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Chapter 1: A Party?

On a quiet and peaceful Saturday afternoon, four unique titans could be found promptly assembling their way to the tower's operation room after being summoned upon by their leader. Whenever they were being gathered, it could only mean one thing. Crime was on the loose.

The dark and mysterious girl draped in a blue hooded cape, effortlessly phased up through the floor before her leader, awaiting the others as she was the first to arrive. She wore a rather uninterested look on her face despite the imminent danger.

Moments later, the half cybernetic half man appeared through the operation room's hydraulic double doors. Behind him trailed the jokester of the group, whose skin was green with unusual pointed ears.

Last but not least, the beautiful alien princess from the planet of Tamaran flew in with much haste. She landed besides the others. Her entry prompted the leader to turn around and draw his attention to her for only a brief moment before looking to everyone else through his secretive mask.

"What's the problem, Robin?" Asked the machine man.

"Yeah, who are we putting away in jail today?" The green one enquired, pumping his fist in the air.

"Titans. This may be our biggest feat yet. One that we have never encountered before. It will be challenging. Dangerous. And even deadly." He observed them all cautiously while clasping his hands together mischievously.

Three eyes below him all widened with panic to his words since it was unusual for Robin to show much emotion and distress before a battle. The dark hooded girl only arched him an eyebrow.

"We must all be on our guards and..."

"Awe com'on, man! Just tell us already!" The green one shouted, he couldn't take it anymore. He was pulling down on his ears. The Tamaranean covered her eyes, anticipating the worse. The human machine stood tall, ready to fight. The hooded girl however, remained calm and cool as a cucumber, gently levitating in place.

Robin blinked at the goblin looking titan, unamused that he was interrupted so shortly.

"Titans!" Robin shouted, pointing his finger ahead.

They all looked to him, waiting with much apprehension.

"We will be… throwing a party!" Suddenly balloons came flying down from the ceiling as small canons filled with confetti exploded behind Robin. Music from the speakers began blaring some alternative hip hop. The four titans below him all dropped to the floor, twitching in place.

"This will be for our friends from Titan's East." Robin announced with enthusiasm. Yet, the bodies on the floor remained lifeless. His eyes narrowed at them.

"Beast Boy and Raven!" Robin screeched over the speakers, getting them back to their feet. "You two need to go to the market and buy party snacks and food. Now!"

"Do I really need to?" Raven groaned.

"Yes, now!" He yelled to them. They both immediately left the room.

"Cyborg, it is time." Robin paused, a slight pain crossing his face as he heavily sighed. "You may install that disco ball you've wanted so badly."

Cyborg bounced up from the floor, "Booyah!" He quickly went to one of the secret side cubbyholes in the room and opened it to reveal an enormous disco ball. He had been saving it for this moment. He instantly got to work on the ceiling, whistling loudly and smiling side to side. He would also install those flashing lights before Robin noticed.

"And what must I do, Robin?" The Tamaranean asked, the last one to remain.

Robin turned to her, his heartbeat instantly picking up. He hadn't thought of a task to give to her.

"Umm, you can…" His eyes dashed all around the room and halted on the blue goose storage area, otherwise known as the kitchen. It was crawling with dishes, molded food and other things that actually moved. "You can clean the kitchen?" He asked. It had to be one of the worst jobs he assigned. He was about to say something else but she disrupted him.

"Oh, I shall make it most presentable!" She clapped her hands and flew over to the kitchen to get to work, feeling too giddy for such a chore.

Robin quickly huffed and looked to the plasma screen behind him. He was receiving a call from Titan's East. He accepted the call and Bumblebee appeared.

"Bee, where are you guys?" Robin asked in annoyance.

"Would you just chill out!" She shouted into the monitor. "You only told us early this morning. It's 5 hours flying from Steel to Jump!"

"And it's been 5 hours." He muttered, crossing his arms over his chest.

"What was that!?" She shouted back.

Bumblebee had been securely seated inside the fuselage front section, until Robin spotted what looked like Speedy with Más y Menos outside her vessel on the glass looking in.

Bumblebee noticed Robin's disturbed look on his face and turned around behind her and gaped. "Uh, guys. What are you doing?"

"These two can't stay in place for more than one minute." Speedy complained through the speakers, trying to catch the free-spirited twins, "This whole flying and not moving thing is too much for them."

"How did you guys even get out?! We're flying here!" Bumblebee hollered.

¡Más y Menos, sí podemos! The twins buzzed and ran to the end of the T-ship where Aqualad was, away from Speedy's prying hands.

"Uhh." Speedy moaned and crawled in their direction, fearing for his life. Before doing so, he looked down towards Bumblebee's monitor.

"Hey, Star." He grinned.

Bumblebee smacked her forehead while Robin began to spontaneously emit steam from his body.

Starfire heard her name being called and flew over to wave at the monitor, "Hello, good friend Speedy!" She giggled.

"Catch ya later." He winked and continued struggling towards the twins.

"That's enough!" Robin cried, turning off the monitor. Not caring why Bumblebee called in the first place. "Starfire, back to work." He ordered.

"Yes, Robin."

"How's it coming, Cyborg?" He peered up to Cyborg.

"Almost done and ready to go." Cyborg gave him a thumbs up, snickering to himself about the new hidden lights he also set up.

"Good, because I have more for you to do."

Raven and Beast Boy reached the market only to be clueless on what to get.

"Oh, I know." Beast Boy leapt through the aisles. "You can't have a party without chips and dip!" He beamed while grabbing three different salsas and three different salted corn chips. He threw the items into the cart Raven had been moving around with her magic who was seemingly unimpressed about his discoveries.

"Yeah, who would've guessed?" She spoke monotonously, holding a book in front of her face.

Beast Boys eyes lit up as they made it to the next aisle. "Oh yeah, baby!" He shouted, seizing all of what he could. He placed the items into the shopping cart. Raven didn't bother to look up and see what he grabbed.

The remainder of the shopping trip consisted of Beast Boy snatching different and random food items while Raven unconsciously followed with her nose in her book.

"No, no, no!" Robin yelled at both Beast Boy and Raven once they returned. "Ugh, this won't work, guys." He said, tossing the undesirable cuisine known as "tofu" out of the bags and onto the floor.

Beast Boy's mouth dropped, "Hey, watch it, bro!" He dived to the ground trying to catch what he could.

"This stuff is all garbage." Robin puffed and gave up on the bags filled with tofu. He then dug out the chips and salsa.

Beast Boy cringed at his words and brought a piece of tofu close to his chest as he wrapped himself up in the fetal position, whispering to the helpless piece, "Shh, shh he didn't mean it. I'm here for you."

"How does the place look?" Starfire questioned with a bright smile as she walked over. However, she instantly constricted her now glowing green eyes at Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy. "Who has made the mess?!" She nearly screamed seeing the tofu covering the floor.

One thing's for certain, you don't want to make a Tamaranean angry. And right now, Starfire was beyond angry as her hands both began to glow green.

Beast boy jumped into Raven's arms while Robin quickly held up his hands, "Easy, Star." He choked out, "We'll get this cleaned up, right guys?" He turned back to face the others, his eyes just as fearsome as Starfires'.

Raven rolled her eyes and chanted a quick spell. All the tofu suddenly ascended into the air and was pushed through a black vortex she had just conjured. The vortex closed as the last piece of tofu went through.

"Ahh!" Beast Boy shouted, jumping out of Raven's arms and rushing towards the closed vortex. "What did you do?" He cried. All his delicious tofu was instantly gone. He fell to his knees, sobbing in place.

"Much better." Starfire began to smile once more, the glow from her eyes and hands both disappearing. She flew off to clean another portion of the living area.

"All finished." Cyborg packed away his extra tools into a cubbyhole. He joined the group in the kitchen.

"Great, now we just need to wait until…" Robin began, however he was once again interrupted. This time from the double doors opening. His eyebrows began to twitch.

"Hey guys." Bumblebee spoke. Behind her stood the rest of her team; Speedy, Aqualad, with Más y Menos.

"Are we ready to party or what?"

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