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\\ . . . // Aibou talking to their Yami

\ . . . / Yami talking to their Aibou

The Blood Shed Past

Enter a Devil

Yugi Mutoh sat in his desk talking to his friends. It was Monday. Joey Wheeler and Tea Gardener were playing duel monsters. Tristen Talyor turned to Yugi.

"So Yugi, did you hear about that new teach?"

"No, what?"

"I heard that he used to be a fighter pilot." Joey looked up from the duel.

"I heard that this guy is tough." (I really don't feel like having to do that accent the entire time) Tea placed a card face down and drew another one.

"Well, we'll find out if the rumors are true soon enough. I mean, he is going to be teaching most of our classes."

"Yeah what's up with that." Joey said as he placed a card in attack mode.

"I don't know you guys, I didn't think it was possible for a teacher to teach so many classes." At that moment Ryou came into the classroom and sat down just as the bell rang. The principle came in. Everyone quieted down.

"Class, as you all know there is a new teacher here today. Because of the fact that several teachers have quiet," At this point he was looking at Tristen and Joey. They were whistling like there was nothing wrong and they were perfect angels. "This teacher will be teaching a lot of classes and not just one or two subjects. I would like this teacher to be here next year, or at least till the end of the month. I would like to introduce you to your new teacher . . ." The door opened and a woman stepped into the class room. She had forest green hair in in a bun, a few well placed stray hairs, a long brown skirt that was to her ankles,black high heels, a red silk long sleeve blouse that was tucked in, and a light brown business jacket that was unbutton. "Ms. Dublin." He smiled at her and left. Ms Dublin turned to the chalk broad and picked up a piece of chalk. Joey and Tristen exchanged an evil glance. Ms. Dublin just finish writing her name on the board and underlining it. She turned to the class. Her violet eyes scanned over them all as pulled a clip board with a piece of paper on it from the desk drawer.

"My name, as your principle said, is Ms. Dublin. For some of you I will be in three maybe or more of your classes. Mainly those of . . ." She looked at the clip board. "Tea Gardener, Seto Kaiba, Ryou Barkura, Yugi Mutoh, Tristen Taylor, and Joey Wheeler . . ." She listed off a few more names. "Alright, I'd like to do roll call now." She went through everyone on the list and only waited for a few seconds to answer. There were some kids who got marked absent because they didn't answer fast enough because they weren't paying attention. Joey was one of them. When she marked him absent he stood up.

"I'm here."

"Alright." Ms. Dublin went on with her roll and didn't change her mark on Joey's spot.

"But I'm here." Ms. Dublin finished the roll call and was about to set it down.

"Mr. Wheeler, I know that you are here."

"Then why did ya mark me absent?"

"Because you didn't answer me when I first called your name."

"But-" Ms. Dublin just lost her patience and slammed down the clip board.

"MR. WHEELER, IF YOU HAD BEEN PAYING ATTENTION THEN YOU WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN MARKED ADSENT! IN ORDER FOR YOU BE BE ABLE TO BE COUNTED PRESENT THEN YOU HAVE TO BE HERE BOTH PHISCALLY AND MENTALLY. NOW SIT DOWN!" Joey shrank back into his chair. Ms. Dublin picked up the board and put it away. "Now class, follow the rules and nothing will go wrong. This is you homeroom class. In it you will finish any homework that you failed to complete the previous night. No talking, no sleeping, no daydreaming, and no doodling. You can read though. Now get to work." (Lady Amaya: She has no heart! Pure evil!) Everyone quickly go to work. Alittle latter after some kid in the class finished his homework he pulled out his deck. He started sorting though it. That was until a yard stick slammed down on his desk. "Mr. Rako, this is not a playground so you will not play that game." Just then the bell rang. Everyone ran out of the class as fast as they could. The next class they didn't have Ms. Dublin. And they were glad about that. Yugi, though was not so lucky. His next class was with Ms. Dublin and his close friends were not in that class. Yami, had talked Yugi into taking Pre A. P. History. Yugi went along with it because Yami said he would take over if it got alittle to confusing and would later break it down for him. And who better to have teach you than someone who lived though it. And this year they were focusing on Ancient Egypt. Another reason why he said yes to Yami. Ms. Dublin went through roll call and then went on with the lesson. Yugi had spaced out the second she turned her back.

\\Yami! You have got to take over! This woman scares me to no end!//

\Why is that light?/ Yugi was about to answer when he heard a slam and someone saying his name. He came out of his trance and looked at his desk to see a yard stick pressed against it. And the person hold the yard stick was none other than Ms. Dublin.

"Mr. Mutoh, sense you seem to already know all about Ancient Eygpt then you can answer my question. Tell me something unique about the royal family."

\\ Yami! If you have any heart tell me something!//

\Like what?/

\\ I don't know! What did you . . . use most of the time instead of water!//

\I think I should take over./ At that moment Yami took over and Yugi went to his soul room.

~~~Light's P.O.V~~~

I saw him change. I had notice that he was wearing a puzzle. It held strong magic, I could sense it. Also with being crimson his eyes be came sharper and held a sense of greatness. His bangs moved. And now he had highlights. I even notice the change in his clothes. Of course I am the only one who can see the change. Because I am the only one that holds great magic other than him. But when I change most people will be able to see it. Anyone was has seen the true magic of the Shadow Realm should be able to tell. But that does not matter. The ruler is lifted from his desk. As it should be. My little Yugi's Yami should not be troubled by such things. He looks so much like his father. Not of trace of the former queen in him. Well, the only thing that can be told that they are related is the fact that neither had just one hair color or a normal hair color for that matter. Yes, this was the Pharaoh Yu-Gi-Oh. He may have died all those years ago but he will always be Yu-Gi-Oh to my dark half. No matter what. His glare is strong as he answers the question.

~~~End P.O.V~~~

Yami looked up at Ms. Dublin.

"The Egyptian royal family members bathed in milk. Some times they would drinks water on special occasions." Ms. Dublin smiled a bit and turned.

"You have dodged the bullet this time Mr. Mutoh, but next time you might not be so lucky. Perhaps I might ask something about the slaves or other such things that don't usually involve the royal family. What will you do then?" Yami had felt the need to be there every single time instead of Yugi when this class started. He always enjoyed a challenge. Next class was Math. Yugi was with all of his friends and Ms. Dublin was not teaching that class. Yugi was alright in Math so he really didn't pay any attention. He got the basic idea and started to talk to Yami. The teacher he had didn't pay attention to anyone. He just went on and on. So Yugi didn't have to worry about getting in trouble.



\\Is just me or does ms. Dublin look familiar?/

\I thought she looked familiar too./

\\Do you know who she looks like?//

\You forget Aibou, I have not remembered all of my past. Only bits and pieces, but I do feel that someone close was similar to Ms. Dublin.//

\\I kinda feel . . . as though she is very important to me. Do you know why?//

\ . . ./

\\Yami? What is it?//

\It's just . . . nothing. It was nothing./

\\Yami! Tell me.// Yami did respond for the rest of the period. Then Yugi went to gym. Yugi tired to talk Yami into coming out but Yami said no. Yugi had Joey and Tristen in this class. Yugi told them what had happen during his History class. They had laughed for about five minutes. Ryou came over to them.

"What'd I miss?" Yugi smiled and Joey filled him in. But it took twice as long because Joey kept on going it to completely different stories. "Whoa . . . sounds like she and Yami are going to go at it for awhile. There's only one problem . . ."

"What's that Ryou?"

"Well Yugi, Yami does have a different point of view than the textbooks so his ideas about things might . . . differ."

"I guess I might have to talk to him about that later." Yugi sighed as he heard the whistle blow. The period was ending early for some student elections. The all the students sat on the bleachers as the rest of the student body climb into the gym and took a seat. They sat there and listened to the candidates. There was a new girl that wanted to be president. She didn't have much to run against. The girl that was the president last year didn't do such a good job. So the day went alright after that. There was lunch. Tea met up with them and had lunch. In the next class they all had each other. And the new girl was there. Yugi walked over and said hi. The girl just looked at her with cold dead eyes. After a few minutes of him standing there and her staring at him he slowly backed away from her and went and sat down. The class was chemistry. The teacher hadn't shown up yet. 'Who does Ms. Dublin remind me of?' The bell rang. As Yugi looked up from his book he realized that the new girl was still staring at him. That sent chills down his spine. It was then that the door opened. And Ms. Dublin stepped into the room. 'Someone up there REALLY doesn't like me!'

\\Yami, I know that you enjoy challenges and all but please don't take control! You blow up the lab!// Yami didn't answer.

"Alright class," Ms. Dublin opened a closet and pulled out a lab coat. "Today we're doing lab work. You may not pick your own partners, I don't want to have a pile of ashes instead of a classroom. You will be in a groups of four. Here are you groups . . ." Ms. Dublin named off all of the groups. Yugi was with Tea, Ryou, and the new girl. Tea smiled at the girl.

"I'm Tea! What's your name?"

"My name is Sakura." Her voice was cold and sounded like it came from a dead person. Ms. Dublin told the class that they would be mixing several different chemicals. The class went fairly well. That is until Joey sent his table on fire. Lucky ms. Dublin had been prepared and had the fire extinguisher out in no time flat and put it out. The rest of the period went fine. Of course Ms. Dublin had Joey just fill out some worksheets to avoid loosing the classroom to fire. The bell rang and everyone scurried out of there. Yugi had literature next. So did Tea. The two manage to get there before the bell rang. Sakura was in this class too. There was no teacher in his class. For about five minutes everyone was watching the door waiting for the teacher. It was then that the door opened and Ms. Dublin stepped into the class. 'This is NOT my day.' The class went fairly fast. There wasn't anything they were doing really. Ms. Dublin just gave them some information on the report they were doing. It was to write about your family. Other than that they just read. Yugi was finally blessed when the bell rang. For the first time ever he was out of school before Joey. He saw his friends walked out of the school. Tristen was joking with Joey. Tea smiled when she saw Yugi. Ryou was laughing with Joey and Tristen.

"Yugi, I didn't think it was possible for anyone to get out of school before Joey." Tristen joked. Tea sighed and shook her head as they walked to the game shop. Yugi wasn't really paying an attention to his friends. He was thinking about the report. 'I don't know anything about my family other than what Grandpa has told me. And he hasn't really told me anything.' As they entered the shop Yugi's grandpa smiled and greeted them. After about ten minutes of talking Yugi's friends left. His grandpa had notice that Yugi wasn't really talking. Once everyone was going Yugi ran upstairs to his room. The second he was in his room he dumped his backpack on the floor and jumped onto the bed. The second he was on the bed he started to silently cry.

\Aibou! What's wrong?/ After a moment of sniffling Yugi answered.

\\Nothing, it's just . . . that project that ms. Dublin gave us . . . I need to know about my family but . . . //

\But what, Yugi?/

\\I know that Grandpa doesn't like to talk about it. Every time I try to ask him he always changes the subject and I don't think I'll every have the heart to ask him and not let him change the subject.//

\I see . . . it is had not to know what your history is . . . /

\\But I remember my past . . . //

\I mean that what the history of your family is . . . /

\\Oh, I get.// Just then there was a knock at the door. Yugi wiped away his tears.

"Come in." His grandpa came in. He sat down on the bed.

"Yugi, what's the matter?" Yugi didn't look into his grandfather's eyes. "Come now, you can talk to me."

" . . . We have to do a report . . . on our family . . ." His grandfather was a bit shocked. Suddenly a chime sounded.

"Yugi, I have to go see what this customer wants, but after dinner I'll tell you what you want to know." Yugi nodded as his grandpa left.

\You see, it wasn't all that bad now was it?/ Yugi smiled.

\\No, not really.// Yugi talked to Yami a bit more about certain things. Such as what he should not mention in History class. After that Yugi did his homework. Of course, it took him alittle longer than need be because Yami talked to him every few seconds. But he finally got it done. By that time his grandpa was calling him down for dinner. They ate in silence. When they were done Yugi's grandpa asked him to do the dishes while he got something. Yugi watched his grandpa walk out of the room as he got up to do the dishes.

\\What do you think Grandpa wants to show me?//

\Yugi, you do realize that you are asking a 5,000 year old spirit what he thinks about something very complex when his is having a hard enough time figuring out the toaster./ Yugi felt Yami smirk. A smile smile crept onto Yugi's lips. Then a small laugh came from him. Finally he was done with the dishes. He hurried out into the living room and sat down waiting for his grandpa. After a few minutes his grandpa came through the door holding a medium size box. He placed it down on a table in front of Yugi. He carefully opened the box. Inside were a bunch of pictures and some pieces of clothing. And some letters and such.

"What are all these Grandpa?" His grandpa sighed.

"These Yugi, are items of my daughter, your mother." He dug around for something. It was a picture. A woman stood there. He wore a simple outfit. A white blouse and black jeans. Most of her hair couldn't be seen because she wore a black bandana. But on her right shoulder rested some crimson hair and on her left some golden hair. He eyes were closed because she was laughing. She stood in front of a tree that was in full bloom. It was light pink flowers on it. The picture was somewhat faded. Yugi held the picture and touched the woman.

"What happened to her?" His grandpa sighed and shook his head.

"I don't know. One day she just left." A moment of silence.

"What about my dad?" A spark of anger appeared in his grandpa's eyes.

"Yugi what I am going to tell you may seem hard to believe but the man who is your biological father is not someone you want to know about."

"Please Grandpa, tell me." His grandpa sighed and nodded.

"His name was David. He and your mother had been dating for about six months. Everyone thought that they were the perfect couple. But I know from what your mother told me that is was not all that great. Are sure you want to go on?" Yugi nodded. "This is very hard for someone to understand."

"Tell me Grandpa."

"Alright then, your mother was a very, very wonderful person. She had her morals in all the right places. But, your father on the other hand was not. He would try to . . . sleep with her for days on end. Your mother was going to dump him. But somehow he found out and was furious. The night you mother was going to dump him . . . he . . . raped her." He looked away fighting the tears. After a moment he started again. "Your mother was found by some joggers and was sent to the hospital. That's when I was called. I came down there. Now Yugi, your mother had a lot of pride. It took a lot to get it out of her. She was so ashamed. But when she had you some of that shame was gone. Even though your father was a horrible man she loved you with all of her heart and never once blamed you for your father's deeds." His grandpa sighed. "She used to sing 'You are My Sunshine' to you. And it was true. After what had happened she was never happy unless you were smiling. And Yugi . . . there was something that your father left behind. Your mother . . . was crippled. He injured her left knee. He smashed it with a bat. That's how he was able to over power her. Otherwise she could easily defend herself. She could walk fine but . . . not for a long period of time. She couldn't put much stress on her knee. So most of the time she walked with a cane. Yes, if she wanted to she didn't need a cane but she couldn't get around as fast as other people. And there would be some pain. But never once when someone was over did she use the cane. Not with people other than you and me in the room. And maybe some really close friends." Yugi looked sadly at the picture he held in his hand.

"Grandpa . . . " His grandpa looked at his.

"Yes Yugi?"

"Can I . . . kept all of mom's stuff in my room." His grandfather looked at him with tears in his eyes. He hugged Yugi.

"Of course!!!" Yugi said good night to his grandfather and went up stairs. He put the box on his bed a quickly changed into his pjs.

\\Yami! Come out! I want to talk to you!// Yami appeared next to Yugi.

"You heard what Grandpa said to me right?" Yami nodded. Yugi held the picture a few inches from his face. A huge grin was plastered across Yugi's face. "That's my mom!"

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