Hobbits Abroad

Authors: Marigold & Llinos


All years given are according to the Shire Reckoning.

On March 1st, S.R. 1541, High King Elessar of the line of Isildur finally gave up his mortal life in Minas Tirith, capital city of his vast realm. His son Eldarion was a man full grown and ready to assume the duties of his renowned father. Although he ruled from the date his father had died, he delayed his crowning until representatives of all the Free Peoples of Middle Earth that acknowledged his rule could assemble in the White City to witness the event.

Messengers were sent forth near and far with the sad news of King Elessar's passing, and to summon the leaders of his subject lands to the crowning of his heir. This was to be held with due ceremony on September the 22nd, a holiday throughout much of the realm being the birthday of Frodo the Nine-Fingered, Ringbearer, and his elder cousin Bilbo who had for a time also borne the One Ring.  

By the middle of July only those leaders from the farthest lands had not yet arrived. As each contingent came to the City they were taken to fair housing as befitted their station and allowed to rest from their travels before being greeted by Queen Arwen, wife to the late King, her son Eldarion, the new Monarch, and the other nobles now filling the City.

One such contingent arrived in Minas Tirith on July the 19th, to find their housing not only fair, but also exactly fitting their small stature. Though hobbits had not remained as isolated in the land of the Shire after the four Travellers had undertaken the great Quest so long ago, still it was rare that one of this race journeyed so far as Gondor. To find this lovely homelike abode set in a well-tended garden at the end of their long toil was quite a surprise.

They had already been overawed at the honours paid to their group. Queen Arwen had personally ordered an escort for the Counsellors of the North-kingdom, as the King's representatives from the Shire were titled. They had journeyed the vast distance comfortably under the protection of the King's men, travelling to the crowning from Fornost Erain, the High King's seat in the north of his realm.

The three King's Counsellors, the Thain, also known in his own land as The Took, the Master of Buckland, and the Mayor of the Shire, were accompanied by only a few members of their immediate families. The full number of their entourage was but eleven, small compared to most other contingents but a good-sized group to those who knew hobbits and their reluctance to travel. In fact, of the eleven, only two were not of direct lineage to one of the famed hobbit members of the Fellowship, and one of those two was a distant cousin removed in who knew how many different ways to the Took, Brandybuck, and Baggins lines.




The Family Trees of the Hobbits attending the Coronation of King Eldarion I

(There are omissions from these tables as many siblings are not included and some dates are unrecorded. The hobbits' names who were in attendance at the Coronation are underlined.)

Paladin II 1333-1434 – married 1374 – Eglantine Banks 1340
Peregrin I 1390 – married 1427 – Diamond of Long Cleeve 1395
Faramir I 1430 – married 1463 – Goldilocks Gamgee 1431
Boromir I 1465 – married 1505 – Bluebell Bolger 1469-1532
Faramir II 1510 and Poppy 1515

Saradoc Scattergold 1340-1432 – married – Esmeralda Took 1336
Meriadoc the Magnificent – 1382 – married 1427 – Estella Bolger 1385
Periadoc the Peerless 1430 – married 1463 – Linnet Baggins 1433
Théodoc 1468 – married 1507 – Pansy Gardner 1468
Éowyn 1509 and Meridydd 1514

NB: although inadvertently omitted from later copies of the Red Book of Westmarch, Meriadoc The Magnificent did in fact have a son, Periadoc, to whom he handed over his title, Master of Buckland.

Hamfast Gamgee 1326-1428 – married – Bell Goodchild
Samwise Gamgee 1380 – married 1420 – Rose Cotton 1384-1482
Frodo Gardner 1423 – married – Violet Bolger 1430
Holfast 1462 – married – Amethyst of Far Downs 1462 and Pansymarried Théodoc
Harding of the Hill 1501 – married 1540 – Columbine Bracegirdle 1507