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Chapter 17

"TRIDENT!" Apollo and Percy raced to their son. Ares even came racing after defeating his bane yet again. Ares looked down in disbelief.

"I actually liked him, and this is what happens." Percy just let the tears flow. Apollo carried them all to the same spot Percy gave birth to her daughter.

Her motherly instincts kicked in.

"WHERE IS THAT DIRTY GIANT? HOW DARE HE KILL MY BABY BOY! MY BABY!" Percy was just crying all her emotions out. Zeus and Poseidon retreated to behind the boulder too. The war was too bloody. Camp Half Blood already started to retreat as well as some minor gods. Percy tried to run and hit Zeus but Apollo held her back.


Zeus ignored her. Percy was more enraged. Poseidon stepped forward and held Trident's face in his chest and cried as hard as Percy.

Ares started to cry too. Only Zeus remained like a statue. Hera was losing, Artemis was wounded and only Aphrodite was making good progress.

Ares bent down and hugged the god. Trident's blood had been smeared on everyone.

"He was my heir, he was my favourite among his generation. I loved him more than any of my children and this is what the fates do to me." Ares shook his head and got up. He rubbed his hands in his hair and kicked the boulder.

Zeus just stared at his brother, son and daughter in law crying over the dead body of his grandson.

"RETREAT OLYMPIANS!" He yelled. Percy carried Trident into her chariot along with her 7-year-old daughter who stared in horror at her brother.

"Tri-Tri?" She asked. Percy's tears turned into rain as she flew back to Olympus.

Geez, I'm sorry boss. I really like Trident. He was like a male version of you.

Percy laughed shakily. "Thanks Blackjack." He neighed and landed on Olympus.

In the distant, the remaining giants started to lumber towards Mount Olympus.

Percy rushed to the throne room where there was pacing and worrying. Everyone stopped when she entered. Aphrodite approached her.

"Percy…" She shook her off. Percy sat in her throne and stared at Zeus.

"WELL?" She yelled.





"Trident." Apollo stood at the doorway. He had his son in arms and Apollo's face was tear soaked. Percy ran to her husband and dead son. Their daughter appeared from behind her father. Percy gave Trident a finally kiss on the cheek and looked away.

His body was gone.

"How can I help him?" The question was in direct but Zeus answered.

"Time Persia. You defeated Kronos the lord of time. You are the official goddess of time meaning-"

"I can go back in time and save Trident?" There was a low rumbling outside.

"HEPHAESTUS!" Hephaestus yelled something like "5" Zeus sighed.

"Percy you can send one of us back in time and we can prevent this from happening all together." Protest broke out. Percy was in deep thought.

"Wait." Silence. "If we went back that far Apollo and I won't be together…" Silence still.

"I should go back."

"PERCY DON'T YOU DARE!" Apollo was furious red his tears seemed to be a drop of pain that made a small trial of hurt and when it fell, the trial burnt the skin like acid.

"Apollo, no one else can because I was a demi god then…" Apollo gave her a pleading look but Percy's determination won.

"Ok Percy-"

"No, Persia I will not allow." Poseidon looked defeated and old. Percy was about to answer when Apollo cried out.

"WHERE IS MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER?" Percy scanned the throne room. There was no sign of their daughter.

Percy didn't listen to the yells of protest or the agonising call of Apollo. War made people do strange things but Love made people do even stranger things.

Percy raced to her chariot and flew to the Mississippi River. She could hear the twing! Of arrows nearby so she followed the sound.

Artemis was badly wounded and Percy's little daughter was sending silver arrows by the millions and the quiver just kept filling up. Artemis clutched onto her thigh and watched as the shower of silver arrows sent some giants back to Tartarus, where they belong. Percy was too amazed to realise Polybotes behind her making an aim at his enemy's daughter.

The little girl aimed a silver arrow just in between the giant's eye. The aim was perfect and Percy watched her daughter's arrow fly. It was honestly the most beautiful thing Percy had seen that day.

Percy looked at her daughter with a proud smile and watched the little girl smile back and help her aunt climb into her chariot.

The three females soon arrived at Olympus were the argument had heated up.

"SILENCE!" Percy watched every stare in awe at the little 7 –year-old girl who sent an arrow into Zeus' throne. It landed where Zeus' head was seconds ago. A threat not a death attempt.

"I have not changed my mind but I need Hephaestus' and Hecate's help." Hephaestus looked up and looked grave. Hecate emerged from the shadows.

"Can you make a device that can make everyone remember this reality?" They nodded and sprang into work.

The giants Percy's daughter had not slayed were coming near. The work was hurried but within a minute it was finished.

Percy, Artemis and Apollo huddled together and had their little girl next to them with huge round eyes.

"Apollo, Artemis our little girl needs a name…" Apollo was looking at the ground probably trying to control his tears.

"Demi?" Artemis suggested.

"Demi… do you like that?" The little girl gave her mother a closed mouth smile and nodded.

"Apollo?" He looked up his tear soaked face smiled proudly at his daughter.

"My little Demi."

Demi hugged her father and they both cried a little together. Percy looked at Artemis.

"Your heir I believe?"

"A little short but she will do." Percy realised Artemis was jokingly so she smiled.

Artemis gave a hug.

"Be careful ok?"

"Take care of them both, please?"

"Great, my little brother around me 24/7. I was glad when we were born. He just ran and left me and I loved it." Percy laughed shakily. She looked into Artemis' silver eyes and sighed.

"I trust you so much, I wish I could have shown you." Artemis shook her head.

"You have been the best sister I could ever have."

"This isn't goodbye, it's a bientôt."

"It is my dear sister. Take care on the quest."

"Quest?" Artemis looked shocked.

"The prophecy? Didn't Apollo tell you?" Percy shook her head. Artemis sighed.

"My good for nothing brother." Apollo was still sharing a moment with Demi.

"When he announced your friend, Rachael Elizabeth Dare, as the new oracle she spoke of a prophecy."

Seven Half Blood shall answer the call

To storm or fire the Earth will fall

An oath to keep with a final breath

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

The voice entered the room and Percy watched Apollo crumble to the floor. Percy ran to his side and looked at the closed eyelids.



"Please… why did you use your energy up?" He chuckled.

"I wanted you to have a proper Apollo exit." He was dying. A gash was visible on his side. Percy looked in horror.

"Apollo, remember Greece? We will go and have a movie marathon. Please hold on to me. Don't go, I can't rescue you again you bighead sun god!" Her voice was rising. Apollo remain still only his eyes moved form Percy to Artemis to Demi.

"Dad, please don't leave me. You, Trident, Mum who else do I have? Please?"

Apollo hugged his daughter and kissed her scalp.

"You will make me proud."

"OH NO YOU DON'T" Percy's tears were renewed.


"Percy, I want to go… save the world. I'll be waiting. Go while my spirit is still here. I love you…" Percy kissed him and walked to Hecate and Hephaestus.

"All done Percy." She nodded and looked at everyone. The giants were near and so were the tears.

"You all made me realise the true meaning of family and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you."

They all nodded at Percy as Hephaestus pumped the machine up.

Memories flooded Percy as she was about to leave. Her first date with Apollo, the Christmas dinner, her marriage, her quests, Trident, Sally, Paul, Poseidon, Demi, Artemis, Aphrodite, Ariana, Annabeth, Thalia, Apollo. All the people who she loved and cared about. She took one last glance at the Olympians and vanished as the throne room began to crumble and Apollo's spirit started to withdraw from his body.


Percy felt at peace with herself. Ever since she was 12 she had been defeating monsters and slaying giants. Now she had nothing to worry about except where the years went by. She was now a 17 year old girl who had seen death in many forms.

One of her cabin mates on Argo II Leo had died but Percy was sure he was with Calypso.

Jason and Piper were happily settling down at Camp Half Blood, Frank and Hazel were at Camp Jupiter and Annabeth was happily with Michael. Even Nicole was settling down with Will Solace who had been the best fighter in Percy's opinion.

He was really handsome but Nicole made him feel so much happier than Percy could ever.

Now Persia Jackson had nothing to do except cry over a love she hadn't learnt to let go of since she was 12. Luke Castellan still haunted her dreams and life and she spent almost every spare second at her crying spot.

She stared out into sea and watched the water ripple. She heard someone approach from behind and she whipped out Riptide.

Lord Apollo stood behind her with two children. He smiled and whispered "Do I still look like Finnick Odair?"

Percy's mind went into blackout function and the memories forced themselves into her brain. She looked at Apollo with all seriousness.

"No you look like a big headed sun god!" She jumped into his arms and he swung her around. She kissed him and it tasted as good as she remembered.

She looked at her beautiful children and whispered:

"Let's go home."

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