Finale Summary

The Earthland Fairy Tail wizards were captured, but were saved by Edolas Naruto's group and would save Extalia, the same as cannon. Naruto would face a hidden creature Edolas has kept imprisoned and Edolas Fairy Tail would have a change of heart and join their counterparts. Edolas would end similar to canon, except one major difference, Lisanna's Edolas counterpart is alive and Earthland Lisanna is dead. Edolas Naruto would propose to Edolas Wendy and they would have two children years later. Naruto also became Captain of the Royal Guard.

Riku would face Makarov and lose in a fashion to how All Might defeated All for One. Makarov would die from his wounds and Gildarts would become Master for a little while before giving the title to someone else.

I would go on more, but I feel I can keep elements of the original story for the rewrite. Now there will be major changes for the rewrite, for example, no Esdeath, Silva, Orion or Riku or most of my OCs will be gone. I will also make Edolas Naruto an antagonist in the Edolas arc and write a few chapters set in his earlier years and a change in his origins.

The reason for the rewrite is that I feel I can do better and not rush chapters. I was going to finish Edolas Arc off first, but it's just so difficult to write what I need to and find the motivation. So, fans, I apologise for this and just bear with me.

I did add that I planned to rewrite in a footnote for my other story, but not everyone would read that one, so it's better to tell you now. I like to thank those whom supported this story and that the next story, as well as my rewrite for this one will be better. Naruto will still act the same and I will develop his relationship with others, but this time, his friends will also get more time to develop. Canon will change majorly.

One again, thank you for the support and please PM for any ideas you want to incorporate and I will consider or discuss it with you.