Dana looked at the pink and yellow sphere that had just flown into her backyard. Was this fate calling, telling her to grow a pair and go on her own journey? Brushing a piece of golden-blonde hair out of her rosy-pink eyes, Dana looked up at the sky, half expecting answers. The wind blew, and some leaves from her Bluk Berry tree broke free from their branch and flew off with the wind. Clutching the Heal Ball, Dana made up her mind.


Quietly, Dana climbed out of her bedroom window. For the fifth time, she made sure she had the heal ball in her pocket. With only streetlights to guide her, she walked to route 10. Excited, Dana fantasized about what her first Pokemon would be. Maybe a Sigilyph or a Hawlucha! She was too busy day-dreaming about her future partner that she didn't realize something was following her. She pulled out her Heal Ball and begun to look at it when something brown zoomed past her, snatching the Heal Ball.

"Hey!" Dana yelled as she began to chase after it as it headed into town. She chased it all the way to the bicycle paths. She had cornered it ('it' turned out to be an Eevee) and was about to take her Heal Ball back when BAM! something hit her left side and flew. She looked up and saw Grant, the gym leader, running over to her.

"Are you okay?" Grant asked. Dana nodded, despite her instant headache. She saw the Eevee had returned, Heal Ball in it's mouth.

"Hey! That's mine!" Dana said as she snatched the Heal Ball.

Grant laughed. "It seems like Eevee wanted to play with you." He said.

"Well I don't want to play with it." Dana said, sticking her nose in the air. Eevee intimidated her. Grant laughed again.

"Is this your Pokemon?" He asked. Dana shook her head. "Too bad, you two would've made a great team."

"No we wouldn't. Look at the size of it!" Dana said.

"Size isn't everything. I think you should catch it." Grant said. Dana made a face. She had always looked up to Grant, but this was her only pokeball.

"This is my only pokeball..." Dana said.

"Tell you what, if you catch this Eevee, I'll give you ten more pokeballs." Grant winked.

Might as well, Dana thought, I can always release it and go catch better Pokemon. She nodded. "Fine." She threw the Heal Ball at Eevee, who jumped into it. The Heal Ball rolled around for about half a minute before latching.