who found the victim's body." Payne explained, "Just before making the gruesome discovery...He saw the defendant fleeing the scene of the crime!" The mumbles began again. The judge slammed his gavel down more than once, crying,

"Order! Order in the court! Mr. Payne, the prosecution may call its witness."

"Yes, Your Honor." Payne nodded.

This is SERIOUSLY bad. Jasmine thought as she held her pendant in her right hand, the same hand with her bracelet.

"On the day of the murder, my witness was selling newspapers at the victim's building." Payne explained, "Please bring Mr. Frank Sahwit to the stand!"

Soon, Sahwit arrived. He was a dark skinned man with matching eyes and hair, wearing a purple suit and looking extremely innocent.

I don't trust this man. Jasmine thought, He looks way too innocent for my taste.

"Mr. Sahwit, you sell newspaper subscriptions, is this correct?" Payne asked.

"Oh, oh yes!" Sahwit confirmed, "Newspapers, yes!"

"Please tell the court what you saw on the day of the murder." The judge requested.

"I was going door-to-door, selling subscriptions when I saw a man fleeing an apartment. I thought he must be in a hurry because he left the door half-open behind him. Thinking it strange, I looked inside the apartment. Then I saw her lying there...A woman...not moving...dead! I quailed in fright and found myself unable to go inside. I thought to call the police immediately! However, the phone in her apartment wasn't working. I went to a nearby park and found a public phone. I remember the time exactly: It was 1:00 PM. The man who ran was, without a doubt, the defendant sitting right over there." Sahwit testified.

"Hmm..." The judge said, "Incidentally, why wasn't the phone in the victim's apartment working?"

"Your Honor, at the time of the murder, there was a blackout in the building." Payne explained.

"Aren't phones supposed to work during a blackout?" The judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor..." Payne said, "However, some cordless phones do not function normally. The phone that Mr. Sahwit used was one of those. Your Honor...I have a record of the blackout for your perusal." With that, the Blackout Record was added to the Court Record.

"Now, Mr. Wright..." The judge said.

"Yes!" Phoenix said, "Er...yes, Your Honor?"

"You may begin your cross-examination." The judge said.

"C-Cross-examination, Your Honor?" Phoenix asked, confused. Jasmine shook her head at her brother. She wasn't even the attorney and she knew what a cross-examination was!

"Alright, Wright, this is it." Mia said, "The real deal!"

"Uh...what exactly am I supposed to do?" Phoenix asked.

"Why, you expose the lies in the testimony the witness just gave!" Mia said.

"Lies!" Phoenix cried, "What?! He was lying!?"

"Your client is innocent, right?" Mia asked, "Then that witness must have lied in his testimony! Or is your client really...guilty?"

"! How do I prove he's not?" Phoenix asked.

"You hold the key!" Mia explained, "It's in the evidence! Compare the witness's testimony to the evidence at hand. There's bound to be a contradiction in there! First, find contradictions between the Court Record and the witness's testimoney. Then, once you find the contradicting evidence...present it and rub it in the witness's face!" Jasmine laughed at that slightly.

"Um...okay." Phoenix said.

"I was going door-to-door, selling subscriptions when I saw a man fleeing an apartment. I thought he must be in a hurry because he left the door half-open behind him. Thinking it strange, I looked inside the apartment. Then I saw her lying there...A woman...not moving...dead! I quailed in fright and found myself unable to go inside. I thought to call the police immediately! However, the phone in her apartment wasn't working. I went to a nearby park and found a public phone. I remember the time exactly: It was 1:00 PM." Sahwit repeated when...

"OBJECTION!" Phoenix cried, pointing his finger at the witness, before presenting the autopsy report. "You found the body at 1:00 PM. You're sure?" Phoenix asked.

"Yes." Sahwit answered, "It was 1:00 PM, for certain."

"Frankly, I find that hard to believe!" Phoenix said, "Your statement directly contradicts the autopsy report. The autopsy notes the time of death at sometime after 4 PM. There was nobody to...er...no "body" to find at 1:00 PM! How do you explain this three-hour gap?"

"!" Sahwit was stunned.

"Way to go, Nick!" Jasmine encouraged with a smile.

"Oh, that!" Sahwit said, "Oh, er..."

"OBJECTION!" Payne cried, "This is trivial! The witness merely forgot the time!" Jasmine smirked when she saw both Sahwit and Payne were sweating profously.

"After his testimony, I find that hard to believe." The judge disagreed, "Mr. Sahwit...why were you so certain that you found the body at 1:00 PM?"

"I...er...well, I..." Sahwit stuttered, "Gee, that's a really good question!"

"Busted!" Jasmine smirked.

"Great job, Wright!" Mia smiled, "Way to put him on the spot! That's all you have to do: point out contradictions! Lies always beget more lies! See through one and their whole story falls apart!"

"Wait!" Sahwit cried, "I remember now!"

"Would you care to give your testimony again?" The judge said. Sahwit agreed and testified,

"You see, when I found the body, I heard the time. There was a voice saying the time... It was probably coming from the television. Oh, but it was three hours off, wasn't it? I guess the victim must have been watching a video of a taped program! That's why I thought it was 1:00 PM! Terribly sorry about the misunderstanding..."

"Hmm...I see." The judge stated, "You heard a voice saying the time on a taped program. Mr. Wright you may cross-examine the witness."

"Wright!" Mia said, "You know what to do!"

"I've got this one." Phoenix said. Jasmine smirked,

"This one's so obvious, I'm surprised the judge missed it!"

"You see, when I found the body, I heard the time. There was a voice saying the time... It was probably coming from the television." Sahwit began when...

"OBJECTION!" Phoenix cried, pointing again and presenting the Blackout Record. "Hold it right there! The prosecution has said there was a blackout at the time of the discovery. And this record proves it!"

"...!" Sahwit began to sweat, showing his nerves.

"You couldn't have heard a television...or a radio!" Phoenix pointed out.

"Gah!" Sahwit cried, "I...well...urk!"

"The defense has a point." The judge agreed, "Do you have an explanation for this, Mr. Sahwit?"

"No, I...I find it quite puzzling myself. Quite!" Sahwit said.

"We've got you now, Sahwit." Jasmine whispered so quietly, only those beside her could hear her voice. Mia smiled down at the somewhat younger girl.

"...Aah!" Sahwit cried, "W-Wait! I remember now!"

"Mr. Sahwit?" The judge said, "The court would prefer to hear an accurate testimony from the very beginning. The constant corrections are harming your credibility. That, and you seem rather...distraught."

Thank you, Judge Obvious. Jasmine rolled her eyes.

"...! M-My apologies, Your Honor!" Sahwit said, "It...er, must have been the shock of finding the body!"

Bull! Jasmine hissed in her head. The judge, on the other hand, nodded,

"Very well, Mr. Sahwit. Let's hear your testimony once more please."

"Actually, I didn't "hear" the time... I "saw" it! There was a table clock in the apartment, wasn't there! Yeah, the murder weapon! The killer used it to hit the victim! That must have been what I saw." Sahwit testified. Jasmine rolled her eyes. The man was so obviously desperate!

"You saw a clock?" The judge said, "I guess that would explain it."

Apparently, not the judge. She thought, smacking her forehead once again.

"The defense may cross-examine the witness." The judge stated. Phoenix nodded,


"Actually, I didn't "hear" the time... I "saw" it! There was a table clock in the apartment, wasn't there! Yeah, the murder weapon! The killer used it to hit the victim!" Sahwit began when...

"OBJECTION!" Phoenix cried, presenting the statue. "Wait just a moment! The murder weapon wasn't a clock! It was this statue! Now how is this supposed to be a clock?"

"Whaa!?" Sahwit cried, "Y-You with your "objections" and your "evidence"...Just who do you think you are!?"

"Just answer the question, Mr. Sahwit." Phoenix stated.

"Hey, I...I saw it there, okay! That's a clock!" Sahwit insisted.

Does this even look like a clock to you? Jasmine thought.

"Your Honor!" Payne interjected, "If I may..."

"Yes, Mr. Payne?" The judge asked.

"As the witness stated, this statue is indeed a clock." Payne said, "The neck is a switch. You just tilt it, and it says the time out loud. As it doesn't look like a clock, I submitted it as a statue. My apologies."

You have GOT to be kidding me! Jasmine thought, putting both hands on her face again in her frustration.

"I see." The judge said, "So the murder weapon was a table clock after all. Well, Mr. Wright? It appears that the witness's testimony was correct. This is a clock. Do you have any problems with his testimony now?" After thinking for a moment, Phoenix answered,

"Your Honor, there is a gaping hole in the witness's testimony! The only way he could have known the weapon was a clock is to hold it in his hand. Yet the witness testified that he never entered the apartment! Clearly, a contradiction!"

"Hmm...indeed!" The judge agreed.

"The witness knew it was a clock, because he..." Phoenix began before crying, "You're lying! You were inside the apartment on the day of the murder!"

"Oh yeah? Prove it!" Sahwit challenged, "Prove I went in there!"

"I'll do better than that! I can prove you were the one who killed her!" Phoenix cried, "You struck her with the clock, and the shock of the blow triggered the clock's voice! That was the sound you heard!" The courtroom filled with mumbles once again.

"You've got this Nick! Keep going!" Jasmine encouraged quietly to her twin.

"Order in the court!" The judge cried, banging his gavel. "Intriguing. Please continue, Mr. Wright."

"Yes, Your Honor." Phoenix nodded, "Mr. Sahwit. The sound must have left quite the impression on you. Understandable, since the murder weapon spoke just as you hit the victim! That voice was burned into your mind. That's why you were so certain about the time!"

"OBJECTION!" Payne cried, "W-W-What's the meaning of this?"

You still don't get it, Payne? Jasmine thought, Seriously?

"This is all baseless conjecture!" Payne proclaimed.

"Baseless...?" Phoenix said, "Just look at the witness's face!"

"Ngh...grrrah!" Sahwit mumbled.

"Would the witness care to elaborate?" The judge said, "Did you strike the victim with the clock?"

"I...I...!" Sahwit stuttered, "That...that day...I...I never! Look...I...the clock...I heard, no! I mean, I saw...saw...nggg! Shutupshutupshutup! I hate you! I-It was him, I tell you! I saw him! H-He killed her and he should burn! Burn! Give him death!"

"He's lost his mind!" Jasmine said.

"Order!" The judge cried, slamming his gavel down, "Order in the court I say!"

"Your Honor, a-a moment please!" Payne begged, "There isn't a shred of evidence supporting the defense's claims!"

"Mr. Wright!" The judge cried.

"Your Honor?" Phoenix asked.

"You claim the sound the victim heard came from the clock..." The judge said, "Do you have any evidence?"

"Yes, Your Honor." Phoenix nodded after a moment, "The sound Mr. Sahwit heard was definitely this clock. A fact which is clear if you simply try sound the clock. Let's sound the clock now, here in this court. Your Honor, may I have the clock? I ask the court to listen very carefully..."


I think it's 8:25

"That certainly is a strange way to announce the time." The judge stated.

"Well, he is "The Thinker", after all." Phoenix said.

"So, we've heard the clock." The judge stated, "What are your conclusions, Mr. Wright?"

"Mr. Payne...can you tell me what time it is now?" Phoenix requested.

"It's 11:25..." Payne said when he realized what that meant. "Ack!" The prosecutor cried, wincing again and sweating nervously.

"You've got it now, Nick!" Jasmine beamed. Phoenix nodded,

"As you can see, this clock is exactly three hours slow! Precisely the discrepancy between what Mr. Sahwit heard and the actual time of death! So Mr. Sahwit...Try to talk your way out of this one!"

"..." Sahwit was silent for a second before he began to laugh, "...Hah! Hah! Hah! You forgot one thing! While it may seem like that clock IS running three hours slow...it proves nothing! How do you know it was running three hours slow on the day of the murder!? If you can't do that, you don't have a case!"

"...!" Phoenix was silent.

"Oh no." Jasmine gasped when she remembered something. Quickly, she looked through the Court Record and found one very important evidence that she didn't even think would be usable.

"Mr. Wright?" The judge said, "It seems you lack the critical evidence to support your claim."

"...! Yes, Your Honor." Phoenix admitted reluctantly.

"This means I cannot let you indict the witness." The judge said, "Unfortunately...This ends the cross-examination of Mr. Frank Sahwit."

"I come all the way down here to testify, and look what happens!" Sahwit cried, "They treat me like a criminal! A criminal! You lawyers are all slime!" Just as Sahwit was about to leave, two voices cried one after the other,

"Not so fast, Mr. Sahwit!"

"Hold it right there!"

"Jazz! Mia!" Phoenix cried, "I mean, Chief!"

"Listen up, Wright!" Mia said, "Don't throw this one away, not like this! Think!"

"But, Chief, Jazz, it's over." Phoenix said, "I can't prove the clock was slow the day of the murder! Nobody can prove that!"

"Um...well, yes." Mia agreed, "But that doesn't mean you can't still win! Try thinking out of the box! Don't waste time doubting the facts. Assume the clock was three hours slow and...Think it through! Ask yourself, "why was the clock three hours slow"? Figure out the reason and you have your proof!"

"Turn it around on its head!" Jasmine added as she slid her brother the Court Record.

"Right, Wright?" Mia said, "Can you think of a reason as to why the clock would be three hours slow?"

"..." Phoenix was silent for a moment, thinking, before he cried, "Wait! Maybe I can prove it!"

"I knew you'd get it!" Jasmine grinned.

"You must have evidence somewhere that can prove it, Wright!" Mia insisted, "Find it and let them have it!"

"Well, Mr. Wright?" The judge asked, "You say the clock was already running slow on the day of the murder...Have you found evidence to support this claim?"

"Of course." Phoenix nodded, "There is a piece of evidence in the Court Record that can prove my claim beyond a doubt!"

"Hah!" Sahwit laughed, "Tough words! Let's see you pull this one off!"

"Let's see this evidence that proves why the clock was running slow!" The judge requested. Phoenix opened the Court Record and took out Cindy Stone's passport.

"TAKE THAT!" Phoenix cried, "The victim just returned home from abroad the day before the murder. As we all know, the time difference between here and Paris is nine hours! When it's 4:00 PM here, it's 1:00 AM the next day there. The clock wasn't three hours slow, it was nine hours fast! The victim hadn't reset her clock since returning home! That's why the time you heard when you struck her dead in her apartment was wrong! Proof enough for you, Mr. Sahwit? Or should I say...Mr. Did It!" Here, Phoenix pointed at Sahwit, yet again.

"Ngh! ...!" Sahwit cried before he cracked, ripping off the top part of his hair and throwing it at Phoenix and hitting him in the face. Jasmine raised her hand to her mouth and snorted.

"Nice job, Nick!" She grinned, her hand going down to hold her pendant, her thumb running over the heart engraved into it. The people in the courtroom were mumbling among themselves again.

"O-Order!" The judge cried, "Order, I say!"

Once the court was quiet, the judge spoke again.

"Well..." He said, "This case has certainly turned out differently than we all expected. Mr. Payne...your client?"

"He...er...he was arrested and has been taken away, Your Honor." Payne answered. Jasmine smirked at his nervousness, he had just lost to a rookie, after all.

"Very well." The judge nodded, "Mr. Wright?"

"Yes, Your Honor?" Phoenix asked.

"I have to say, I'm impressed." The judge said, "I don't think I've ever seen someone complete a defense so quickly...and find the true culprit at the same time!"

"Thank you, Your Honor." Phoenix nodded.

"At this point, this is only a formality, but..." The judge said, "This court finds the defendant, Mr. Larry Butz..."


Confetti began to rain down and the judge slammed his gavel down.

"And with that...the court is adjourned." The judge stated, slamming his gavel down for the last time.

It turns out that Sahwit was a common burglar! He posed as a newspaper salesman to check and see when people were out of the house! That day...when Larry went to her apartment, the victim wasn't home. After he left, Sahwit let himself in to do his dirty work! While he was searching her place, the victim returned! Flustered, Sahwit grabbed the nearest blunt object he could find and...the rest is history.

August 3rd, 2:32 PM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2

"Wright!" Mia grinned, "Good job in there! Congratulations!"

"You were amazing, Nick!" Jasmine added with a grin of her own.

"Th-Thanks, Chief, Jazz." Phoenix stuttered, "I owe it all to you two."

"Not at all, not at all!" Mia disagreed, Jasmine nodding at her statement. "You fought your own battles in there. It's been a while since I've seen a trial end on such a satisfying note!"

"I'm just glad we got Larry out of that." Jasmine smiled, running her thumb over the engraved heart again. "He must be pretty happy too."

"My life is over..." Larry whined as he joined the trio, crying. Jasmine groaned,


"Larry!" Phoenix cried, "You're supposed to be happy! What's wrong now!?"

"Aww, Nick..." Larry said, "Don't worry 'bout me! I'll be dead and gone soon!"

"Good! Wait, no!" Phoenix cried, "I mean...bad! Bad bad bad!"

"Are you insane, Larry?!" Jasmine cried.

"Larry, you're innocent!" Phoenix cried, "The case is closed."

"...But...But my Cindy-windy's gone, man!" Larry cried, "Gone forever!" Jasmine slapped her palm to her forehead.

"Congratulations, Harry!" Mia interjected. Jasmine moved her palm to her mouth and snorted in laughter against it.

"H-Harry...?" Larry said, confused.

"Yes, you!" Mia continued, "I can practically see the headlines now: "Harry Butz, Innocent!""

"Heh...um...thanks!" Larry smiled, "I really owe you one. I won't forget this, ever! Let's celebrate! Dinner? Movie? My treat!"

Didn't Nick get you off the hook? Jasmine thought, frowning at Larry and his very bad habit of hitting on women and ending up with the wrong ones.

"Oh, hey! H-Here, take this!" Larry insisted, "It's a present!" He handed "The Thinker" statue to Mia.

"Wait..." Mia said, "Wasn't this the evidence that..."

"Actually, I made this clock for her!" Larry corrrected, "I made one for her and one for me."

"R-Really? You?" Mia asked, "You made this?...Well, thank you. I'll keep it as a memento."

"Yo, Nick, Jazz..." Larry said, turning to the Wright twins. "Can you believe it? I was so into that chick...And...and she was just playing me for a fool! Don't that make you wanna just cry?" Larry let out a sob then. Jasmine shook her head.

"Larry..." Phoenix said.

"...Are you so sure?" Mia asked.

"Ex-squeeze me?" Larry asked.

"I think she thought quite a lot of you, in her own way." Mia continued.

"Me too." Jasmine agreed with a smile.

"Nah, you don't gotta sympathize with me, 'sokay." Larry said.

"Oh, I'm not just sympathizing, really." Mia said.

"Me either." Jasmine smiled, crossing her arms.

"Isn't that right, Wright?" Mia said, "Don't you have something to show your friend? Something that proves how she felt about him?"

"H-Huh?" Phoenix said, "Oh, yeah, right!" Phoenix took out the other statue and showed it to Larry. "TAKE THAT!" He said, "Check this out, Larry. Proof positive you weren't just some chump to her."

"Huh...?" Larry asked, "Where'd you get that clock?"

"This is the clock you made for her, Larry!" Phoenix continued, "She took it with her when she traveled."

"Hmm, she probably just needed a clock, that's all." Larry said but he was smiling all the same.

"You think so?" Jasmine asked, "It's a pretty heavy clock to take traveling."

"..." Larry had no answer.

"Well, make of it what you will." Phoenix said.

"...Hey, Nick." Larry said, "I'm glad I asked you to be my lawyer. Really, I am. Thanks." With that being said, Larry left, a free man once again.

"Well, I think our work here is done!" Mia smiled, "Shall we be off?"

"Yeah, I guess so!" Phoenix agreed.

"Say, how about dinner. On me?" Mia offered, "We'll drink a toast to innocent Butz!"

"Yeah!" Phoenix agreed.

"I'll join you but I ain't drinking any alcohol." Jasmine stated. It was a well known fact that she despised drinking and would never even touch alcohol or wine.

"Alright." Mia nodded, "Oh, speaking of Harry..." Jasmine covered her mouth once again to hide her laugh. "You were saying part of why you became a lawyer was because of him."

"Er, yeah. Part, at least." Phoenix nodded.

"That story's also part of how I got my pendant." Jasmine added. Mia had wanted to know the mysterious pendant's origins for a long time now, since the female Wright was never seen without it.

"You'll have to tell me more about it sometime!" Mia requested, "Maybe...over drinks?"

"Not me!" Jasmine cried with a joking grin.

And that brought our first trial to a close. Larry had slapped Nick on the back and said, "Gee, Nick, it's good to have friends!" But I'm pretty sure he won't be paying Nick and me. Unless you count the clock he gave Mia...I didn't know then...but that clock was soon going to be at the center of another incident. And my and Nick's promise to tell Mia about us and Larry...would be one promise we wouldn't be able to keep.

There's the first chapter and man, was it long! I decided to do a section for each chapter and since this trial came first, I decided to make it one long chapter. Anyways, that pendant of Jasmine's is going to be very important and it came from her love interest. Any guesses? Please review and if you like this story so far then please check out my Professor Layton version with Layton having a younger sister. Please review! Later.