Hi, Zam the hedgehog here...I am not sure what I ate last night. This idea is just...weird. we're an apocalyptic, yet semi adventure drama movie and putting it with A...good film, I'll admit. But it seems weird to me. Well...Let's begin.

Ceaser snorted slightly as he sat comfortably on the small hill outside his main den, after seeing his mate and how she was doing with her pregnancy. She looked just great(slightly cranky) but just great. He took in a deep breath and exhaled with content, gazing at the amazing sunset beyond his reach. This reminded the Alpha Ape of a life 10 years ago...with his adoptive father. The man wasn't exactly the most greatest, but he did all he could to help Ceaser. It still puzzled the wise chimp as to what happened to the humans he once lived beside and the many others too. He'd heard tale about a plague amongst the humans that wiped them all out, but it was hard to believe. A soft yet guttural whine came to pull him from thoughts. His orangutan friend, Maurice, Sat with a large plop, next to Ceaser. The chimp smiled at his old friend, and a communication between them them which consisted of a series of hand movements known as 'Sign Language'.

'Grettings, Maurice. Trouble with young ones?'

Maurice was a teacher in this 'neighborhood', a hectic job for him.

'For once, they start to to think ape clog their ears with moss when they were smaller.'

Ceaser chuckled, a huffing sound with a wide smile, then slowly went into silence. They both gazed at the sunset when Maurice tuned back to him.

'Still think about them?'

Ceaser face twisted to that of half confusion, half sadness. ' Humans?...sometimes. Wonder where they go...' To add emphasis, he slowly waved his hand at the horizon once. Maurice nodded.

'...I didn't know humans like you did...only saw their bad side.'

Ceaser 'hmmphed', Then signed: 'Good? Bad? Doesn't matter. Humans destroy each other long time ago.'

'Apes fight too.'

'But here...we are family!'

He gestured to the Several hundred apes that went about their business and trotted around without a care. Even to his rebellious son, who sulked about not getting to hunt with him today, and talking with the Bonobo Koba. Ceaser could hear him telling Blue eyes, his son, that he'd get his chance. Ceaser's thoughts returned back to the humans.

'...are there still any left out there?'

Maurice raised his shaggy ginger shoulders. 'Not know. Two winters passed now. No sign of them.'

Ceaser was about to respond again when a large streak of lightning bolted down from the sky and hit the center of the open area. Every ape that was nearby it either raced off with a loud screech of terror, or received a heart attack and did the same thing. Ceaser and Maurice quickly leaped back, hooting loudly at this unknown phenomenon. The lightning bolt twisted and turned, but never left the center for what seemed like minutes. Then, it just vanished. Like nothing had ever happened at all. Ceaser shared an expression of horror and confusion with Maurice, just as more screeching commenced. The two apes traveled down the slope to see what had the other's attentions. Ceaser pushed the large crowd of his followers and continued pushing until he came to the edge of the circle of apes.

Two female humans in brightly colored clothing where struggling to sit up.