Everyone by now, besides Kid Flash, had changed into their swimwear and were heading down to the beach.

Raven levitated along a lounging chair to set it up near the beach. She gently landed on the seat and collapsed back and brought her book out. The ocean air mixed with the warm breeze was deeply relaxing.

Kid Flash waited for the rest of them and eyed them mischievously as they approached. "About time you guys got down here."

He instantly appeared walking next to Jinx. By now, she had gotten so used to him just emerging out of nowhere where it did not surprise her anymore.

"What's that look for?" Her eyes inspected his devious expression.

"Oh nothing."

Starfire along with Bumblebee went trotting towards the water and stepped in.

"Oh, it is most inviting and enjoyable." Starfire gleamed as she walked further out with the gentle waves washing against her legs. Bumblebee kept up.

Jinx walked past Kid Flash to join Starfire and Bumblebee, feeling she is in need of some girl time and wasn't about to stick around to find the meaning for his scheming look.

"Friend Raven, will you not do the swimming with us?" Starfire turned around and called back to her, noticing she was the only other girl and did not want to leave her feeling left out.

Raven pondered for a moment before looking up from her book, "Maybe later." She stated but had no intentions of going in the water.

Starfire and the other two girls continued walking, laughing with one another along the way.

"Now who am I supposed to bury in the sand?" Kid Flash whimpered as he watched Jinx walk out.

Aqualad stood up on a couple of rocks and proceeded to dive into the water with much elegance and grace. He then jumped out of the water with a dolphin by his side and dove back under.

"Show off." Speedy muttered as Aqualad smoothly swam under the waves and had disappeared beneath the depths. Speedy had walked close to the shoreline but observed it questionably before coming too close. By the time he could react, Aqualad jumped high out of the water performing two summersaults and landed right in front of him, getting him all wet.

"Hey, watch it Fish Boy!" Speedy yelled, immediately shielding his head with his hands.

Aqualad laughed and turned around to head out to the girls.

"Take it easy on him. He can't afford to get his hair wet." Bumblebee sneered to Aqualad, the other two girls giggling as they watched an annoyed Speedy.

Speedy's face began to steam as he quickly patted his hair down and marched away from the shore, becoming uninterested in swimming anymore.

"Que el pelo no es divertido." Más whispered to Menos as they walked by Speedy, heading towards the water.

"Vamos a rasurarse una noche." Menos whispered back and they both began to laugh.

"Ugh, you're both lucky I can't understand you!" Speedy hollered while raising his fist in the air, knowing in fact that they were talking about him. The twins continued laughing while they swam out to the others.

Robin was the last to walk down to the beach. He had a football in hand. Speedy caught a sight of it and instantly raised his hands to Robin.

"Finally, someone who knows what's going on." Speedy sighed in relief.

Robin nodded and motioned for Speedy to run back and tossed the ball into the air. As they both tossed the ball around near the shore, Kid Flash looked around with a stumped look on his face. He remained by the shoreline alone.

He paced around the beach, in normal speed, being sure to avoid Robin and Speedy's amusement and held a hand to his chin as if he was in deep thought.

"…and then I told Madame Rouge to," Jinx was retelling the story of how she and Kid Flash met to Starfire who was dying to know the details. However, she caught eye of Kid Flash pacing up and down the beach.

"Hey, Flasher. You alright?" She called out to him.

"I'm busy." He responded without looking to her. He was making patterns in the sand with his feet as he ingeniously stepped around.

She shrugged her shoulders, "Whatever. As I was saying…" She turned back to Starfire and continued.

Kid Flash instantly went to superspeed and swirled around the same area on the beach that he had been pacing.

Jinx ceased talking again to look back at the sand and water twirling around in the air and the large cloud that was forming. Robin held onto the ball as he and Speedy backed away from Kid Flash. Raven peered up from her book.

In only moments, Kid Flash appeared from the sand cloud and stepped back to look up at the sandy air with his hands rested on his hips. As the cloud dispersed from the air, the other titan's eyes all glistened in amazement. Standing about 25 feet high was the largest sand castle any of them has ever seen.

Kid Flash quickly vanished from the beach and returned in an instant later and placed a large blue flag on the top of the castle with a black capital letter "T" stitched in the flag.

"Whoa." Both Robin and Speedy spoke at the same time standing next to each other.

The other titans hurriedly swam back to shore to get a better look.

The twins were the first to make it back and both gazed up at the massive sand castle.

¿Crees que podemos entrar?" Menos questioned. Más shrugged and began walking closer to the castle.

"Don't be shy now!" Kid Flash laughed as he disappeared inside the castle.

The others all gasped as they watched him enter. Then, one by one they all followed in behind. Raven however, remained on the lounging chair figuring someone should stay back for when Cyborg and Beast Boy return.

"Please, what is the name of this unique dwelling? I have never seen any like it before." Starfire admired looking around the main room.

"It's a sand castle, Starfire." Speedy lightly responded.

"They're normally not this big." Robin bumped in, moving Speedy away from her. Both boys scowled at one another.

"Ohhhh." Starfire chuckled.

Inside the main room was a large table centered in the middle with just enough seats to fit all the titans. On the side wall facing the ocean was an enormous window-like opening for an amazing view. Smaller windows were incised on the other walls for more light.

"This is ridiculous." Bumblebee expressed as she inspected the exotic sand plants that were in the corners of the room.

"No kidding." Aqualad agreed as he gawked at the sand Mona Lisa painting hanging up on the wall. The detail with the sand was too thoroughly similar to the originally painting. Aqualad was lured to touch it but Bumblebee quickly smacked his hands.

"Ouch." He whined.

Kid Flash stood on the sand stairs on the opposite side of the room from everyone, "Hurry, there's more." He ran up the steps in normal speed.

"Is it safe?" Robin rose an eyebrow behind his mask.

"Of course. I used my speed to heat the sand up so it melted together and then cooled it down to harden it. Perfectly safe…I think." He cheekily rubbed the back of his neck before turning around.

The gang trailed him up the steps which ended up being a circular staircase. The top led them back outside to a balcony that overlooked the ocean. Of course it was nothing compared to the view on top of the T Tower, but it was fascinating in its own way.

"So beautiful." Jinx spoke as she looked below to all the fine details the castle walls exhibited.

"But not like you." Kid Flash wrapped his arm around her waist as she rolled her eyes while trying to conceal her reddened cheeks. Even though he basked in the attention of other girls, he exclusively craved approval from Jinx.

"Whoa, dudes!" Beast Boy's voice could be heard shouting at the sand castle all the way back from the tower's doors that had just opened. He was seen carrying eight pizza boxes. Behind him was Cyborg who was carrying multiple liters of soda with plastic cups.

Cyborg's eyes went wide as he pushed past a stunned Beast Boy, determined to make it to the castle before him. "Out of my way you little grass stain!"

Both raced down the beach, but Beast Boy came to a screeching halt when they approached Raven.

"Uh, Rae? You do realize that there is a massive sand castle in front of you?" Beast Boy asked, standing on his tip toes to look over all the pizza boxes at her.

"Yep." She answered dully.

"And you don't even want to go in it?"

She didn't respond. She closed her book and glanced up at him. He wasn't sure if she was angry or not. Her face remained blank.

Moments later, she ascended up in the air and glided to the castle and landed on top on the balcony by everyone else.

"Hey no fair! I have to carry all these boxes." He called from below. He quickly ran into the entrance and was astonished like everyone else to all the sand creations around him after setting down the pizza boxes.

Everyone gathered back down to the table in the main room of the sand castle and took their seats and began chowing down on the pizza and drinks. Cyborg alone finished an entire pizza. Beast Boy had ordered his own vegetarian pizza who did not mind sharing with Aqualad.

As the teams finished up, the sun began to fade in the sky while the evening began to take over. It was beginning to grow too dark to see inside the marvelous castle. They all casually talked with one another, enjoying the rare company amongst the teams.

"What do you say we head in?" Robin finally asked after everyone had cleaned the place up.

"Aw, man. Do we have to?" Beast Boy protested. "This thing is so awesome!"

"It's getting dark, BB." Cyborg reluctantly spoke as he held open a trash bag, allowing Bumblebee to throw out their plates and cups.

Beast Boy hung his head down low and left the sand castle with everyone else and proceeded back to the tower.

"So what now, Boy Wonder?" Speedy asked Robin as they all filed back into the ops room.

"I thought we were going to finish our game on top, you know to prove that we're the champs." Aqualad chimed in, high fiving Speedy.

"Is that what you guys want?" Robin provocatively asked.

Both boys nodded in agreement as everyone else seemed on board.

Robin veered to their main computer to turn on the floodlights on top of the tower so that they would be heating up while they all walked there. After changing back into their outfits and throwing out all the trash, they all headed upstairs.

Cyborg was the first going up the stairs. As he opened the door to lead them outside however, Cyborg gasped once he took a look around.

"What is it Cyborg?" Robin demanded, trying to push Cyborg out of the stairwell's doorframe. He glanced over Cyborg's shoulder but couldn't see anything. The floodlights were still in the process of illuminating the court yet Cyborg was half robot with installed night vision and could see unmistakably.

"Damn…we have a problem." Cyborg spoke in an exasperated tone. He walked out of the stairwell while holding a hand to his forehead and closing his eyes.

Annoyed at his friend's vagueness, Robin lunged out of the stairwell with everyone following.

Everyone stood in shock and shared Cyborg's former expression as the horrified problem came to view once the lights were bright enough.

"Are you kidding me?" Speedy yelled as he ran to his team's ship on the landing pad away from the game court. Aqualad caught sight too along with the twins who raced toward it. Bumblebee's face began to twist into absolute rage as her wings fluttered her over to the ship.

The ship was completely torn apart and damaged way beyond repair. All five compartments had been separated from one another. The entire engine appeared as if it were missing along with all the computer systems in each section.

"Whoever did this was just here." Robin deducted as he approached the ship, noticing that the stray wires were still conducting and sparking from being recently cut or smashed.

"I can't sense anyone but us on the island." Raven informed them. "They must have left as soon as they could."

"Who could have done such an awful thing?" Starfire sadly asked as she landed on the ground next to Robin.

Cyborg was up close, examining what he could of the ship. "Man, whoever it was knew what they were doing and what they wanted. They stole the mainframe and the hard drives that store a few of the blueprints to our weapon and defense systems."

"Hold on a moment." Kid Flash muttered. He instantly ran to where his and Jinx's small vehicle of transportation was on the other side of the tower. He never wanted to harm Jinx with his high speeds and did not want to test the theory either.

He returned in a second, "Uh guys, our ship is totally missing. Like 'poof' gone."

"You left the keys in it, again." Jinx crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at him.

"Aw, com'on. It's not like many people can get up here." He protested.

"You're right, people can't just get up here. Not without sounding off the alarm." Robin contemplated. The stairwell is locked at all times and there was no forced entry that they noticed on their way up. "But why didn't the motion sensors go off?"

"What if they flew?" Beast Boy questioned as he picked up a broken part to the ship.

"It's a possibility…but still, Titan's East should have been alerted on their communicators." Robin spoke as he took a closer look at the ship, kneeling down. "Cyborg, check out these cuts here along the dash. They're not completely sabotaged like the rest. What do you make those out to be?"

Cyborg took a close look, but he knew right away, "Oh that's definitely a laser. Look at the clean, smooth cut and…it's still warm." He placed his palm over it.

"Well this is just great!" Bumblebee panted as she stomped around. "How are we supposed to get home now?"

Robin stood back up. "I'm going to check the security footage, which should solve this."

"I'm right there with you." Speedy heatedly stood back up and walked alongside him.

"Is there anything you can do, Sparky?" Bumblebee asked while she waited for him to conclude his investigation.

He sighed as he stood back up, "Sorry, Bee. It's completely totaled."

She closed her eyes and lowered her head.

"Hey, don't you worry." He put an arm around her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile. "We'll find whoever did this and make sure they pay."

They both headed back in to meet up with everyone else in ops.

Robin already had the security footage pulled up and fast forwarded it to the presumed time. Everyone anxiously awaited behind him to establish the culprit.

Robin slowed the footage once something appeared. However the footage became all fuzzy and distorted once a figure could be seen.

"What's going on?" Robin pounded down the computer.

The rest of the team watched from behind in disbelief that whoever was behind it also got to the security cameras and bypassed the motion sensors.

"Can you track part of the ship they took?" Bumblebee inquired, noting that each ship had a tracking device.

Robin began to type away furiously, trying to get a location. However, the computer would not cooperate with his instructions.

Cyborg walked up next to Robin. "Have we been hacked?"

Robin's nose began to flare as he typed in a few commands into the computer to test Cyborg's speculation. As he was doing so, a large face appeared on the screen grinning down at them.

"What the…?" Robin stood back. The face was that of a green monkey whose grin was from ear to ear. The face began laughing and chanting 'hahaha' over and over. Robin quickly ran back up and tried to make the face disappear however his attempts were unsuccessful.

"My systems were hacked?" Cyborg shrieked. "No one does that to my baby and gets away with it!" He yelled around the room, assuming that whoever was behind it could hear him.

Robin, who considers himself a master hacker, was having trouble bypassing the computer program that had slipped past their advanced firewalls. He became more infuriated with each failed attempt.

"Well this would explain the motion seniors." Cyborg began after calming down. He hurried to the front of the ops room and held his hand up near the touch panel that controlled part of the tower's security. "There, that should buy us some time to get this straightened out." He pulled his arm back and joined the others.

"So…"Beast Boy spoke up, "Does that mean someone could be in our tower?" He gulped nervously looking around.

"No." Raven responded besides him. "I already said that I can't sense anyone else here besides us."

"Well what about before?"

Raven looked to him and shrugged her shoulders. He yelped in place.

"Robin, what are we to do?" Starfire worriedly asked her leader as she approached him from behind, placing her hand lightly on his shoulder. His body was severely tensed.

He sighed, giving up with the computer for now. He turned back around, "Bee, take your team and scan the city for anything suspicious. Report to me immediately if you find anything."

Although Bumblebee did not like being bossed around as she was the leader of her own team, she knew that Robin was better at managing and heading strategies than her. She nodded her head and motioned for her team.

"Alright, let's go guys."

Speedy went to grab his bow and arrows and followed Aqualad, Más and Menos, and Bumblebee out of the room.

"Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire, go and search the tower for anything unusual or missing. Including the rooms and hangers. We're blind for the moment." Robin demanded. The three left ops to go investigate.

A small buzzing noise suddenly filled the room. Kid Flash immediately reddened pulling out another communicator from his belt. He looked down at who was contacting him. "Hold on guys, I have to take this." He paced away from the remaining titans.

However, they all drew their attentions back to him as Kid Flash began to speak loudly.

"What do you mean missing?" He asked in a shocked voice to whoever he was speaking with. He started striding around in a circle while running a hand through his hair as he listened to whoever was on the other end.

"Well…I'm sort of in Jump City. Anndddd I think we're having the same problem – That's why no one can contact them." He quieted and listened again.

The other titans, particularly Robin, couldn't contain their curiosity as to who he was speaking with.

"Yeah, I'll let the others know right away." Kid Flash hung up his communicator and sighed. "So, it looks like this is happening all over. More importantly, at the Star labs."

Knowing the reputation of the Star labs, the others all sharply inhaled at once.

"Who were you just talking to? Another titan?" Robin burst out, unable to hide his inquisitiveness. The others all leaned in as well, awaiting Kid's response.

He groaned while he looked to the ground, "That was…"

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