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Videl stepped out of the shower then wrapped a towel around her petite frame as she exited the bathroom. She sat in front of her dresser observing how long her hair at gotten. Videl dried herself then went into the drawer for her undergarments. Erasa will be here at any moment. I can't believe that I agreed to this. She stood and rifled a bit through her closet choosing in the end to wear black pants and a white tank top. The doorbell rang. That must be her.

As she made her way to the front door Videl noticed that her brisk pace was declining slowly. She shook it off. It's nothing to be afraid of. Just move. Her speed didn't increase and when she reached the door she hesitated for a brief moment as her hand hovered above the door knob. Videl opened the door and was greeted with an amused expression from her best friend. "You've known the horror of the events of Majin Buu and have fought to the death and yet for some reason the thought of wearing makeup and putting on a dress scares you?"

Videl's shoulders drooped. I thought I did a better job of hiding my apprehension towards this. I agreed because deep down I really want to do this but it still doesn't change the fact that it's all foreign to me. "Sorry if I kept you waiting." Erasa shrugged and picked up the bags she brought with her as they walked throughout the mansion and back to Videl's room. Erasa sat on her bed while Videl sat next to the dresser. Erasa looked around the room.

"It feels as though I haven't been here in ages. Other than that I've been wondering what's been going on between you and Gohan. It's been nearly two months since you had that fight with Frost and I've barely seen you two together. Just last month you two looked awkward which was odd quite odd to me considering everything you two have been through together."

While Videl was looking at Erasa she didn't see her. She saw the bed and nothing more as her memory replayed the night a week after her fight with Frost as Videl and Gohan's clothes were on the floor as he was on top of her. They'd kissed and with each touch and tender caress Gohan placed upon her skin she felt her desire ignite with a fire she'd forgotten. Much to her surprise Videl realized that she'd missed this. Her head was spinning as she felt her body grow hotter and more sensitive as Gohan's hands roamed her willing flesh. She was ready for him.

As he kissed her she felt something wet lightly hit her. She looked up and saw tears in his eyes. She reached up and placed her left hand on his face. "Gohan, what's wrong?" He looked away and sat on the edge of her bed. He looked defeated in a way she'd never seen before. She got up and placed her hand upon his shoulder. "Gohan…"

He turned and looked at her as his stream of tears continued. "There's something wrong with me. I love you so much and yet my body won't respond. I'm sorry." Resting her breasts upon his back she hugged him. "Gohan, is Frost still on your mind?" He sighed and nodded. "Videl, I love you so much that my body aches to prove it but for some reason it feels as though I'm being dragged over to her side which is impossible. She has no hold over me and yet there seems to be alarm bells going off inside of my mind lately regarding her. She's in my dreams. She's not angry, instead each and every time I see her she's smiling and I don't know why."

She remembered holding on to him tighter as if Frost had him on string she could easily whisk him away with. Videl recalled thinking to herself how wrong it was for Frost to still have a hold on him as she lamented not making sure she was dead in the first place. "When did Frost start showing up in your dreams?" Gohan placed his hands atop hers.

"It started three days ago. She doesn't talk; she just stands there smiling at me in a way that isn't sinister or full of malice. It's a smile that is loving and full of joy and I don't understand why. In the end she knew how I felt about her, she knew even before then when I tried to kill her the first time." Gohan disentangled himself from Videl and met her eyes as he continued. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm going to visit a psychologist tomorrow."

He smiled then kissed her as he laid Videl onto her back. Once more his hands roamed over her body setting her skin ablaze again. Ecstatic sighs escaped her lips as she tried to speak. "G-Goh-an, why are y-you ahn!" Videl gripped the bed sheets hard as her back arched. His lips found all her sensitive spots as he showered kisses upon them. Gohan raised her legs and kissed the inside of her thighs causing her wriggle and giggle a bit. He looked down at her.

"Videl, part of me may be broken but I can still make you happy. And doing that will make me happy." She was at his mercy as each kiss followed a tickle until "Videl!" The sound of Erasa's voice snapped Videl out of her reverie. It was as if she relived the moment in third person then as she returned her focus onto her friend who was sitting on her bed. Videl felt blood rush to her face. "Sorry, what was your question? Did you have a question?"

Erasa sighed. "I know that you two are going to the dance together but what I'm wondering is if you two are going to be okay?" Videl wore a half smile. "We're doing fine. I haven't been able to see as much of him as I've wanted lately but I'm hoping that will change soon enough. He's gone above and beyond to find ways to make me happy but the truth is that it's not needed. He was overcompensating there for a moment. Besides some personal issues we're still making this work. I talked to Gohan yesterday. For the first time in a long time he sounds like himself."

Erasa cocked her head to the side. "What do you mean? He still seems like himself to me." That's because you don't know him the way I do. "Gohan and I are a lot alike and because of that we can easily tell when the other is trying to hide something from the other. Originally it was annoying but then it became comforting. I have someone in my life I can be completely honest with and in vice-versa. While I won't say that we're completely in sync I will say that we pick up on each others emotions quickly. We see and get passed our defenses.

I know what's been bothering him and no, I won't share that with you. What I will say however is that his unease is gone and his confidence is back. Gohan said that he was going to pick me up in an hour in style." Videl smiled as she pictured what her transportation would be. Even if its dirty pickup truck the fact that he tried would be enough…though if he did that I would never let him live that down. Erasa raised an eyebrow.

"Style? He was raised in the mountains. This is the same person that thought his Saiyaman outfit looked good. I'm almost willing to bet that he'll pull up in a mud caked pickup truck." Videl looked upset for all of two seconds before she broke out laughing as Erasa pictured it herself and joined her. When the laughter died down she continued. "Does he even know how to drive?" Videl shrugged.

"To be completely honest the thought never crossed my mind. I kind of figured that if you know how to fly then there's no point on wasting money or time getting a license. I was originally fine with the idea of Gohan and I flying there together until I remembered that I'd be wearing a dress. So, what do you plan on having me wear?" Please don't let it be a gaudy abomination.

Erasa reached into the bag and pulled out a red strapless open back high low dress and handed it to her. "Videl, this is perfect for you. The red will help bring out the color of your eyes and while the dress is a bit conservative by my standards it does show off your legs and should give you some alluring cleavage. Wear this and I'm sure someone will trip over their feet while staring at your milk shakes."

Videl stood and turned the dress around looking at it closely. "I'm not sure I can wear this. I have all this muscle-" "Yeah, stop right there." Erasa interrupted. "You're toned, so what if you have some muscle. Has it ever repulsed Gohan?" Videl shook her head and Erasa continued. "That's what I thought. You have nothing to be afraid of. I can acknowledge that his opinion doesn't matter at this point because he's proven to you already that he's not into you because of your body which isn't an insult in case you start thinking it is. You're doing something new, and it's scary but I want you to think for a moment. All that you've been through this year, is this the scariest?" Videl shook her head once more.

She makes a good point. It's just a dress, not a battle to the death or death itself. She walked towards the bathroom then turned back to face Erasa. "Okay, you've convinced me. I'm going to need your help with this. I'm going to want to know how to I take this off." Erasa grinned then helped her put the dress on and show her how to take it off without damaging it in haste. When that was done Erasa reached into her bag and pulled out a bottle of oil, a brush and a flat iron. The process took seven minutes as medium long raven hair now had sheen and body.

Going through her bag once more Erasa pulled out makeup. While Videl shied away at first Erasa promised not to turn her into clown and she acquiesced. When it was over she stared at herself in the mirror. Videl's hair now reached her shoulders; the eyelashes were now more noticeable then ever followed by her eyes. Videl looked at her lips, for the first time in her life she was wearing lipstick. The color chosen was the perfect shade of red. After kissing several napkins they found one that was just right. Videl turned to her friend then hugged her.

"Thank you Erasa. This is amazing and while I can admit to that and now understand why many people do it I think this will be the last time I wear makeup. It seems like too much work." Erasa wore an expression on her face that read she thought as much. Am I that predictable? They left the bathroom hearing knocking upon her door. Videl opened it and was greeted by her father as his jaw dropped at first but then quickly recovered as he had one arm behind his back.

"For a moment I thought I saw Shi'an. To think, it seems like only yesterday you were on my shoulders trying to rip my hair out and now…well speaking of your mother. I was going through some of her old things and figured that she'd want you to have this." Revealing what was behind his back he placed a box into her hands. She opened it and found pristine black heels.

Videl took them out of the box and sat on the chair next to her dresser. Will these fit? She tried them on and much to her surprise they fit perfectly. I'd cry right now but then we'd have to reapply the makeup. It's official, never again if it can be helped. Thank you mom, even when you're not here you're still helping me somehow. Though…"Thank you dad. You never threw her things away did you?" Hercule shook his head.

"I may have moved on but you never forget your first love. For me, she was my first everything. Shi'an still holds a very special place in my heart, besides they're your possessions now. When you have the time I'll hand you the key to her trunk in the attic. You two have a great night now." He shared a smile with his daughter then left. As he did her phone rang. Checking the ID she noticed that it was Gohan. Videl gave a quick glance at the clock. It's time. She answered. "You're here?" After a brief moment he responded.

"Yes. I'm next to your balcony." Videl turned and opened the door to which lead to her balcony then stepped outside. Videl stood speechless as she looked at Gohan. He wore black loafers, grey dress pants, white shirt, grey vest, grey suit jacket, blue tie and a grey fedora with a black band around it. While the sight of him dressed that way was awe inducing it rivaled with the fact that he was standing atop a carpet in midair. The carpet moved closer to the balcony and as he walked towards her it formed steps for him. Gohan bent a knee then took her left hand kissing it. He then looked up at her. "Videl, you're breathtakingly beautiful." Videl felt herself blush.

"And you're unbelievably suave and handsome. Whose idea was it for you to dress like that?" Gohan stood. "Well, I wanted to make this night special. I wanted to make the kind of night that would be worth talking about and reminiscing so I stopped by Master Roshi's house and Yamcha just happened to be there. Roshi, Krillen, Yamcha and I went into the town where they all suggested the clothes I should wear. Krillen in particular suggested the fedora. Other than that you may be wondering about the magic carpet behind me. Roshi lent it to me. Originally it was going to my father's but it was at the cleaners during that time so he gave him Nimbus instead." Erasa walked out onto the balcony and smiled as she saw Gohan.

"Before I get out of your hair I think you two should take a picture together." That's a good idea. "Thanks Erasa." Videl extended her left hand out to Gohan. He grinned and shook his head. He brought her in close to him looking into her eyes while she did the same. How long as it been since I've looked into your eyes Gohan? How long ago has it been since we've been this close? I've missed this. Videl stared at his lips then slowly moved in to kiss him "There, done!" Hearing Erasa's voice snapped Videl out of her trance as she walked over to them.

Erasa cycled through the seven pictures she took on her phone. "I can admit, I'm no photographer but these pictures are amazing. With each one it's like I'm capturing you two falling in love with each other all over again." Gohan smiled then laid a kiss upon Videl's forehead. "I figured that was the safest place to kiss you for now." He then turned to Erasa and continued. "Thank you Erasa. Do you have a date for the dance?"

She shook her head. "No, but I'm me. I'll figure something out. Sharpner said that he'll be there as well which is kind of surprising considering that he runs Red Ribbon now. He wants me to run it with him." It was surprising enough as it was that he was chosen to run it. Videl hugged her. "I'll see you there and thank you again for everything." Erasa returned it and smiled. "Did you think I'd miss the once in a lifetime chance to doll you up?" Videl smiled and hugged her tighter.

The carpet extended out to Gohan as it had made a set of stairs for him as he extended his hand out to her. Videl looked at the carpet warily for a moment then scoffed at the absurdity of her wariness. I can fly, what do I have to be afraid of? Videl took his hand and stood onto the magic carpet with him. Then it took off at a mild pace. Gohan sat and gestured towards the side of him for a place for her to sit. Videl grinned. I know of a better place to sit. Videl sat on his lap. It wasn't long before she felt his length rise then harden under her as he turned away, face reddening. "Gohan, you're better now?" He nodded.

"I guess my therapy had went well because I'm not having those strange dreams anymore. Videl, I've missed you. What we have right now isn't bad because we still get to see each other but I was happiest when we lived together. I missed cooking for you, talking to you about whatever whenever. Bathing together, making love then sleeping next to you only to be by side when I open my eyes. So yeah, with you as an incentive to get well faster I'm better now. Do you miss living together?" Videl leaned up against him.

"I have. I miss all those things and more. Those three weeks that we had together are special to me. For that short while it felt like we were married. When I realized that I had that thought it scared me because the feeling and the idea that I would even think of it had never been on my mind before. Gohan, I can live with you again. I got the okay from my dad. I wanted to wait until you were better before I brought it up. Can I stay with you?"

Gohan was awestruck. He embraced her. "Of course you can. How soon are you able to?" Videl kissed him. "My bags have been packed for a while now. I can get those later. You and I have unfinished business to attend to Gohan." He grinned. "And here I thought what I'd done that night was enough." She laughed then placed her left hand on his cheek. "Geez, have you forgotten? I don't like to lose…even if it does feel amazing. I want to share that feeling with you over and over again. I love you Gohan." He kissed her once more.

"You're the only one I want to be with. The only one I've ever wanted to be with. Even when I wasn't myself I still thought of you. I love you Videl, I always will and nothing will change that." She felt her body's heat rising but tamped down her desire. That can wait. You're not getting any sleep tonight Gohan. They arrived at the center where the dance was being held. They noticed most of the people gathered outside. Gohan stood then extended his hand down to her. "I don't know if it's gets any stylish then this. You ready to steal the show?" She smiled.

"Yes, lets." She grasped his hand and stood as the carpet flew around the parking lot turning heads and garnering the attention of everyone for a minute or so before it stopped and made stairs under them by slightly changing it's shape as it led them both to the ground. Gohan patted the carpet and it flew off into the distance. Offering Videl his arm she accepted as they walked up to one of the chaperones and showed their tickets. Entering the huge dance hall they had received elongated glances. The music played as they walked into the center of the room and danced as the woman sang.

In the fabric of a very long enchantment
Will you wake me up from long sleep
You were my reflection
In a world abandoned
I will stitch back up our memories

When I am queen
I will weave your tapestry
On my distant shore
Till you find your way to me

They moved in perfect harmony as if they had always danced together. As if they had always been with together. The song came to a close as another one came on changing the tempo.

Some days I'm not myself
Some days just not myself
Bring on the bad news
These days it's nothing new
And I know the drill
Remind me of what could have been if only I knew better and kept my head on straight

Just remember you're just getting started
You keep forgetting all the favorite moments in your life
And don't forget how you got here and where you're going to

Everyone got on the floor and danced as the song progressed. Gohan and Videl moved to the beat of the music and came across Sharpner and Erasa as they traded dance partners back and forth throughout the duration of the song. When the track was over they all found a table and sat at it together. Sharpner crossed his arms and looked amused. "Who knew that brains could dance?" Erasa smiled. "You should know better by now, he's always been full of surprises." Sharpner nodded in agreement as the song changed.

What a mess our lives turned out to be
It was at its best when you and I were only 3
We can start with all the things that turn us out
And we can go right down the list and throw them out

Can we start over?
It's over

"Hey uh, Gohan." Sharpner began. "Things have never been good between us. Mainly because my damn petty jealously and delusions of things that never were. So was I wondering if it's possible for us to start over and become friends for real this time." Gohan reached over the table and offered his hand. He shook it. "Listen Sharpner, I've always considered you as my friend. While this changes nothing to me I do think it means we can be more honest with each other. If you need my help with anything I will be there." The song changed.

Strong arm man
You do what you want to
You poke my eye
You do what you want to
You behemoth
You go where you want to
You've been stalking me around
You go where you want to
Till you come undone
So tragically
Killing your time
So tragically

Tonight a cold wind blows
Inside my conscience
You are my guiding light
You are my sunshine

"So Gohan…" Erasa began. "Forgive me if this is too soon but could you tell me about Frost." Gohan tensed at the sound of her name. It is too soon! Gohan steadied himself then placed his hand atop Videl's looking her in the eye and shaking his head. "Erasa, she was a monster. She did what she wanted with me. Can you imagine wondering if the one you supposedly love so much isn't the one you're supposed to be with? Each and every day I was with Frost it felt so real yet somewhere deep within the recesses of my mind was guilt. I didn't know why I felt that way. The only reason I'm sitting across from you right now is because of Videl, at least my mental interpretation of her. She put me on the right path." A new song came on.

Friends they come and go and then you know which ones are
But I am on your side out on the front line trenches

Days go by and nothing changes
High and low we're mending fences/friends

We survived
We did our best
Out in the forest
Without a compass
How we get along
Days they come and go

The tempo was fast and positive. Gohan stood and offered his hand to Videl which she took. "There are things that have happened to all of us. We have the rest of our lives to look back and dwell upon our darkest moments but right now all I want to do is have a great time with my friends and the one I love. Let's go." Sharpner and Erasa stood and followed them out to the dance floor. Gohan and Videl danced about three feet off of the ground for the sake of modesty while Sharpner and Erasa danced on the ceiling like it was nothing. They danced for an hour before retiring back to the table. The principal got on stage. "That was Abandoned Pools! We have one last performance. Lifehouse!" Gohan ordered water as the song played.

Find me here,
And speak to me.
I want to feel you,
I need to hear you.
You are the light,
That's leading me,
To the place,
Where I find peace again.

You are the strength,
That keeps me walking.
You are the hope,
That keeps me trusting.
You are the light,
To my soul.
You are my purpose,
You're everything.

How can I stand here with you,
And not be moved by you?
Would you tell me,
How could it be,
Any better than this?

The drinks arrived as they all drank. Videl drank hers then noticed something that was at the bottom of the glass. She moved her straw through the ice and water then fished the item out of it. Her eyes widened as she realized that it was a ring encrusted with several small diamonds around it. Gohan stood then got on one knee as he held her hands in his. "It was my grandmother's ring. My grandpa gave this to me when I was twelve. He told me that there would be a day when I'd meet my queen. I found her in you. Will you marry me?"

Cause you're all I want,
You're all I need,
You're everything, everything.

You're all I want,
You're all I need,
You're everything, everything

Tears welled up in her eyes as she bent down and kissed him passionately. "Yes." Gohan smiled then placed the ring onto her finger. It fit perfectly. They stood and slow danced throughout the duration of the song as several of the others cheered for them. Videl paid them no mind as her eyes went from her engagement ring back to Gohan's face. When are we getting married? Will I be a mother while I'm in college or after? Will I be a good mother? Will I be a good wife? Weariness seemed to shroud Videl as her doubts formed a cloud that Gohan could see.

"Videl, I can't see into the future but I have a feeling that we're going to be fine. We will make mistakes but that's only natural. I thought about when we'd get married, would I be a father while I'm in college or after…even if I would be a better father than mine was. The one that haunted me for the longest time however was whether or not I'd be a good husband until I remembered what we said that first night we spent together in each others arms. Do you remember?" She did and smiled. The group began playing another song.

Desperate for changing, starving for truth
I'm closer to where I started, I'm chasing after you

I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held on to
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you

Forgetting all I'm lacking, completely incomplete
I'll take your invitation, you take all of me now

I'm falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I've held on to
I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you
I'm living for the only thing I know
I'm running and not quite sure where to go
And I don't know what I'm diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

"You're mine and I'm yours. You have all of me as I shall have all of you. That's what you said." Gohan smiled and nodded. "I'm yours entirely, mind, body and soul. Those were your words. We knew then and we still do. There are no more obstacles for us. There's nothing that can stop us from being happy…except for the occasional disaster sadly." Gohan's smile faltered a bit. He's telling the truth. If I'm to be his wife, I have to be strong enough to let him go and fight the fights that no one else can…Videl laughed. Gohan looked confused.

"Gohan, believe it or not for a split second I almost thought of you in the same way I hate to be thought of. I was just thinking whether or not I could or would let you fight the threats that would endanger Earth." Videl shook her head and sighed as she continued "There will be times where I want to come and help you, and there will be times where I probably won't be able to help you." For example, if I'm carrying your child. I won't lose another one. It will never happen again. "I know I'm asking the impossible of you but please don't die on me."

Gohan expression became serious. "I have a year left in the hyperbolic time chamber. From that point on I will train and get even stronger. I don't plan on dying anytime soon. It's going to be lonely not being with you for a year though." That's right. Only a day would pass out here while he'll go through a year of solitude. The song stopped and the Principal returned to the stage. "Class of 774, the dance is over. Get home safely." Everyone began leaving the dance hall as Gohan, Videl, Erasa and Sharpner stayed. When the room cleared out Erasa smiled then held up six fingers. Gohan and Sharpner looked confused and so was she until she remembered what Erasa had said earlier. So six of them tripped over their feet looking at me? How did I miss that?

The four of them chatted a bit before Sharpner and Erasa went their separate ways. "I wonder sometimes Videl. Will those two ever find someone for them?" Erasa more than likely will. Sharpner seems to be turning over a new leaf but I'm unsure as to what his romantic future will be. She shrugged. "I guess we'll have to wait and see. Let's go home." Gohan whistled and the carpet arrived a moment later. They got onto it and were brought to Gohan's apartment at a brisk speed. Even before the doors closed behind them there seemed to be a race as to who would be able to get out of their clothes the fastest. Their kisses were frantic and frenzied.

It's been too long. Gohan tripped over his pants and fell down causing them both to laugh. He quickly recovered as they made it safely to the bedroom. She took off her bra and panties as she climbed into bed. Gohan removed his boxers and joined her. Her memories of their previous times on this bed sent a shiver down her spine. "Gohan…" She took his hand placed it near her sex. Gohan was surprised. "You're already-" "Yes." She interrupted. "No more words, no more foreplay. Make love to me." Gohan smiled then positioned himself over her.

He entered her slowly. Videl gasped as she took in his length. Pleasure ran through her body as he took his time. Videl wrapped her arms around Gohan as he continued rocking back in forth inside of her. Their breathing seemed to be in sync as her hands roamed from the top of his back down to the bottom. Strong arms raised her slightly as they were now in the sitting position. Her moans were audible now as they bounced off the walls in the room.

He started to kiss the sides of her neck causing a short war between what would escape her. Laughs or moans. He placed his hands upon her buttocks and continued kissing her as Videl began threw her head back closing her eyes as she temporarily surrendered to it all until she gathered her strength and pushed Gohan onto his back and rode him with so much fervor that the bed was hitting the wall. I'm close, so close but he is too. She smirked as she doubled her efforts. Gohan breathed heavily as she bounced atop him. I'm going to win!

Gohan reached up a bit then placed his hands on the side of her hips as he drove his length into her madly. Videl felt the pressure well up inside her. I can hold on…I can…Gohan stopped as they came in unison. Videl collapsed atop him. He ran his fingers through her hair. "Videl, I never told you this before but I had this dream recently. We wake up in the same bed together and you're wearing two rings. We're not here but in a house of our own.

There's something that you're hiding from me but I don't know what it is. I leave it alone because I know that whatever it is will be good news. You're even more beautiful than before and I don't know why. Nothing has changed except the length of your hair. Any idea what it means?" Videl kissed him.

"I don't know. I especially don't know why I would choose to hide something from you that is bad or good otherwise. Still, that is an interesting dream. Let's talk about the future." They talked until the sun rose as they fell asleep in each others arms. Two and half years had passed since that night. Videl woke up as she turned over to her husband who was still asleep. She sat up and smiled at the engagement ring that was on her right ring finger then to the wedding ring that was on her left ring finger. She kissed him and he woke up. He reached for his glasses on the desk and put them on. "Hmm, it can't be my imagination. You're getting more and more beautiful by the day." Videl hid her smile then attempted to shoo him out of bed. "You're not going to sweet talk your way into another hour of sleep. Today is Bulma's Birthday, remember?"

Gohan yawned. "Oh that's right. That's very exciting." He yawned again and lain back down. Videl went into the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan. She lightly dropped it onto his dresser which caused him to jump out of bed. "Well, I'm not tired at all. I can't wait to go to Bulma's Birthday party." Gohan went into his drawer and pulled out some small clothes then hopped into the shower. Videl looked at the frying pan and laughed. She never once used it on Gohan. I don't know what Chi-Chi did with it but I'm glad I listened to her regarding it.

She sat down then placed her left hand on her stomach. I wonder when the right time is to tell him that I'm pregnant. If the baby turns out to be a boy then his name will either be Gouji and Genji. As for a girl…She looked down at the cookware in her hands. I think Pan would be a great name.

- The End

Author's Note - Well it's finally over. The first thing I'm going to do is lay out the soundtrack for the dance.

1. Abandoned Pools - From Long Sleep

2. Abandoned Pools - Pep Talk

3. Abandoned Pools - Start Over

4. Abandoned Pools - Behemoth

5. Abandoned Pools - Compass

6. Lifehouse - Everything

7. Lifehouse - Hanging By The Moment

Originally I wanted to use tracks from Japanese groups like M-Flo, ACIDMAN, Bump Of Chicken, Ketsumeishi and etc but I figured that using the tracks I did would be better in the long run especially considering the context in which I used them. Other than that there's the question as to whether or not there will be sequel. I have it in me to write it. I already have a premise for it and I found that it gave me a lot of leg room to work with. The sequel in question would still follow Gohan and Videl though the story would follow several POV's. I'm thinking either six or eight. I guess depending on the response I get I'll either start on it right away or later. It will come out regardless. I know that this epilogue didn't answer many of the questions you may of had. It's not supposed to. Most of that is saved for later.

As for the big bad villain of this story. When I wrote this story I wanted to make a villain that for the most part couldn't be defeated with brawn unless you played her game to lesser extent. Frost isn't exactly a Yandere character. Originally that was going to my intention but I decided to tone her down a bit. If you don't know what Yandere means please look it up. If you won't it's like a sadistic upgrade from your typical Tsundere character. I know that the majority of the readers hated her while much to my surprise a few of you liked her. I did too, I had fun writing this character and looking forward to writing more OC's later.

I have plans for this story. I plan on getting some of my friends together and turning this into a radio drama. Everyone will be voiced by a different character and if I'm lucky I'd be able to find some one to draw frames and stills as the story progresses. So a mix between a radio drama/picture book. That's my plan for next year. Thank you all for reading if you managed to make it this far. Thank you and peace.