hello hello! laurie here with an author's note for anyone still following this story!

i know i haven't updated this story or posted the promised revamp, and i'm super super sorry! i swear i have reasons for not posting like i promised.

first of all, i realized right as i was beginning to write the new version of "wolf blood" that my ideas were complete baloney. the crossover was poorly developed and wouldn't mesh well with an oc-insert, my characters themselves were very shallow and didn't have any in-depth characterization, and i didn't have any good ideas for the plot of the story as a whole. this story that i was trying to write was awful and would be very uncomfortable for any sensible person to read.

therefore, i had to toss the crossover idea and work on a new concept, but i couldn't really do that! which brings us to my next reason...

i had lost all motivation to continue working on this story. i'll be honest. i was starting to lose my passion for writing about my characters, and my interest in fma itself was rapidly declining. i was no longer having fun writing my stories, and then i slowly began to forget about them overall.

so, yeah. i pretty much lost myself and completely ignored this website for a while.

but now i'm back! and i'm just as inconsistent as ever, but i now have an idea that i actually kind of like!

my story idea is vaguely based off of "wolf blood", but the characters will be heavily altered and the plot in general has been changed. there will only be one oc (sorry, katya!), and the oc will not be traveling with the elrics (in the beginning, at least). but she will still be a chimera!

the story, when it is posted, will be titled "empty gold", and it will probably take a while for me to get to a point where i'm ready to upload it. but while i'm writing it, i will be going over the original chapters of this version of "wolf blood" and editing them! so look forward to some updated chapters for this story while you wait for the revamp.

thank you for being patient with me, and i'm sorry for going mia!

-laurie xx