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"For as much as you bitch about overpowered Uchiha bullshit, that is some really overpowered bullshit," stated Jiraiya, a smug grin on his face.

"Hey, the Uchiha still has stupid overpowered bullshit, also known as the Sharingan. Plus I'm sure if his eyes are strong enough he can copy any skill or technique just by seeing it," Naruto defended his newfound overpowered skill.

"Okay, that's a fair point," said Jiraiya. "Still, that is a really nice advantage to have. Now, what is considered out of combat? Is it just stopping fighting to catch your breath or to prepare a jutsu or is it when the fight has completely ended?"

"When the fight has completely ended, so I can't just stop fighting in the middle of a boss fight to hide and recover my chakra . . . well I can but I have to use a my [Raiton: Chakra Denka no Jutsu] to do that," explained Naruto. "Also, as soon as I use a technique I'm considered in combat. So I can't just use a cheap skill to infinite and never run out of chakra, it won't start refilling until I've stopped using any skills for a minute."

"Still, that will make training stupid easy, as long as you're not in combat you can spew out skills and techniques non-stop until you're empty then rest for a couple minutes and do it again. I'm kind of jealous."

"Well, gaming is grinding so a skill like that to help me with my grinding is extremely valuable. I just wish I'd done it sooner," Naruto stated with a hint of regret in his voice. It really was a game changer for Naruto, to be able to grind his chakra intensive skills without restraint so long as he rests for a couple minutes afterward.

"Anyway, the next town has a few small gambling dens. We'll split up to cover more ground."

"Even after what just happened with Itachi and Kisame?"

"You mean after you sent those two on a merry chase through that town giving me plenty of time to prepare and then thoroughly kicking Kisame's ass and scaring away Itachi? I think you can handle yourself long enough for me to come help if you need it," stated Jiraiya, his point well made.

Naruto could only nod in acceptance. "How much further to the next village?"

"Not too far, maybe another two or three hours at this pace," he answered, his gaze looking down the worn dirt road.

It actually took four hours after a trio of rather stupid bandits tried to collect a toll from the pair, they weren't even worth any experience. At least he was able to pretty much drain his chakra every ten minutes with about two minutes rest only to do it again yielding twenty-three levels to [Keitai Henka]. It was so overpowered but so awesome.

[Keitai Henka (Active/Passive) Lv. 24 88.41% CP: 50 CP per 5 seconds]

An advanced form of chakra control that involves changing the form and movement of chakra, determining size, range, and purpose of a technique.

Passively increase WIS 24%.

Passively reduces excess CP lost from using too much chakra by 12%.

Passively reduces CP cost of all skills 4%.

Unfortunately even with the levels to his shape manipulation skill, he still hadn't mastered stage one of the [Rasengan].

"This jutsu is hard," whined Naruto, he was getting tired of the chakra burns on his hand even if they did heal almost immediately after being inflicted.

"Did you really think one of your father's original jutsu would be easy? He was the Yondaime Hokage for a reason, you know."

Naruto had to settle for pouting even as they entered the small village's gates.

"Now, no jutsu while we're here, especially in the gambling dens, understood?"

"Sure, but why?" asked Naruto with a small shrug.

"These guys tend to assume you're cheating if they see any chakra use and these guys tend to be rather harsh with cheaters."

"But we're ninja, if we aren't cheating we aren't trying," retorted Naruto.

"In this case that doesn't apply. Now, how are you going to get information?"

"I'm going to get into a game with the shadiest looking guy in the gambling den, hopefully get him talking a bit before asking if he's heard anything about Tsunade's whereabouts because she owes me money."

"And if she also owes them money?"

"I'm to offer to buy the marker," he answered.

"And if it's more money than you currently have?"

"I'm to find you," said Naruto. "And then you'll buy the marker."

"Good, now get a move on," said Jiraiya, walking into the village and disappearing.

Naruto set off into the town, hoping first to get some Ramen. He wanted to test a theory, ramen chefs and waitresses at the local ramen stand know everything that goes on in a village. Of course, it could have just been his stomach talking.

Sadly the ramen chef and his waitresses knew nothing. Apparently, not everyone visits the ramen stand when they pass through the village. It seemed kind of silly to Naruto that the local ramen stand wasn't a major tourist attraction but he supposed some people just didn't know better. Still, he was able to get information about some of the gambling dens and who to look out for in each of them.

Inside the recommended gambling den, Naruto's ears were assaulted with the bells and whistles of maybe a dozen pachinko machines while his eyes had to adjust to the darker room and flashing lights from the machines. Naruto walked past the machines into the back room, nodding once to the guard. It was strange just how quiet the back room was. He could see a game of mahjong being play at a small table to the right of the entrance, all four seats were taken and based on what he could see of the pot on top it was a very expensive game to buy into. To the left a man sat leaning back against the wall, in front of him was a simple bamboo bowl with two dice, a Chō-han game but there was no one there at the moment. At the back of the room were two tables, both dealing cards, one looked to be dealing blackjack and the other was poker.

It was the poker table that Naruto ended up targeting, three men and one woman sat there gambling. Of the four, it was woman that seemed shadiest of them despite the bright colored red kimono she wore. She was older if the wrinkles around her eyes and neck were any indication. But it was her teeth that gave him the shady vibe, gold teeth were visible even from where he entered the room.

Sitting down he was met with varied looks from the assembled players. He could clearly see the greed in their eyes as if they were wolves looking down upon a lost little lamb. They were underestimating him and he could use that.

"Fifty thousand buy in," said the dealer.

Naruto set a clean stack of bills on the table which the dealer took and replaced with a stack of chips.

"So, little boy, what brings you to this upstanding den of ill-repute?" asked one of the men.

Toshi – Amateur Gambler – Lvl. 4

"I'm looking for someone," he answered honestly. He couldn't lie right now or it would give away any tell he might subconsciously have. Jiraiya had been very thorough in briefing him on various gambling tricks and traps during the journey.

"You're going to end up finding trouble if you're not careful, little boy," said a different man, he looked very unhappy as he glared at his cards.

Sadoichi – Desperate Gambler – Lvl. 7

"I can take care of myself," said Naruto, shifting slightly to make sure he could feel the kunai hidden up his sleeve just in case he needed it. All of his other weapons and anything that might identify him as a shinobi was hidden in his inventory leaving him feeling rather naked at the moment.

"Leave the brat alone, just deal the next hand," said the old lady.

Yuri – Card Shark – Lvl. 17

He was right, he'd have to be careful of this lady.

The dealer dealt five cards to each of them.

Naruto lifted his cards to check his hand. Ace, king, queen, jack, all spades, and a two of hearts.

"Place your bets," ordered the dealer.

Around the table various bets were place, Sadoichi folded first. Yuri bet twenty thousand out the gate causing Toshi and the last man, Yoshi, to fold leaving it to Naruto to call or fold.

Naruto's called matching her bet. He then slid one card face down while Yuri slid two cards to the center.

The dealer dealt the new cards.

Naruto picked up his new card, a ten of spades. It took everything he had not to grin like a mad man.

"Oh, so the little-boy is happy with his cards," said Yuri, her eyes crinkling in mirth. "If that's the case then you should have no problem betting the rest of your little pile of chips." She taunted him.

Trying not to frown at her catching his happiness he played along, pushing the rest of his chips into the pot.

"You're cruel bitch, Yuri," stated Yoshi.

Yoshi – Store Clerk – Lvl. 5

The woman glared at the man. "You can leave any time."

The man nearly growled at her.

"Are you going to call or yap all day?" asked Toshi, he was clearly anxious for the next hand.

"Fine, call," said Yuri, pushing the necessary chips to match in. "Show me what you've got, little boy."

Naruto just shrugged before laying his hand down face up.

"You little bastard," hissed the woman instantly on her feet and nearly throwing her cards at the dealer. "You won't play me again you little shit," she warned.

"I just played the hand I was dealt," he said honestly. "It's not my fault it was the best hand ever."

You've placed a winning bet causing your LUK to go up by 1.

Naruto grinned victoriously both at beating the woman and the increase in luck. Apparently he'd just found out what he needed to do to grind his luck up.

Meanwhile, the men just laughed at the woman's anger and Naruto's innocent act.

"I like this kid," said Yoshi, grinning from ear to ear, patting Naruto on the back rather roughly.

"He's got some skill," said Toshi appreciatively. "Now let's play some poker."

The next few hands played quickly, the betting not going over ten thousand. Naruto broke even, winning one of the hands but losing the others, once again netting him a point of luck.

"So, you said you were looking for someone?" asked Yuri, seeming to have developed a quick but grudging respect for the young man that played her so well.

"Densetsu no Kamo," he answered.

"Ha, well I'll be, that woman had a kid that can actually win at gambling," laughed the woman, but the laugh was more of a harsh bark mixed with a cackle.

Naruto would have corrected her but if it worked in his favor then he'd let the illusion go on, he had no need to claim she owed him money.

"She owes me money," grumbled Toshi.

"She's owes us all money," laughed Sadoichi.

Naruto swallowed a bit nervously. "How much does she owe?"

"She owes me a hundred thousand," said Yuri, shrugging. "Don't worry though, she always makes good eventually. Does some medical work here and there and charges whoever she patches up a lot of money to do so."

"Still, I should buy her debts from each of you," said Naruto.

"Oh, so you have some honor to you. Clearly you're one apple that fell pretty far from the tree. Tell you what, you win this game. You win and I'll consider her marker paid in full."

"Now that's some betting action I can get into. So side bet, all of our marker with Tsunade if the kid wins and if we win . . . let's say her markers double."

"Deal, and if he wins you give us any information you have on her whereabouts," chimed in a new voice that Naruto knew.

"Ero-Sennin, why would you do that?" asked Naruto, turning slightly to glare at the larger man.

"Cause I can. And I'll pay her markers if the kid loses," said Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya," greeted Yuri, her voice rather frosty.

"Yuri-chan," replied the pervert, grinning lecherously. "How is that daughter of yours?"

"Pregnant," said Yuri, causing Jiraiya to pale instantly as the panic was clearly written on his face. "But don't worry, it's not yours. It's his," this time she pointed at Yoshi, her frosty glare shifting.

"I married her first," said Yoshi defensively.

"You still defiled my daughter," she snapped back.

"Haven't we all," grumbled Jiraiya, getting nods from the other two men at the table.

Yuri's face twitched slightly, trying not to leap from her seat to strangle all of the men.

"Ero-Sennin," groaned Naruto, disbelief written on his face. "I can't take him anywhere, I swear."

"I'm starting to like you more and more, kid," said Yuri, actually giving him a slightly kind smile. "But enough stalling. The side bet is placed, now let's play."

Hours passed as they played, chip stacks going up and down, Naruto's luck stat going up and down. Apparently losing big had a detrimental effect on his luck, something he found out when he lost ten thousand ryo in a single hand, four fours versus four kings.

"Last hand," called the dealer, now that only Naruto and Yuri remained. "All chips to center."

Five cards went out to each of them. Naruto collected his cards. Jack, jack, ten, four, two, all different suits.

"Two," said Naruto, passing in the four and two. Getting back two cards.

"Four," said Yuri, frowning as she turned in four cards meaning the remaining card was an ace.

Naruto looked at his cards again, including the two new cards. Jack, jack, jack, ten, and ten, a full house and hopefully enough to win the game.

"Ladies first," said Jiraiya, from his spot behind Naruto.

It was agonizing to watch. The woman flipped over one card at a time, seven, seven, seven, ace, and ace.

And just like that, Naruto breathed a sigh of relieve as he turned over his own full house. His three of kind beat hers.

Winning big pays off big causing your LUK to go up by 5.

"Che, I can't believe this kid is the 'Sucker's, kid," griped Yuri. "To think, that woman would breed let alone that he'd actually have good luck."

Jiraiya though was caught flat footed. "Sucker's kid?" he asked.

"That's why the kid is looking for her right? I could see her abandoning a kid like that. That woman runs away from everything," explained Yuri.

"Right, of course," said Jiraiya, trying hard not to laugh. "Be sure to spread the word that her kid is looking for her and buying up her debts."

Yuri's eyes narrowed slightly but apparently let it go. "Will do. As for Tsunade's location, last time I saw her she was heading south toward the capital. Probably to do some kind of medical consult for the daimyo or one of his wives."

"Thanks, Yuri-obaasan," said Naruto, grinning at the older woman.

"Obaasan?" she all but howled in outrage.

It was too late though as Jiraiya and Naruto were both already gone.

"So we're going to the capital?" asked Naruto.

"Nope, if she saw Tsunade-hime going south then she was actually going northwest," he said as he pulled a map out of his pack.

"Here," he said after a minute pointing to a town on the map.

"Tanzaku-gai," Naruto read aloud.

"It's a big gambling town. Lots of casinos and less reputable gambling houses there. That's where she'll go, that woman can never resist visiting that town," explained Jiraiya.

"Okay, so let's go," said Naruto, eager to get on the road.

"Hold on now, we're going to stay at a hotel for the day to rest, it's already three in the morning."

"It's that late?" asked Naruto. He knew they had been playing for a while but he didn't know it had been that long.

"It is, now let's go get some rest and we'll set off by noon tomorrow."

You have slept in a bed. HP & CP are 75% restored.

Naruto woke up as usual, quickly closing the morning message before getting up from the bed. As normal he showered and brushed his teeth. After that he left the sleeping Jiraiya and headed out into Tanzaku-gai to continue the search for Tsunade.

They had arrived two days prior and thus far had not heard anything about her being there. Naruto had in the meantime racked up a rather impressive amount of ryo from gambling, further spreading the legend of the 'Sucker's winning son'. He really should try to squash the rumors but Jiraiya wouldn't let him seeing as once Tsunade heard she'd come running to put the pretender out of his misery.

That last part worried him a little but Jiraiya promised nothing would happen once she saw he was there too. A little part of him couldn't help but worry more that it might actually make things worse.

He was more worried about his quest being stalled, he'd hoped that after he finish stage 2 of the [Rasengan] training that it would prompt him to learn the third and final stage. He was working on it anyway but it still irked him.

Quest Alert: A-Rank Mission: Slug Princess At Large.

Locate and convince Senju Tsunade to return to Konoha.


Search for information on the whereabouts of Senju Tsunade.

Distract Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame long enough for Jiraiya to arrive.

Learn Rasengan Stage 1.

Learn Rasengan Stage 2.

Locate Senju Tsunade.






Bonus Objectives:


Successfully evade Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame for 00:05:00.00.


Completion Award: 1200000 Exp

100000 Ryo

Increase Reputation with Konoha

300000 Exp per Bonus Objective

Completion Failure: 120000 Exp

Decrease reputation with Konoha

Evil Hokage Appointed

So other than gambling, he just kept training, grinding his skills as best he can, at least those that wouldn't draw the wrong kind of attention. Even though he didn't gain any experience or sub-quests it kind of paid off.

[Intent (Passive/Active) Lv27 Exp: 92.14% CP: 25 per 5 seconds]

The ability to express your intent to harm, to kill, to protect, to everything. You are now able to express your intention through your chakra and body without words as well as sense the 'Intent' of others.

Passively increases the chance to detect 'Intent' 8%

Passively increases resistance to 'Intent' 8%

Additional 7% increase to 'Intent' when active.

Additional 7% increase to resistance to 'Intent' when active.

Additional 6% increase to shielding others from 'Intent' when active.

[Keitai Henka (Active/Passive) Lv. 72 12.41% CP: 50 CP per 5 seconds]

An advanced form of chakra control that involves changing the form and movement of chakra, determining size, range, and purpose of a technique.

Passively increase WIS 72%.

Passively reduces excess CP lost from using too much chakra by 36%.

Passively reduces CP cost of all skills 12%.

So that was his plan, he'd training from the time he woke up until around noon on the outskirts of the city. After training he went into town for lunch then back out to train some more.

Around dusk he'd hit the casinos winning money but also being careful not to get blackballed for winning too much. He'd learned the hard way not to win too much his first night in town when he'd won big and then won more. Long story short, he was no longer allowed to gamble in the eastern district of Tanzaku-Gai.

But for today's plan was going to be different. He was finally going to check out the giant freaking castle that dominated the city towering above all of the other buildings. He'd been planning to go for several days now but it was always just one more skill level and he'd go only to get five or six skill levels and it would be too late to really go and be a tourist. So this morning was all about exploring.

Exploring that quickly paid off with significant improvement to his [Observe] skill gaining seventeen much needed levels in a very short time and that was just on his journey from the hotel to the castle.

[Observe (Passive/Active) Lv66 Exp: 88.01% CP: 5]

Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and persons was generated that allows for quick information gathering. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

"Welcome to Tanzaku-Jo," greeted a lady wearing a very old style kimono and offering him a brochure as he passed through the ticket gate. It was only 500 ryo to enter so it wasn't very expensive and even if it was it wouldn't have been a bother. He was very good at gambling as it turned out.

Getting a better look at the castle up close, Naruto couldn't help but be impressed. Standing guard outside the castle's main gate were a pair of soldiers in old samurai armor that at first blush looked to be actors but given the levels of the pair of guards it was easy to believe they really were samurai.

Ichi Sanjo – Samurai Guard – Lv 32

Nanto Kato – Samurai Guard – Lv 31

It was a good thing too as not even a second after Naruto got within about a foot of the gate he received an unexpected notification.

*Solo Event* Tanzaku-Jo – Infiltrators (DV 54) – A local bandit army is looking to take this long standing castle as its new stronghold. Prevent them from taking the keep and drive them out. Defend the other tourists from the bandit infiltrators hidden amongst the crowds and defeat Oyabun no Azuma. Recommended Level: 32.

"Ah hell," grumbled Naruto. "Um, Guard guys," he called tentatively, unsure if he could enlist their help.

"What do you need, child?" asked the older of the pair, Sanjo.

"I think you might have a bandit problem."

"Do you have proof of this? We cannot be chasing after false tips from a child."

Naruto was about to jerk a thumb toward his forehead where his Konoha headband should be before he remembered he wasn't currently wearing it. Grumbling for a moment he opened his inventory to equip it to receive an error message.

Cannot change equipment while in combat.

"Son of a . . ." He wasn't happy about this particular situation. "What kind of proof do you need?"

"If there are bandits here they will most likely be members of the Yon Kaze Sanzoku. Every member will hold a fake coin with the kanji for four on one side and wind on the other. Bring us a few of those coins and we'll take your warning seriously," explained Sanjo.

Event Objective: Collect 10 Yon Kaze Koka without being detected.

"So, either I figure this out or I just leave now and forget all about it," said Naruto, more for himself than anything. Then he sighed exaggeratedly. "Who am I kidding? I'm totally going to kick this events ass."

That left Naruto with a conundrum. Identifying the member of the Yon Kaze Sanzoku wouldn't be a problem thanks to his [Observe]. But how was he going to get the coins without being detected? Obviously it meant he'd have to steal the coins which meant he'd have to learn very quickly how pickpocket the bandits.

"Okay then, let's try this," said Naruto, approaching the first man he saw with an affiliation with bandit group, doing everything he could to be as stealthy as possible. He reached a hand out toward the man's pocket only to find it empty. So he tried for the other pocket only to have his hand grabbed by the bandit who turned to Naruto with anger in his eyes.

"Go find another pocket to pick brat," said the bandit, shoving Naruto away.

Naruto though just breathed a sigh of relief. That bandit could have made things really unpleasant for him. Still, he had an objective to go after.

Rather than tempt fate by going after the same guy he chose to find another bandit and once again try to pick his pocket. This time he hit pay dirt, not only did he get his first coin he also took 2000 ryo from the fool.

A special skill has been created through a special act.

Sticky fingers have liberated that which does not belong to you, a skill to steal things undetected 'Pickpocket' Lv1 has been created.

[Pickpocket (Active) Lv1 0.00% CP: 5]

The ability to liberate items on a person without them being aware of their loss. 15% chance of successfully picking a pocket.

And just like that Naruto knew this event was going to take some time.

Almost two hours later he had finally collected the last coin from the first bandit he failed to pickpocket. With coins in hand, he went back to the guards.

"And just how did you get your hands on those?" asked Kato, his tone communicating suspicion and not much else.

"I'm a Konoha Genin," answered Naruto, hoping that would be a sufficient explanation.

"Che, shitty ninja," snarled Kato, one of his hands going to his sword.

"That's enough, Kato," ordered Sanjo, calming the younger man. "This young shinobi did us a service. Shut and barricade the gates immediately. Then sound the alarm, we need to bring as many of the city guard here as we can."

Kato snarled one last time for good measure before moving to do as he was ordered. He pushed the heavy armored door closed then pulled a lever to dropping iron bars behind it, securing it in place. After that he ran into the guard house and out of sight. It wasn't a minute later that loud bells began ringing, filling the castle and the surrounding area with noise.

"So much for the stealth approach. What do you want me to do?" asked Naruto, trying to be helpful.

"Don't get in our way," snapped Kato, having returned from sounding the bell. "We don't need your kind here."

Sanjo just sighed. "It would be best for you to simply get out of the way."

Now that was something Naruto didn't appreciate at all. These two armored clowns wouldn't even know about the bandits if it weren't for him. Worse, as he looked around he could see the bandits had taken hostages. The hell he wasn't getting involved.

Event Objective: Eliminate all bandit infiltrators.

"Yeah, that's not going to happen," said Naruto, not caring that Sanjo and Kato both ran to attack the bandits as they began to get organized. A quick look around and he could see the ground was solid stone so there was no chance of using it to sneak around. It was unfortunate that he only then remembered he knew another jutsu that was really good for sneaking around. So after taking moment to chide himself for not thinking to use it sooner when he was pickpocketing the bandits, he activate his [Toton Jutsu]

"Damn it, it's too early," screamed Zato, a level 30 bandit. "Who the hell tipped off the guards?" The man expected an answer but didn't get one. He looked to the left where his partner was standing only moments before holding a young girl hostage. Instead, he saw his partner's body on the ground and the girl running away.

A [Futon: Hien no Jutsu] later, Zato joined his former partner in the afterlife.

"Get to safety," Naruto ordered the civilians, even as they ran away in fright. He just had to hope they would be safe. Then he realized he was still invisible and sighed once more. "They probably thought I was ghost."

An unseen shrug of his shoulders was all he could do. There were more bandits to eliminate.

It took all of about twenty minutes to free all of the hostages while the samurai guards made a lot of noise and manage to create one hell of a distraction allowing Naruto to work unnoticed by the bandits until it was too late.

A blood curdling scream drew Naruto's attention sharply. It was the guard, Kato. There was a very thin man standing behind him with a pair of curved knives driven into his back through the armor. It worried Naruto that the thin man was able to get behind the samurai considering how closely he was standing to Sanjo.

The other samurai, Sanjo, was quick to move, his sword glowing slightly as it arced toward the thin man only for the thin man to vanish.

"Shunshin," grumbled Naruto, it was a good one too. Very quick, very smooth, and no handseals required. This man was dangerous.

Kagejima Usui – Oyabun no Azuma – Lv 34

Usui reappeared behind Sanjo prepared to stab him the same way he stabbed Kato and it would have succeeded too if the man had not been turned suddenly by a[Futon: Renkudan no Jutsu] impacting his side and followed up by a powerful front kick to the man's face sending him tumbling away.

Sanjo looked toward Naruto, surprise clearly evident on his face.

"Get him to safety if you can, I'll deal with this guy," said Naruto, his eyes not leaving the downed form of Usui for a second.

Sanjo moved quickly to do just that but the downed Usui exploded in a cloud of smoke, in his place was a jug with the kanji for 'oil' on it with a burning fuse. Sanjo grabbed Kato roughly and dived out away, trying to get some clearance from the jug that was about to explode.

Naruto didn't even register the explosion as he was already moving, ducking under Usui's attempt at a sneak attack behind him and Naruto countering with kick to the man's midsection.

"Shitty little ninja, messing with our plans. I'm going to enjoy killing you," snarled Usui, brushing some dirt from the brownish cloak that covered him from the shoulders down.

"And I'm going to enjoy kicking your ass," Naruto stated confidently. They were actually pretty evenly matched in speed and dexterity from what Naruto could see with his [Observe] skill. Still, best to not let the fight drag out. [Kage Bunshin no Jutsu] spawned a dozen clones that were quick to spread out, something Usui let happen.

"You'll need more than some crappy bunshin fool me kid," said Usui, sounding bored.

Naruto blinked as he understood just why Usui was underestimating him. He thought they were just a normal bunshin. "Saw through them did you?" asked Naruto, his natural prankster coming through just a little bit.

"Chuunin," he said, jerking a thumb toward himself before pointing at Naruto. "Failed Genin I'm guessing based on your lack of forehead prote-" He was cut off suddenly as one of the clones kicked him in the side of the head giving him an instant dazed effect. Another clone came low from the opposite direction slicing at him with a wind coated trench knife only for it to scrape against the man's cloak shooting sparks harmlessly into the air, sounding like blades clashing.

A rictus of fury spread across Usui's face as he lashed out, spinning in place his cloak spinning with him and somehow slicing the two clones that attacked him to shreds.

"Okay, now I'm taking you seriously kid," said Usui, no hint of playfulness in his voice.

"Is that good or bad?" asked Naruto, his hands already moving to unleash several [Futon: Kaze no Yaiba no Jutsu].

"Bad for both of us," he replied, ignoring the jutsu as they impacted his cloak but went no further. "And you may as well stop with the jutsu, you're just wasting chakra. See this cloak, I took this off a Suna jounin a few years ago, it's made chakra fiber. It sucks the chakra right out of any jutsu that comes close."

The reaction he got from Naruto was not what he expected.

"Oi, what the hell is with that look?"

"Please let that be my loot for kicking your ass, please let that be my loot for kicking your ass, please let that be my loot for kicking your ass," he began almost chanting, something his clones soon joined in on. It was more than a little creepy.

Usui really didn't like the chant and showed it by going after Naruto's clones with a vengeance, his cloak naturally disrupting them due to its chakra absorption properties but even with that they manage to get in a few hits, slowly chopping away at his health. Unfortunately for Naruto, he barely got any chakra back from the dispelled clones as Usui's damnable cloak was eating it all. It was Kisame's sword all over again.

The non-clone moved in quick to attack since jutsu was all but useless in this situation which meant he was going to have to rely on taijutsu and bukijutsu.

It was quick to turn fierce as the pair exchanged blows, Naruto finding out quickly he had to dodge more against this guy. He only realized it when the cloak that he was told was made from chakra absorbing fiber turned out to be made from thousands of tiny razor sharp, diamond hard blades, something he discovered painfully after he sliced up his hand on one particularly vicious punch to Usui's solar plexus sure it hurt Usui but it hurt him more.

After that he made an adjustment that left Naruto using his trench knives as pseudo brass knuckles which while they didn't get much if any penetration with that cloak it did protect his hands and allow him to fight on. In the end, it was the turning point in the fight, as equally matched as they were for speed and agility, Naruto still hit harder, a lot hard meaning it became a war of attrition, something he definitely wasn't about to lose.

"Heh, I underestimated you, kid," said Usui, laying on his back, the fight over. He was bruised and battered and completely beaten.

"It happens," said Naruto. "So, I'm going to knock out now so the guards can arrest you."

"That's fine by me, not like they'll be able to hold me for long after today," Usui warned, chuckling a bit at the end which turned into a painful cough, the man wincing in pain from most likely more than a few broken ribs.

Congratulations! *Solo Event* Tanzaku-Jo – Infiltrators Completed. You are awarded 500000 Exp.

"Why don't I like the sound of that?" asked Naruto. As if to answer his question he was rewarded with another message.

*Solo Event* Tanzaku-Jo – Ascenders (DV 56) – A local bandit army is looking to take this long standing castle as its new stronghold. Prevent them from taking the keep and drive them out. Defend the castles outer walls from the bandits trying to scale the walls and defeat Oyabun no Nishi. Recommended Level: 33.


Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Class: The Gamer

Title: Genin (+10% increase to experience gain)

Level: LV38 Next Level: 35.58%

Affiliation: Konoha

HP: 9413/9413

CP: 6105/6105

STAT: Base + Bonus = Total

STR: 142 + 79 = 221

VIT: 125 + 436 = 561

DEX: 142 + 93 = 235

INT: 116 + 115 = 231

WIS: 148 + 263 = 411

LUK: 56 + 70 = 126

DEF: 559 + 140 = 699

SPD: 105 + 188 = 293

HPR: 56 + 136 = 193

CPR: 41 + 653 = 694

Status: Uzumaki Clan Heir (+100 VIT, +100 INT, +150% experience to [Fuinjutsu] Skill), Kyuubi Jinchuuriki (+100 HP & +100 CP per Level), Inspirational Leader (+25% to experience gain to any team you are part of), Kamikaze (-25% cost to futon jutsu, +20% damage to futon jutsu)

Uzumaki Naruto was the dead last of this year's graduating class, rating so low because of his inability to create a basic bunshin. Naruto proved his worth after the test when he stopped a traitor and learned two A-Rank kinjutsu. His family is now revealed and the legacy of his origin is something to be overwhelmingly proud of, he is the son of the Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato and the Nidaime Kyuubi Jinchuuriki Uzumaki Kushina. But that still leaves the question, how did the Kyuubi escape?

Point: 0

Ryo: 1226675