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End of year 1-

Voldemort's attempt at invading her mind leaves Lyra with some serious mental damage (for the next few months she suffers through nightmares, insomnia and paranoia). While she is still in the hospital wing Dumbledore confesses to Harry that she would have died if it weren't for her connection to Bambi, who nearly died in order to keep Lyra alive. This revelation makes Harry realize how close he came to losing her, he blames himself, since to the best of his knowledge- it was entirely his fault that she was even there. He swears to himself that he will never let her be harmed like that again.

The year ends with the sorting feast, and Gryffindor wins the house cup.

Year 2-

Lyra's encounter with Voldemort has another consequence; in order to protect her mind her subconscious locked the memories of her previous life so deep that she can no longer recall them.

Lyra's parents are concerned about her state of mind, and David mentally debates on whether or not he should let Lyra return to Hogwarts next year. Lyra overhears him argue about this with Alhena and panics. She can't remember why, but she knows she has to go back to Hogwarts, or something horrible will happen. Harry startles when he hears her say this, it resonates with the warnings from Dobby the house elf that's been stealing his mail.

When the twins and Ron come to pick up Harry, because they're worried by his lack of response to their letters, Lyra leaves with them. She later sends a letter of apology to her parents from the Burrow, making up an excuse that her seer abilities told her to. Of course since she doesn't remember her past life anymore- she no longer remembers why she said she was a seer in the first place- but the odd feelings of Déjà vu when she hears of Dobby and the flying Ford make her think that she might really be a seer, and she simply forgot because of Voldemort's assault on her mind.

They all visit Diagon Alley to collect their school supplies and run into the Malfoys. Draco and Harry almost get into a fight, but restrain themselves on Lyra's account. Lucius eyes Lyra with cold disdain, and proceeds to ignore her for the rest of their encounter, or so it seems. When Lyra gets back to the Burrow, where she's sharing a room with Ginny, she notices a small black diary kept with the rest of her books. The name Tom Marvolo Riddle are inscribed in the back. As soon as she reads the name Lyra is filled with a deep sense of foreboding.

At first she's too scared by the diary to do anything with it. But eventually she gets curious, and starts writing in it. When Tom Riddle replies she is suspicious at first, but this is the first time she feels like she is talking to an intellectual equal. Slowly she starts trusting the diary, and forgets about her initial fears. This is mostly because the diary's inherent magic forces her to let her guard down, and partly because her mind is now vulnerable to mental attacks due to the previous damage it has sustained.

The gang returns to Hogwarts. Harry and Ron on a flying car, and everybody else the normal way. Harry, Susan and Hannah notice that Lyra is more withdrawn and jumpy, but the chalk it up to last year's attack. Eventually she starts getting better, ironically enough, it's her conversations with Riddle that help her get over her paranoia and start to relax.

Lyra meanwhile continues to research her potion, which she mentally refers to as Týpseis Potion (Týpseis being Greek for Remorse), she gets permission from Snape to enter the restricted section for her research, and accidentally stumbles upon the Immolavit Magia Potion. This potion was invented by some pureblood centuries ago, in order to increase the magic in old family lines. Initially it appeared to have failed, as the children conceived under its influence more often than not turned out to be squibs. But further research showed that every single one of those squibs ended up having an abnormally powerful child. Almost as though the child was born with two magical cores instead of one. In a further twist of irony, since the squib child was more often than not removed from the family, almost none of the old families could retain the magically powerful grandchildren, who all inevitably went on to achieve great things.

Examples listed-
Salazar Slytherin( of the Pevrell family)
Godric Gryffindor( of the Black family)
Amortentia Malvene(of the Malfoy family)
Fergus Scamander(of the Longbottom family)

The secret of the Immolavit potion was lost over time, and few remember its exact effects. History has twisted the facts such that the only thing most families remember now is that the potion may produce either a prodigy or a squib. Several families have elected to use the potion over the years, despite the perceived risk.

This discovery shakes Lyra up, as it confirms something she already knew. She tries to confide in Tom about her discovery, and her theory about Voldemort being the same, but for the first time he fails to reply as he contemplates what this means for him.

Eventually, she goes to Dumbledore to ask him if this means she stole her mother's magic. He performs a spells and confirms that Lyra does indeed have two cores of magic instead of one. He comforts her by telling her the same thing he will eventually tell Harry- "It's our choices that define us".

Starting with Halloween, Lyra starts having gaps in her memory. She thinks its because of what happened at the end of last year, and because she doesn't want to scare or worry anyone, she stays silent and says nothing. Every time she starts thinks of how coincidental it is that her black outs match with the attacks on muggleborns in the school, Tom diverts her thoughts to other matters and erases the idea from her mind before it can take root. At night she dreams of things from her past life, and her dreams keep getting increasingly violent as she remembers the abuse from her past life. Tom sees a part of this, and begins to empathize with her again. He starts referring to her as mikro (greek for little one).

Eventually she breaks down when she goes to see Bambi one day, and when the unicorn touches her, she gains a moment of lucidity, and realizes what's happening. She tries to get rid of Tom Riddles diary, and it somehow ends up with Harry.

The diary shows Harry how Hagrid was attested for opening the chamber.

When Lyra sees Harry with the diary, she is scared for him. Without thinking it through, she summons the diary from Harry's bag during their next herbology class. As soon as she holds the diary in her hands, she falls into its thrall again. By now, she has had enough dreams to remember exactly what the diary is, but her mind is still weak, she can't fight its compulsion.

Tom is furious with her for trying to throw away the diary. He makes her leave the message "Her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever" and takes her down to the chamber.

As soon as Harry hears it's Lyra that has been taken to the chamber, he tells Ron to get help, and rushes to the chamber alone.

Consequently, when he gets there, Lyra is still conscious, but just barely. Riddle steals Harry's wand, and calls the basalisk to kill Harry. Lyra, seeing Harry in danger, is jolted to wakefulness. She takes out her wand and duels Riddle (who she thinks is much stronger than he was in the original story- possibly because he has been recharging himself with her magic, which is stronger than Ginny's).

Harry kills the basilisk with Gryffindor's sword. Lyra, is still in middle of battling Riddle, who is definitely stronger and more experienced. She shouts out to Harry, and he instinctively knows to throw the sword to her. Lyra distracts Riddle with an Incendio to the face as she grabs the diary and tears into it with the sword.

As soon as Riddle is defeated, she collapses. She wakes up to find herself in the headmaster's office, where Harry has just finished explaining the events of the day to Dumbledore and Lyra's parents as well as the rest of the Hogwarts staff.

David is extremely upset with how Lyra almost died again. He tells her that if she has to continue her magical education, she will do it elsewhere or not at all. Seeing that he is extremely serious, she decides not to push the issue, and agrees.

In the last week of Hogwarts Lyra finally completes her potion. Snape tells her that if it works the way she thinks it will, she will be eligible for a Mastery in Potions. Snape and Lyra approach Dumbledore for help with the testing of the potion. Dumbledore reluctantly agrees and sends a missive to the Ministry of Magic to discuss the possible testing of the potion on a convicted criminal.

Before the end of the year feast, Hufflepuff house throws Lyra a huge farewell party. Most of the other houses join in as well.

Harry is upset with Lyra. He doesn't want her to go to a different school. He confronts her at her farewell party, and tells her that she leaves, he will too. She convinces him not, telling him that he'll always see her in the summers, but if he leaves Hogwarts, he may never see his friends here again.

Year 3-

Lyra is enrolled in Beaubatons Academy, and has to take placement tests over the holidays to get into the classes of her choosing. Unlike Hogwarts, Beaubatons allows students to skip grades if they are good enough. Even though the Professors are not as renowned as the ones in Hogwarts, they make up for it, by offering a wider variety of subjects. Also, (to Lyra's horror) students are required to attend at least one talent class and deportment class.

She has to take at least five of the core classes (Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Battle Magic, Runes , Magical History, Herbology)[The ones she doesn't take this year can be completed in a different year], at least two electives (Arithmancy, Astrology, Divination, Magical Beings, Wizarding Political Studies)at least three Mundane courses (World History, Literature, Geography, Science, Computer Studies), one talent class (Musical instruments, Singing, Drama, Dance) and finally at least one deportment classes (Languages, Social Politics, Etiquette).

Overall she will have a minimum of at least 12 courses per year, and at most she can take up 23 courses a year and graduate early. Of course she's not crazy enough to go quite that far.

Meanwhile, the Ministry approves of her potion's testing and a random convict is chosen from Azkaban. The random convict turns out to be Antonin Dolohov. During the process of removing Dolohov from prison, Sirius Black finds the opportunity to escape Azkaban.

Alhena sees Sirius Black on the muggle news, and for the first time finds out what became of her family. She is upset because she believes he really did murder all those people, but then Lyra assures her that things are not what they seem, and tells her they'll be meeting Sirius soon.

Sirius arrives at Privet Drive looking for Harry in his animagus form, and runs into Lyra, who takes him home under the pretense of wanting to feed the poor starved looking stray 'dog'. When Sirius arrives at Lyra's home and sees Alhena, he first mistakes her for Narcissa, until David calls out for Alhena by her name. He realizes that this is his sister, and that his parents lied to him about her death all those years ago.

Before he can make up his mind on what to do now, Harry bursts into the house, loudly complaining about that 'stupid, idiot, fudge-for-brains Aunt Marge'. When Lyra asks him what happened he recounts what happened at dinner, and how he blew-up his 'Aunt'. *Sirius is mentally rolling on the floor in laughter*

When Harry suddenly remembers the permission form for Hogsmead, Lyra surprises everyone by stating his Godfather would probably be happy to sign it for him, looking pointedly at Sirius. He realizes that the jig is up and changes back to his human form.

Everybody panics.

Lyra manages to convince them that he's harmless. David and Alhena believe her immediately because of her "seer" powers. Harry and Sirius find out she can see the future. Harry is upset initially, but then she explains legilimency to him and he understands better why she kept her "power" a secret.

Sirius has a long conversation with Alhena where he tells her that everyone in the family was told she was dead. The brother and sister have a long over-due tearful reunion. Sirius spends the rest of the summer recovering under Alhena and David's care.

Lyra collects a few memories from Sirius and anonymously drops them off at the Ministry of Magic. (Memories- [1] Peter Pettigrew changing into his rat animagus form [2] Fidelius being cast at the Potter's home, with Pettigrew as the Secret keeper [3] The events of the night of Halloween 1981.) Another copy of the memories is sent to the Daily Prophet. People start wondering if Sirius is really a Death Eater.

Arthur Weasley being one of the people that have seen the memories sent to the Ministry recognizes Scabbers. Peter is caught and sentenced, Sirius is cleared.

The Týpseis potion is a success, just not in the way she anticipated. Antonin Dolohov became catatonic after being administered the potion. He came back to awareness after a week, and promptly committed suicide. The ministry asks Lyra for the potion's formula, but she refuses, swearing to never use the potion again, except for it's one intended purpose- destroying Tom Riddle's Hocruxes.

Lyra's placement tests at Beaubatons place her at fifth year in almost all her subjects.

Harry's third year is relatively uneventful. Lyra keeps up with him through letters that they write to each other every week.

Lyra is initially picked on by her classmates, but she proves herself to be deserving of her place in the advanced classes. She eventually makes friends, both from her classmates and the students her age that she shares a room with.

During Christmas break, Lyra convinces Sirius to take her down to the village of Little Hagleton. Once there, she pays a visit to Tom Riddle Sr.'s grave. With some help from Sirius she infuses his bones with the Týpseis potion. When Sirius asks her why, she says, "To win the war before it starts. Now it's just a waiting game".

Year 4-

Peter Pettigrew escapes Askaban, but for some reason, the ministry doesn't see him as much of a threat as they perceived Sirius to be. Mostly because everyone always thought Peter was rather incompetent, and the fact that he spent 12 years as a rat certainly don't add to his menace.

The Quidditch world cup happens. Lyra comes over to the Weasley's home so she can go to the games with them. Her parents decide to join them later along with Sirius.

When the run into the Diggory's, Cedric is pleasantly surprised to see how much Lyra has grown in the past year. He's even more surprised to find out they are now the in the same year of their schooling. They keep up their conversation on the differences between Hogwarts' and Beaubeaton's curriculum, even after they reach the camp site. They are so engrossed in their discussion, that they don't notice the other's exchange amused glances, and finally, awkwardly come to realize everybody is waiting on them to get going to their different camping grounds. They part with a promise to owl each other over the course of the coming school year.

Ireland still wins, Krum still gets the snitch. Lyra makes a lot of money from gambling on the outcome (Not with Ludo Bagman).

Death Eaters attack, but flee when they see the dark mark.

New school year begins and Madam Maxime announces that, due to Beaubatons' early graduation programs, students for the Tri-Wizard tournament will be selected on merit rather than age. The fifteen highest scoring students from sixth and seventh year will be allowed to participate in the Tri-Wizard tournament. Lyra makes the cut, but Madam Maxime is reluctant to allow her to enter the competition because of her age. Lyra points out that if she isn't the most deserving candidate she won't be selected anyway. Maxime reluctantly agrees.

So, in October, Lyra returns to Hogwarts, along with the rest of the Beaubatons delegation.

The champions are chosen- Victor Krum, Cedric Diggory, Lyra Addison, and the surprise fourth champion- Harry Potter.

Lyra immediately reassures Harry that she knows he didn't put his name in. He asks her if she knew this was going to happen. She replies that she did. She also knows who put his name in, but she can't tell him yet. He is upset with her for keeping secrets again. She can see him drawing away from her, so in a final ditch attempt to appease him, she swears on her life and magic that every secret she is keeping from him is to protect him. That convinces him, but he's still sad that she is protecting him when it should be the other way around. He asks her if there is something she can tell him, and she tells him not to look Mad-eye Moody in the eyes, and then she tells him exactly what the first task is going to be.

Lyra gets past her dragon by using stealth charms, making herself invisible, silent and odorless. While the crowd is still clueless and waiting for her to come out of her tent, she removes her charms to reveal she has already completed the task in the fastest time yet.

Lyra gets asked to the Yule Ball by Cedric. Harry attempts to give Cedric the menacing Big Brother speech, but it ends up sounding vaguely cute. Harry asks Cho, she accepts. Krum takes Hermione. Ron asks Fleur, but (obviously) doesn't succeed in wooing her. He ends up going to the Ball stag.

*Lyra's dress, for anyone remotely interested, is the one on the cover picture of the story*

In the second task, Harry still has to rescue Ron and Krum has to rescue Hermione. Lyra has to rescue her mother. Cedric has to rescue his father. Harry finishes first, Cedric comes in second, Lyra Third, and Krum finishes last.

Due to the overall scores, Harry and Lyra are tied for the lead, and are the first people to enter the maze in the third task. They decide to stick together rather than compete. They end up being the first ones to reach the cup, but before they touch it Lyra asks Harry if he trusts her. Harry considers for a moment and replies that he does. She says that's good, because his faith in her is about to be sorely tested.

The grab onto the cup together and are transported to the graveyard.

Lyra dodges the killing curse as it heads towards her, before Pettigrew can shoot off another curse, Voldemort recognizes her as the girl who had strong enough occlumency to withstand his attack. He is intrigued, and orders Pettigrew to simply knock both of them out.

When they wake up, they are both tied to headstones and Pettigrew is already halfway through the ritual to bring back the Dark Lord. Harry looks towards Lyra to figure out what they should do now. She discreetly points towards the Tri-wizard cup, but Harry is too distraught and confused to understand what she means to say.

Lyra waits patiently until Pettigrew has already taken Harry's blood and added it to the golem and the (spiked) bones of the father. While Pettigrew is distracted by the pain of cutting off his own hand, Lyra, despite her exhaustion from the last task, nudges her depleted magic stores and manages to banish the cup towards Harry shouting out "Tell Sirius!". Since as far as she knows Sirius is the only one who would immediately recognize where she was.

The ritual works and Voldemort is resurrected. He notices Harry is gone and being completely livid, attacks Lyra with the cruciatus. He keeps her under it for over ten minutes, and then his spell starts to falter.

By then Lyra has already lost all motor control. She suspects she's been permanently paralyzed with the amount of nerve damage he has inflicted on her.

Lyra looks up to see him wide eyed, breathing heavily and holding a hand out towards a floating ethereal light hanging in front of him. As soon as he touches it he screams out in pain as his soul begins to knit itself back together. Pettigrew is confused, and thinking something went wrong with the ritual he decides to flee.

Before Voldemort can recover, he is hit by another floating orb, and then another. It keeps happening over and over until he has lost his voice and can't scream anymore. Lyra watches this happen with a solemn expression, as tears run down her face. Even if it is Voldemort, she can't bear seeing another sentient being in so much pain, she keeps wanting to turn away, but this is happening to him because of her. She did this. So she decides to own up to the consequences and bear witness to what she's done.

(Interlude- Harry is frantically trying to explain to everyone what exactly happened, and looking about trying to find Sirius in the sea of faces in front of him, when suddenly he falters and falls to the ground clutching his forehead. He screams in pain as a globe of light leaves his scar and disappears. Dumbledore watches in horrified fascination, as probably the only one there who can even vaguely comprehend what's happening).

When its over, Voldemort looks up at Lyra with deeply confused eyes. His face soon contorts in anger as he screams out asking her what she did.

"Healed you", She replies quietly.

Voldemort (or was he Tom Riddle now?) slowly raised his wand towards her, but he didn't cast a spell. Instead his eyes looked past her towards Riddle manor. And for a moment Lyra saw true agony on his face. Then he looked towards her again, and confusedly whispered the word "Mikro?". Then he shook his head as if trying to dislodge a thought and looked towards her with something resembling determination and cast a spell, so softly she could barely make out the words. But the green light heading towards her made her eyes widen in horror.

Sirius Black apparated to the graveyard with six Aurors, intent on rescuing his niece. The first this he and the Aurors saw was the young girl tied to the head stone, and the disfigured, snake faced man aiming a spell in her direction. They all acted on instinct, and seven lethal spells headed towards Voldemort at once.

But it was too late, the green light of the fatal curse had already left his wand.

Voldemort, now mortal and vulnerable, didn't even attempt to defend himself from the incoming spells. He fell to the ground, lifeless.

Sirius ran towards Lyra, expecting to find a corpse. Instead he finds her sobbing. Having been released from the ropes that tied her to the headstone, she curls into herself crying.

When one of the Aurors with medical training, finally asks her, "What hurts? What was that last spell he used? What did he do?"

Lyra looks up and finds her voice long enough to reply.

"Healed me".

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