Jonathan assumed that the police had photographed what they had needed and hurried to clear the mess in the bathroom, but the tell-tale signs of something unbelievably grim still hung in the air. The pair of sleuths had not long entered the house, greeting their host on the way in. She was pale and shaken-up but the British in her still offered them perfect hospitality. Keen to rule out any obvious cheap tricks, Jonathan headed straight to the scene of the crime. He had smiled at the police officers posted still, half expecting friction, but these days they all seemed to be almost waiting for him when something strange happened. Jonathan winced as he inhaled through his nose. "Do you smell that?" He said aloud before returning his attention to the congealed stains on the floor. Joey already had her jacket pulled across her face in an attempt to shield herself. "Yup..."She moaned slowly through her covered mouth, her pained eyes just visible. "What does that tell us?" Jonathan said in an extra nasally voice as he tried to breathe through his mouth. He didn't look up, but dropped to a crouch to inspect the floor. "Umm..." Joey tried to concentrate. "That the guys been dead a while?"
"Exactly! I'd say that that awful smell combined with the severe lack of blood, especially fresh, here almost emphatically means that there has been no murder here or anywhere recently. So that raises the most important question yet: Why? People go to great lengths to murder, and further to make it seem like an accident or make it seem like they are innocent or whatever. This is weird; it's just a body dump. Ms Bowen is hardly implicated so it's not a framing...pretty much points to someone wanting to scare the house owner shitless, and lets be fair, there are easier ways..."

Joey watched Jonathan pace around the bathroom in thought. She could tell he was already enjoying this one. Jonathan climbed in the large shower staring straight at Joey before tugging the curtain back and forth a few times. Her eyes wondered to rest of the bathroom. For all intensive purposes it seemed like a normal bathroom, an expensive one at that. There was plenty of room for someone to sneak around. She started rooting through the bathroom cupboard as her partner messily checked the taps spraying water all over his duffel coat. Joey turned her attention to the walls, running her hands along its smooth painted surface. Roughness caught her ring finger as there was a call from behind her.

"This window is huge, why are we even here?" Jonathan said in a disgruntled tone. "It's a ladder job."
"Well yeah." Joey turned and strolled to join Jonathan on the opposite side of the room. " 'cept every day this window locked ten point five inches open." Joey gently pressed her finger against a small red line on the frame enjoying Jonathan's puzzled expression. "And what did you make of the bullet hole?" Joey said with a smile, she knew he hadn't noticed it. Jonathan bound across the room, curls bouncing, to where Joey had been only seconds before pressing his face right up against the anomaly in the wall. "Hmm. If that is indeed a bullet hole...where's the bullet?"