Well. It's been a long time coming but the writing is now on the wall.

I'm officially leaving the KHR fandom, so I will not be updating any of my remaining fics. Sorry guys. It's been fun, but it stopped being fun a while ago. I stopped enjoying this fandom largely because of the people in it and when I moved in I found it so much more fun and less stressful in other communities. So I'll be posting what I had planned for each of my KHR fics, I ask that people please do not copy or continue them further, I worked hard on them, they're still my babies, and Rei and I have already shared a lot with this community. Please respect our wishes, mine especially, when it comes to my fics. Do not repost or continue them, please.

It's been a fun eight years (almost exactly) since I started writing here. But the time has come to say goodbye.



Reighost plans to continue with Dusk to Dawn and has asked me not to share my plans so that she can continue writing.

Again, please do not continue or repost these fics. Or regurgitate these ideas either.