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It has been two years since she left, two years since she had seen her surrogate family. That was the last time she had seen Tony. She will never forget that October night, standing on that tarmac in Tel Aviv, watching that pair of sad eyes. She will never forget how he had been continuously pleading her to come home with him till the very last minute. She can still hear his voice echoing in her head, "I'm fighting for you, Ziva." That alone gives her hope that he has not moved on, and that he is still fighting for them. But of everything that happened those couple of days in Israel, she will never forget the 'goodbye' kiss that they shared that night. No it was not a 'goodbye' kiss, as in this is the last time, but as in a 'goodbye' kiss, as this is not only for now, for we will see each other again.

She swears that sometimes she can still faintly feel his lips on hers, even the taste of him after their kiss. That kiss had meant so much to her, especially when she woke up to an empty bed. She would just remember that even though she was alone at that moment, she still had that kiss to show her that in a way she was not alone. That kiss had been her comfort since that night on the tarmac in Israel. It is also the reason that she was now standing on the Dulles Tarmac in D.C. after being absent for two years, coming to face her biggest challenge in her life, to vindicate the life she always wanted, and to vindicate Tony.

The first day that she actually spent in D.C. wasn't any different than she would've two years ago.

She woke up at 4 to do her usual morning run. She decided to let her legs lead the way, she should have known that they would have led her to a familiar place from her past. A smile crept on her face as she realized where she ended up; her old apartment. Ha, 'there's no such things as coincidence' Ziva thought. She made her way to a bench across and stared at her old apartment, memories flooding her mind, like how she moved there after she returned from Somalia, to the night that she invited the whole team over for dinner. From Ducky's endless stories, Abby's rib crushing hugs, and Tony's consistent movie references. Tony… Oh Tony, she thought as her smile faded.

He was the only constant thing in her life since she first had came to America. 'Having phone sex?' Her smile started to reappear on her face as she remembered their first meeting. Tony was the one on the team that she had the most memories with, such as their undercover mission, the summer Gibbs retired, when he rescued her in Somalia, Paris, Berlin, and the most recent memory was Israel, the kiss that the shared at the airport right before she sent him home without her. Ziva shook her head, 'stop it,' she told herself, 'it has been two years, he has moved on'.

She got up from the bench, her mind racing, and ran back to her new apartment so she could change.

The sound of the sander stroking the wood filled the half dark basement of the MCRT leader. The team just wrapped up the murders of two petty officers, which took them almost two weeks to close the case that had included drugs and human trafficking. Finding the relaxation in emerging himself in his woodwork, he heard someone coming down the stairs, someone he hadn't heard in a long time. 'It can't be," he thought to himself.

Although he made everyone think that he didn't care about Ziva's absence, but in reality it hurt like hell. He felt as much pain, maybe more for the absent of Ziva, than he did for Kate. It was more of the pain he had when he lost Shannon and Kelly.

"Gibbs," the familiar footsteps dragged him out of his thoughts, looking up towards the direction of the voice. He was proven right, that it was indeed the one person he thought it would never be.

"Ziver?" Was the only thing he managed to say. When he was sure that she was really there, he got up making his way to her. She didn't move, she just stood there, waiting for him to make some indication that he was okay with her being there. When he opened his arms to hug her, she surprised him when she threw herself into him.

"I am back, Gibbs. Back for good," she said crying into his shoulder.

"Welcome home, kid," Gibbs kissed her forehead, without ever leaving her hug, "welcome home," he said smiling.