I often find that a shorter narrative with less detail leads to opportunity with the reader's imagination.

Word Count: 130 words.

Requiem of A Certain Horned Thingy

"You really look pretty today, y'know?"

"Trust me, I know."

He's been yapping all day, a necessary evil to counter dead air. She's not sure if she minds or not.

Trudging down a path littered with the sludgiest mud and morning dew, Calem lugs the golden apple of his eye on his back without any qualms about it. Not the prettiest job, but he keeps a firm hold because he likes her that much, the ZR in his grip is just a bonus.

"I saw a Weedle the other day,"

"Really? What was it like?"

He purses his lips, "Oh, uh, well let's see... Big horn, big clown nose, tiny dot eyes, puny, yellowy, a lot like you actuall- Guh!"

Serena only lets go of his throat once he apologizes.