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"I know my father asked you to talk to me Elisa but I'm fine. I just need some time alone."

"I hear you've had a lot of time alone, especially with Broadway and the terrible twosome in Avalon. Tell me the truth Angela, is this because of Demona?"

"I just need to make my heart understand what my head already knows."

"Which is?" Elisa pressed.

"That she can only love me if I turn my back on my father, the man that I love and the woman who raised me and join her in destroying humanity. I can't do that, even for her love."

"You shouldn't have to," Elisa said putting her arms around the female gargoyle, "And if she ever really loved you she would never ask you to."

Elisa could feel her wall lowering and Angela began crying. She just held her close and as her mother used to do with her when she was a child, she spoke lightly and made sure every touch and word was filled with the love she had for her.

She envied Demona for having the one connection to Goliath she would never have and wasting it. She in no way wanted to lose Goliath to his former lover, but if she had found out about Angela and she were Demona, She would be using it as an opportunity to get to know her daughter and rejoin her clan. But she wasn't Demona and never would be. She gave a silent 'thank God' and continued comforting the crying gargoyle in her arms until she felt her fall asleep in her arms. Elisa rested Angela's head in her lap and stroked her hair as she had done with Goliath the night before.

Every time she thought of him, the dream came back to haunt her and she though of him often. "Oh Angela, I wish that you could just feel better. I wish I could take all this pain away." Elisa heard the doorbell and carefully eased herself from under Angela, to answer the door.

"Oh hello Fox."

"It's Janine."

"Janine, can I help you?"

"No, but I'm here to help you," she said pushing past Elisa into her apartment. She saw the sleeping gargoyle on the couch. "Is Angela okay?"

"She's hurt and the heart takes longer to mend."

"How's your heart mending?"

"My heart's never been broken, Fox." She intentionally used the other woman's former alias to make a point. They were never friends. Over the last year they had all learned to live with each other but she and the other woman had never truly bonded.

"I saw your face when you thought Goliath was gone. I saw you hold that young woman in your arms like she was a small child and I could tell your heart was broken. You need to talk to someone, and I'm volunteering."

She took off her jacket, hanging it over the back of the couch, walking around Elisa's apartment aimlessly. She looked down at Angela on the couch and bent down, kissing the gargoyle's forehead.

"How long do you think it's going to take her to realize that Demona can never be the mother she wants or needs?"

"She already does, she just can't make her heart understand. She wants a mother Fox…Janine. One who isn't using her to further her own sadistic plans to kill her father and family."

"I didn't mean to upset you. I really do care what happens to her for several reasons."

"Enlighten me," Elisa said walking to the kitchen.

Fox followed her while answering her question. "For one, Alex loves her almost as much as he loves Lexington. Since she's been this way, she barely spends any time with him and it's like he knows because he cries a lot these days. My other reason may sound strange to you but listen well. I don't want to see Goliath hurt. He loves that girl and if anything happened to her he would die. I know because of how I feel for my son and we can relate that way."

"So you know so much about Goliath now?"

"No Elisa but I'm trying. Now that things aren't so dangerous anymore, I'm realizing that I want to get to know them. I have something in common with Goliath as a parent and as someone in love."

"Goliath's in love?"

"Don't be coy Elisa. I know you both have very strong feelings for each other. I'm just wondering why you've been so scarce recently."

"I've needed some time alone. I have a lot on my mind."

"What is on your mind Elisa?" Foxx walked over to her refrigerator, opening it and perusing for something to drink. Pulling out a bottle of water, she closed the fridge and returned to her seat around Elisa's kitchen bar.


"Stuff like what? I've never seen you around another woman, so I am figuring you have no female friends and since we already spend unusual amounts of time in the same place you could take advantage of the opportunity."

"Janine, thank you for your offer but there's nothing on my mind."

"Oh there is and I believe it has something to do with that young woman," she said pointing to Elisa's living room, "and her father. You love her like a mother should. You would die for her or kill for her without a thought. I can see it in your eyes. You love them both and you need to just let it be, don't question it."

"There's more to it than that and I can't have this conversation with you." Elisa stood up and walked into the living room to see Angela stirring. She was talking in her sleep and tossing and turning. She put her hand on her arm. "Angela."

The girl flew up and into her arms. "Oh Elisa I was having the most awful dream."

"It's okay Angela, it was just a dream."

"But it seemed so real."

"That's how dreams are sometimes. You want to talk about it."

"It was Demona, she told me I needed to choose or she'd kill them. She killed them anyway and when she tried to kill you and she couldn't she would just got angrier. She said it was your fault Goliath left her and that you were trying to steal me away from her too and she'd see you dead for it."

"She's almost right," Janine said coming out from behind the wall where she was listening in. "Hello Angela."

"Janine, spying as usual."

"Old habits are hard to break, young one, but I stand by convictions."

"You're not helping," Elisa said.

"Let me explain myself. Your dream is true with the usual Demona spin on things. Though I myself never really knew her, David has told me about her psychology is often..."

"Father calls them half truths," Angela interjected.

"Yes," Janine continued, "and in her mind Elisa has done all that but the truth is Elisa loves you and Goliath. It is unconditional." Janine looked directly at Angela, making the rest of what she said clear to the gargoyle before her. "We both know that she cares for Goliath a lot more than either of them wants to admit and that they are willing to give their lives for each other. She also loves you like a daughter and would also give her life for you."

"That's irrelevant. Angela knows the clan is my family."

"You really think that?"

"I thought you all knew that."

"Yes," Janine interjected, "you would fight for all of them but for Angela and Goliath you would die.

"You keep bringing up that point," Elisa said getting up. "What is your point? They are my family. The trio is like my younger brothers or like my sons and Hudson is like the grandfather I never really got to know. And yes, Angela and Goliath are my family. So what? None of this is news, everybody knows."

"I didn't know Elisa, but I understand now." Angela stood up then hugged Elisa fiercely, "thank you…..mother." Angela went to the window preparing to leave when Janine stopped her.

"Angela, could you wait for me please?"


"I promised David I wouldn't come back alone."

"And you always keep your promises to him?"

"I try."

"I'll be outside. Don't be long, I want to go home." Angela walked out onto the patio, closing the door behind her.

Janine looked at Elisa, beckoning her to sit. "Now tell me the rest, the short version."

"Can I trust you?"

"If you're asking if I'm running home to tell Goliath, the answer is no. Am I going to lie to him if he asks, no. I'll tell him only what I think he needs to know, otherwise, I know nothing."

"Your mother came to me in a dream."


"Yes and she said she knew what I wanted and was willing to give it to me while giving me time to put my affairs in order."

"What is it that you want?"

Elisa took deep breath and looked away. "To be a gargoyle."


"I saw it in a dream, we were happy. We fought about my change more than once but by time I woke up, I was pregnant and we were ecstatic."

"That was quite a reverie," Janine said not completely surprised by Elisa's confession. "Now the question is; what do you want?"

"I can't leave one family for another."

"No but you can't spend the rest of your life unhappy either. I thought you were going to pass out in that prison when I said I was in love with David but I was. He may not have been your idea of the man or your dreams, or mine but the heart wants what the heart wants. You don't choose who you love Elisa, just whether or not to be happy with who your heart has chosen."

"What about..."

"What about what? Sex? Babies? Let everything happen in its own time." She stood up looking at her watch. "Dear god, I have to go. If I don't get home soon, David is going to have an aneurysm." She began walking toward the patio when Elisa stopped her.


"You're welcome; we girls need to stick together. And by the way, as much as I'm sure you like your privacy, the castle walls are concrete and barely a word gets out."

"I don't think we're at that place yet."

"Right," Janine said dismissing Elisa's statement. She opened the door the patio and glanced at Angela.

"Ready to go Angel-face?"

"It's about time."

"Bye Elisa," Janine said wrapping her arms around the female gargoyles neck as she picked her up in her arms.

"Thanks for the visit you two."

"See you tomorrow, mother." Angela stepped off the patio and into the brisk wind. Elisa watched until they were out of sight.

"I love you too, Angela," Elisa said walking in from her patio, closing the door. She walked into her bedroom and fell straight asleep, fully clothed. She felt better than she had in weeks and began understanding what she needed to do.