A/N: Okay, this fanfiction is long overdue. Episode four was amazing but I can't believe Telltale just killed my baby Sarah like that. I mean, I knew she was going to die eventually, I just wish her death would have been more peaceful, you know? Anyway, this is a fanfic where Sarah stays alive, and there will be some of my predictions for episode five in here. By the way, I don't like Luke, but I'll try not to let it show in my writing. Be sure to leave a review, and I am still taking requests so just send me a PM. Enjoy.

After saving Sarah the first time, Clementine had doubts. It was bad enough because of the situation they were in anyway, with Rebecca about to have the baby, and Kenny literally hating her guts for trying to save Sarita. She didn't know if the group could afford to keep someone like Sarah around; someone who was just going to give up when things got hard, and albeit Sarah was still a child, Clementine was unsure about all of this. Her emotions were mixed on the decision when she and Jane went to go look for Nick, Luke, and Sarah... If they found them, what would they do? Would they even be alive?

But when she saw Sarah's glasses, she had a change of heart. Sarah was her friend, and possibly her only friend at the moment. It seemed like the only thing Clem could do was piss people off, or get people killed. The least she could do is save Sarah if she was still alive; just help her friend. She knew she had to stop listening to cold hearted Jane, and follow her own heart and head if she wanted to survive this chaotic land.

Things were changing, and Clementine knew that. She realized it when Kenny cursed at her, she realized it when the group was separated. It couldn't be good from here on out, and the little girl was aware of that. The adults knew that she was wise beyond her years, but they couldn't know the agonizing thoughts that were racing in her head right now as she and Jane went looking for the rest of the group.

"Look, I'm gonna level with you." Jane said, pulling Clem out of her thoughts as they walked. "You should know that finding your friends is a shot in the dark." She continued.

"You think I don't know that?" Clementine asked, looking up at the older woman.

"Right..." Jane said. "Sorry."

"It's fine." Clementine waved off.

"But I wanted to talk to you anyway, away from them." She replied, referring to the group back at Parker's Run who were waiting for them to return at any moment. Clementine worried about them, with Rebecca in labor, and Kenny being unstable. "You wouldn't have made it this far if you weren't smart... But still, I gotta warn you." Jane continued. They stopped for a moment, so Clem could hear what she had to say. "That group is cracking, I've seen it before... And well, a lot of times, it's better to be alone."

Clementine frowned, "Being alone isn't all that safe either." She said as they started to walk again. "I know we have problems, but they're my friends."

"Friends don't turn on each other." Jane pointed out. "Like Kenny."

"You don't know what he's been through." Clementine replied quickly, in defense of Kenny. "He'll be better soon."

"We've all been through things, Clementine." Jane shrugged.

"Have you been alone this whole time?" Clem asked.

"No." Jane shook her head. "I had to learn the hard way. But I'm trying to save you that trouble." They walked more, passing a crashed car, and Clementine listened while Jane talked about her sister, Jaime. Was this why Jane acted so tough, because she lost her sister? They walked, until finally, the found the lot full of mobile homes. "Smart haircut." Jane said, interrupting the silence as they searched two dead walkers in front of the mobile home lot.

"Thanks." Clementine said as she dug around in the pockets of the walker. She found a few bullets, some driver's licenses. Nothing too useful.

"So, has your crew always been so dysfunctional?" Jane asked, continuing to search. "You aren't like them. It makes me wonder..."

"I was with a different group before." Clem answered. "It was better... I think. That was when I got my haircut like this." They found another walker in a short distance from where they were, and they went to search that one too. Jane stabbed it in the head with her screwdriver, before Clem helped her roll it over. That was when they found Sarah's glasses, and that was when things changed for Clementine. "These glasses, they're Sarah's!" She exclaimed.

"Looks like your friend didn't make it." Jane said.

"Sarah!" Clementine called out, not listening to Jane's words. "Sarah, are you there?"

"Are you crazy?" Jane asked, covering the little girl's mouth.

"She's my friend!" Clementine said.

"Look, Clem, I know what you want me to say... But-" Suddenly, she was interrupted by Sarah's muffled screams, and the sound of Luke's voice afterwards.

"Sarah, goddamn it!" Luke yelled, and Clem and Jane's attention were drawn to the nearest mobile home.

"Shit..." Jane said looking around at the fenced in area. "Okay, come on... We gotta find a way in." She looked around a little more, until she found a hole in the fence. "Looks like there's a way in over there." She began walking and Clementine followed behind her, just glad that her friends were alive.

"Oh no..." Clementine barely managed to get out as they rounded the corner. Her eyes widened at what she saw. "It's Nick..." She said as she looked at the now walker who was trapped in the hole in the fence. He looked so different, that was what Clem noticed, and she wished that she didn't have to see him this way. She liked to think that he went out in sacrifice, trying to help Luke and Sarah get out of the mobile home. At least he was some help before he died.

"He's your friend, you should do this." Jane offered.

"Goodbye." Clem whispered, before reaching for her small axe, and splitting his head open. Once the deed was done, she reached on the ground and picked up his hat, deciding that she should keep it for memory's sake. It would be a nice gesture.

"It's alright, it's done." Jane said, offering a hand of comfort to Clementine.

"I've done it before." She answered.

"Okay, now let's go get your friends." Jane replied, and handed Clem a screwdriver. "You should use this, doesn't get stuck like that hatchet of yours."

"Thanks." Clem said. She then watched as Jane effortlessly pushed Nick's body off the fence, and they made their way through the hole. Sarah's cries for help could be heard in the muffled distance, and Clementine just hoped that they were safe in that mobile home.

A/N: To be continued...?