Maybe One Day...

Concept & Prologue

My idea of how I kinda hope season 2 of Chicago PD plays out for Lindsey and Halstead, with a love interest for both that leads to a lot of jealousy and tension. My first Chicago PD fanfic. I have previously written 2 NCIS fanfics. If it is in italics, it means it's a flashback or a dream. Oh, and please take the time to write a review and be honest. I can take it. Oh, and FYI, I'm from Ireland which is why some of the spelling may be a little different. Thanks for taking time to read and please review!

Erin Lindsey stepped towards her partner Jay Halstead, her arms crossed; her shoulders slouched, forcing her cleavage to heave to the top of her v-neck t-shirt. She continued to move towards him, as he sat in front of her, on the arm of her couch, sipping one of her beers, his eyes dancing with questions. She continued walking, forcing him to part his legs until she was only inches away from him. She tipped her head to the side a chewed her lower lip, staring at him. No one spoke, the tension between them filling the air. Both resisting the urge to make the first move.

"Thanks for being here tonight." She quietly states, breaking the silence, her eyes never breaking contact.

"Hey, you've been there for me before." He replies, a cheeky grin spreading across his lips.

And then the silence returns.

Erin sits across the table from Jay, wearing her tightest, sexiest dress, while he looks incredibly handsome in an expensive suit. He reaches out, taking his hand in hers and gives her a knowing look. She giggles quietly and shakes her head. "We can't." She simply says.

He opens his mouth to argue but he quickly closes it, nodding his head in agreement. He knows she's right but he looks into her eyes and he can see a simple spark, waiting to ignite. He traces his thumb over hand, and watches her.

She quickly pulls her hand back and begins to stand up, before stopping herself. "Maybe one day..." She trails off, looking sheepish.

Jay stands up, his eyes never leaving hers. "Oh definitely!" He states, giving her one of trademark cheeky grins.

Lindsey returns the smile and automatically slips under his arm, loosely draping her arm around his waist as they walk away, to their waiting taxi.

Jay sits at his desk, looking directly across at his partner, who is looking directly at him. They both have a silly grin on their face, neither one of them able to explain it, or even understand why it came across their lips in the first place.

"Halstead! My office now!" Voight barks, breaking the trance.

Jay quickly jumps to his feet and glances over at Erin as he heads into his boss' office. She looks as confused as him.

As soon as he enters the office, the door quickly closes and he finds Voight's finger in his face. "Keep it in your pants!" Voight quickly barks.

Jay holds his hands up in protest. "Hey...I haven't..." He begins, but is quickly stopped.

"I do not tolerate in house romances...especially if they involve Erin." Voight continues. "She's off limits. Got it?"

The beeping of his cell phone quickly brought Jay out of his slumber. He lifted up his sheet, the tent that had developed during the first part of his dream had quickly collapsed with the introduction of Voight. "I can't even have her in my dreams." He muttered as he reached for his phone.

He quickly read the message as it flashed up on his phone. "Can't make our morning run. Something has come up. Will see you at the office. E" It read.

"I bet it is Severide who came up." Jay thought bitterly, before shaking his head. "We're keeping it professional. Professional. Remember." He muttered to himself, heading towards the shower.

To be continued...