"Just admit it, Dean. You're out of shape."

Rebecca stood, looking down at Dean, lying on the living room floor, breathing heavily.

"I'm not out of shape. Just out of practice."

Rebecca folded her arms. "You were never Mister Fitness, Dean. You were active, sure, but could you ever do fifty sit ups? Really?"

"I told you I can do fifty... I'm gonna do fifty."

Dean got back into form and did seven more in a row, very rapidly before lying back again.

"That's thirty-nine."

"I can count, Rebecca." The tone in Dean's voice showed his frustration.

"Hey, don't get upset with me because you let your ego take control of your mouth."

Dean did five more.

"How about some incentive," Rebecca asked.

"What kind of incentive?"

Rebecca gently pushed Dean's knees down with her foot, then straddled his thighs. "Do one."

Dean did one, and as he came up, face to face with Rebecca, she gave him a soft kiss. Dean went back down with a grin on his face.

"How's that," Rebecca asked.

"That works."

Dean did another three sit ups, getting a kiss each time.

"Forty-eight," Rebecca counted.

Dean came up again. Rebecca kissed him, but Dean's hands fell from behind his head to Rebecca's waist. He kissed her back, deepening the kiss. His hands slid up her back as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. When Dean's lips moved to her neck, Rebecca took a deep breath.

"That's almost forty-nine."

"I can live with that."

"But you said you can do fifty."

"Right now, I'm more interested in doing you."

Dean pulled his lips from her neck, grabbed the hem of her shirt, and pulled it over her head. Once the shirt was removed, Rebecca pushed Dean back to the floor, kissing his neck the entire time. A moment later, she sat up, and Dean followed her, but she slowly pushed him back down. She leaned over him with a grin, and brushed her parted lips lightly over his.

"That's fifty."

"Very clever," Dean said with a smile.

He brushed her hair back from her face and pulled her down for a kiss. One of his hands traveled down her side to her hip. He slowly sat them up and pulled off his own shirt. His hands returned to her hips and pulled her flush against him. He slipped his hand into the back of her sweat pants and squeezed. He gently pulled at her hips, rocking her against him in his lap as they kissed.

Rebecca moaned into his mouth, trailed by a slight whimper.

"Maybe we should move this to the bed," Dean said against her lips.

"Too far away."



Rebecca slowly stood and Dean followed, never breaking their kiss. Dean removed her bra as she worked on his pants. The rest of their clothes were shed quickly. Rebecca pushed Dean to sit on the couch, and she straddled his lap. She ran her hands down his chest and abs before taking him in both hands, slowly stroking. He moaned against her lips and grabbed her tightly around her waist.

"Screw this," he said with a growl.

He stood with her in his arms, and her legs wrapped around him as she moved her arms around his neck. He carried into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. As soon as he found his place between her legs, he pushed into her. They moved together, hands roaming, lips and tongues exploring each other's skin. Rebecca reached her peak first, and Dean soon followed.

They lay there after. Dean was on his back and Rebecca straddled his hips again, lying on top of him with her face snuggled into his neck. His hand made slow, lazy movements over her back.

"We should make this a daily workout routine," Rebecca said.

Dean smiled. "Becca, sweetheart, we don't need the sit ups. There are more fun ways to work up a sweat."

Rebecca kissed his neck, making him sigh.

"You're right about that," she said.