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He wasn't expecting that kind of reaction by Ziva, when he announced his decision. He believed she would be happy about the news, because a life without NCIS would have signified a new era in their relationship. EJ's words made him get a glimpse of what he could have away from NCIS. Even Ziva's leaving, and the thoughts he had about the life he would have had if he had stayed in Israel with her, showed him how his future could be. However, the way Ziva looked at him with narrowed eyes, revealed her annoyance and discomfort on his words. With a rapid move, she pulled away from him, got out from the hot tub and wrapped a towel around her, walking out the steamy bathroom and into the bedroom.

"Ziva?" Tony was completely taken aback by Ziva's behavior. He had to remain still for several seconds, so he would comprehend what had just happened. The man grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. "Ziva." he repeated after walking into the bedroom. He saw Ziva standing in front of the mirror still on her towel. She was running her fingers through her wet hair in an effort to loose the tangles. "What's wrong? What happened to you?" he approached her from behind and rested his hands on her shoulders squeezing them.

Ziva turned around and looked him. "You want to leave NCIS because of me."

"What? No!" he denied. "No I don't want to resign from NCIS because of you."

The Israeli-American woman walked toward the bed and sat on the edge of it. "Yes you do. You did not take over your own team to Rota because of me and few days ago you told me you were reconsidering your answer to Vance about San Diego." she crossed her fingers dropping her eyes on them. "And now this." she looked back at Tony uncrossing her palms.

Tony sat next to her. "Ziva." he placed his palm on her knee. "It is what I want Ziva."

"You do not know what you want, Tony!" Ziva hissed. "Few hours ago, you were saying you wanted us to go to San Diego and-"

"No Ziva San Diego it is what YOU WANT." he cut her off with emphasis. "I have been living in the line of fire for years, so do you, risking our lives every second." he stood from the bed. "The only thing I want is you. A peaceful life with you. Do you know" he knelt in front of her. "That night I let you in Israel, in every step I was taking toward the plane…" he swallowed lump tin his throat. "I was hoping you would have called my name and told me to stay."

During Ziva's absence, he kept telling to himself that he couldn't have stayed in Israel. That it couldn't have worked. He had a job that he managed to hold over a decade. It was the 'something permanent' for him. He couldn't let his job, he couldn't let his team, the only people who really felt as family. Besides, it was Ziva's request for him to leave her alone. That she had to do it, to find herself alone and he respected her decision. However, he knew that all those things were excuses. He had been stubborn before because of her, he had fought before for her. If Zoe hadn't returned he wouldn't have admitted out loud to himself that the only thing it mattered to him was Ziva.

"I wanted to." Ziva revealed quietly and dropped her gaze on her lap. "But I could not do it."

Tony put his hand under her chin and lifted her eyes to his. "Because of Saleem's brother?" he asked.

Ziva shook her head. "I could nott ask you to stay. It would have been selfish. I knew you would have stayed if I had asked you." she stood from the edge of the bed and started pacing around the room. "But I also know you would have been miserable." she turned and looked at him. "And I could not live with that guilt Tony. I loved you too much for doing that to you."

Tony stood up too. "It's different now." he argued and approached cupping her face. "I don't wanna leave because of you. I wanna live a calm life, no terrorists, no more enemies chasing us."

"No, it is not different." the former Mossad Officer pulled away from him. "Do you think if you changed your career or resign NCIS your enemies would stop hunting you? That they would stop seeking revenge?" she questioned incredulously. Ziva shook her head. "Has this happened in my case?" she asked further but she didn't receive any answer from Tony. "I understand that you want to have a peaceful life but, you can not. Even if you left the Agency you could not. The ghosts of the past will always hunt you. However, the San Diego position can offer you many benefits."

"What kind of benefits?" Tony asked in disbelief. "More safety? I don't think so. "More money? Because Hell! I don't need more money. You know, you were wondering how I can afford my expensive way of living. My mother left me a considerable amount of money." he really didn't want for Ziva to find out his financial statement like that, but the argument she used that moment didn't let him another choice. "Senior has done some investments along with the Prince Omar Ibn Awaan in Dubai. They produced a satisfactory growth in the trust fund."

"Tony." Ziva tried to cut him short because it was obvious he misinterpreted her words.

"Let me finish. The summation of them is-"

"Tony!" Ziva yelled, succeeding in making him stop the babbling. "I was not talking about the financial benefits Tony. I was not talking about safety. I was taking about your career benefits. I know that you have indentified Gibbs with NCIS and you want to quit because you think it is the best way to cut your ties with him, but you do not have to resign. Being the Head of the San Diego Office, you could have highest ranking position on NCIS in the distant future. Do not turn down a promotion once more. Just focus on the positives things that the Agency offered you and the ones it will offer you in the future." she almost begged with her last sentence.

"I don't wanna be the Director of NCIS, Ziva. I don't wanna be a politician like Vance. I want a peaceful family life that's all. And away from Gibbs."

"There is no way I can changed your mind, am I?" she questioned. Tony shook his head. "Can you at least promise than you would think about it more?"

Tony approached her once biting his lower lip. "Only because you asked it nicely." he answered and trailed his fingers over her body on route to the knot in her towel.

'He is incorrigible.' Ziva thought. 'We both are.'

The woman looked into Tony's eyes, which were darker and smoky linking her lips as she was watching the drops of water rolling down his muscular body. She wanted him so much. She heard a growl emanate from his throat, then he bent down and devoured her mouth while she reached for the knot in his towel. Few moments later both towels fell to the floor. The passion and need for each other had overtaken them once more.

The plane touched down in the Tel Aviv tarmac at dawn and taxied to the hangar. A dark SUV with tinted windows was parked in front of the hang doors with two figures beside it. Whoever the passengers were, they were in hurry as the door of the aircraft cracked open, even before the pilot shut down the jet engines. The stairs of the plane descended quickly and the man stepped out of the brightly lit interior. It was the moment where the one of two figures approached him.

"Shalom, Sir. Welcome back to Tel Aviv." a young man around in his mid twenties said with a thick Israeli accent. He was around 6 feet tall, black hair slight beard and tanned skin.

The man remained silent. He only handed him the briefcase he was keeping so he would button his jacket and gabardine afterwards. The weather was too cold in Israel even the morning for that particular month. He gestured on the younger man to give him the briefcase back and walked toward the car with his Israeli assistant not far behind. The driver who was standing already next to SUV opened him the door of the backseat and the man first tossed the briefcase inside the car so he would climb into it.

"Everything is set, Sir as you requested." the younger man said to his boss, as he got into the front seat of the car along with the driver who sat next to him. "We were all looking forward for your arrival in Tel Aviv." he went on.

The man didn't reply but he impatiently waited for the driver to start the engine on. He couldn't take his eyes of the scenery outside. He had visited Tel Aviv and Israel many times for business but never with Ziva. It was dream of his to be in that beautiful country with the love of his life. He wanted Ziva to show him the place she was born, the places she had grown up. He was mad at her that she had done those things with Tony, but his anger faded away quickly. Ziva would his again soon; she would be in his arms for the rest of his life, away for everyone. The USA, the Team Gibbs, Agent DiNozzo.

'DiNozzo.' he thought and clenched his fist. That childish playboy was the reason that Ziva had never given her heart to him. However, that Italian womanizer wouldn't be between them for long and he would have the woman of his life his very soon. The man stared out of the window in the backseat. He didn't notice when the driver started to drive but he was certain it had passed a long time since they had left the airport. They had almost arrived at their destination which was a villa outside of Tel Aviv. It was also his HQ, located on the exact opposite side where the Ben-Gurion Airport was.

"I must to inform you that the visitor you had requested to meet is already expecting you in your house." the Israeli man told his boss as the car was few miles away from the house.

The man didn't talk at all and kept staring out of the window lost in his thoughts. What startled him, what he brought him back to reality, was the squeaky sound of the breaks. He had reached at his destination. He watched the gates open of that stately house on the Tel Aviv outskirts then the car enter in the yard, stopping in front of the magnificent front door of the house few moments later. The man opened the door of the back seat and got out of the car in milliseconds. He was so in hurry that he didn't close the door, leaving even his briefcase behind. It was his associate who grabbed it from the vehicle and followed his employer in hot pursuit.

"Shalom." the doorman greeted the moment the man entered the hall.

However, the man ignored him completely and headed straight to his study where his guest was waiting for him.

"Shalom." a man said with Israeli accent as he stood up from the armchair he was sitting. He was in his mid fifties, dark-skinned like the most people who lived for years under the hot Israeli sun.

"Shalom Abraham." The man said after hanging his gabardine on the coat rank. The two men exchanged handshakes and hello with the man patting his guest's shoulder in a brotherly way.

"Sir." a voice called from the door and both men paid their attention to the source of the voice. "You forgot your briefcase." he walked into the room and let the briefcase on the desk. "If you need anything, I will be right outside." he turned to his boss.

"Thank you, Jerome." the man replied. The younger man leaned slightly forward in greeting and left the study, closing the door behind him. "So Abraham." he went on and walked behind his desk. "Did you bring to me what I wanted?" he stood in front of the French door, behind his desk, his back facing Abraham.

The view outside was spectacular. The garden was littered with local wild plants of Israel and a swimming pool in the middle of it. They were also five or so deck chairs along with bright yellow umbrellas. The man shut his eyes imagining children running around the garden, swimming into the pool. They were his children and Ziva's.

"I need to inform you about something important." Abraham said hesitantly. He wanted to avoid as much as he could that kind of conversation with his associate, and what he had found out the night before, was the best distraction of all. However, he knew that eventually his assigner would criticize him anyway about his failure sometime.

"What?" the man questioned, opening his eyes and turned to see him.

Abraham walked toward the couch where he had left his briefcase. After he opened it, he pulled a file and walked back close to the man. "Mossad and Shin Bet are on joint operation. They discovered your facilities in the borders with Lebanon." he tossed the file onto the desk.

The man sat on his chair, picked up the file and flipped it open so he would study it.

"They have scheduled an operation for their distraction." Abraham went on, watching the man to lean his elbow against the desk, resting his chin on his knuckles while he was reading the file. "The operation will take at place at 00:00 the upcoming Tuesday to Wednesday." he informed further.

The man raised his eyes and stared at Abraham. "Thank you, for letting me know. I will have plenty of time to care of it properly." he shut the file. "Now." he crossed his fingers, resting them on the desk. "What about the task I have assigned to you? Did you get it?"

Abraham lowered his gaze frowning. "I do not have the file in my possession."

The man leaned back against his chair, eyeing his Israeli associate. "So you wanna tell me that you, one of the Deputy Directors of Mossad can't access a simple file on your own Agency?" he asked in disbelief.


"Don't try to find lame excuses to justify your inability for not giving to me a simple file." the man yelled. His patience had worn out. His strategy had to be executed to perfection but without the particular information all the rest of his efforts to succeed his purpose would have been in vain.

"I'm Abraham Levi, Deputy Director of Mossad and you cannot call me incapable." he yelled back. He was never been treated like that in his life like that. In Mossad he was second in command and he wouldn't let anyone to behave him like a runner. "I did not find the file in the HQ's, I did not even find it on the special archive that we keep the special black ops that we classify and never release." he explained calmer. "Someone very close to Eli David has the file. Maybe David-"

"She's not." the man cut him off. "Ziva doesn't have the file, it is an established fact." he rubbed his chin with his right hand, while he was tapping the desk over the file with the fingers of his left one. He tried to think who could possess the file and what he could do with it. He kept tapping his fingers on the desk until he stopped, when he suddenly realization hit him. "Elbaz. She has the file. The fact she organized an operation against our facilities, she knows."

"The operation was organized because Mossad was informed that the particular organization is channeling weaponry to ISIS." Abraham explained. "Elbaz and the rest of the Agency believe that they are new in the job. They have no idea about your involvement and your plans." he went on. "But I do not think is impossible for Elbaz to have what we want." he told further. "The problem is that we can't take it from her if it came into the possession of hers. That bitch Orli trusts no one but Eli's minions, Ben-Gidon and Tuvia. And those two are too loyal on her, on Israel and Eli's vision for Mossad and Israel."

The man seemed troubled by Abraham's words. If Orli had the file it meant that she would probably find out his plans. She had to be stopped. He knew that after Eli's assassination, killing her would be difficult so he had to find another way to cover his tracks so Mossad wouldn't know his plans.

"You have to find a way to take that file." it was the only thing the man said and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I think we should wait." Abraham suggested. "We do not have to rush things. Caesar would-"

"Caesar is dead!" the man shouted and stood up with anger banging the desk with his fist. "I'm Caesar now! He made me the heir of his bussiness. He wanted me to continue his work. Do you want to eliminate Elbaz? Do you want to be the next hero of Israel and the next Director of Mossad?"

"Yes!" Abraham answered without hesitation.

"Then you are going to do what I'm going to tell you." the man told him much calmer that time and unlocked his briefcase. "I have found one of the copies that were in America." he opened the briefcase and pulled out a file along with a USB. "It has photos inside, the list of the things we are looking for." he continued closing the briefcase. "But it doesn't have the coordinates, the locations we are looking for." he walked toward Abraham. "Study them." he ordered and handed the Israeli man both the files and USB. "Maybe I missed something." he turned on his heels and walked back to his desk.

"I will." Abraham replied and opened the file. However, between the papers he found a photo of Ziva's. He could easily understand that it was recent shot taken under surveillance. The Israeli man raised his head and looked at the man. Although he didn't like the guy, he was beholden to him as associate to warn him. It wasn't wise for him to relate with Ziva once more. The first time he had, his life had been destroyed completely and it was some kind of miracle that he was standing in front of him, alive and free.

"What?" the man asked harshly, watching Abraham's look.

The Israeli man approached the man pulling an item from the file, before closing it. "Although, you are not my friend but only my associate on this business I wll give you a piece of advice." he extended his hand, so he would show the man Ziva's photo. "Stay away from her for your own good." he warned in a friendly manner. "Whoever was close to her has been ruined. "Haswari, Eli, her sister and her mother, Rivkin and many other people found death because of her. It is matter of time for her American friends to have the same Fate as the people I have mentioned before, especially Agent DiNozzo." he explained. "She is a curse!" he added. "Do not let her ruin your life. Do not let her do that again."

It happened in the flash. Out of nowhere, the Deputy Director of Mossad was found pressed against the wall. The man threw his forearm up to his throat and pressed hard. Abraham squealed in pain, but regained his composure. "Let…" the Israeli man forced the world out.

"Don't you ever, ever say that kind of words for her, you son of a bitch." the man screamed in Abraham's face and pressed harder against his throat.

He knew if he held for a few more seconds the older man would lose consciousness. For the first time in his life Abraham felt a little scared. He tried fighting against the man, but he was very strong. Desperate to take air he let both the file and Ziva's photo fell to the floor so he would use his hands to defend himself but the man's position restricted him. Abraham started to wiggle and the man knew that his associate was really close to losing consciousness. He started to think that the man was really going to kill him. He began to see his vision turn into the infamous tunnel vision. He slowly began to see black.

The man blinked twice and released his hold on Abraham. He took a few steps back and frantically gathered his composure. "Get out of my sight." he spat on Abraham's face. He watched the Israeli man struggling to fill his lungs with air after falling to the ground when he released his hold.

Coughing, hysterically and trying to breathe, Abraham he got the file with difficult in his hand and walked towards the couch. He completely ran out of the room after grabbing his briefcase.

"Jerome!" the man shrieked. "Jerome!" he repeated.

"Yes Sir." the younger ran into the study completely breathless.

The man went around his desk grabbed a pen and a piece paper, scribbling something furiously. "This." he said edgily and walked toward Jerome. "This." he repeated and handed his assistant the piece of paper and the file that Abraham gave him. "I want this happen. No delays."

Jerome read the paper and looked back at to boss. "Right away boss." he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

The man sighed and rubbed his face, approaching the place where the photo was. He squatted down and picked up Ziva's photo, holding it tight with his hand. "I can't wait to hold in my arms again, my love." he told to the photo and pressed it against his chest.

He had never been so frustrated in his life. He tried to occupy himself by working on the case, but it was pointless. He kept thinking about Ziva. The weekend they spent together, making love. Although, they made love only once in hot tub on Saturday, Sunday was the day that they were engaging that particular activity whole day on the exact same place. It was something they had also repeated the day before, on Monday night after work. He never believed that having sex in the hot tub those three days would have affected him so much. Maybe it was the fact he had lived that kind of experience only with the love of his life or maybe because of one of his fantasies with her had become reality few nights ago.

'I had handcuffed sex with Ziva.' Tony thought and his cock twitched. He was so aroused that day. The time for lunch break still hadn't come but he had to use the Men's Room three times already to take care of himself, as his mind was wandering to Ziva.

"Ughhh!" he groaned and curled some papers into his first.

Images of Ziva on top of him, riding him hard, moving up and down rapidly, filled his mind. He was grateful that Gibbs wasn't around but went down to Ducky's because he was certain head-slaps would have been his least punishment. Tony had grabbed the eye of everyone with his behavior. He could see that McGee, Ellie and Zoe staring at him with question and sometimes with worry. He could even feel Ziva's eyes on him. as she was sharing the same worry with the rest of their colleagues. However, he knew that he shouldn't look at her, he shouldn't look at her brown eyes, those eyes that always were locked on his, while he was making love to her. He had managed so hard to avoid them all day. He knew the moment he looked into them he would lose his sanity.

"Nothing, considering the German solders that took part in the program." Ziva informed placing the receiver on its place and everyone but Tony looked at her. "I was told that their official Military record did not mention any involvement on either project or program and but they were serving their regular enlistment." she told further.

That was it. Upon her hearing voice he couldn't resist anymore. Tony turned abruptly round, and for the merest fraction of a second, his eyes met hers. It was evident that he had momentarily forgotten his surroundings, and that his whole soul was in sympathy with the picture of Ziva before him. She was so beautiful, her hair loosen and bedraggled, down on her shoulders, just like the way he liked them. Her shirt was a plain dark green T-shirt, nothing special, looked like the highest priced latest fashion on her. Jeans, dark as midnight blue snuggly fit every curve and line of her body, every inch of her slender but muscular legs. He remembered, he loved that outfit as it was the one she had on the stakeout where she told him about Tali, the few honest and heart to heart talks they had, before they got romantically involved. He could even remember the slightest detail on her over the years, because the truth was, he could never take his eyes away from her. She was an angel. His angel.

"And all of them, like any name we have checked on that list, have died." the woman went on and glanced away at once, looking back at her notebook and the notes she took. If she kept staring into Tony's eyes, she knew she'd risk revealing their secret. It was difficult for both them to keep their feelings in check, much more if they were looking into each other's eyes. Tony's eyes always distracted her and that moment would not be an exception.

"Two of them had Cardiac Arrest, one was drowned, two of them were killed in car accidents and the last one on an ISIS terrorist attack in Belgium." Ziva itemized the information that Angelina gave her. "As or the timing of the deaths, if we exclude the death of Frantz Kalbfleisch in Brussels, the rest of them died in short period after the 'Trojan Horse' Project was shut down" she informed. "If we assume that timeline that Nicko gave us is correct." she added. "Kalbfleisch probably stayed alive because he was volunteered while he was already working for BND." she completed.

"BND?" Zoe asked, not having idea about Ziva was talking to. She was focused on what Ziva was saying that she didn't notice Tony's intense look on the Israeli-American woman.

"BND is the German Secret Service. Welcome to the Spies' world." Ellie commented. "But there is no such coincidence that all volunteers are dead."

"It never was. What?" Ziva asked utterly confused by her co-workers looks which were focused on her because she hadn't said or done anything that could cause that kind of reaction by them. However, she quickly felt a familiar feeling. It was the only logical explanation that could justify the team's behavior that moment. Ziva turned her head and saw Tony.

He was watching her fixedly, with a look of interest upon his face. A look that always Tony had when he desired her, when he wanted to make love to her. This wasn't good. She had to stay focused. Without a second thought Ziva sat back in her desk and stared at her computer. "And Nicko informed me, that we will have news from Greece by the end of the week." she started typing furiously pretending a cool attitude toward to her fiancé.

However, Tony's eyes still remained fixed upon her for some moments. The more he looked at her the more her beauty grew upon him. However, her picture was forgotten quickly, and his soul had come down to earth once more. That was when he realized that his prick was so hard that it had grown painful.

"I need to use the Men's Room." he mumbled and got up from his chair. He reached a file from his desk, putting him in front of his pants in an attempt to hide his discomfort and raced for the personal hygiene room. He sighed with relief when he realized no one was there when he entered the room. "Thank you Lord!" Tony whispered and ran into one of the stalls after he left the file on the counter. He shut the door of the stall, secured the safety bolt and unfastened his pants, yanking them, along with his boxers down his thighs. The hard length of his cock bounced forward, the tip wet with pre-cum. He knew very well what he had to do. Hell, he had done it already three times that day. Tony shut his eyes and grasped his silky smooth member, squeezing it tight. He grinned because he didn't need to think a lot what it would help him to come. His mind began to wander to Ziva. Before they admitted their feelings for another and started their relationship, he had spent countless of masturbation, thinking of her, imagining that his hands were hers. She was the only woman who made him have wet dreams since college. A groan of pleasure echoed through the Men's Room as Tony kept stroking his dick. He licked his lips picturing Ziva, naked like he had done earlier three more times, but he startled as he heard someone trying to open the his door banging against it at the same time with fists. He had to remain calm and quiet. If someone were finding him like that, he would become the laughingstock of NCIS. Tony heard the stranger banging the door once more. They didn't seem to be from the people who were giving up so easily.

"Tony?" Ziva questioned softly through the door. She was worrying about him. The way he ran out of the bullpen, alerted her. "Tony?" For the next few moments the woman continued to worry about why Tony wasn't answering. As panic gripped her, she decided to bang the door once more with her fists.

"Please, go away!" Tony pleaded rubbing his forehead completely embarrassed. He really didn't want Ziva see him at this state.

"I'm not going anywhere." she replied coldly. "Now open that door I will start kicking it." she banged the firsts against the door for one more time. Ziva's agony had reached its climax. Something was wrong with him and it wasn't good. A thousand thoughts had crossed her mind as she remained outside the door, waiting for Tony to open. She tried to remember if she had done or said during the day but there was nothing that she could think of. The fact that she didn't talk to him earlier was because they had agreed on it so their secret would not reveal. Did he change his mind? Did he want their relationship to be known to McGee and the rest of team but he believed she wanted the quite opposite? However seconds later she heard the sounds of the bolt open and the knob of the door turn, revealing Tony with his pants down, his cock stuck out in all its glory.

"Have you started the show without me?" Ziva joked, seeing Tony's condition. However, she couldn't help but feel surprised by how huge Tony's penis was that moment and how much she was turned on.

"This is not funny, Ziva." Tony shouted. "Look at me!" he pointed out with his palms his large, hard member against his stomach. "I have been thinking of you handcuffed on the bed making love to you and then what we were doing in the hot tub the whole weekend and…God!" he raised his hands to his face, covering it entirely with his hands. He had never felt so embarrassed with a woman before. "It has happened to me already three times today."

"Hey." Ziva whispered and approached him. "It happens." she grabbed Tony's wrists. "It is a natural thing." she went on as quietly and pulled Tony's wrists, so he would slide his hands down his face. Tony did as he was instructed, revealing his eyes, then his nose and finally his mouth, his eyes locked on hers. "I could give you a hand." Ziva said, not meaning it as a joke. Damn. She didn't care if she was in a stall of the Men's Room, as long as she had the ability to touch Tony, to feel his body, her flesh against his.

"Ziva!" Tony exclaimed and took a few steps back from Ziva, pulling away from her.

"Okay, okay." Ziva held her hands in surrender and turned to close the door, securing the bolt afterwards.

"What are you doing?" Tony asked in disbelief, watching Ziva unbuttoning her jeans.

"You do not want me to give a hand." she explained. "So I'm going to-"

"I don't wanna have sex with you." Ziva cut her short. Ziva's heart twisted in her chest, at Tony's clear and unequivocal rejection. "That did not come out right, I mean, wait, that did not-"

"Alright, alright." Ziva was the one who interrupted Tony this time. "I see your point." she smiled seductively and tried to get down on her knees.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Tony caught Ziva and help her stand the moment her face was dangerously close to his thighs. "Sorry I made you think that I wanted that, but I definitely DON'T want that."

"Then what do you want?" Ziva raised an eyebrow and folded her arms in front of her chest, taking a few steps back. "You are here into a stall of the Men's Room with…" she trailed off, pointing with her finger on Tony's waist. "In the way it is and you are telling me that you do not want my help."

"I just…" he halted for a moment before continuing. "I just want you to go back into the bullpen so no-one would look for you and find you here." he explained, anxiously.

"You do not have to worry about it. It is lunch time and all the team are not the building, so we do not have to worry about it." Ziva assured. "You know," she approached, her voice and eyes filled with lust. "My offer about giving you a hand still stands." she licked her lips and crashed her body against Tony's, his hard cock brushing her belly button over her clothes.

Tony didn't have to think very hard about her offer. He had dated and slept with many women but none of them had the touch, the talent that Ziva had. Her handjobs were the sexiest that he ever had. "Slay the beast, tiger!" he encouraged excited.

It was the only thing that Ziva needed as prompting. She leaned in closer to Tony, her face so near that her lips could almost brush his cheek. Her breath sent tingles dancing along his skin.

"I love you." Ziva whispered into his ear and pushed the jacket off his shoulders. "You have no idea how much I wanted to touch you." she went on as quietly as before and slowly moved her hands on Tony's collar, loosing his tie.

Tony felt his cock lurching. Ziva's touch was like a drug to him. His sleep-deprived brain was addicted. His head and neck were on fire underneath her fingertips. And he wanted more, he wanted much more and he wanted to be much closer to her.

"You have no idea what I was going through all those hours I could not feel your skin on my fingertips." Ziva told further and started unbuttoning Tony's dress shirt in a slow motion button by button. The moment the first buttons were unfastened, she slid her hand inside, his chest took comfort from the warmth of his flesh against her palm, feeling the steady rise and fall of his breath as she leaned her head against his shoulder. It felt so right being there with him. He felt so right. Ziva ran her hand absently down Tony's chest after she unbuttoned his drss-shirt completely, feeling his hard muscles under her fingers. She let them trace around his stomach for a few more moments before running down to his balls, lightly squeezing them repeatedly.

"Ziva." Tony whispered, the moment Ziva's hand held his balls. He could feel heat building in them and at the base of his cock, a tingling sensation. He shut his eyes and let waves of pleasure rush over him, the peaceful warmth which only her hands could bring to him.

Ziva continued her masturbation on Tony's shaft. She dragged her fingers along it and over his tip. Shudders ran up Tony's spine as she gently pinched his glans between her index and her thumb.

She released her grip on the base of his cock and gently wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the shaft. Her fingers slowly slid up his manhood, moving his skin against the head of his member. She had a pretty good idea what she was doing. She was teasing him, leaving him desperate for more. She knew very well that he loved it and drove him crazy at the same time. His moans, the thrusts of his dick through her fist were just the confirmation of her beliefs and of course the motive for her to go further. Ziva carefully wrapped her forefinger and thumb around the base of Tony's manhood. Teasingly, her index finger traced lightly along the underside of his member from the base to the tip. Slowly she dragged her finger across Tony's frenulum and over the middle of his glans; her digit smeared the large glob of pre-cum over the tip of his manhood. She pressed the wet glob to the top of his glans and then swirled her finger around the tip of his manhood.

"Jesus!" Tony couldn't hold back the groan that rambled in his chest. Even it hadn't been a long time since Ziva's hands had started working his penis he thought he was ready to cum as they were so soft. Tony was afraid he might not be able to hold back for long, that he might end things then and there as she looked so wicked and tempting, by the way she snuggled against him.

"Do not hold back." Ziva cooed over him, her eyes still shut. She could feel his body tense, in an attempt to delay his orgasm.

Tony banged his fist against the tiles of the wall biting his lower lip. "No!" he shouted. "Keep going!" he insisted. He was afraid a premature ejaculation would embrace him and he couldn't let that happen.

Ziva opened her eyes and looked at Tony. She could see the strain as he tried to hold on for her, the sweat beading on his forehead while his breaths were coming in fast puffs so he would control himself. "Tony." she whispered. "Let it go. You have already-"

"No!" Tony moaned and banged repeatedly his fist against the wall.

As Tony's cum started to rise though, Ziva somehow sensed his impending release and backed off. She also slowed her strokes until they were no more than feathery caresses designed to tease but not enough to bring him off. She gently squeezed the shaft of the penis between the thumb and forefinger. She had read in a magazine that it would cause a significant reduction in the erection.

"Keep going!" Tony breathed and Ziva started stroking him again, continuing to bring him closer and closer to the edge. However, he couldn't take it anymore. He was groaning and scarcely able to focus. He was so desperate to cum. The moment he felt his cock begin to pulse, Tony grabbed some toilet paper and shot his hot load of cum into it.

"Oh my God!" Ziva gasped watching the amount of semen he ejaculated. Hell, how she wanted that moment Tony inside her. How much she wanted to feel his seed, rich and hot, into her. God, how much she was dying to taste it.

Tony wiped himself and tossed the toilet paper in the trash bin before taking some more. "Thank you." he kissed Ziva's forehead and went back cleaning himself.

"The pleasure was all mine." Ziva said and grabbed his jacket from the floor.

Tony tossed the toilet paper in the trash bin and knelt putting his boxers and pants on in one move. "Are you alright?" he asked zipping his pants at the same time.

Ziva let out a big adorable laugh. "I have to say that…" she bit the inside of her cheek seductively. "I'm glad I'm wearing dark pants today." she had gotten so wet for him that her underwear was soaked and her pants had a spot of wetness, she was sure of it.

Tony stopped halfway through buttoning his shirt and looked at her. "Do you want me give you a hand too?" he smirked at her. "To return the favor?" he grabbed Ziva from the waist, crashing her against his body.

Ziva let a squeal because of the unexpected move. She had been startled so much that Tony's jacket dropped from her hands. However, she loved how playfully Tony behaved sometimes, just like he had done that moment.

"So, will you give me an answer?" Tony asked again tucking some strands of hair behind Ziva's ear. "Should I give you a hand too? Or should I let you wait until the surprise?"

"What surprise?" Ziva looked with a questioned look. "Tell me about that surprise." she beamed.

Tony loved Ziva's smile. It was one of the reasons he was impatience to marry her. He wanted children with her, preferable a boy and a girl like the dream she had as a child. He wanted their children with a little of him and her, but particularly with that smile; her smile.

"So will you tell me what the surprise is?" it was Ziva's turn to repeat the question.

Tony pressed his lips together. "If I tell you what the surprise is, it won't be a surprise anymore. But…" he tapped her nose with his index finger. "In few hours you will see, as long as you stay with me in squad room after all the others leave."

"Hmm…" Ziva moaned and put her hands between their bodies. "So do I have to stay in the squad room with you?" she started buttoning the rest of his shirt.

Aha." Tony nodded close to her ear.

Ziva buttoned the top button of Tony's dress shirt and took a few steps back gripping the edges of his tie. "Alone?" she asked further.

Tony nodded once more.

Ziva pulled Tony from the tie, bringing his face close to her. "It will be my pleasure." she whispered her lips few inches from his.

Tony leaned forward to her kiss her but Ziva had other plans that moment as she pulled away and started tying his tie.

"There you go. Ready." Ziva said and rested her palms on his chest after she finished the knot in his tie."Now you can kiss me." she grabbed the jacket from the floor.

Tony grinned at her and leaned forward to kiss her but they heard the door of the Men's Room open.

"Damn!" Tony cursed. "Someone's here." he said as both he and Ziva heard the door close.

Tony put his finger on his lips so he would motion Ziva to stay quiet. He grabbed the jacket from her and put it on, before he unsecure the bolt. Afterwards, Tony expelled a breath and opened the door. "Larry!" he exclaimed closing the door as fast as he could. "Larry, the guy from Payroll." he shouted louder, so Ziva would hear him.

That man wasn't supposed to use those particular restrooms. They were in big trouble if the unexpected visitor wasn't leaving anytime soon. "What are you doing here man?" Tony asked leaning against the wall.

The man looked down to his urinal, then around the room until his eyes rested on Tony. "Same thing as you do." he replied and wiped himself.

"Excuse me?" Did Larry say what he just heard?

"I'm using the Men's Room." Larry flushed the water and zipped his pants.

Tony let out a throaty laugh and slapped friendly the man's shoulder. "I know what you were doing here, Larry. I'm asking you why. You do have Men's Room on the fifth floor don't you? I mean why would you use ours?"

"Out of order." Larry replied. "Plumbing problems on the fourth and fifth floor." he explained further and walked towards the stall that Tony had gotten out.

"Where are you going?" Tony got between Larry and the door, stopping him for opening it.

"Hmm." Larry wondered. "Inside maybe? Because I want to use it?" he tried to side step Tony so he would open the door.

"Don't!" Tony stopped him once more and gripped the knob of the door. Everyone on NCIS knew about Tony and Ziva and their unusual habit they had with their conversations in the restrooms. However now, things were different. Everyone believed that he and Ziva were apart. He couldn't let Larry find her in the particular place, the particular time, because if he did, the mother of all secrets might be revealed. "You can't use that stall! You have to use another one."

"Why?" the accountant asked annoyed. He couldn't understand while Tony was so inexorable for him to use another stall. He had heard rumors about Tony's behavior after he broke up with Ziva, but he thought they were simply gossipy exaggerations. However, the way the MCRT Agent was behaving during his presence in the particular room, made him think that probably his colleagues' words had some measure of truth.

"Because…" Tony approached slowly leaning forward close to the other man. "Because I used it." he explained quietly and pulled away. "And…" he paused. "And it stinks." he continued. Tony wrinkled his nose in disgust, pressing the nostrils together with his fingers, and waved his hand like he was trying to move the smell away from his face. He wanted to make his lie more persuasive, using any mean that he could think of.

Larry pulled away a little more. "You know something, Tony? I always believed you were a weird person." the man confessed. "And I must say, since Ziva dumped you, you have become weirder than ever."

Tony didn't say anything. Although, he interpreted Larry's words as offence, he preferred to shrug it off. He had far more important things to deal with. Ziva was inside the stall where the accountant wanted to get in and the longer she stayed in it, the more it was possible someone to find her there. He had to do something so he would get her out, as soon as possible.

Larry walked away from Tony and entered on the last stall of the room. It was the chance that the Senior Agent was looking for. After he heard Larry closing the door and securing the bolt, he opened Ziva's stall without a second thought.

"What-" it was the only thing that Ziva managed to say when Tony grabbed her elbow and dragged her out of the stall.

"You have to get out of here." Tony said to her quietly, leading her toward the exit.


Tony didn't let finish as he kissed hard her on the lips. "No buts!" he said after they broke the kiss. The man opened the door and when he saw the coast was clear, he pushed Ziva out of the room. "I love you. I can't wait the time for your surprise to come." he took the file from the counter and slapped it on Ziva's chest. Ziva placed her hand instinctively on it so it wouldn't fall the floor. She didn't manage to utter a word as Tony shut the door right in her face. "That was close." he leaned against the door heavily, leaving a deep sigh as he rested his palms on his knees. "That was really, really close."

The paddles dipped quietly into the Mediterranean Sea as smooth as a sheet of glass. The water's surface reflected the faint moonlight bleeding through the clouds. All the members of the team were all dressed in black and carried the weapons of their choice equipped with sound suppressors. The mission had to be accomplished without errors and casualties by their side. It was the reason the unit was consisted by the best Officers on the country.

"Both the beach and the facility seem to be clear of security." a man said in Hebrew while he was watching the target through some night vision binoculars. "It doesn't make sense." he went on taking the night vision goggles away from his eyes. "How can you let a facility full of weapons and armory without night watch?" he wondered. "Something is wrong, Mal, I can feel it." he concluded and put the night vision goggles back on his eyes, peering into the distance and their target again.

Malachi tucked a sharp knife at his waist facing the man's back on the boat. "Don't worry about it." he reassured. "It's not the first time in a mission where our target is unguarded at night. They don't want to blow the perfect cover they have as a frozen seafood industry." the Mossad Officer explained and looked how many magazines had as a backup. Ι'm sure we will fun inside the building." he inserted a magazine into his 941 F Jericho and cocked it.

"Relax, Adam." a man said and the Shin Bet Officer took the night vision goggles away from his eyes, so he would turn and look at him. "Everything is going to be fine and you will go back to Berlin. Just relax, because since you met that German girl you have become a recreant." he told and laughed along with two other Officers who were paddling the boat.

Adam narrowed his eyes and tried to reach his knife on his waist. He wouldn't let anyone to call him a coward. Through the years while he was serving IDF and Shin Bet he had taken many Military Awards for Valor. According to the Shin Bet Director, he was one of the best Officers that particular Agency had ever had, and he wouldn't let anyone to tarnish his reputation. It was normal after his meeting with Angelina, and especially after their wedding, to be more careful and skeptical when it came to work and how he would respond to the risks of it.

Malachi grabbed Adam's wrist before the Shin Bet Officer pulled out his knife. "Enough!" he shouted. "Shut up all of you. We are here to accomplish a mission not to kill each other. Adam." he addressed and he loosened his grip on Adam's wrist but he didn't release him completely. "How long will it take us to reach the shore?'

Adam relaxed, removing his hand from the knife and looked at his wristwatch. "Fifteen minutes." he replied and turned his attention with his night vision binoculars back to the factory. His experience and his gut were telling him that something was just something that wasn't right regardless Malachi's reassurances that everything would be okay.

Malachi nodded and communicated with a person who was already on the shore once more. It was a sniper perched on top of a hill where everyone could have visual on the factory.

"Coyote Ugly, Coyote Ugly this is Eagle 1 over." Malachi said on the radio headset.

"This is Coyote Ugly over." the Mossad Officer heard on his radio headset a feminine voice told in Hebrew.

"Roger, Coyote Ugly, Radio check over." Malachi told further.

"Roger over."

"Eagle 1 out." Malachi ended the transmission.

"Coyote Ugly?" a man asked questioned Malachi in disbelief. He was one of the men who mocked Adam about Angelina. "What a nickname!" he went out and burst into laughter. However, his laugh died quickly seeing Malachi's death glare as the Mossad Officer seemed awfully pissed off.

"Coyote Ugly, Coyote Ugly this is Eagle 1 over." the Mossad Officer transmitted once more.

"This is Coyote Ugly. I'm in position, repeat I'm in position over."

"Roger, Coyote Ugly. Confirm, Coyote Ugly do you have visual on the target? Repeat, do you have visual on the target? Over." Malachi asked.

"Affirm, there has been no sign of any type of security around the estate, repeat there has not been any sign of any type of security around the estate. Over."

"Roger, Eagle 1 out." Malachi ended the transmission.

"We have almost reached the shore." Adam informed and took the night vision binoculars away from his eyes, so he would look at his watch and then at Malachi. "Mal." The Shin Bet Officer addressed. The Mossad Officer turned to look at him. "It's almost time."

Malachi only nodded and put the night vision goggles on.

"Coyote Ugly?" Adam inquired incredulously while he was putting his night vision goggles on. "Did she really choose that nickname?"

"Hey." Malachi protested. "It's her favorite movie, you know, and it was her wish to use it." he explained and looked at his watch. "But for your information Liat is very girly when she wants to." Adam couldn't help but laugh at Malachi's expression that moment.

"Coyote Ugly, this Eagle 1, repeat this is Eagle 1 do you read over?" Malachi transmitted.

"This is Coyote Ugly roger, over."

"Coyote Ugly during the operation we will stop using the basic, fixed radio phraseology so our communication will be easier.

"Eagle 1, this is Coyote Ugly WILCO, over."

"Roger that." Malachi transmitted. "The operation starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5" he began to count the final seconds before the operation started. "4, 3, 2, 1 Go!" he shouted and all members of the team jumped off into two feet of water.

"Simon!" Malachi shouted the moment everyone set foot on a dry land and the man nodded.

Simon along with another man, Isaac, had had a particular mission. The man mentioned for his teammate to follow him. According to the blueprints of the facility and their sources, the barbed-wire fence was electrified with cameras around the property and alarms on each entrance of the building. Simon's mission was to cut the power in the estate and then sneak into it with the other members through holes in the fence. The man opened the electrical box so he would cut the wires.

"Ready." he announced on the radio after cutting the wires and moved toward the fence.

Malachi who was still in the beach along with Adam and rest of the Officers, heard Simon's statement through the headset. "Roger, Simon." he replied and waved the rest two members of the team to follow him, running in Simon's direction. "Liat."

"No sign of guards outside the building, you may proceed." Liat said on the radio as she was watching the perimeter of the building through the night vision scope of her rifle. "Repeat, no sign of guards outside the building, you may proceed. Over."

"Roger, over, out." Malachi ended the transmission. "Are you done?" he stopped along with others behind Simon who was focused on his task. He was cutting the wire of the fence with heavy-duty wire cutters which he had pulled from his fanny pack.

"Yes." Simon replied after he cut the last piece of the wire mesh in the fence, so he would create a two-foot square hole in it.

"Go!" Liat shouted into her microphone. "You are still clear."

"Roger." Malachi crawled through the fence first, with Adam and the rest of the team pulling up behind him.

When all men stood up, the Mossad Officer motioned for the team to move forward. In a slow crouch, the five men, with guns on hands, scurried to the near wall of the target building. With backs pressed tight against the wall, Adam looked at his left and the door, the entrance of the building.

"Ready?" the Shin Bet Officer said to Malachi. The Mossad Officer nodded and slipped around the corner and pressed his back against the wall next to the door. He motioned for Adam to proceed to action and the Shit Bet Officer obliged. With his Galil ACE SAR drawn, he defeated the door kicking it. "Clear." he shouted watching the hallway before him empty by guards. He didn't understand the lack of security outside and inside the building and that made him think something wasn't right about that mission.

The five men started walking further into the building. The hallway was stark no pictures, no posters just plain white walls. Down both sides of it, as far they could see, were they were doors some with a small window centered on the eye level and hallways which led to different sections of the building.

"Damn!" a man cursed. "This factory is like warren." he went on as the team was moving forward through the hallway. It seemed to be so long that appeared to run the length of the building.

"It's not a warren Ephraim." Adam explained and turned on the left of the hallway. "It is the darkness that tricks you. You don't have to-" he stopped in mid-sentence and stood still holding his hand up so the rest team would halt.

"What is it?" Malachi asked alarmed by Adam's gesture.

The Shin Bet Officer didn't say anything but he remained silent as he was trying to perceive his surroundings. "It thought I heard something but I was wrong." he replied and started walking again.

For several moments the five men moved through the dark corridors of the building until they reached the south side of it.

"There." Simon said and pointed to the door. Adam and Malachi approached it.

"This is it." Adam said while he was peering through the small center window in the door. "According to our sources this is the main room of the building, the fish processing and the packing." he informed further.

"And where the weapons are supposedly kept." Ephraim remarked.

Adam nodded. "Yes. There is no one present." he declared. "Probably." he commented simply. "It's locked." he informed after he tested the door.

Malachi and Simon stood on each side of the door their backs pressed tight against the wall ready to cover Adam if it was needed.

"Ready?" Simon asked.

Adam didn't answer but pointed his gun at the door before kicking it. "What?" he questioned the moment he entered the room, along with the rest of the team.

It was a huge room, maybe 50 feet deep by 70 feet long and devoid of windows as well as the doors. There were also machines for fish processing like Automatic knives for filleting fish and processing line for fish fingers. The Shit Bet Officer, along with Malachi and the rest of the men, lowered their guns. Surprisingly, there was no one in the room but what bothered him more was that they hadn't found what they were looking for; The Illegal weapons where according to their sources the gun smugglers kept in stored there, so they would accouter ISIS.

"Split up and search the rest of the building." Malachi barked at Isaac, Simon and Ephraim, before he approached Adam who was unable to react on their failure. The three men obeyed the Mossad Officer's order and went in different directions of the building. "This is…odd." he commented in low whisper, speaking more to himself than to Adam and holstered his gun. "But there are more other places in this building where you can store weapons. They've probably hidden them in plain sight and we-"

"No." Adam cut in troubled. "Something is wrong." he told further. "I mean…" he scratched his head before he continued. "Since that mission had begun I had a feeling that…" he hesitated to finish the sentence, worrying about Malachi's reactions to his words.

"What do you mean?" Malachi asked with concern. Adam's behavior made him too skeptical. At the beginning of the mission he believed it was just the anxiety because of the danger of the mission as the Shin Bet Officer was new wed. However, even if he had the night vision goggles on, he could see the preoccupant expression on Adam's face that moment.

"I mean…" Adam repeated and approached Malachi more. "I mean don't you find odd that no one is here to offer resistance? There were no guards, no roving patrols on the beach and the perimeter, nothing. And I know what you are going to say." he hurried to say what Malachi's exact thought was. "They didn't want to blow their cover, but Mal; it was like they were no worrying about someone breaking into this place. What if…" the Shin Bet Officer told further. "What if they transferred the weapons before we take action? What if…what if they knew about our arrival?"

Malachi's mind processed Adam's words. The last couple of days that the factory was kept under surveillance, it was noticed exaggerated movement at the building with trucks come and go. He believed it was part of the frozen seafood industry, the front organization they used for their Illegal gun business. However, the more his brain was whirling, the more he knew that the Shin Bet Officer was right. Someone had informed the gunrunning ring about their operation which meant there was a mole either Mossad or Shin Bet. Malachi was ready to express his agreement to Adam when he heard a thundering sound of pounding on the metal base cabinet. Both men draw and pointed their weapons at the spot where the sound was coming from. However, the pounding kept going, on and on with the two Israelis Officers holding their breaths, ready to pull the trigger at any moment.

"Meow." a cat mewed after getting out of the base cabinet. Both men let their breaths out and lowered their guns. The animal stared at them for few moments, before running and disappearing into the darkness.

"I should better switch on another frequency on the radio, the communication isn't good."

Adam nodded at Malachi's words and turned his attention to the base cabinet where the cat had appeared. He squatted in front of it and saw two packages of frozen shrimps with the front organization's trademark. Then he lit a flashlight and looked closely on the half open door of the base cabinet. He took a closer look after opening the door completely. "Mal…" he call out, looking behind him and then back to where his flashlight was pointed. "Mal!" he called again, this time more worriedly.

"What, what is it?" the Mossad Officer asked, bending down next to Adam on the ground of the room.

"Look." The Shin Bet Officer nodded towards where his flashlight was.

"Shit!" Malachi cursed. It was an explosive device intertwined between a few red, blue, and yellow wires inside, plus a clock ticking down. "I think I can defuse it." he pulled a wire cutter from his pocket so would cut the wires and stop the countdown. He processed the device for few moments debating which wire to cut. However, the connection was very intricate, making the Mossad Officer to change his mind. "I can't." he said and shoved the wire cutter back in his pocket. "We have a little more than 6 minutes. We need to get out of the building now. We will barely make it on time." he stood on his feet.

"Where are you going?" Adam also stood up and grabbed Malachi by the arm. "We are-"

"We don't have much time!" Malachi shouted. "We have to go now."

Without a warning, Adam dragged Malachi out of the room and the door.

"GET OUT OF THE BUILDING THAT'S AN ORDER! THERE ARE EXPLOSIVES IN THE BUILDING. GET OUT NOW! IT'S GOING TO BLOW!" Malachi cried on the radio, following Adam who was right in front of him.

The Sin Bet Officer had no trouble getting the bearings as he had memorized the blueprints of the buildings. They could hear Ephraim, Isaac, Simon even Liat, cursing in their ears as they but both men kept running until they reached at a junction of hallways.

"Which way now?" Malachi asked breathless, trying with difficulty to take breaths from running.

Adam started looking around in all directions, as if lost. Although he had goggles on the darkness, they weren't helping him and he had to think fast. Each second that passed, left him feel more and more close to death. The man decided to look once more first to his right and then to his left, before he made his choice. It was when he noticed the fire nest against the wall on the left corridor. He clearly remembered passing it as they were trying to make their way to room they were interested in.

"This way." Adam instructed to the left and both men started running again.

After several minutes, which felt like an eternityto him, he finally saw the exit light above the door. Although, he was close to it, he was afraid that he wasn't going to make it. Adam had believed so much that he was going to die that his life's memories flashed before him along with the people he loved. His parents, his sister, Ari, Tali, Ziva and Angelina. 'Angelina.' he thought. Damn they had been married barely a month and she was going to be widow, He couldn't let that happen. He could imagine the pain she could feel if she was losing him. He didn't want the love of his life to feel the loss of the loved one. He had felt it multiple times in his life and he couldn't let his wife to experience that. Adam turned his run into a dead sprint as he headed in the direction where door was. Several seconds later, he pushed the door open and exited the building with Malachi right behind him. They ran as fast as possible away from it, but a loud and large explosion threw them on the air with a devastating force before knocking them out to the ground.

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