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You have slept in your bed. HP & CP are fully stored.

Naruto absent mindedly waved away the blue color box that his sleep addled mind created to wake him up. Clearly he'd been up far too late making his latest RPG his bitch.

Slowly he rolled to a sitting position on the edge of his bed, allowing his feet to settle on the cold wood flooring. Clearly his landlord had shut off his heat again, nothing new there. Naruto stretched his arms over his head yawning exaggeratedly as he did every morning. He looked over at his small selection of potted plants. "Good morning," he said groggily. His eyes still bleary and ignoring the yellow boxes hovering in the air above the three little plants.

He stood and walked first to his dresser, pulling out clean underwear then grabbing his track suit from the floor where he'd discarded it the night before. It wasn't technically dirty by his standards as it only really needed to be washed once a week, or if he got it bloody, covered in vomit from some drunk trying to attack him, or splattered with rotten food if he lingered too long in the market district. Unfortunately he couldn't really afford to wash it more often than that since his water bill was too damn high as it was already.

Clothes in hand he walked through the small apartment, past the combined living room and kitchen, to the small bathroom, only shower and toilet in it. He wedged the bathroom door shut, jamming the kunai he kept on the bathroom counter into the door frame to hold it shut, it was necessary given the broken doorknob that his landlord refused to repair.

He briefly glanced in the mirror, seeing the blue lettering above his head but not really registering it as he scrutinize his nose and whisker marks. He turned from the mirror and flipped up the toilet seat, careful not to break it any further as the landlord once again wouldn't fix it. He couldn't help the sigh of relief as he relieved himself of the excess liquid that filled his bladder as he slept. He put the lid down but wouldn't flush a number one, only number two gets flushed and usually he'd go out for that.

Business done, he stripped down quickly and stepped into the shower and braced himself as he turned on the water. Without any time to waste, he was met a moment later by ice cold water jolting him wide awake. He quickly grabbed the bar of soap and began to hastily scrub his body from top to bottom, making sure he got all the sensitive bits along the way. Then just as quickly he rinsed and turned off the shower. All told, it took about two minutes of his time.

Out the shower he grabbed his toothbrush and squirted a little tooth paste on it before attacking his mouth with vigor. It was not pleasant as once again he just couldn't justify using the water.

He walked out of the bathroom toward his window and fire escape to grab the water pale he'd put out the night before to collect the rain. It was about half full which was a good haul for a single night. In the kitchen he poured the water into two pitchers but not before pouring himself a glass. He then put the two pitchers into his refrigerator, which wouldn't keep them cold per se but did stop them from getting warm. The fridge was yet another thing the damned landlord refused to fix or replace and Naruto couldn't afford to do it himself.

Naruto scrubbed his mouth one more time over and took out the toothbrush. He held it over the sink and poured a little water from his glass over it, just enough for him to shake out any toothpaste. He then took a mouthful and swished it around before swallowing. He couldn't afford to waste the water either, for as lush as Hi no Kuni was, it got surprisingly little rain.

Naruto walked back to the bathroom, drinking his water as he walked. He set his toothbrush back on the counter and dressed himself. He looked in the mirror again and fussed with his hair, trying to get the spiky design he preferred just right when he finally noticed the blue glowing words hovering over his head.

Uzumaki Naruto – Academy Student – Lvl. 3

The Gamer

"What the fuck?" he questioned aloud. He moved his hands up and waved them through the words not disturbing them in the slightest.

"What the fuck?" he questioned again, blinking several times. "Okay, Naruto, you my friend, have been spending way too much of your down time playing video games." Naruto then slapped himself hard, nearly knocking himself to the floor. "Shut the fuck up. Don't ever say shit like that again," he said harshly, glaring at himself in the mirror.

The truth was video games were his only salvation in his otherwise totally shitty and messed up life. When he was five the Hokage had given him his first video game console. It was the latest and greatest and all the kids at school could do nothing but talk about them. Those that had one bragged about it, those that didn't were envious of those that did. When he said he'd had one he thought it might lead to friends and some of the kids were interested. That didn't last as their parents said 'no'. An emphatic 'no' in fact that was accompanied with threats of bodily harm. Regardless, games became Naruto's friends, taught him morality, right from wrong, good from evil. So other than ninja academy and training, video games were Naruto's life.

"You're right, what was I thinking? I'm sure this is just some kind of delusion. I must have eaten a bad batch of instant ramen. That's why I'm seeing things," Naruto explained to himself. He was greeted again by a severe slap to the face.

"Blasphemy!" he cried aloud to himself.

Naruto glared once more at himself in the mirror. Then he glanced up at the blue words again and shrugged. They would probably go away soon.

He left the bathroom once more to put on his shoes, put on his hip pouch and strap his weapons pouch to his leg. He looked around his apartment one more time to make sure he didn't forget anything before he opened his door and set out for the first day of his last year in the academy, his last chance.

The Konoha Shinobi Academy, commonly referred to as the KSA, was Naruto's school. He was one of the select few admitted. It was a school for aspiring ninja in training. He was also quite possibly the worst student there. He'd attempted to graduate early twice before having failed both times. This would be his third year in the academy and his last possible chance to graduate, if you didn't make genin by thirteen you were simply cut from the program without exception. Naruto would be turning thirteen in ten months on October 10th. The graduation exam was on November 30th. So he had eleven months to get it done or he was done.

Naruto's landlord was waiting for him at the exit to the building.

"Rent's due," he said gruffly, a golden question mark was hovering over his head.

Naruto quirked an eyebrow curious about where this would go. "What the hell, why not?"

A blue window popped up in front of him.

A Quest has been created.

There was a '?' in the top left corner and an arrow in the bottom right corner. Naruto pressed the arrow.

Quest Alert

Rent is due: Pay Rent

Rent must be paid by 6:00 pm or you will be evicted. Pay the landlord 1000 ryo by 6:00 pm or clear out the chakra rat nest in the basement by 6:00 pm (must bring their tails as proof of kill).

Completion Award: 500 Exp.

Increase reputation with landlord (reputation increase will double for clearing out the chakra rat nest).

Completion Failure: Eviction

Decrease reputation with Konoha

Yes – No

Naruto blinked several times.

"Make up your mind already, I don't have all day," said the landlord.

Naruto quickly touched the 'Yes' button.

"Remember, 6:00 pm or you're out of here," said the man once more time before walking past Naruto shouldering him rudely as he passed.

"What the fuck?" asked Naruto again. He glanced above the head of his landlord.

Michiya Ota – Landlord – Lvl. 7

Naruto put his hands together forming a handseal quickly and flared his chakra shouting, "Kai!" There was no effect at all.

"So if I did that wrong I might still be in a genjutsu but if I didn't then I'm not in a genjutsu and this is all real," he said to himself, given the hallway exiting his building was now empty.

Naruto's walk to the academy was a bit slower than usual as he looked around now seeing level markers above everyone in the village. He'd noticed quickly that most children were only level 1 and civilians topped out around 15 and those at the highest seemed to be tradesmen. The ninja that he saw varied from level 10 to around 30 and then there were a lot of ? level shinobi. It appeared the ones around level 10 to 20 were genin, 20-30 must have been chuunin. The ? must have been chuunin and jounin. If this held true to games that meant their level was so high he couldn't even comprehend it.

A special skill has been created through a special act.

Naruto blinked in surprise yet again. He tapped the blue box and another popped up.

Through continuous observation, a skill to find target's information, 'Observe' Lvl. 1 has been created.

"What the hell? What the hell is [Observe]?" asked Naruto. Suddenly there was a new pop up in orange this time.

Akimichi Dogo – Master Baker – Lvl. 15

HP: 500 CP: 150

Master Baker of the Akimichi Clan

"Cool," said Naruto, half in surprise and half because it really was cool as hell.

Naruto spent the next twenty minutes trying to obverse as many people as he can when another blue wind popped up.

[Observe]'s level has risen by one.

"Again, cool," he said to himself. Looking the master baker again he activated the ability again. "Observe."

Akimichi Dogo – Master Baker – Lvl. 15

HP: 500 (500) CP: 150

Master Baker of the Akimichi Clan. Well known for his baking prowess, Dogo serves the best breads in all of Hi no Kuni, he's even baked for royalty on occasion.

"Sweet," said Naruto. "So I can level up the skills so they work better."

Another blue window popped up interrupting his excitement.

Quest Alert

Don't be late: Arrive to Academy on time.

You have ten minutes to arrive to class before you're late.

Completion Award: 100 Exp

Increase reputation with Konoha Twelve

Completion Failure: Decrease reputation with Konoha

Yes – No

"What?" shouted Naruto, quickly tapping the yes and beginning to sprint for the academy. He barely glanced at the large timer that began to count down in his peripheral vision.

Naruto barely slid into the classroom with twenty seconds left.

You've barely arrived before the start of class.

Completion Awarded: 100 Exp and +5 to reputation with Konoha Twelve.

Naruto would have paid more attention if he wasn't huffing and puffing from having sprinted halfway across Konoha to make it to class on time. Granted he recovered very quickly but damn that was difficult. Naruto finally looked at the messages and accepted but couldn't help wondering who the hell the 'Konoha Twelve' were and why he gained reputation with them or why it was even important.

Naruto sat down finally with a huff looking around and seeing that all of his classmates had the same blue lettering above their heads with their names and levels. It didn't make him happy either. As he looked around he noticed that most of the students were between levels 3-6 with the exception of eight of his classmates.

Haruno Sakura Lvl 7

Yamanaka Ino Lvl 7

Hyuuga Hinata Lvl 8

Nara Shikamaru Lvl 8

Akimichi Chouji Lvl 8

Inuzuka Kiba Lvl 9

Aburame Shino Lvl 9

Uchiha Sasuke Lvl 12

Naruto wanted to cry out and scream in frustration. They were all so much better than him, even the object of his affection. How could it have been possible that they were all so much stronger than he was?

Naruto began to [Observe] each of them in turn only serving to frustrate him further.

Haruno Sakura – Academy Student – Lvl 7

HP: 100 (100) CP: 50

Haruno Sakura is the smartest student in class. Though very intelligent she is not very physically gifted. She pines after Uchiha Sasuke and is bitter rivals with Yamanaka Ino for 'Sasuke-kun's affections.

Naruto growled after that one.

Yamanaka Ino – Academy Student – Lvl 7

HP: 100 (100) CP: 100

Yamanaka Ino is a member of the famed Yamanaka clan known for their mind techniques. She is quite vain placing too much value on looks instead of her skills. She pines after Uchiha Sasuke and is bitter rivals with Haruno Sakura for 'Sasuke-kun's affections.

Naruto actually almost snickered when he saw the last line mirrored Sakura's.

Hyuuga Hinata – Academy Student – Lvl 8

HP: 150 (150) CP: 100

Hyuuga Hinata is a member of the elitist Hyuuga clan known for their doujutsu and unique taijutsu style. She is a very sweet girl but very shy so not well known by her classmates. She finds the strength to improve from watching the person she most admires.

Naruto couldn't help but smile at that. Hinata sounded awesome, he made a mental note to try to get to know her a bit this year.

[Observe]'s level has risen by one.

"Already," mumbled Naruto. "Let's see what this does."

Nara Shikamaru – Academy Student – Lvl 8

HP: 100/100

CP: 150/150

STR: 7

VIT: 10

DEX: 11

INT: 15

WIS: 35

LUK: 3

Nara Shikamaru is a member of the famed Nara clan known for their intellect and laziness. The unique ability to manipulate shadows makes them rather versatile shinobi. Shikamaru is by far the smartest Nara born in many generations and in turn is also the laziest.

"Damn, Shikamaru is smart," Naruto said in appreciation, earning a glance from the 'sleeping' Nara from a few seats over. Naruto smiled nervously at the look but was able to laugh it off.

Shikamaru admittedly was curious but decided to shrug it off mumbling "Troublesome" as he turned his head back and closed his eyes once more.

Naruto would have continued scanning the rest of the class but his teachers chose that moment to enter.

Thankfully he had Umino Iruka again as a teacher. His assistant was new though.

Umino Iruka – Academy Instructor – Lvl 25

Touji Mizuki – Academy Assistant Instructor – Lvl 22

Naruto was starting to like the names above their heads. This time though he noticed there was a leaf symbol next to their names.

Umino Iruka – Academy Instructor – Lvl 25

Affiliation: Konoha

HP: 1000/1000

CP: 750/750

STR: ?

VIT: ?

DEX: ?

INT: ?

WIS: ?

LUK: ?

Umino Iruka is a dedicated Academy Instructor finding his life fulfilled teaching the next generation of Shinobi.

Now Naruto found that odd. The data wasn't near as complete. It was similar to his level two of [Observe]. It must have been because Iruka's level was so much higher than his own. Naruto tried on Mizuki and the results were the same. It told him there was a limit to his ability while his own level was so low.

That raised several other questions. How could he level up? Was it only quests? For that matter what were his own stats? Then it occurred to him that if this was a game he should be able to get a command prompt of some kind right?

"Profile," he tried first. "Pause. Menu. Status-" the last one popped up an orange menu

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Class: The Gamer

Title: Academy Student(+25% experience gain up to level 10)

Level: LV3

Affiliation: Konoha

HP: 600/600

CP: 600/600

STR: 10

VIT: 20 (10)

DEX: 5

INT: 20 (10)

WIS: 3

LUK: ?

Status: ? (+10 VIT, +10 INT, +?% experience to [?] Skill), ? (+100 HP & +100 CP per Level), Prankster (-5% reputation gains, +5% experience to [Trap] Skill, +5% experience to [Stealth] Skill)

Uzumaki Naruto is the dead last of the Konoha Academy having failed the graduation twice before while clearly not prepared to graduate. His past is shrouded in mysteries for him to uncover.

Point: 0

Ryo: 3500

"What the hell?" he grumbled.

"You need something, Naruto?" asked Iruka, how man was suddenly looking over his shoulder he had no idea.

"No, Iruka-sensei," said Naruto hoping the man would move on quickly.

"Then you can tell me what I just said?" asked Iruka.

"You introduced us to Mizuki-sensei?" asked Naruto, hoping he was really lucky.

"I guess you were paying attention," said Iruka moving on.

Your Luck holds out and you save yourself from detention on the first day of class causing your LUK to go up by 1.

Naruto had to restrain himself from jumping up and down and cheering. He checked his status again and his LUK stat was still '?'. So either it was really high or negative if it could go negative for that matter. What the hell does LUK do for him anyway?

Naruto tapped the '?' symbol in the top left corner of his Status window. Instantly several small boxes appeared in black with yellow writing and yellow lines were drawn pointing to each area of the status window.

LUK: Luck is the chance of an event falling in your favor in non-combat actions. This impacts mostly gambling and loot drops.

Naruto nodded before looking at the other stats.

STR: Strength effects how much damage your physical and weapon attacks deal and how much damage your ability to parry reduces. Speed is increased 0.25 when both STR and DEX increase by 1 if equal.

VIT: Vitality impacts your total HP and endurance. The more vitality you have the more damage you can take and the longer you can fight. This also impacts how quickly you recover HP while not in combat.

DEX: Dexterity effects how effectively you can dodge attacks and how accurate your own attacks are. Speed is increased 0.25 when both STR and DEX increase by 1 if equal.

INT: Intelligence impacts your total CP, how quickly your CP recovers and how much damage your jutsu cause. The also impacts your ability to learn and memorize information.

WIS: Wisdom affects how smart you are and how well you can use what you know. This has a massive impact on your Chakra Control.

Status: Throughout the game you can acquire and unveil any number of status effects both temporary (i.e. Stun, Sleep, etc.) and permanent (i.e. Sharingan, Hyouton, etc.). Some permanent effects can only be gained through genetics while others require specific actions.

Title: Earn your title and gain varied and sometimes beneficial titles throughout the game.

Naruto couldn't help but sigh. It was a lot of information for him to process. Naruto closed the menu and tried to pay attention to the lecture but quickly zoned out as he daydreamed about all the kickass things he could do with his new gamer ability.

"Okay, students, please read this booklet and then we'll head out to the practice range to work on kunai and shuriken bukijutsu," said Iruka.

Mizuki then began passing out the booklets to each of the students.

"Why do we have to read this again?" complained Kiba. "Every year we get this damned booklet."

"Because every year we like to refresh our students so they don't get sloppy or lazy in their technique," said Iruka, his glare quickly silencing the Inuzuka boy.

Naruto sighed as he looked at the booklet in front of him. He grabbed the book and made to open it when a new pop up appeared.

You've obtained the skill book [Kunai and Shuriken Bukijutsu].

Would you like to learn the skill?

Naruto nearly tore his hair out at this. He knew how to throw damned Shuriken and Kunai. What the fuck was wrong with this game?

Naruto tapped the 'Confirm (Y)' just to see what would happen. The book going up in fire and smoke was not ideal and earned him glares from both Mizuki and Iruka.

You've obtained the skill 'Kunai Bukijutsu' and 'Shuriken Bukijutsu'.

Two large orange windows popped up a moment later.

[Kunai Bukijutsu (Passive/Active) Lv1 Exp: 0.00% CP: 5]

Weapon's technique specific to Kunai usage in both melee and ranged combat.

Passively increases kunai accuracy 10%

Passively increases kunai parry 10%

Additional 10% increase for 15 seconds in STR when active.

[Shuriken Bukijutsu (Passive/Active) Lv1 Exp: 0.00% CP: 5]

Weapon's technique specific to Shuriken usage in ranged combat.

Passively increases shuriken accuracy 20%

Additional 5% increase in ranged damage for 15 seconds when active.

"Nice one, Naruto," shouted Kiba, laughing heartily.

Naruto though was wide eyed. "It was an accident, I swear." He didn't know that would happen. He really didn't.

Iruka glared and threw another booklet at Naruto nailing him right between the eyes.

You've obtained the skill book [Kunai and Shuriken Bukijutsu].

This skill has already been learned. Cannot learn again.

Naruto glared at the pink warning closing it and setting the book on the desktop opening it to give the appearance he was reading it. Then it occurred to him that he'd learned the whole book instantly. He also learned that based on the book he'd been throwing kunai and shuriken wrong for years now. Apparently someone decided to teach him incorrectly years ago.

Naruto sat in his seat now glaring at the booklet and grumbling to himself about pranking Shugo-sensei so hard he'd never be able to show himself in public again.

"Okay, class, let's go outside and get to work on refreshing those bukijutsu skills," said Iruka, allowing the students to close their booklets only too happily.

Outside the group all stood in front of five target dummies, six people per line.

"Now, you will step to the line and throw five kunai then ten shuriken. After that, go to the end of your line. Everyone will get five chances to throw. We will take your best round for your grade," explained Iruka, a gold '?' appearing over his head a moment later.

Quest Alert

Kunai and Shuriken Oh My: Score 80% or better

You have five attempts to throw 80% or better with Kunai and Shuriken

Completion Award: 400 Exp

Academy Kunai (10) and Academy Shuriken (20)

Completion Failure: 100 Exp

Now this was Naruto's kind of quest. And with his newly acquired skills he was going to ace this test.

Naruto was third in his line and was excited to get to the line and show his stuff. He stepped up and threw. His first try he hit with four kunai and seven shuriken. He was miffed to have missed his quest requirement on his first try but was pleased to see he gained 10 Exp per kunai hit and 5 Exp per shuriken hit.

Naruto's second time up he hit with all five kunai but once again only six shuriken leaving him just about 7% short.

On Naruto third time up, he hit 86% completing the quest.

You've hit the target mostly.

Completion Awarded: 400 Exp and Academy Kunai (10) and Academy Shuriken (20)

Naruto was pleased only to get another alert right away.

Quest Alert

My Personal Best: Score 90% or better

You have two attempts to throw 90% or better with Kunai and Shuriken

Completion Award: 1000 Exp

[Academy Intermediate Taijutsu] Skill Book

Completion Failure: 200 Exp

If the last quest had him excited then this quest had him chomping at the bit.

[Kunai Bukijutsu]'s level has risen by one.

Passively increases kunai accuracy 15%

[Shuriken Bukijutsu]'s level has risen by one.

Passively increases shuriken accuracy 25%

"Yatta!" Shouted Naruto excitedly. Not only did he get a new quest after succeeding with his last one but he also gained a level with his two skills also increasing their passive accuracy buff.

Naruto waited practically bouncing with excitement once again to get a chance to beat this next quest.

Stepping up to the line Naruto let them rip hitting 85% again but gaining experience anyway.

"Okay, last try Naruto, do your best," said Iruka, watching from the side and keeping score as the students worked.

Naruto threw the kunai first hitting five for five. Then came the shuriken where hit eight for ten. "No," cried Naruto dropping to his knees again.

"That's an 86% Naruto, good job," said Iruka with a kind smile.

Quest Failed

Completion Failure: 200 Exp.

Naruto looked completely dejected.

Congratulations! Your level has increased by 1.

Naruto perked back up immediately at that news. So the failure sucks but a level up has to be good.

Naruto collected the practice weapons he threw and returned them to the teachers. He decided to wait until he got back to class to check out what his level did for him so that he could focus on it.

Practice makes perfect causing your DEX to go up by 1.

"Sweet," cheered Naruto excitedly. He was getting skills and stats like mad. If things kept up at this pace he'd max out his level in no time and then the Hokage title would be his.

"Okay, students, back inside for history," said Iruka, earning a groan from all the students.

Naruto was actually excited to get back to class so he could sit down and look more at this status screen and maybe even his skills if they have a menu for it.

Once inside a lecture began and Naruto tuned it out to check out his status page.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Class: The Gamer

Title: Academy Student(+25% experience gain to level 10)

Level: LV4

Affiliation: Konoha

HP: 700/700

CP: 700/700

STR: 10

VIT: 20 (10)

DEX: 6

INT: 20 (10)

WIS: 3

LUK: ?

Status: ? (+10 VIT, +10 INT, +?% experience to [?] Skill), ? (+100 HP & +100 CP perLevel), Prankster (-5% reputation gains, +5% experience to [Trap] Skill, +5% experience to [Stealth] Skill)

Uzumaki Naruto is the dead last of the Konoha Academy having failed the graduation twice before while clearly not prepared to graduate. His past is shrouded in mysteries for him to uncover.

Point: 5

Ryo: 3500

Naruto wanted to scream in outrage. A level didn't give him any base stat increases, only points to spend. Such bullshit. Naruto knew that if he increased his DEX it would improve his accuracy which would have helped him with that last quest he failed. So Naruto hit the button four times bring it up to ten total points leaving him with one point. Seeing that WIS was his lowest he added a point to it hoping that if he brought himself more in balance then things would improve.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Class: The Gamer

Title: Academy Student(+25% experience gain to level 10)

Level: LV4

Affiliation: Konoha

HP: 700/700

CP: 700/700

STR: 10

VIT: 20 (10)

DEX: 10

INT: 20 (10)

WIS: 4

LUK: ?

Status: ? (+10 VIT, +10 INT, +?% experience to [?] Skill), ? (+100 HP & +100 CP perLevel), Prankster (-5% reputation gains, +5% experience to [Trap] Skill, +5% experience to [Stealth] Skill)

Uzumaki Naruto is the dead last of the Konoha Academy having failed the graduation twice before while clearly not prepared to graduate. His past is shrouded in mysteries for him to uncover.

Point: 0

Ryo: 3500

Satisfied with his changes he tapped the accept button making the adjustment arrows vanish.

"Skills," he whispered next opening another orange window with a number of small thumb images with a name next to it, the type of ability, skill level and a brief explanation next to it.

Gamer's Mind – Passive – Max – Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological status effect.

Gamer's Body – Passive – Max – Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. After sleep in a bed he restores HP, CP and all status effects.

Observe – Passive/Active – 2 – Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and persons was generated that allows for quick information gathering. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

Kunai Bukijutsu – Passive/Active – 2 – Passively increases Accuracy and Parry. When Active it increases strength.

Shuriken Bukijutsu – Passive/Active – 2 – Passively increases Accuracy. When Active it increases ranged damage.

Trap – Passive – 1 – Passively increase you skill when making and placing traps.

Stealth – Passive – 1 – Passively increases your skill when trying to sneak into and out of places. Passively increase your ability to avoid being tracked or spotted by others.

Henge – Active – Max – The perfect disguise is hard to come by but with a little chakra and some imagination you can become anyone or anything. A perfect transformation skill allowing you to become anyone or anything, this is a true transformation, not an illusion that most shinobi use.

Kawarimi – Active – 2 – Log, all praise that which is available only to save us from the direst of circumstances, amen. Used to change places with objects to prevent damage to one's self.

Naruto read his list of skills and while it wasn't long it was interesting. He tapped on the [Trap] skill to see if it gave more detail.

[Trap (Passive) LV4 22.73%]

Traps are an essential skill to any shinobi. They are used to surprise and confuse enemies and friends alike depending on the situation. They can be used both for fun and for slaughter equally well.

Passively increases Trap effectiveness 12.5%

Passively increases Trap damage 12.5%

Passively increases Trap placement 12.5%

Naruto nodded to himself as he read the details. He never thought of his ability to set a prank as laying the ground work for more effective traps.

He closed that window and tapped Stealth

[Stealth (Passive) LV2 3.61%]

Stealth is an essential skill to any shinobi. It is used to sneak and hide in equal parts so as not to be caught by friend or foe.

Passively increases Stealth infiltration 10%

Passively increases Stealth avoidance 10%

Passively increases Stealth concealment 10%

"Neat," Naruto mumbled to himself, finally closing the window entirely and trying to pay attention to the lesson at hand eventually nodding off anyway.

After History they all had lunch… well the other students had lunch, Naruto went back to the target range and practiced the two bukijutsu he had learned managing to gain to more levels for each gaining another 10% accuracy for both.

After lunch it was more classroom time, Naruto's favorite.

"So first, here is the review booklets for both squad tactics and academy taijutsu. I know it's more of the same from the last few years but clearly some of you have not taken to these lessons as well as you should have," said Iruka.

Naruto couldn't help but think that Iruka was speaking to him specifically.

Once again the two booklets offered Naruto the skill to learn but in an effort to avoid getting into trouble Naruto chose to hold off until after the academy let out to really dig into it.

Unfortunately that meant when they all went outside for Taijutsu practice, Naruto got his ass handed to him and ended up failing three more quests, one for each match. He still got some good experience from it and even gained another passive skill.

[Physical Endurance] – Passive – 4 – The body's durability increases, allowing for less damage taken. 4% decrease in damage taken by attacks.

It was painful to learn but he didn't have much choice. On the other hand he could still see where this would be a valuable skill later on.

Naruto finally left the academy around 4:00 pm. He'd spent an extra hour after class working on the target range gaining another level for the two bukijutsu and another 5% more accuracy to each. It also increased the active abilities this time.

[Kunai Bukijutsu (Passive/Active) Lv5 Exp: 0.00% CP: 5]

Weapon's technique specific to Kunai usage in both melee and ranged combat.

Passively increases kunai accuracy 25%

Passively increases kunai parry 10%

Additional 15% increase in STR when active.

[Shuriken Bukijutsu (Passive/Active) Lv5 Exp: 0.00% CP: 5]

Weapon's technique specific to Shuriken usage in ranged combat.

Passively increases shuriken accuracy 35%

Additional 7.5% increase in damage when active.

Now Naruto had another quest just burning a hole in his pocket.

Naruto rarely ever went into the basement of his apartment building simply because the chakra rats tended be both aggressive and disease ridden and he couldn't exactly afford a visit to the hospital. Now however, all he had to do was kill them all regardless if they poisoned him because he could just go to sleep and all the status ailments would be gone in the morning.

Stepping off the final step in the basement Naruto called them out. "Alright you, rat bastards. Time to clear you fuckers out of this place.

It was only a second later the first of the rats attacked. It darted out from under the steps just behind him and bit into his ankle.

Naruto yelped but turned quickly drove a kunai into the little bastard killing it with one hit. It was only level 1 so very easy to kill.

The next ten were not so easy to kill. They ranged from level 1 to level 4 so while some died in one hit most took between three and four hits to end.

After the twentieth kill he received a notice.

Congratulations! Your level has increased by 1.

Naruto barely had time to think about it before a king chakra rat appeared. It was level seven.

King Chakra Rat Lvl 7

HP: 1000/1000 CP: 400/400

King Chakra Rat is the leader of a nest. He is the meanest of the bunch and bites the hardest but in his time as king has had the benefit of the largest portions causing him to gain excessive weight slowing him down significantly.

Naruto was thankful for the information but not pleased by it. This was going to be one really mean rat. Naruto checked his own health quickly to see he was just above half but the poison he'd taken from the bites were slowly ticking his health downward.

"So you need to die quickly or I'm completely fucked. So bring it you fat bastard," said Naruto taunting the rat.

A special skill has been created through a special act.

Through continuous trash talking, a skill to anger an opponent, 'Taunt' Lvl. 1 has been created.

Naruto was surprised slightly to have learned such a skill but quickly closed the menu as the rat now looked really angry and seemed to have taken a red tint to it.

"Crap," said Naruto. "Red like that usually means rage. So you can only attack physically and only me but your damage will be increased as a result."

True to form, the rat charged straight at him.

Naruto rolled left just as the rat closed in on him and sliced the ugly bastard along his side dropping its health about 5% as he passed.

Naruto rolled back away from the rat to dodge the tail that swung rather suddenly like a whip. The rat turned around to look at Naruto again only to charge forward again.

Naruto repeated his roll slice and rolled away again. He didn't really have much ceiling clearance to be jumping around. In all this, the rat seemed to have a pattern and now Naruto had that pattern down pat.

It wasn't long before the rat was down to its last 25%.

The rat seemed to have lost its red aura and tried to run back to its hole.

"Oh no you don't," shouted Naruto. "Kunai Bukijutsu." He felt his arms strengthen instantly and pulled a second kunai and jumped forward driving both kunai as hard as he could into the back of the rat. One kunai went into its neck and the other into the head killing the rat finally.

A special skill has been created through a special act.

Through creative use of kunai, a skill to counter attack an opponent, 'Roll Slash' Lvl. 1 has been created.

A special skill has been created through a special act.

Through creative use of kunai, a skill to finish a weakened opponent, 'Double Pierce' Lvl. 1 has been created.

"Nice," said Naruto. "Way to go me." Naruto checked his health to see he was just under half. His decision was really easy at this point. He quickly collected the tails from the dead rats and threw the bodies away. Then he ran up the stairs and turned in the tails as proof that he'd done the quest.

Congratulations! Your level has increased by 1.

"I'll deal with the levels in the morning, for now it's time to sleep," Naruto said to himself rushing for the stairs to get up to his room and into bed.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Class: The Gamer

Title: Academy Student(+25% experience gain to level 10)

Level: LV6

Affiliation: Konoha

HP: 900/900

CP: 900/900

STR: 10

VIT: 20 (10)

DEX: 10

INT: 20 (10)

WIS: 4

LUK: ?

Status: ? (+10 VIT, +10 INT, +?% experience to [?] Skill), ? (+100 HP & +100 CP per Level), Prankster (-5% reputation gains, +5% experience to [Trap] Skill, +5% experience to [Stealth] Skill)

Uzumaki Naruto is the dead last of the Konoha Academy having failed the graduation twice before while clearly not prepared to graduate. His past is shrouded in mysteries for him to uncover.

Point: 10

Ryo: 3500