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5 years later, Jace and I are married, Isabelle and Simon are engaged. Alec is getting ready to take over the New York Institute and met a warlock named Magnus Bane... they're complicated.

When we decided to have a child, we weren't exactly expecting twins. One boy and one girl. Everyday closer to the due date has made us excited and anxious all at the same time.

We normally live in Alicante, but when I found out that having twins means the due date isn't accurate, I wanted to have them in a more modern environment. I love living in Idris, but no cars, cell phones, and modern hospitals doesn't exactly make me feel taken care of.

I remember the day we found out about the twins. Tears streaming down my face as well as Jace's, and then the aftermath back at home.

I woke up from a nap on the couch to find Jace pacing the living rom in front of me.


He started, not expecting me to wake up.

"What's wrong?"

His brows furrowed together and he promptly sat next to me on the couch. "Are we sure we can handle twins? I mean we decided we were ready for one... but two?" He woudn't meet my eyes.

"Jace," I sighed. "Of course we're not ready for two. But we have months to be ready."

He nodded, finally meeting my eyes and I reached up to cradle his face as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"There's no one else I'd rather to this with then you." Tears sprung in my eyes. I blame it on the hormones. "I love you and I'm so grateful to have you in my life. I know you'll be the best father to them. I couldn't ask for anyone more amazing."

His hands moved from my waist to my stomach. The slightest bump wass showing already. "I'd do anything for you, Clary, and you'll be the best mother to our children." He leaned in and kissed me softly. "Thank you."

I wake up to cramps that I recognize as contractions. We went to bed hours ago, and I felt them hours apart from each other before, but this is the first they've been somewhat painful. I count in my head, attempting to time it. It lasts forty seconds.

I reach over to where Jace is sleeping soundly beside me and shake his shoulder. I whisper his name and his eyes open slowly.

"What is it, Clary?" he asks, his voice thick from sleep.


He bolts upright and I would laugh at how anxious he seems if I weren't so nervous myself.

"Should I get stuff together? Should we go to the hospital now?"

I shake my head. "Not until they last for sixty seconds."

"How much is it now?"


He gets up anyways and grabs the bags we've already had packed for weeks. Our doctor told us twins can be sketchy so we've been prepared for a while.

Three hours later I'm lying in a hospital bed, waiting for someone to stick a needle in my back. Another contraction comes on and I squeeze Jace's hand, trying not to cry. I feel his other hand against my face, brushing my closed eyelid.

"You're doing great Clary," he says quietly.

After the contraction passes, I laugh. "Worried I was gonna tell you I'm never having sex with you again?"

He smirks. "Something like that." Then leans over and kisses my forehead.

"You're good at this, you know," I tell him. "If you're freaking out, I really can't tell."

"Oh trust me, I'm freaking out."

Our doctor and a nurse walk in then. "You ready for the epidural?" the doctor asks.

My body's response is apparently another contraction.

Jace is great the whole way through. Letting me squeeze his hand tightly, even if it hurts him. He whispers reassurance in my ear as the doctors tell me to keep pushing.

The epidural makes it easier, but it's still a lot of work.

Mom was really mad right before I was ready to push, because they only wanted one other person in the room with me.

"I gave birth to her!" I hear her tell our doctor. "I should be able to help her give birth!"

I shake my head, and Jace is trying not to laugh next to me.

"We will call you in as soon as we can," our doctor told her calmly. "You'll be the first ."

I speak up. "Mom, it's fine. I'll be okay."

The first of the twins takes a while to push, but the second only waits ten minutes and is out easily.

Once they're both clean and the doctors hand them to me all swaddled. Tears are streaming down my face and my hands start to shake a little. Jace leans over me and I take my eyes off the twins for a second to see tears in his eyes as he stares at them in utter adoration.

"I'm so proud of you, Clary." We peck quickly, as if we can't take our eyes off them for a second.

"I love you."

"I love you, too." He sighs. "By the angel, we did this… you did this."

I nod. "They're beautiful."

"Cecily and Max."

The doctor's let my mother back in just five minutes later, knowing she was anxious and having room for her. But they don't let the rest of the family in for another hour.

Both Cecily and Max have blue eyes. But, as Mom pointed, most babies eye colours will change. Jace is betting on his eye colour, I'm betting on mine. As for hair, they both have strawberry-blonde tuffs.

"Maybe we'll have to try again to get the Fairchild red," Jace says with a smirk.

I shake my head slowly. "No way," I sigh and look down at Max sleeping soundly in my arms. Cecily rests in Jace's arms, who sits in a chair beside me.

He laughs quietly.

I'm exhausted and sore as the door bursts open and Iz comes bounding through. "Where are my niece and nephew?!" she shouts.

Jace shoots her a sharp look.

"Sorry!" she says quietly.

The next through the door is Luke, who sits at the chair across my bed from Jace. He looks down at Max. "So, who are the little rascals?"

"This is Maxwell James Herondale."

"And Cecily Isabelle Herondale," Jace finishes.

Iz squeals.

"Well I'm a little offended," says Alec, nudging his parabatai with an elbow.

"We thought we might leave it for the next one…" he trails off when he sees my horrified expression. "Or Iz and Simon can have it."

Iz turns red and Simon tightens his arm around her. Then she looks at Max. "It's too bad Mom and Dad couldn't come; they're too busy in Idris... Max would've loved him," she says, her voice thick. "Can I hold him?"

I nod. "Of course." As I hand him off I mutter things like, "careful-" "support his head-"

Iz shrugs me off. "It's like you think I've never held a baby before." She looks down lovingly. "This kid is gonna be such a daddy's boy."

Alec laughs. "Don't be too sure, Cecily's already got Jace's finger in her mouth."

"Hey," I scold. "Who did all the work today?"

Luke puts his arm around my shoulder and kisses my temple. "They're gonna love you," he says.

"You two will be wonderful parents," Mom says.

Jace shifts Cecily's weight to have a free hand to reach over and squeeze mine, and I fall asleep for the first time in a while.

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