"You go first." Hayden said. "Just tell Eevee the attack you it to use."

"Oh, it's just like battling wild Pokemon!" Dana said.

"Duh. Why would it be any different?" Hayden asked.

Dana tried to ignore his comment "Eevee, use swift!" Bright stars appeared around Eevee, and she launched Hayden's Staravia.

"Dodge it!" Hayden yelled. Staravia took off in flight and tried to dodge most of the stars, but it's efforts were in vain. The attack hit and the bird fell, barley catching itself at the last moment. Hayden was angered by Dana's attack. "Staravia, use aerial ace!" The bird Pokemon aimed at Eevee and headed straight toward her at full speed.

"Use quick attack to dodge!" Dana yelled. Eevee moved out of Staravia's path just in time. "Good job!"

"Wing attack!" Hayden ordered his Pokemon with grinding teeth. The Staravia took aim at Eevee and dashed toward the small brown Pokemon.

"Try to jump on Staravia's back!" Dana yelled.

"Vee!" Eevee said, acknowledging Dana's command. As Staravia came closer, Eevee got ready to jump. At the last second, Eevee jumped, avoiding the attack and landing on the back of it's opponent.

"Shake it off!" Hayden yelled!

"Use bite and hold on!" Dana hollered. Eevee imbedded it's teeth into the back of Staravia, who was zig-zaging in the air trying to get rid of Eevee.

Now what? Dana asked herself. She was at a lost. If Eevee was a Jolteon, she could just zap the Staravia. But all she had was Eevee. She bit the bottom of her lip as she tried to think of a next move. The Staravia flew straight toward a branch than hung low, sailing right underneath it while Eevee took damage and was forced off the starling Pokemon.

"Eevee!" Dana yelled, surprising herself. The small brown Pokemon looked at Dana to assure her than she was okay. Dana nodded.

"Wing attack, Staravia!" Hayden ordered.

"Swift!" Dana yelled. Eevee sent bright yellow stars toward Staravia, who flew straight into the attack. "Now use quick attack!" While the Staravia was still on the ground, trying to shake off the effects of the last attack, Eevee slammed into it's left wing at a incredible speed.

"Staravia, get up!" Hayden yelled. Staravia tried to get up and fly, but it was too slow and Eevee hit it again. Only this time, Eevee had managed to flip the Pokemon into the air. Seeing an opportunity, Staravia began flapping it's wings. It was air-born once more. "Use double team!" Hayden yelled. Staravia nodded and suddenly Dana and Eevee were surrounded by a bunch of Staravia.

"Uh oh..." Dana muttered, trying to think of what to do next.

"Use areal ace!" Hayden yelled. All the Staravias aimed at Eevee at once. The real one hit, and Eevee flew across the field, landing in front of Dana.

"Eevee!" Dana went to make sure her partner was okay. Eevee had fainted.