No…they've failed! Gotenks… Videl took a step back. A look of horror had appeared on her face. The pink monster turned its attention to the others on Dende's Lookout. I have to escape, but where to and how? Suddenly there were beams of pink and a few of the people next to her were turned into…candy. Her heart beat faster than ever before, and her legs became wooden. The vile pink creature began laughing. Gohan, I don't believe you are gone, although if I am wrong and you really are then maybe we'll find each other again.

She calmed herself and began running again, and then everything went black. Videl stirred in her bed then sat up looking at the clock. 5:36 A.M. It read. She inhaled and exhaled slowly for a short while until she felt calm. It's over. She shook slightly at the memory turned nightmare. It's over! It's time to move on! So many things left unsaid… She blushed at the thought and with that she forgot about her nightmare. She grabbed the remote to her TV and turned it on.

"…and now we have current events with Mr. Condishna." The camera then was now focused on a middle aged man in front of Orange Star High School. "Yes, thank you Ms. Cherry. It has been a week since Mr. Satan saved the world again. Businesses and schools are open again after the weeklong festivities honoring him." The image cut away to shots of Mr. Satan posing and caterwauling. Videl sighed. Here we go again… "Mr. Satan is planning a tour. He will be visiting several areas. The details are quite scarce at the moment but when asked why he plans to do this his answer was that-"

Videl turned off the TV. He's doing it to bolster his ego while doing those who did the heavy lifting somewhat of a favor by diverting all the attention to him while leaving them in peace. She got out of bed and opened her drawers taking out her underclothes and heading to the bathroom. She undressed and showered. It's been a week since I've seen Gohan. She shivered. I can't believe I said all those things, but they are true. I can't be overly giddy. After all I don't know exactly how he feels about me. I know that he sees me as a friend but that can be remedied with enough time. We have another chance.

She stepped out of the shower, wiped the mirror clear of condensation and looked at her hair. Maybe I'll grow it out again. She dressed and was about to head out before she noticed her capsule case which held her jetcopters. She smiled and left it there. She opened up her window and took flight. She felt wonderful and free as she sped through the skies. Flying over Satan City she noticed several parked cop cars outside a nine story building. She flew there and landed.

Besides the cops there were the usual gawkers which greeted her just as well. "Look! It's Videl!" A woman in the crowd yelled. "Those hostages are as good as saved!" A man shouted. Videl turned her attention to the cops. "What is the situation here?" The cop took off his cap and began wringing his hands. "Well-" The man was cut off as a deafening explosion occurred within the building. Glass and fiery debris fell onto the streets as people ran and shrieked while Videl was already in the air when the officer screamed her name and got her to stop.

She looked down at him trying to hold in her impatience to try and do something, anything for the people inside. "Miss Videl. It was an empty floor. Or so he said. We've been dealing with these people for the last two hours. They say that for every ten minutes they don't get their ten million zeni they would destroy a floor…starting now." Videl looked at the building. "What floor are they on?"

A man came out of the building wearing blue jeans, a white tank top, and black ski mask carrying an automatic weapon. He put down his weapon and reached inside his pants pocket for a remote. He paced a bit then stopped, looking at the cops and bystanders in front of him. "We've rigged explosives on nearly all of the floors. Some are traps while others are just timed to blow every ten minutes. Come in at your own peril. We want that money and an escape route. The explosives are primed at random. Might be an empty floor or not that gets blown.

All that matters is that you get that money to us as fast as possible. If not then you lose the lives of these innocent people. I suggest you hurry too. I spent at least three minutes of your time telling you this." The man nonchalantly turned his back and went into the building again. Videl descended back to the ground and made an intense study of the building. At best I have at least six minutes until another explosion goes off. Videl groaned in frustration. I don't have much time for thought! I guess I have to brazen this out a bit and hope for the best.

Videl walked towards the building. As she advanced she noticed that seven policemen came with her. Once upon a time I would've told them to stay back, yet my brush with mortality back when Gohan saved my life. First he caught the bus that went off the cliff and once more when I almost died in the building fire. If nothing at all it has taught me that sometimes it is better to accept help. Pride, arrogance and ego doesn't make one invincible. Both experiences showed me humility as well as caution. I'll never forget those moments. So she turned her head and nodded as they entered the building,

They were all in the lobby then. The officers who were initially behind her in unison stood in front of her. The man in front of the others turned and looked at her. "Okay. First thing I want to say is that we're happy that you decided to take time out of what should be your first day back at school even though it hasn't started yet I am afraid that this may make you late for it unfortunately." He and the others looked embarrassed over it but the man in front continued.

"While we know this isn't the first time you've dealt with people with guns, we'd honestly rather not start the first week after your father saved Earth with your funeral. Let us go ahead of you." Videl began balling up her fists in anger and frustration then let it go. Let's do a mental inventory, shall we? I won't be turned into candy, this I know is true. Another is that I can't shoot light out of my hands as well as a few other things to put these officers at ease, one also being that I am not bulletproof. I can fly but that in itself is a moot point at the moment. She sighed and let them take the lead.

They walked over to the elevator and pushed the button. The bell chimed and the door opened to reveal a small round disc. The man in front turned his head. "R-" He and two others were in enveloped in a reddish orange light one second then violently repelled backwards the next. The elevator was blackened and in disrepair, she turned and looked at the three caught in the blast. Their clothes were singed and their face and arms were reddened with the exception of the man who was in the front whose hair was briefly on fire before one of his fellow officers patted the flames off of him.

The others checked the pulses of the cops caught in the blast. "They're alive, just unconscious." One of them said. Another stood and looked at Videl. "I'm going to take these three outside and get them medical attention. I'll catch up in a moment." Videl nodded and turned towards the stairs. The remaining three cops noticed and went ahead to the stairwell reaching the next floor. The sound of an explosion was heard followed by rumbling. Another bomb has gone off. In ten minutes another will as well. Hopefully no one was caught in that explosion.

The cops were about to enter a room when a wave of weariness and caution came over Videl. "Stop, don't go any further!" The cops stopped. Just ahead of them was an open room. She strained her ears and heard nothing. She bit the bottom of her lip. "I know this will sound a bit odd but may I have one of your shoes?" She said it to none of them in particular but one took off his shoe and handed it to her. She took it and tossed it into the next room. An explosion followed soon after.

The cops charged into the room to find it empty. They searched the floor as the cops found two more rooms with explosives rigged to blow. The cop that had dragged the three injured officers outside had returned. Seven shoes are left to throw, nine if I include mine and we spent at least seven minutes on this floor. "We don't have much time until the next one goes off. We have to move quickly!" She and the others ran to the stairwell and began climbing them when another explosion was heard above them followed by the ground shaking around them. I thought we only spent seven minutes on that floor!

Heart pounding and feeling a surge of frustration her face grew hot and she felt like screaming. She calmed herself and continued running up the stairs then stopped in awe of the destruction not only in front of her but all around her. The floor was a blackened mess as well as the stairwell making it unmanageable to go any further. Impossible, if you don't know how to fly. I guess it is useful here. Videl's feet left the floor as she looked down at the stunned faces of the cops below her. People are going to have to get over that I can fly sooner or later.

"I'm going to on ahead. Don't bother checking the other stairwell. If they had the foresight to destroy this one then must've done the same to the other one." She saw the looks on the faces of the cops and continued. "I know that you don't want anything to happen to me but I am the only one here that can go further and possibly help these people.

Check this floor. There may've been casualties here. I want all of you afterward to go outside to see if you can negotiate something with these criminals, something that can halt the bombing a bit." Without giving them a moment to object she flew to the next floor, took off one shoe and threw it into the next room.

There was nothing so she entered the room to find at least twenty people on the floor and five gunmen standing over them. She charged into the room. "That's Mr. Satan's daughter!" One of gunmen exclaimed as he and the four others fired at her. Videl ran and jumped behind an office desk flipping it over soon after. She went through the drawers and found a stapler. "Come out now and I promise that we won't-" One of the criminals said until he noticed one of her shoes peering out from behind the desk. Another wave of gunfire followed as Videl emerged from the opposite side of the desk.

She threw the stapler at one of the gunmen striking him in the forehead knocking him out. Videl jumped behind another desk immediately using her leg strength to help push it towards the remaining four. She charged them, bowling over three of them. She stopped, pivoted on her heel and performed a roundhouse kick catching the last of the gunmen on his chin. He collapsed as if he we were a puppet with his strings cut. She punched out the three she knocked aside with the desk.

Videl looked over the people she had helped free for a moment. A few of them have some bruises and cuts but they should be fine. "I want you all to head towards the stairwell. Help should be on the way, I only ask that you remain calm and have patience. Before I go, is there anyone left on this floor?"

A middle aged woman met her eyes and shook her head. With that answer she ran back to the stairwell. She noticed that only one cop was there now. "Where are the others?" She asked. "They will be back in a moment. They went to get something to reach the other floors." Good idea. "There will be people here in a moment looking for a way down and out of this building, twenty at best. The officer nodded and she took off again and checked the next floor and followed the same routine as she did before tossing a shoe into each room before advancing.

She went in and discovered that it was empty…except for the bomb that was in there. Five seconds were left on the clock. She made an attempt to run knowing that it was pointless as she heard a window shatter behind her. "…Videl!" A familiar voice shouted something to her but she only caught her name. Before she could think to wonder upon that she felt someone behind her. "Get down now!" The person said and she complied as Videl was held and enveloped in a cape. The explosion shook and scorched the room around them.

A few seconds later the person let her go and looked her over. Videl did the same to notice an orange helmet and cape, the green over shirt, black pants and undershirt as well as white gloves and boots. She smiled. "I can't thank you enough for the save Saiyaman. Did you just get here?" He took off his helmet and put it on a darkened turned over desk. "I showed up about three minutes ago. The situation is taken care of. I thought the building was empty until one of the cops told me that you were still here. I'm glad that I got to you in time."

The feeling is mutual. "So, how has your week been Gohan?" His smile was wistful. "It's been very hectic. My father and I sparred for four straight days. Two was spent talking and calming my mom down regarding something new. Yesterday was spent finalizing it." Videl's expression turned quizzical. "What did you talk to your mom about?" Gohan smiled. "Starting today I'll be living in Satan City."

In complete awe of this Videl could barely get a word out until she calmed down. "S-So where will you be staying?" "About two blocks from Orange Star High. My grandpa gave me some money to start me out. I'll be staying in an apartment complex. After school, would you like to come over?" He asked. Two of us, alone in his apartment! Videl's face grew red and Gohan noticed. He threw his hands in air as a placating gesture. "I-I m-mean with Sharpner and Erasa as well if that's okay."

Oh no, he thought I was angry. But how do I tell him? "I wasn't angry Gohan. It was just the thought of us alone together makes my heart skip a beat." Videl sighed. I'm not going to throw myself at him; I still don't know how he feels about me. She looked at Gohan and smiled. "Don't look too worried Gohan. It's just not every day that a girl gets invited to a boy's house. You have to be careful and considerate about those things. About your invitation though, I think asking those two over would be a good idea. How's a housewarming party sound?"

Gohan's smile returned. "That sounds good, one last free night before I start work tomorrow." Videl's eyebrows rose. "You are?" Gohan raised his arm and rubbed the back of his head and nodded. "So what is it that you'll be doing?" Gohan sighed and spoke so lightly that his words barely qualified as a whisper. "What?" I asked. "I'm a delivery boy."

Author's Note - In case you wanted just fluff and nothing else it is preferred that you stop reading after Episode Eleven. Peace and enjoy.