Save Him, Please

Yugi, Tea, Ryou, Tristen, and Joey all sat nervously in a small library with the fire place warming up the room. Ms. Dublin stepped into the room beside Ravonia. Ms. Dublin dressed in a simple long brown skirt and tucked in long sleeved white blouse and belt. Her forest green hair was set up on her head in a bun with a few wisps of hair loose. Ravonia dressed in a brown skirt with a slit up the side, revealing her knee high laced up dark brown boots. She had her long sleeves rolled up to her elbows and the blouse was untucked. She had a few buttons undone and a belt around her waist on her shirt. Her hair was down, letting her multicolored hair rest on her shoulders.

"Yugi . . ." Ravonia began as Ms. Dublin served them some tea to help warm them up. "I wish it was not true but . . . those dreams . . ." Yugi froze at the mention of the dreams.

"It was you?!" Ravonia nodded while the others seemed confused.

"That is correct. They were of the past. My past." Ravonia sat down on a chair as Ms. Dublin left the room.

"Ms. Dublin is getting something, don't worry." She assured the boy after he watched Ms. Dublin leave. "Now . . . Yugi . . . do you remember one of the last ones . . . with the shadows and the baby and the stabbing?" Yugi nodded. Ravonia sipped her tea before she spoke once more. ". . . that was mine also. I . . . in my youth, my sister and I seemed to be at odd ends. It got worse when my father paid more attention to me when it came to many different things. It reached its high point when I was named Queen even though she was the elder. Yugi, I was the woman that was stabbed. Neferubity is my sister. Yu-Gi-Oh is my son."

"Yu-Gi-Oh?" Ravonia nodded.

"Yes. But now he is known as Yami."

"YAMI?!!! HE'S YOUR SON?!!!!!!!!" Yugi cried out standing up.

"Yes. Yami is my son. But . . . the name I gave him was Yugioh. During a war I met a general of a foreign country. It was . . . love at first sight. We quickly married but only a few weeks after he was killed in combat. Shortly after that, I learned that I was to have Yugioh. The war ended a few months before he was born. When my son was still a baby, my sister snuck into his room to stab him. I was able to stop her but in the process I was killed."

"But . . ." Yugi trailed off, unsure of how to finish. Ravonia sighed and looked away for a moment.

"I know. The Goddess Choker is far older than the Millennium items. However, I was the only one to ever use it. The Choker . . . there have been countless others that tried to wear it. Penalty for those who were not worthy was being eaten alive by the creatures of the afterlife and having their soul devoured. I was the only one that ever wore the choker. Until Ms. Dublin received it. In order to be the spirit of the Goddess Choker after my death I made a deal with Ra. This deal caused my son to plummet into the darkness of the Shadow Realm. The deal was that for becoming the spirit of the Choker, I had to destroy my son. I unleashed the power of the shadow realm upon all of Egypt. Because he was the only one that would be able to stop it. When he did, I locked him into the Millennium Puzzle. At that time I had just died so my grasp of reality was . . . missing, to say the least. I wanted so badly to take revenge upon my sister that all my wisdom was gone. Darkness clouded my vision because I wanted to take revenge on my sister and take back my son. I was willing to do anything for it." Silence was heavy in the room before Joey finally broke it.

"But . . . what does the choker do?" Ravonia smiled in irony.

"It allows the user to see the guilty and their sins. Ironic thing is, I never saw my sister's guilt. I don't think I wanted to. No, I know that I didn't want to. It will only allow the user to see the sins and guilt of those they want to see." Ravonia sighed as she stared into her tea.

". . . what will your sister do to Yami?" Ravonia looked up into Yugi's eyes.

"My sister will turn him back into the cold and heartless pharaoh she raised. She will bring him back to a path of violence and hate." Yugi's eyes widened in shock as Ryou gasped.

"That's terrible!" He exclaimed in shock. "Is there anything we can do?" Ravonia nodded.

"Yes. Yugi must duel Yami. Should he win, Yami's mind will be open enough for me to place my memories into his mind as penalty. He will know the truth and hopefully, that will be enough for him to return to the Yami you know, with your help of course. If we lose, my sister will have Yami wish the world to be hers."

"I can't duel Yami!" Yugi shook his head as he shouted. "He knows my deck like the back of his hand!!! Even if I added in new cards, it wouldn't be enough. And to find the right cards that would all balance?! Too long!" Ravonia smiled at Yugi.

"I know this Yugi. Do not worry. I had thought something like this would happen. So I made a plan for this. Yugi, you have to duel with my deck."

"But Yami has seen your deck!!!"

"Yugi, the deck I dueled you with, though it was similar, was not my deck." She turned to Ms. Dublin who came into the room with a wooden box. "This is my deck." Ms. Dublin placed the box on the coffee table in front of Yugi and opened it. The deck had a golden clasp around it with the Eye of Ra. Yugi picked it up and took off the clasp. He looked at the first card.

"The Mistress of Sand?! This is card isn't even supposed to exist!" Ravonia nodded as Yugi looked at the card. The monster that had refereed their duel stood in the middle of the scene from one of Yugi's first dreams. The white sand stood out as ribbons floated around the female monster. It was a dark type spell-caster with 10 stars. Her attack points and defense points were question marks.

"Yes. But I paid Pegasus a great deal of money to only print this one card and no other copies. I did this to ensure Neferubity did not have a chance to use it against me."

"But . . . what are the attack points?"

"The attack and defense points are double the average amount of attack and defense points of the cards you sacrificed. Also, trap cards and magic cards do not work on this card. But this monster can not be equipped with any other card. When you summon it, you have to sacrifice three high level monsters. A fatal weakness is that if someone uses Soul Release . . . . if those three cards are taken from your graveyard . . . this card will have no power." Ravonia looked at Ms. Dublin who nodded and pulled out another box from her pocket. She handed it to Yugi.

"Yugi, this card, however, does not belong to either of us. It belongs to you and your grandfather." Yugi stared at her as he opened the card. He gasped in shock.

"The Blue Eyes White Dragon?! But, Kiba has all three!!!" Ms. Dublin smiled and shook her head.

"He only has three of the four. When I was at your shop I was able to get this. It may have been torn apart but I was able to get it repaired. Yugi, this card is extremely delicate. I wouldn't duel with it for anything other than this duel. I don't think it would be able to take that much use. After this duel, I want you to put it in a safe place. Maybe a glass box . . . but you must use it for this duel and nothing else. I don't think my friend, or anyone, could repair it again. It was fixed to the best of her abilities but still . . ." Ravonia sighed.

"Just win. We'll deal with all this later." Ms. Dublin spoke, startling the others.

"Ms. Dublin?" She poured some tea for herself and took a sip as she sat down on a chair.

"We cannot worry about what to do with a card or how much you should use it if the world is ruled by shadows."