Hi there readers, I am N3raluna, but you can just call me Nera, this is the first time I write a story to the public, but it isn´t so recent either. The story has been written in my notebook and on internet for quite a while and now I got the courage to show it to everyone.

Please take note that I write in basic and casual style, so what you read might be pretty simple and straightforward. Grammar problems is something I fail to notice a lot, but I try to fix it the moment I see it or someone tells me about it.

This fiction will be more story driven than how the game´s mechanics work, the four attack limit may and surely will be bent as also some of the types advantages/disadvantages too to some extent to give drama to the story.

Reviews will be openly appreciated, but please don´t hate.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


This is the adventure of a traveler and her family in a journey to prove what the legendaries have lost hope, this is the balance between the humans and the Pokemon.

The set is on a more advanced Sinnoh region, where its inhabitants have grown and so their cities. The Pokemon have also changed, they are more aggressive in the wilderness as also they have lost most of their trust to the trainers. The reason of this is still unknown to the people, but there is a woman who knows what is causing this.

What is happening in this time is the breaking of the nature´s balance, as the humans curiosity grew, they expanded making the Pokemon react to this invasion to their way of life. The legendaries, who always protected the balance have grown to lose their hopes in the humans and are planning for drastic measures.

This redheaded traveler with the aid of her team and family has to fix the balance, not by battling her way against the legendary Pokemon or conquering them, but by walking the path of discovery and opening the gates that only those who have an a brave soul and a honest heart can reach.

This is a journey of determination, trust, and hope..