Because I need more practice and tend to get swept up in longer stories. The solution? Writing drabbles!'

'A' is for Alphabet

"They're twenty letters in the alphabet, right?" Ichigo asked, hiding a smile.

Toushiro looked at him like he was the dumbest person in the world; head tiled and squinting. "Didn't you go to pre-school? It's twenty-six."

"Oh, I forgot; u, r, a, q, t."

Toushiro winced slightly before shaking his head and rolling his eyes. "And you're a moron. That's still only twenty-five, though."

"You'll get the'd' later."

Toushiro got up and left.

"Wait, Shiro!" Ichigo called after him, trying not to laugh.

"We're breaking up." Toushiro called back.

"Toushiro! I'm sorry; I didn't mean it!"

'B' is for Banana

You should never make eye contact with someone else while eating a banana – ever. Especially if that someone is your boyfriend who blushes like a virgin at even the slightest mention of sex, and is in the middle of a meeting with two other captains.

Toushiro had stopped talking mid-sentence and his cheeks took on an adorable, rosy hue.

"Are you alright, Captain Hitsugaya?"

He coughed and struggled to regain his train of thought, sending Ichigo a death glare and still managing to blush even deeper.

Ichigo grinned and wondered how red he could make Toushiro turn before he finished the fruit.

'C' is for Corndog

Toushiro took his revenge with a corn dog. Ichigo had his first public nosebleed.

'D' is for Dolphin

"I can't believe that you've never been to Sea World," Ichigo exclaimed.

"I haven't spent much time in the living world before."

"That's it; we're going on a vacation."

"Ichigo, I don't have time."

"You'll love it; trust me."

Toushiro sighed, "I'll clear out my schedule."

He did end up loving it and made Ichigo sit in the very front row at each show they went to. They were both soaked by the end of the day and Ichigo was almost regretting suggesting this particular vacation. But, when one of the Dolphin trainers had asked Toushiro if he would like to meet one of the animals their dripping wet shirts and soggy sneakers were worth it.

The dolphins seemed to like Toushiro, Ichigo thought as he watched his boyfriend gently stroke its grey nose. Well, they were both creatures of the sea, after all. Toushiro – with Hyourinmaru – could match the grace which the dolphins twisted and turned through the water and seemed to fly when they jumped into the air. The trainers had Toushiro feed them a few pieces of chopped up fish and before Ichigo could even blink the white-haired boy was in a wetsuit and being pushed around the pool by two of the grey sea creatures.

"I've never seen them take to a new person what well before," one of the trainers said as she slid up next to Ichigo.

He grinned as he watched the dolphins circle Toushiro playfully. "He has a way with animals, and has an affinity for water; I'm not even surprised."

The trainer chuckled, but then the radio at her hip crackled to life and her eyes grew wide. Ichigo was confused for a second, but then he followed her gaze as one of the dolphins grabbed Toushiro and dragged him under the water. At all happened in a matter of seconds, but to Ichigo each one stretched out for an eternity. The trainer beside him was shouting into her radio and Ichigo leapt forward to clutch at the edges of the pool. Then, as if on cue, the dolphins resurfaced, leaping high into the air and twisting their bodies into perfectly coordinated spirals. Toushiro was with them, his arms spread out wide as he was thrust into the air. Ichigo caught the look of pure bliss and excitement on his face before he too managed a front flip and dived back into the water like a dolphin himself.

When he broke the surface of the water again all the trainers were staring at him in complete astonishment. He swam back to the edge of the pool, not even trying to hide the large smile plastered on his face.

"That was..." the trainer next to Ichigo shook her head in disbelief. "That trick takes at least three months to learn. Do you know if he's looking for a job?"

'E' is for Eggs

Ichigo favoured omelettes over every breakfast food. Chive and ham omelettes sprinkled with cheese and pepper flakes to be precise. He never got up early enough to make them, however, so he always ended up dashing to work with a piece of toast crammed between his teeth.

Toushiro liked his eggs easy-over with a pinch of salt, black pepper, and a giant cup of green tea. But, he would rather forgo his breakfast in favour of reaching the office early, so would just have the tea.

Their morning habits left much to be desired, so when Rangiku appeared, out of the blue, early one morning and forced them both to eat a proper breakfast they decided that they should include cooking eggs as part of their daily routine. Ichigo learnt that Toushiro made the best chive and ham omelettes on the face of the earth and Toushiro learnt that Ichigo was an expert at making tea.

I'm going to try to do five letters per chapter.

Basically this is what happens when you ask a someone to come up with a word for each letter of the alphabet and not tell them what it's for.

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