Author's note: The SDCC panel and the Star Wars special got me back into this fandom and I thought hey! Let's write some one shots! Each chapter will be a new little story. Some will contain MATURE SITUATIONS where all characters are older and consenting. Nothing explicit, just mature ;)

Today's story is Phinabella based. The news about the upcoming age-up episode got me hyped, but my headcanon has them start dating in high school. Here's my take on the subject of Phineas and Isabella!

All characters (c) to Disney

Finally Happening

Puberty had hit Phineas Flynn like a rocket powered train carrying nothing but cement blocks. His peers still teased him that it took till freshman year of high school for the boy to realize the opposite gender could be a lot more interesting to stare at than his blueprints. And it was the day Isabella Garcia-Shapiro showed up to homeroom in a new dress that hugged curves she'd been developing all summer long. Curves hidden under summer t-shirts. Curves that made Phineas look up from said blueprints.

She'd said good morning to him like she always did. He suddenly had forgotten how words worked. She took the seat right in front of him like she always did. He dropped his pencil, letting it clatter to the floor and stay there. She flipped her hair over her shoulder, much like she had always done for as long as he'd known her. And the world dissolved around him.

Had the girl that lived across the street from him always been so captivating? Oh sure, she was adorable with her charming angelic catch phrase. And when she tilted her head to the side. And when her smile made her eyes squint.

Was… was he attracted to Isabella?

Phineas contemplated that thought all through home room. He had watched his step brother, a half year older than him and there for a sophomore in high school, leave a trail of broken hearts wherever he went. Ferb was a ladies' man, through and through.

Even if the red head was attracted to Isabella, he was clueless how to approach the subject. Phineas wasn't quite the Casanova his brother was. He wasn't sure he even knew how to flirt. And he'd only been to one dance in junior high where everyone had just gone as friends.

He'd finally shaken himself out of his stupor around lunch time when he stumbled to the table and sat beside his brother.

"Ya alright there, dinner bell?" Buford asked between bites of his sandwich as Phineas struggled to pop the top of his soda can.

"High school still does dances right? Like junior high did? With the gym and the dark lights and the punch and stuff?" the fourteen year old blurted out, giving up on his drink and staring down the other boys like his question had been the most important one he'd ever asked.

Ferb, Baljeet and Buford just stared at his lack of context.

"…well?!" Phineas gestured desperately.

"Yes Phineas, high school does… dances," Baljeet raised a brow. He looked to his friend's step brother for confirmation that the fidgety boy before them hadn't undergone a lobotomy since yesterday. Ferb merely shrugged and opened Phineas' soda for him.

"Okay good. Good…" Phineas muttered, tapping his finger tips together as he stared down at the table top. Asking Isabella to a dance could be a good way to move away from a friendship. Wait… move away from a friend- could that be a bad thing? Would that ruin them?! Maybe this was a bad idea.

Buford and Baljeet shared curious looks before returning them to Phineas. "….Why?"

Phineas looked back up and around at his friends as if he just realized they were sitting there despite having asked them a question. Ferb rolled his eyes and finished the bite of his sandwich, setting it back down on the wrapping. "Judging by the sweaty palms, shaking fingers, paranoid pupil dilation and of course the suddenness of such a question… dear brother, might we be experiencing our first foray into the world of dating?" the corner of Ferb's mouth turned up ever so slightly as he teased his step sibling.

Phineas immediately tensed, Baljeet and Burford grinning excitedly across the table from them.

"You're kidding me! Dorito head's balls finally dropped?!"

"Buford!" Baljeet glared disapprovingly.

"No! No this is rich! This is comedy gold!" the larger boy slapped his palm down on the table top. "This day needs to go down in the history books! So who is she?!"

Phineas tensed further, slowly sinking in his seat as the three boys stared him down expectantly. When they were given no immediate answer, Buford cleared his throat awkwardly.

"… who is… he?" the former bully tried to ask sensitively, making Baljeet bring his palm to his face.

Phineas groaned, burying his face in his folded arms across the table top. Ferb gently rested his hand on his best friend and brother's shoulder, patting gently.

"Hey, I didn't mean it like that!" Buford tried to recover. "I'm sure he's great! I'm sure he's-"

"I'm not gay Buford," Phineas' muffled response cut him off, keeping his head buried.

"Not that there would be anything wrong with that!"

The comforting feeling of his brother's hand on his shoulder coaxed Phineas to sit back up. "You guys are not going to believe this," he sighed, picking up his fork and moving around the food on his plate, the other hand propping up his head as he avoided eye contact.

"Hey, I already can't believe we're having this conversation," Buford went back to his sandwich.

"Homecoming is next month," Baljeet informed, picking at his salad. "So do not leave us hanging. Spill… Who is it?"

At his friends' expectant looks, Phineas bit his lip. With all the torture and anxiety a teenager could muster, he sighed, glancing across the lunch room. He knew exactly where to look. Six tables to the right of the dessert bar where the former Fire Side troupe 46231 all sat together. And there she was, the center of the group, giggling and throwing French fries at Ginger as the rest of the girls laughed. Phineas felt as if his face were melting just at the sight of the adorable crinkle in her nose as she laughed. Had that always been there? "Isabella looks really pretty today, don't you think?" he mused, answering the group's question.

He was instantly aware of how incredibly silent his own lunch table had gotten. Peeling his eyes away from the girl across the room, Phineas found himself the subject of the most uncomfortable stare down he'd ever known. And he was used to being stared at. You don't suggest making a giant ant farm without getting a few stares.

The boy wrung his hands nervously. Great… he knew in the back of his mind this wasn't going to work. Isabella was part of their core group, an important member of their team, one of their best friends since they were toddlers. Surely the table would forbid him from such frivolous emotion-

"Wow Ferb… you totally called it."

"Hey I was only two years off!"

"Do not throw a fit Buford, just pay up," Baljeet rolled his eyes as he and Buford pulled out their wallets in response to Ferb's outward stretched hand. Phineas raised a brow in confusion as he watched his brother palm the money. Baljeet couldn't help but snicker at the oblivious look their friend still wore. "Oh come on, Phineas…. You can not possibly be that unaware."

"No, I'm pretty sure I'm the right amount of unaware."

"For a genius, you sure are stupid," Buford said, finishing up his lunch.

"I'm stupid because I didn't know you had a secret bet with Ferb?" Phineas crossed his arms indignantly.

"No, you're stupid because the bet was made four years ago about when you'd wise up to Isabella's crush on you," the football player explained.

Phineas' eyes widened and his hands dropped into his lap. "…. Her what?"

The three other boys once again shared disbelieving looks. "Hold up, wait…. You did not know?" Baljeet blinked.

"She has a crush on me?" Phineas felt his heart leap up into his throat.

"If you did not know, then why are you suddenly interested?"

"I-I don't know!" Phineas tossed his arms up. "I-I just… and she… you see, this morning when- I don't know!"

"Does this void the parameters of the bet?" Buford eyed Ferb who folded his arms defiantly.

"How could you not KNOW?!" Baljeet didn't know if he wanted to laugh or strangle the young inventor.

"I thought we were just best frie—wait… four YEARS?!" Phineas paled.

"All of this is being added to my stand up routine," Buford snickered.

"Actually, I think she may have started liking you a few years before that even," Baljeet hummed, watching the realization sink in for the red head.

"B-but we were like 10!" Phineas stuttered.

"Girls mature at a younger age," Ferb piped in.

"You knew about this?! And you didn't tell me?!' Phineas casted a scorned look at his brother.

"It wasn't my place to reveal her affections," Ferb defended himself. "And besides, she asked me not to."

"Oh my god…" Phineas groaned, his forehead hitting the table, overcome completely by embarrassment.

"What's the big deal?" Buford shrugged. "She likes you. You like her. Go on over there and make shit happen."

"So eloquently put, Buford," Baljeet rolled his eyes.

"I can't do that!" Phineas sat up straight. "She's liked me for years and I'm just finding out now?! What if she's given up?!"

"Last Tuesday she asked if you wanted to go see a movie together and you invited everyone," Ferb pointed out.

"Two Sunday's ago when you built that high powered telescope, she suggested star gazing…. And you again invited everyone," Buford raised an eyebrow.

"I have gone out for coffee with the two of you every Thursday for a month now just because I was standing at the locker when she asked you," Baljeet folded his arms. "You call it 'our thing'…"

Phineas winced, his forehead once again finding the table top.

Ferb rubbed his brother's back between his shoulder blades, quickly seeing how stressed he was getting over this. "Why don't you start small?" he offered gently.

Phineas looked up at him with hesitation, but once again found his gaze drifting across the room just in time to see a lock of raven colored hair fall in front of Isabella's eyes. He slowly smiled again. Phineas Flynn never did anything small. But there was a first time for everything.

Isabella was having the best morning in the history of mornings. Her finger tips touched the velvet petals of the red rose lying across her text book. The simple gesture would have been nice from any admirer. But it wasn't from just any admirer.

She glanced over her shoulder at the boy sitting behind her in home room. Phineas smiled at her, a goofy look across his maw with his chin in his hands. Isbaella blushed intensely.

It was happening. It was finally happening.