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Chapter One

The things that run through my mind seem to get worse with each passing day. My dreams are weird as well and it doesn't make sense to me. And today was no different as I fell out of bed, landing on the floor in a panic as the new dream ran through my head. I looked around suddenly, ensuring that everything was in its proper place before I stood up, shaking my head.

It was always the same. These blue lights shining in the darkness, kindness and love emanating from them. But there was also red, dark and evil shining in the background. It didn't make sense either as I would see a large hand surround my tiny form, protecting me from the evil red eyed monsters. But they seemed almost, mechanical.

"I really need to lay off the robot horror movies," I mumbled to myself as I collected my stuff. We were moving and it was okay. I didn't have very many friends but I wasn't looking forward to it anyways. I was always the weird one. The freak with unnatural dark blue eyes. My hair, being the dark black it was, would freak people out when the sun hit it, giving off that eerie red and blue shine it had. People claimed it looked like my hair was one fire but I didn't care. I had gotten over the taunts and teasing. Just apart of my life.

"Zynith? Baby, did you have another nightmare? I swear you need to lay off the movies!" my mother screamed up to the door. I laughed as I opened the door, not bothering to shower at this old place. I stepped out and turned, looking back into the old room I had grown up in. It looked like a safe haven, the only place I could stay in without ever being found. What a weird thought to have, but it was what I was feeling. Besides, it was just us two anymore. Dad had left so long ago that he was just a mere memory. And now, this house would be one too.

As I made my way down the stairs, I saw mom standing by the front window by the door. She kept looking out for the movers, anxious to move out of this place of horrid memories. At least, that was what she considered this place to be. I didn't think of it that way but I knew that every time she turned a corner in this house, dad would flood her mind. And it took everything I had to keep her from blaming herself.

You see, Dad left when I was in kindergarten. Mom was still trying to get her figure back and dad wasn't helping her with his insults. They thought I wasn't listening but I heard what he said to her, and there were moments that I thought the same of myself because of him. But one day when I came home from school, I found her crying in a corner. I had called grandmother and she came over instantly. That's when I found out the truth. Dad had left her for a younger woman. A "sexy slut" mom would say. And she didn't have any kids. Which I knew that to him, that was a plus. So I got over it, saying good riddance. But mom never did. She would pretend that much I knew. But it was obvious that she didn't let go. And never would.

"Mom?" I got her attention, watching her turn to look at me with love and lost hope. I shook my head, silently reminding her of what I had told her all these years and she laughed. But I knew this was a new beginning for us both. And it was definitely something I looked forward too.


My new school. My new hell of a school. It was obvious as I walked toward the front of the building, all the students staring at me with disgust and even a few began to whisper amongst themselves. Good thing I was a senior cause I knew, definitely knew, that if I wasn't, I would kick every one of their asses. But I didn't dwell on it as I walked through the front doors in search of my new class.

"Watch it nerd!" someone yelled in the halls and I glanced over, seeing a somewhat panicking kid collecting his things off the floor. He didn't look like a nerd, but I was one to talk. Still, I felt like I should do something. I was a bit of a hard ass at times.

"Dude, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you-"

"Hey, shut up before I knock your teeth out."

At that moment, I stepped in, getting right into the bully's face. The kid stared me down, looking me over as I didn't budge. People like this irritated the hell out of me and I knew I didn't look like much, but I did pack a rather hard punch. Enough to break a jaw.

"Who the hell are you? His girlfriend?" he laughed into my face. I smirked before grabbing his arm and twisting it, bending his wrist forward to cause the most amount of pain I could. The kid, in response, bent in the direction of the twist but tried using his other hand to remove mine. Which, of course, failed miserably.

"Why don't you fix your own self esteem issues and arrogance before picking on others. After all, your problems weren't caused by the weakest kid in school," I spat in his face. After a few more seconds, I released his arm and watched him try to look tough walking away, knowing how that really looked. But I didn't care as I looked at the kid collecting his things. I helped him grab some of them, realizing that the stuff he carried was old and just plain….weird.

"Thanks," he stuttered, checking over a pair of old glasses, the frames for the lens round and small. I nodded in acknowledgement of his thanks before standing back up and going over my schedule again. I still haven't found my first class, some sort of science.

"By the way, I'm Sam," once again the kid looked over at me, fumbling with his full arms of random junk. I nodded again, but extended my hand. He took it rather cautiously, but gained more confidence once he realized I wasn't going to pull some arm twist on him.

"Zynith," I introduced. Sam stared at me before practically yelling out my name. I stared at him and tilted my head as he grabbed my schedule, checking my name and classes before grabbing my forearm. I tensed, keeping myself from pulling a reflex move on him.

"You're the new chick aren't ya?" he looked at me. I nodded once as he pulled me with him saying, "Yeah, you can follow me. We have the same classes. Which is weird……you know just the classes. Not your image or anything."

"Yeah, weird," I rolled my eyes. I did prefer my own privacy, being more of a loner but somehow I liked this kid. Somewhat of an adorable little bro type. So I followed (though I was really being half dragged) to class. And I listened to Sam rant about everything with this school. So yeah, little bro statement totally sticks to this kid and I just hope that I can survive his ranting. Or I may need to find a new friend.


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