This is not good, she not allowed to have wet dreams about her best friend, is she?

Caroline Forbes woke up with beads of sweat in her forehead and an a wet knickers. She sat up and tried to catch her breath, she found her self panting when she woke.

God! She just realized the gravity of her situation, she was having sex dreams about her befriend, who was currently lying on his stomach, on her bed. On her freakin bed with nothing but pants on.

Doomed! That is was she is. The moonlight reflect his scuff. She glanced as the clock, 2:56 it says. It going to be a long night.

Nik and she, grew up together. Nik was an orphan and she being little miss sunshine made it her life mission to be friends with him. She was 7 and Nik was 9, when her father decided to be gay, Caroline's mother Liz went to great lengths for her not to feel alone, so she brings her along charity events.

One charity event was held on Nik's former orphanage. Liz and Caroline visited once a month, then It became twice a month and before they knew it it was a weekely thing.

Niklaus was adopted at the age of 12, by The Smiths from England, they were just settling down in Mystic falls, when they decided to adopt Niklaus along with Eljiah and Rebekah , other kids from the orphanage. The Smiths were loaded, they changed Elijah and Rebekah's family name but not Nik's. Nik didn't want to.

Looking back, she and Nik went to great lengths to keep their friendship strong. Now 16 and Nik 18, and both starting college, she wonders what willl happen when classes starts. Would they be as close? Or would they drift apart? She wish they'd be closer.

"Love" she almost screamed when he spoke. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine"

"Bad dream?" He doesn't need to know how bad the dream was, it was so bad and dirty. "Hey, are you sure? You're turning red"

"I'm sure" she nodded. He shifted and grabbed the duvet. Caroline laid beside him. He wrapped his naked arm around her, but Caroline removed it. she was feeling odd. She need to sleep whatever it is off. Without his muscular arm around her.

"Sweetheart?" He questioned but Caroline had her eyes close already. So he put her arms around her again "Goodnight"

"Good night Nik" Caroline scooted closer, inhaling his masculine scent. Fuck! Caroline wonders if she'll be able to sleep tonight.

She turned to face him, look at his sleeping face, the way his mouth parted slightly. Nope. She don't think she'll sleep tonight, not a chance if Niklaus Mikaelson's sexy arms is wrapped around her.

Something is clearly wrong with her tonight.

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