Chapter 1

Tony woke up early one morning with the sunlight streaming in through his bedroom windows. "Jarvis close the drapes." He barked, the AI doing so.

The room became instantly darker, the only light coming from Tony's arc reactor.

"Sir might I remind you that you have a meeting with a special guest today?" Jarvis said, making the billionaire sit up in his bed.

"Dammit that's right!" Tony cursed, swinging his legs over the side of his bed. Tony scrambled to get to his dresser, pulling out clothes.

"Jarvis what time is it?"

"The current time is 9:00 am sir."

Tony sighed in relief. He had plans to meet his little buddy Harley that day at 11 in Central Park. "I'm gonna hop in the shower. Tell me if anyone wakes up." Tony said as he laid his clothes on his bed, then heading for the bathroom.

It took Tony about twenty minutes to get showered and dressed, and another while to do his hair.

He stepped out of his room in a dark grey suit with a red shirt underneath, his purple shades sitting on top of his head.

Tony walked into the kitchen to find his team sitting around the bar, still in there sleep wear.

"Where are you going all dressed up like that?" Clint asked, taking a sip of his coffee. Tony smirked at the archer.

"I have to go meet a friend later today." He replied, grabbing himself a cup of coffee.

"Who is it? A girl?"

"No just an old friend."

The archer slumped in his seat and stared at Steve, who was making breakfast. "Omelets anyone?" He asked, cracking eggs in a bowl.

Thor was sitting quietly, munching on pop tarts, and tried to speak up.

"I gotcha big guy." Steve replied, smiling.

Tony sat down and eat the omelet Steve prepared, as Bruce walked in, rubbing his eyes.


"Wassup sleepy head?" Tony asked, patting him on the back as the scientist took his seat next to Tony.

"Up late. Didn't get too much sleep." He replied with a yawn.

Tony chuckled and checked his watch, the time reading 10 am.

"well yea um guys I'll be gone for most of the day today ok? Meeting a buddy of mine and were gonna hang out."

He got some confused looks and a smile from Thor.

"Who is it?" Bruce asked, sipping his orange juice.

"Just a friend."

"He's not gonna budge. Already tried." Clint said, eating his omelet.

This got a suspicious look from Natasha, but Tony shrugged it off. It's not like he was doing anything wrong.

Soon 11 rolled around, and Tony was tired of playing twenty questions with his team.

"I'm not telling you who it is or where we're goiNg so just back off already!" He snapped. Tony looked at his watch and grabbed his ironman suitcase, getting more suspicious looks.

He then climbed into the elevator and went down.

It was a good 2 minutes before Clint suggested following him, and everybody kind of agreeing.

Tony got to the bottom and climbed into the car Happy had waiting for him, smiling at his buddy. "Central Park Happy." He said closing the door to the car.

The avengers piled into the elevator and made it to the bottom to see Tony driving off in a fancy car.

Clint grumbled under his breath and they followed on foot, careful to not let Tony see them.

After a few blocks, some traffic, and Tony cursing under his breath, the car finally stopped at Central park, and Tony climbed out. "Thanks happy." He told him as the car drove off.

Tony smiled and looked around, pulling off his tie. He set his shades on his eyes and took off the blazer and button up shirt, revealing a black sabbath tee shirt.

Tony stuffed the formal clothes into a compartment on the iron man suitcase and walked farther into the park, unaware of his teammates watchful eyes.

Steve watched as Tony climbed out of the car, then proceeded to take off his formal attire. This mystified some of them, but shrugged it off.

They followed discreetly behind Tony, making sure to stay out of the billionaire's sight.

Tony looked around, happy to be meeting up with his little pal. He saw a bench near the stream with a boy who had shaggy blonde hair and smiled.

He walked up to the boy and grabbed his shoulders, making the kid jump. He turned around and his face changed from shock to pure joy.

The kid stood up on the bench and jumped over it, latching on to Tony's neck, sending both of them falling backwards into the dirt.

At first there was silence, but then they both bursted out laughing, not real from the fall, but from not seeing each other in a while.

"Great to see yea squirt." Tony said, standing up and ruffling the boy's hair.

Clint and the other avengers watched as Tony walked up behind some random 12 year old boy and shake his shoulders, the boy then grabbing his neck and sending them to the ground.

The archer held Natasha back, when their laughter could be heard.

Steve and Bruce smiled, not having heard Tony laugh in a long time. "Who's the kid?" Clint mumbled through the comms, nobody having an answer.

Harley smiled as he was helped up by Tony, very happy to see his friend again.

He noticed the ironman suitcase and ran over to it. "You brought it?!" He yelled, unable to hide his excitement.

Tony chuckled, nodding his head. "Promised ya I would." he said, happy to see the joy in Harley's eyes.

"Can we take it for a spin?"

"I don't see why not."

Tony pressed a button on the suitcase and it opened, revealing two handles. Tony grabbed them and twisted, the suit growing and covering his body.

"The mark 5! So cool." Harley said, maybe a little too excited.

"You ready to go kid?"

"I was born ready!"

Harley climbed onto Tony's back, and they rocketed into the air, leaving the small crowd that had gathered around them.

The avengers stared in disbelief at what had just happened. Tony had helped the kid up, the kid had ran over to Tony's suit, yelled "you brought it?" And then they had taken off in the suit.

"well I guess Tony came to meet the kid." Clint said, climbing down from the tree he was perched on.

"Yea. Who knew Tony of all people could be good with kids?" Natasha said, looking around as the team gathered.

"Let's follow them and see what they do." Clint said happily.

"We shouldn't invade Tony's privacy."

"quit being such a worry wart cap! Don't you wanna know what stark could possibly be doing with that kid?"

Steve nodded slightly.

"Then it's settled. We'll follow them for the day." Clint said triumphantly.

"But no getting involved. Even if there's trouble. Tony will call us if he needs help." Bruce chimed in, getting agreeing nods.