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Chapter 1

Chuck looked at Mouser and then back to Ned standing by his sister. "So what's it going to be Chuck? Are you going to tell me where Bryce Larkin is or do I have to tell Ned over there to shoot your pretty sister?" Mouser asked.

Chuck didn't know what to say. His brain stopped working all together and he froze up.

"I'm getting impatient Chuck. I'm going to count to ten, if I don't get an answer by then I'm going to give Ned the green light. How's that sound Chuck? ONE!"

Chuck felt a spike of fear race through his chest. That sped up his pulse, and made his brain go into overdrive so fast it felt like time slowed down. What was he going to do? What could he do?


Chucks looked around the store, he didn't know what he was looking for. Was he looking for an answer? A sign? Sarah? Casey? They couldn't help him now. He was on his own, and back up was not coming. A part of him knew this day would come sooner or later. He knew that one day he would find himself in a situation just like this. Guy with a gun. No help coming. And his end immanent.


His eyes landed on his sister. But he never imagined his sister would be the one in trouble. This was not what was supposed to happen. Spy world wasn't supposed to touch home world. His eyes locked with Ellie's she gave him an innocent encouraging smile. She didn't know what was going on. She didn't know she was seconds away from death. But he had no idea where Bryce was. For all he knew he was off in some third world country tracking Fulcrum agents, but knowing Bryce, he was probably sipping martinis on a topless beach in the south of France.


Then his answer came to him almost out of the blue. Looking at his sister he came to a blinding realization. He, Chuck Bartowski, was going to tell this Mouser guy the truth. He had no idea where Bryce was but he knew where the Intersect was. He was going to walk out of the Buy More with these two, and the first chance he could get he was going to try to escape. He knew the chances of him making it out of this situation alive was slim but looking at his sister's innocent eyes he knew he didn't care.


A soft smile formed on his face. He looked back to Mouser and the smile got bigger. He didn't know why. He was looking at the man that was going to kill him and for some reason Chuck felt okay with that. He didn't know why, maybe it was the fact that he knew this was going to happen. He knew the likelihood of him living to see the age of forty was non-existent. A part of him was just glad it was Fulcrum and not Casey or Sarah. Thinking of them had him asking himself what they would do in this situation. Would they give up? Would they surrender?


NO. They would get out of this situation, and they would catch the bad guys. Chuck knew what to do. He knew what to say and how to say it. He knew that Chuck would be of no use right now. So he took every thought, every emotion, and every instinct in him that was Chuck Bartowski and shoved them to the side of his mind. Then he brought up everything he saw in the last two years working with Sarah, Casey, and, even Carina. Every look, every word, every movement. He took bits and pieces from each of them. Sarah's calculating mind. Casey's total badass-ness. Carina's adaptability.


He took all of these things and molded them into one persona. He looked at his creation in his head and nodded. Yes this was what he needed. He slapped the name Charles Carmichael on his creation and embraced it fully. He absorbed the persona like a sponge and as the internal binding happened his external body adjusted to fit the new mold. His eyes became lifeless, and his smile shifted from soft to cold. His shoulders rolled back and he stood taller. He felt a sense of calm drape over him and obscure a core of cold steel. Looking at Mouser through his new eyes he knew exactly what to say and how to say it. It felt like every synapse in his brain was firing in time.


Looking in Mouser's eyes he saw a hint of uncertainty and his cold smile became wolfish. He knew Mouser was hesitant to get to ten, and with that last bit of knowledge Chuck felt a rush of power serge through him. He looked at himself in the reflection of the glass case behind Mouser and saw a man he didn't know looking back at him. He didn't know if this was what every agent went through. He didn't know if Sarah, or Casey, or Carina experienced the same thing he just did, but he liked what he saw. He liked this feeling of power.


"You can stop counting now. I honestly don't know where Bryce Larkin is." Chuck said with a shrug.

"Oh Chuck, that's too bad. Now I'm going to have to tell Ned to kill your sister." Mouser said.

"You can kill everyone in this place and I still wont know where he is." Chuck said with a caviler smile. "Trust me, if I knew where he was I'd tell you. I don't really like him very much and the thought of you slowly torturing the information out of him brings nothing but warmth to my heart." Chuck said with Casey's smile and cold voice.

Mouser's shoulders sank, but his face stayed cold. "But if Larkin isn't here then why do we keep losing agents to this place?" He asked eyeing Chuck with suspicion.

"I can answer that for you. You keep losing agents because of me." Chuck said with Carina's crazy look in his eyes. "Allow me to introduce my self, Charles Carmichael, CIA. You might have heard of me?" Chuck asked with a bit of Sarah's confidence. "Now we can stand around here all night or we can talk about terms. You came here looking for something and it's not here. You sank a lot of time and resources into this operation just to uncover a CIA sub-station. A sub-station with a full lock down capability. I can have ten fully trained agents in here in seconds. You know they're down there right now thanks to the whole hostage situation. You're out gunned. You're out manned, and you've pissed me off." Chuck said in a low voice that carried all the weight of a full on yell.

"And what are you going to do Carmichael when I have Ned kill your sister?" Mouser asked with an edge to his voice.

"Hay, you watch that tone. I'm trying to come up with a solution to your problems and you're getting testy with me?" Chuck asked with a big smile. The smile dropped and was replaced with a very scary combination of cold eyes, and a tightening of his jaw. "I could just break your arm, take your gun, and shoot Ned over there before he even knows what's happening." Chuck said in a menacing growl. "But you see I kind of have a cover to keep. You know how it is." Chuck said switching back to the jovial tone from before. The emotional 180 had Mouser looking very uneasy. "You see the people in this hell hole think I'm a wimpy computer geek, and I'd really like to keep it that way. I pulled a lot of strings to be here in this city and I would like to stay here. As you pointed out, that's my sister over there. I mean how would you feel if I went to your house and killed your family?" Chuck asked with a laugh, but his eyes told a very different story. "Now we can play this one of two ways. One, I can, like I said, take you down and kill Ned over there for pointing a gun at my sister and shooting my partner. Or I can walk you out of here and over to my car. There I can look up Larkin's last known whereabouts and send you on your way. No one but me and Ned over there knows you're a Fulcrum agent. To everyone else you're a hostage negotiator. Unfortunately I can't let Ned go. He did shoot Major Casey and I'm going to need the promises of his capture and subsequent torture as a smoke screen to get you and me out." Chuck said.

"And how do I know you're going to hold up your end of the deal?" Mouser asked looking around with shifty eyes.

"You have my word that I'm not going to hurt you. Like I said. I get Ned. You get some information. We play this right and we both walk out of here with the same number of holes as we came in here with. We try to fuck each other over and someone gets shot. The truth is I would love nothing more then to see Larkin die. He really is an insufferable prick. You saw agent Walker right? I've been trying to hit that for a while now and every time I get close that asshole shows up and cock blocks me. I will ask that you send me a video of you guys breaking him." Chuck said with his crazy eyes on full blast.

"Okay how do we do this?" Mouser asked. He was really freaked out by Chuck now.

"Give me my phone. I'll call Walker and tell her we talked Ned into giving up. I'll tell her I told you what's going on. I tell her to send Casey in to get Ned. I'll tell her I'm taking you to my car so I can debrief you. I'll get you an NDA to sign and the other bullshit forms for secrecy. You'll finish up the clean up and leave the same way you got here, as a cop." Chuck said.

"Yeah. That might work." Mouser said nodding.

"Sure it'll work! Who do you think you're dealing with here? You really should look me up when you get out of here. Frankly I'm insulted by your lack of faith." Chuck said with that strange mix of scary eyes and a jovial tone. "Now call Ned over here and tell him you and I made a deal and that your taking me out of here to get you the information you need. I'll go over there and calm the rest of them down. The last thing we need is for one of them to try and take Ned." Chuck said slapping Mouser on the back as he walked away.

Chuck walked over to his sister and the rest of the Buy More guys. "Hey guys. I've got some stuff to tell you." He waited for them to gather around. "I've been talking to the cop Mouser and he's laid out his plan. He's going to walk me out of here and once we're clear SWAT's coming in to take him down. Now when they come in they're going to come fast. Mouser wanted me to tell you to get down on the ground and stay there." Chuck said.

"Why the hell do you get to go out?" Lester asked.

"I'm getting out because Ned formed an attachment to me and they need to get me out of here so they can come in. If I stay here it's going to drag this out all night. Do you want to be here all night?" Chuck asked.

Lester made a face "No, but.."

"But what? But it's not fare? Fine! The next time a crazy guy with a gun takes the store hostage you stand up and talk to him! Instead of all of you pointing at me! I've been dealing with this guy all day! Not you! Man the hell up next time!" Chuck said giving Lester his new cold glare.

Lester flinched away in fear. "Okay. I'm sorry!" He said hiding behind Big Mike.

Chuck looked at his sister. "El, when they cut the power I want you and Devon to get down, and stay down." Chuck said hugging her.

"I will Chuck." She said tearing up.

"I'll look after her Bro." Devon said joining the hug.

"Thanks' Awesome." Chuck said with a smile.

"Little buddy, Front and center!" Chuck said.

Morgan stood tall and saluted. "Leader!" He said.

"When the lights cut out I want you to get down. I'm putting you in charge of Anna's safety." Chuck said formally. He pulled Morgan to him. "Chick's dig heroes Morgan, but you have to live to get the credit buddy." Chuck said with a laugh.

"Understood! I'll tell the others. You have nothing to worry about." Morgan said.

"I knew I could count on you. See you on the other side soldier." Chuck said.

He turned around and walked over to Mouser. "We set?" Chuck asked.

"Yeah. Ned thinks I'm going to get him out of lock up after they take him. He should go quietly." Mouser said as he handed Chuck's iPhone back to him.

"Good, because if something happens to my sister then that hypothetical question I asked you earlier wont be so hypothetical." Chuck said absentmindedly as he called Sarah.

"What question?" Mouser asked.

Chuck paused before hitting the call button. He looked him dead in the eye. "The question about how it would feel if I killed your whole family." Chuck said nonchalantly. He hit the call button and turned away from Mouser.

"Chuck! Oh thank god! Ned's a Fulcrum agent. We need to get you out."

"Relax hot stuff. I know he's Fulcrum. I told the cop what's going on and I'm going to take him out to my car so he can sign the confidentiality paper work. I want Casey and you to led SWAT into the Buy More when I leave. Take Ned down and make sure my sister get's out alive. She's not an agent like us. She's starting to fray around the edges. I'll come back to the store when I'm done with the cop." Chuck said in his new Carmichael voice.

"So Mouser is Fulcrum too, and your taking him out to your herder?" She asked softly.

"That's right." Chuck said.

"Chuck this is very dangerous. I don't like this at all." She said.

"Hey! Who's the senior agent in charge? That's right, I am. Now follow orders Walker. I know what I'm doing. You just do your damn job." Chuck said.

"I'll be waiting by the herder Chuck. I've got your back." She said sadly.

"Good, see you in a bit." Chuck said miming hanging up the phone. He left it on and stuck it in his shirt pocket. "Alright. Lets go." Chuck said leading Mouser over to the door. Once they were outside Chuck pointed to the corner of the building. "The car's parked around the corner." Chuck said. Mouser pulled his gun. "The gun's not really necessary. You know that." Chuck said.

"Oh the gun is very necessary. You think I'm going to follow you around a blind corner so you can attack me? What do I look like to you?" Mouser asked pointing the gun at Chuck's chest.

Chuck saw Sarah out of the corner of his eye. He smiled. "I told you that if you tried to fuck me over you'd get shot. I wasn't playing with you. You only have one chance at this. Put the gun away or I promise you will get shot." Chuck said calmly.

"I don't think so. I think I'm going to take you back with me. My boss will be very excited to meet you." Mouser said

"You can't say I didn't worn you. Sarah take the shot." Chuck said.

From the shadows Sarah pulled the trigger and her silenced Smith and Wesson put a hole through the center of Mouser's chest.

Chuck walked over to mouser's corps and kicked the gun away. "It's clear. Good shooting Sarah." Chuck called over.

"Um… thank you Chuck. Are you okay?" She asked putting away her gun.

"Yeah. I'm good. You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. I'm good." She said looking at Chuck like he grew a second head.

"Good. I'm going to see if everyone else is okay. You're still coming over tonight right?" He asked.

"Sure, I just have to report in and get changed." She said

"Awesome. I'll see you later." Chuck said walking away.

Sarah just stood there confused, and for reasons she could not explain, very turned on.

Chuck stood by the side of a fire truck looking over all of his friends as they huddled together. They were safe, and he Chuck… no, he Charles Carmichael saved them. Knowing the danger had past he let his new persona drop away and as it did his whole body started to shake. Feeling cold and weak he grabbed the persona back up and tucked it in close by, ready for when it was needed again. In his minds eye he pictured himself standing in front of a big glass window just like he was now, in his nerd herder uniform and his Chuck Taylor's. His posture slightly hunched over and a soft smile on his face. On the other side of the glass stood Carmichael, dressed in a black tux, holding a martini glass in one hand and a PPK in the other. His smile was confident, his eyes calculating. Chuck was confused for a second until Carmichael knocked on the glass with the slide of his gun. Chuck locked eyes with him and Carmichael pointed to a red sign that appeared on the glass. "Break in case of emergency, or if you need to be a total bad ass" it read. Chuck laughed. He was pretty sure he was going insane but what the hell? The knowledge that Carmichael was right under the surface gave Chuck a feeling of confidence and calm back. Coming back to himself he took a deep breath and calmly walked over to his sister. Locking eyes with her before pulling her in to a tight hug he knew why he was keeping Carmichael around for a rainy day. It wasn't for the feeling of power he gave him, or the confidence in tough situations. No he was keeping Carmichael for his family. For Elle and Awesome. For Morgan. For Sarah and even Casey. He was keeping Carmichael because he was going to help him stay alive long enough to see forty. He was going to help him through the tough situations in life. And he was going to help him get the girl.