The Journalist in My life

What if Olivia never died? How would that affect Toby and Tia's relationship? It starts from season 5. The majority of the episodes is the same.

"Hey Oz" Toby said as he entered the house. "Olivia what are you doing here?"

"You mean besides waiting for you to come back from IIB. I am having a chat with Oz." Olivia said to Toby "Also I need a place to stay for a while as my apartment building is getting renovated right. So I was wondering if I could stay here for a while."

"Olivia would have to ask Tia about this because of us having a live in relationship I need her yes." Toby said while messaging Tia to meet him at the bar.

"Why did you ask me meet you at the bar Toby?" Tia asked as she found Toby sitting far end of the bar.

"That might be our house is getting unexpected people." Toby said then kissed Tia.

"What do you mean by getting unexpected people? Wait do not answer that Olivia. What does she need?" Tia asked before taking a sip of her beer.

"A place to stay because her place is getting renovated right and I have not given any answer till you say what you want." Toby said while looking at the door.

"It is fine by me." Tia said while taking another sip of her beer.

"Really?" Toby asked looking at his girlfriend.

"Yes really." Tia replied looking at Toby. 'That way she if tries do something it will be under my watch.' To which Toby shock his head.

"So it does not involves anything do with keeping a watch on her huh?" Toby said towards Tia. "Do not forget I can read minds Tia which includes your's now."

Okay I know this is a very short chapter but I need to know if I should continue the story or not.