Clementine and Jane hid behind an old swing set, contemplating a plan. Sarah's wails and Luke's curses echoed off into the distance. "That don't sound too good." Jane noted. "The clock is ticking."

"I'm ready." Clementine said with a nod.

"I know you are." Jane replied. "We need to get a better look." Clementine peeked around the swing set, and saw two walkers. "You get the one closest to us." Jane whispered. "Then I'll hop the fence and get the other one." Clem nodded, then took off to the nearest walker. She approached it slowly, then sent the screwdriver far into its head. "Nice work." Jane complimented. "You know what you're doing."


"Now, watch this." Jane said as she slowly approached the fence. Clementine obliged and watched as she hopped the fence, and tripped the walker before driving the screwdriver into its eyeball. "Take out the knees first." Jane said. "Alright, now let's get a look at what's on deck." They then hid around the corner of a building, seeing how many walkers that they would actually have to go through to get inside the mobile home. Clem tried to concentrate, but the sound of Sarah's screams in the background made her less focused.

"There's too many." Clem said as she looked at the front of the mobile home and saw all the walkers banging on the door. How in the world were they going to get in there with all those walkers?

"We're not getting in while they're still hanging out over there." Jane said. "Maybe we can get them to move." She suggested. She took Jane's suggested into consideration and looked around for something to get the walkers away from the mobile home with her friends in it. There was a lot of junk if she was being honest with herself, so what were they going to use to distract all those walkers?

Suddenly, a truck got Clem's attention. Opening the door, she saw that it was empty. "What about this?" She called back out to Jane. She honked the horn a few times, and that seemed to get the walker's attention for a few seconds.

"We need to keep it going." Jane said. Clementine nodded, and looked around once more for something to hold against the truck horn so it would keep going. As her golden eyes scanned the area, she noticed a walker dead on the ground nearby. "What are you thinking?" Jane asked.

"We can put him in the truck, keep the horn going." She said.

"Alright, let's do it." Jane agreed. The two girls then grabbed the walker by the hands and drug him over to the truck. Clem opened the door, and they tossed him inside and laid his head on the horn so it would honk continuously. It worked though, and the walkers began to draw away from the mobile home.

"It's working!" Clem said.

"Come on!" Jane said and they made their way into the trailer. Suddenly, the horn stopped, and both of the girls knew that they wouldn't have much time to get to Sarah and Luke now. "Crap, we gotta move it!" Jane said, and they took off running. They made it to the door of the mobile home, only to find out that the door was locked. Clem tried to kick it down, but failed. "You gotta put some muscle into it!" Jane encouraged. After a few more attempts, Clementine finally got the door open. She and Jane ran inside. "Help me block the door, hurry!" Jane said as they grabbed a nearby shelf and pushed it in front of the door.

"That won't hold for long." Clem noted.

Another one of Sarah's screams came from the back of the trailer, and Luke's voice followed, "Sarah please." He begged but once he heard the sound of the shelf falling he yelled. "Who's out there?"

"Luke!" Clem yelled.

"Clem?" He questioned. "Oh thank god... Did Nick find you?" He asked. "He made a run for it, looking for help." Clem noticed that Luke was clutching his side, so he must have been badly hurt.

"I... I saw him outside." Clementine said slowly.

"Look." Jane deadpanned. "He was out there, but we took care of him. You know?" She said.

Luke's face fell, "Fuck..." He whispered. "When I heard y'all banging through the door, I thought the walkers were going to get us."

"Are you alright?" Clementine asked.

"I'm walking." He answered. "Can't do much else though." He continued, "Sarah, she's another story though." He then looked back to the back room where he came out of. "I don't know what to do about her." He admitted.

"What's the matter?" Jane asked.

"You gotta help." Was all he said, then headed back to the back room. Clem followed right behind him though, eager yet frightened to see her friend. "Sarah, look, it's Clem. See? It's just like I told you. They're okay." He coaxed in a gentle voice. The teen girl was perched up against the wall, knees to chest, and rocking herself gently. "Sarah come on, we have to go now..." Luke said.

"Was she bitten?" Clementine asked fearfully.

"No, she ain't bit... She's just..." Luke let his sentence hang. "I don't know, it's just after Carlos, she lost it. Started running through the woods like a maniac. I chased after her for I don't know how long... And then she just came here." He finished his story, and Clementine frowned. It was her fault for Sarah being stuck here, she's the one that told her to run away in the first place. "I'm just glad y'all are here." Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Jane knew that the walkers would be able to get inside at any moment.

"We're not out of the woods yet..." She said.

"What are we gonna do about her?" Luke said, pointing down at Sarah.

"Maybe she'll listen to me..." Clementine suggested.