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Legend of the Beast

He liked killing, reveled in it actually. Their screams of pain and pleads to end his torture excited him. He did not know any other emotion, any other desire or lust, other than to inflict pain. It was in the very core of his dark and evil being.

He was the beast after all. The creature feared by all that killed any that had the unfortunate fate to trespass his lands. They called him beast, monster, or devil, simply because it was what he was: A killer.

Men and women told stories of him to their children in hopes of frightening them into obedience. Travellers and merchants, even the King's men who were told to be the bravest men in the Kingdom chose to take the ten-day path around the forest instead of the one-day travel through to avoid The Forest of the Beast. Those who ignored the signs, legend, even their own fear and traveled through the forest…never had a chance to atone for their mistake. All victims met the same fate for the same reason: to take part of the riches and treasures told to reside in the home of the beast. Their greed consumed them and eventually, so did the beast. They would beg and promise never to return. Oh, how they begged! But every time, their pleas for their life, which they suddenly valued more than the wealth, fell on deaf ears.

And he absolutely loved it. He was created to kill, to feed on fear and he carried that purpose to the utmost extent.

According to legends, he lived in an abandoned castle; it was believed he had killed the previous residents. As dark and brooding as the night's sky, the castle stood in the heart of the forest. It rose to stand taller than the tallest tree and wider than a village. He alone resided in it.

However, the beast himself was a sight to behold. His mere stature could make any king tremble with fear and helplessness. His hair seemed to be made by the very light of the moon. But his eyes…they were his greatest weapons.

He possessed the skill to destroy one's mind simply by looking into their eyes, into their soul. He searched for their inner fears and forced it into their mind in cruel magnitudes. The twin orbs possessed the color of the shining sun but reflected such malice and dark intent that it was almost impossible to comprehend how they could retain the color that usually brought forth happiness.

The pure satisfaction he received when he watched his victims crumbled at the force of their fears made him sadistic and immune to foolish emotions such as guilt or regret. To watch their eyes drain of life and sanity, that was the only thing he enjoyed.

They would scream 'beast!' as they died and condemn his soul to hell, it was a shame he didn't have one.

But he did have a name. Though long forgotten, it was his first name.

He was called The Killing Perfection or in one word:


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