Gosh, hi, yes, I know this seems like a chapter and I know you'll all likely want to kill me (which honestly I,,,,,,,,I'm not surprised about) BUT YES HI I'M ACTUALLY ALIVE ! I'm here to answer some of your messages- and to give you a bit of an explanation. I hit a rather rough patch with my muse and with my life, but I'm back on track now and feeling better than ever. That said, I've just decided to repost the original chapters.

I really was feeling horribly self conscious there for a while, and was consumed with constant insecurity. That's no fault of yours; you've all been exceedingly kind to me and I've loved each and every one of your reviews. Still, I couldn't really deal with the self consciousness, and just decided to take the original chapters down. Which, not my greatest idea, as I really just kinda screwed you guys over, I think. But yeah.

I don't know if I'll return to this story. I'm so completely gratified and flattered that so many of you had stuck with it for so long, and that you've come back to check for updates- but the muse isn't there anymore, and I can't seem to write anything that I feel is worthwhile. That said, there's no telling if one day I'll wake up and suddenly post all of your prompts, but I just wanted to update you all on how that likely won't be happening. I'm reluctant to shut that door, but it is what it is. The Daemon AU really ended up feeling a bit like a grand finale.

I'm so sorry for such a long leave of absence, and no explanation for so long, and I hope that you've all been well- I've missed you. Please read on if you would like some further explanations, but you are, of course, under no obligation to do so.

Guest said: "Why oh why did you take those down? They were great! Those chapters will be well missed." I took them down because I was suddenly outrageously self conscious about my writing and about myself in general, and I realized that I wasn't in the place I wanted to be with my writing. Consumed by the never-ending Cringe Attacks, I figured the best thing to do was take them down and edit them (characterization, grammar, etc,) and just never actually managed it. That said, I'm hoping that this summer will be The Summer that they go back up-and if I don't actually manage to edit them, I swear to you all that the originals will be put back up.

Charlie said:"Please please please bring back the original early chapters. Please. I'm begging you to repost them. They were perfect to me. I loved reading them over and over and I recommended them to my friends. Please." Oh, Charlie-I'm so sorry to keep you waiting so long, and it means the absolute world to me that you thought they were so perfect and you even recommended them to friends. Truly it does. I'm so sorry that you've missed them so. 3

Tracy said: "I know it's been well over a year... But missing chapters? New chapters? Should I give up hope? What you have is great I would just love to read more!" Hey there - The missing chapters are back up, I'm happy to say, and though I'm reluctant to say that no new chapters will be posted EVER, I will say that they're not going to be posted for now. Thank you so much for your review, it made me feel like a million bucks.

Sierra said: "Soldatino? Next part please!? I know it's been years but I've never stopped checking, please finish?" Hello there my friend- yes, it has been years, hasn't it? time flies- but your review was so lovely and sweet. Thank you so much for staying with this story for so long, and I'm sorry to leave you hanging like this. I appreciate all your support and love.

That's really it folks, and I'm so sorry again to keep you waiting so long. Thank you so so much for all your faith and all your support in me. It means so much. My best wishes to you, and all my love.